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 Home / Fabric Themes / Painterly


Stone Cold Critters in Lunar Glow

Aerosol Stipple in Ethereal

Lettering in Grey

Kinetic in Ultra Violet

Painted Check in Coral

Stone Cold Critters in Star Light

Djulovi Double Border in Parchment

Pinpoint in Chartreuse

Tiny Ikat Parrot in Pink Sand

Scatter in Peacock

Disco Kitty in Blue Bird

London Telephone in Royal Red

Galaxy in Multi

Pinpoint in Strawberry

Splendid Oath in Ink

Become One Knit in Antique

Scatter in Salmon

Thatched in Midnight

Painted Gingham in Bloom

Portofino in Primavera

Transport in Iconic

Painted Gingham in Robins Egg

Stone Cold Critters in Sun Kissed

Plaid in Shadow

Blush Stroke in Blue Metallic

Djulovi Double Border in Distressed

Elevation in White

Camouflage in Pretense

Village Tundra in Sprout

Everblooming in Willow

Winnow Frock in Charmed

You are Magic in Turquoise Metallic

Elevation in Sky

Porcelains in Baroque

Scatter in Cream

Morning Sky in Cornflower

White Marble in Ultra Violet

Love Potion in Black Marble

Splendid Oath in Rain

Love Potion in Marble

Aerial in Tangerine

Coquet Bouquet in Splendid

Dream It Believe It Do It in Geranium

Paparounes Knit in Spices

Heartfelt in Reverie

Texture in Pearl Pearlized

Pinpoint in Sapphire

Twinkle in Petunia

Love Potion in White Marble

Nested in Gathering

Sweet Bubbles in Mint

Bella Donna in Blue Sky

Twinkle in Midnight

Pinpoint in Charcoal

Stone Wash in Cloudy

Texture in Shadow Pearlized

Camouflage Knit in Mimicries

Painted Check in Blue

Ikat Parrot in Pink Sand

Painted Gingham in Blueberry

Stone Wash in Glaze

Poppy in White

Tiny Ikat Parrot in Island Green

Mountain Mirage in Golden Canyon

Brush Stroke in Navy

Camo in Blueprint

Scatter in Perriwinkle

Words To Live By in Bounty

Painted Check in Chartreuse

Disco Kitty in Strawberry Fields

Thatched in Onyx

Words To Live By in Whisper

Plaid in Olive

Christmas Bouquet in Sweetie

Pink Pointsettia in Berry

Venom in Black

Dream It Believe It Do It in Cornflower

Thatched in Peony

Subtle Journey in East

Plaid in Cherry

You are Magic in Pink Metallic

Fairy Dust in Cornflower

Scatter in Yarrow

Tiny Painted in Pearl Pink

Stone Cold Critters in Solar Eclipse

Indigo Window in Sulphur

Camo in Desert Green

Fairy Dust in Sweet Pea

Camouflage in Mimicries

Disco Kitty in Berry Bird

Indigo Window in Crystal

Thatched in Stone

Kladi Under in Woodlands

Painterly in Vivid

Scatter in Thistle

Tiny Painted in Warm Gold

Twinkle in Sky

Blush Stroke in Pink Metallic

Twinkle in Orchid

Snowberry Floral in Black

Large Painted in Mint

Nested in Roots

Rose Vine Sateen in Ivory

Porcelains in Prism

Dripping Paint in Bachelorette

Winnow Frock in Dahlia

Wheat in Light Blue

Twinkle in Prairie Sky

Daydream in Sigh

Bella Donna in Mint

Festive Deer in Holly

Bella Donna in Violet

Daisy in Pink

Tres Streaked in Shine

Basin and Range in Coachella

Thatched in Desert Rose

Mountain Mirage in Ink

Plaid in Poppy

Scatter in Duck Egg

Dark Matter in White

Painting in Celebration

Thatched in Smoke

Plaid in Emerald

Plaid in Citrus

Uninhibited in Bask

Blush Stroke in Cream Metallic

Uninhibited in Fashion

Pinpoint in Pumpkin

Plaid in Turquoise

Thatched in Jade

Plaid in Eggplant

Sunswept Canyon Knit in Sage

Boho Quest in Day

Texture in Frost Pearlized

Saccharine in Lemon

Sunswept Canyon in Splendid

Blossom in Blue

Scatter in Moss

Dark Matter in Black Metallic

Elevation in Peach

Disco Kitty in Marmalade Skies

Camo in Yarrow

Sweet Bubbles in Sugar

Pinpoint in Hydrangea

Popsicle in Blue

Daydream in Hum

Tentative Dot in Ink

Krystal in Leaf

Paintbrush Lawn in White

Pinpoint in Violet

Dream It Believe It Do It in Peony

Brush Stroke in Onyx

Happily Ever After Knit in Love

Rebel Brushstrokes in Bachelorette

Paparounes Rayon in Spices

Painted in Mint

Miss Thread in Woodlands

Raindrops in Water

Popsicle in Raspberry

Plaid in Cobalt

Tentative Dot in Tonic

Spectacle Piet in Piet

Boho Quest in Night

Morning Sky in Petunia

Basin and Range in Oasis

Dream It Believe It Do It in Sprout

London Eye in Thames

Camo in Grellow

Village Tundra in Tubers

Thatched in Golden Canyon

Ikat Parrot in Island Green

Saccharine in Caramel

Venom in White

Painterly in Jungle

Plaid in Plum

Florence in Primavera

Tres Streaked in Dim

Texture in Dusk

Holiday Floral in Cheer

Broadway in Multi

Small Modern Polka Dot in Pacific Blue

Subtle Journey in West

Bunnies in White

Krystal in Blue

Brush Stroke in Mint

Paintbrush in White

Ethereal in Ultra Violet

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