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 Home / Fabric Themes / Near Solids

Near Solids

Shade in Indigo

Fairy Frost in Hyacinth

Color Weave in Blue

Nature Elements in Green Tea

Dimples in Orange

Ombre in Orange

Crosshatch Sketch in Fog

Quilters Linen Metallic in Midnight

Dimples in Vanilla

Painted Woodgrain in Tan

Color Weave in Sand

Crosshatch Sketch in Cream

Hatch in Zest

Fairy Frost in Blackberry

Crosshatch Sketch in Coffee

Pearl in Lemon-Lime

Color Weave in Pink

Dimples in Cola

Nature Elements in Seawater

Floriography Stripes in Blue

Color Weave in Gold

Chicken Coop in Egg Blue

Factor Rayon in Navy

Facet in Green

Scribbles in Sunrise

Pointelle in Celeste

Crosshatch in Yarrow

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Sand

Fromabove Knit in Blacklin

Nature Elements in Lemonade

Crosshatch Sketch in Navy

Painters Canvas in Lemon

Sea Foam in Green

Painters Canvas in Pink

Line Scratch in Tangerine

Crosshatch Sketch in Purple

Painters Canvas in Terracotta

Nature Elements in Biscotti

Calico in Navy

Lovely Lattice in Pink

Crosshatch Sketch in Ivory

Frilly Flutters in Creme

Color Weave in Mustard

Crosshatch Sketch in Daffodil

Texture in Cream

Hope Dot in Purple

Dimples in Royal Purple

Frou Frou in Fog

Lovely Lattice in Wine

Woven Texture in Toffee

Medium Dot in Black

Heath in Sage Tonal

Orb in Grey

Floating Dot in Coral

Cuneiform Script Voile in Cast

Hatch in Fire

Shetland Flannel in Grey

Dimples in Gilt

Nature Elements in Ocean Breeze

Color Weave in Fire

Sparkle in Dust

Fairy Frost in Rice

Mosaica Wave in Pink

En Route in Sable

Dimples in Royal

Luster in Dust

Shade in Brown

Crosshatch Sketch in Candy

Nature Elements in Sweet Mango

Crosshatch Sketch in Mist

Crosshatch Sketch in Spring

Shimmering Netting in Pearl

Dimples in Crocus

Crosshatch Sketch in Silver

Crosshatch in White

Fingerpainting in Green

Color Weave in Soft Violet

Dimples in Ebony

Hatch in Papaya

Dimples in Slate

Crosshatch Sketch in Blue

Hope Dot in Pink

Painters Canvas in Grass

Dimples in Stratosphere

Dots and Stripes in Smudge

Orb in Turquoise

Lacy Scrolls in Blush

Nature Elements in Dusty Mauve

Celestial Circles in Shadow

Nature Elements in Ripe Plum

Color Weave in Green

Dimples in Wave

Crosshatch Sketch in Steel

Crosshatch Sketch in Charcoal

Les Points in Rose

Crosshatch Sketch in Lipstick

Netting in Blue

Color Weave in Plum

Crosshatch Sketch in Grass

Dimples in Sky

Dimples in Sand

Painters Canvas in Aqua

Color Weave in Beach

Painters Canvas in Platinum

Hatch in Rain

Pointillism in Sorbet

Shetland Flannel in Peach

Color Weave in Soft Pink

Sirius in Pink

Lovely Lattice in Azalea

Woven Texture in Natural

Color Weave in Lipstick

Les Points in Dust

Fairy Frost in Lilac

Heath in Pink

Celestial Circles in Clear Sky

Factor Voile in Gold

Spirodraft Voile in Ocre

Petal in Blue

Texture in Saffron

Crosshatch Sketch in Pine

Dimples in Zucchini

Pentagons in White

Crosshatch Sketch in Iron

Knots and Loops in Turquoise

Color Weave in Tomato

Hatch in Bone

Shimmering Netting in Ivory

Tonal Leaf in Taupe

Tiny Seeds in Pink

Scalloped in Blue

Hatch in Grape

Heath in Black

Dimples in Petunia

Orb in Orange

Color Weave in Gray

Dimples in Violet

Crosshatch in Cream

Knots and Loops in Bark

Hand Drawn Stripes in Fern

Moire in Buttercup

Geo Braid in Emerald

Crosshatch Sketch in Smoke

Hatch in Mint

Pointelle in Navy

Heath in Smoke

Crosshatch Sketch in Water

Painters Canvas in Indigo

Hatch in Graphite

Lovely Lattice in Yellow

Large Check in Sepia

Crosshatch Sketch in Aqua

Far Far Away in Blue

Scribbles in Dusk

Factor Voile in Emerald

Prism in Navy

Dimples in Burgundy

Shimmering Netting in Stone

Clippings in Coral

Floating Dot in Surf

Patina in Inky

Fromabove in Kaolin

Flumes in Indigo

Dimples in Silver

Pentagons in Clear Sky

Crosshatch Sketch in Forest

Nature Elements in Pistachio

Crosshatch Sketch in Yellow

Lacy Scrolls in Ecru

Fairy Frost in Natural

Crosshatch Sketch in White and Black

Ghastly Bramble in Mauve

Crosshatch Sketch in Gold

Nature Elements in Mimosa

Pointelle in Pink

Color Weave in Moss

Dimples in Strawberry

Pointelle in Shade

Sparkle in Ore

Crosshatch Sketch in Latte

Color Weave in Soft Beige

Color Weave in White

Hatch in Carnation

Textured Solid in Purple

Fairy Frost in Celedon

Cuneiform Script in Cast

Quilters Linen Metallic in Chocolate

Seeds in Yellow

Eclipse in White

Dimples in Lavender

Sparkle in Mineral

Crosshatch Sketch in Ruby

Hatch in Ash

Sublime Stitchery in Fall

Fairy Frost in Aqua

Dimples in Blood Orange

Grid in Plum

Dimples in Ocean

Stick Hatch in Clear Sky

Hatch in Butter

Crosshatch Sketch in Crimson

Crosshatch Sketch in Teal

Lovely Lattice in Violet

Hope Dot in Red

Dimples in Downriver

Luster in Peacock

Dimples in Sage

Dimples in Mist

Twirls in Red

Painters Canvas in Mermaid

Eclipse in Clear Sky

Dimples in Peony

Crosshatch in Pacific

Geo in Berry

Crosshatch Sketch in Sun

Nature Elements in Moss

Ridges in Shadow

Crosshatch Sketch in Breeze

Quilters Linen Metallic in Ash

Crosshatch Sketch in Coral

Dots in Navy

Painters Canvas in Sage

Painters Canvas in Lipstick

Shetland Flannel in Denim

Crosshatch in Flame

In the Ether in Shadow

Lights in Red

Crosshatch Sketch in Spice

Color Weave in Tan

Hand Drawn Stripes in Garden

Line Scratch in Ash

Textured Solid in White

Dimples in Pool

In the Ether in Clear Sky

Color Weave in Soft Light Green

Fairy Frost in Fancy

Patina in Lemon

Nature Elements in Orchid Bloom

Seeds in Green

Heath in Green

Grid in Teal

Crosshatch Sketch in Turquoise

Color Weave in Cloud

Crosshatch Sketch in Berry

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Ash

Shetland Flannel in Maroon

Scribbles in Shade

Fingerpainting in Blue

Quilters Linen Metallic in Sand

Crosshatch Sketch in Orange

Spangle in Earth

Twirls in Green

Twirls in Blue

Color Weave in Orange

Shetland Flannel in Navy

Color Weave in Soft Dark Violet

Springs Sun Knit in Yellow

Dimples in Fuschia

Dimples in Lemon

Hatch in Lilac

Dimples in Blossom

Fairy Frost in Periwinkle

Hatch in Fudge

Dimples in Spring

Crosshatch Sketch in Denim

Plumage in Poppy

Eclipse in Shadow

Dimples in Atlantis

Oval Elements Color Card in Swatches

Texture in Blue

Cuneiform Script in Aged

Dimples in Dirt

Crosshatch Sketch in Royal

Dimples in Sunflower

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Black

Lights in Blue

Crosshatch Sketch in Chambray

Nature Elements in Blue Light

Crosshatch Sketch in Plum

Painters Canvas in Lime

Dimples in Lake

Textured Solid in Yellow

Color Weave in Olive

Mini Dot in Sun

Crosshatch Sketch in Capri

Color Weave in Navy

Ombre in Navy

Knots and Loops in Coral

Color Weave in Burgundy

Painters Canvas in Spice

Nature Elements in Moonbeam

Shade in Green

Dimples in Snow

Dimples in Crimson

Heath in Bone and Black

Floriography Stripes in Red

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Crimson

Search in Green

Painters Canvas in Cream

Hatch in Ocean

Shimmering Netting in Shadow

Marble in Onyx

Painters Canvas in Red

Chicken Coop in Sage

Color Weave in Lavendar

Patina in Periwinkle

Springs Sun in Yellow

Painters Canvas in Brown

Crosshatch Sketch in Tangerine

Hatch in Ice

Heath in Gray

Color Weave in Silver

Calico in Scarlet

Hatch in Petal

Dimples in Bark

Dimples in Eggshell

Dimples in Gold

Collage Texture in Tan

Dots and Stripes in Dark Red

Clippings in Spackle

Crosshatch Sketch in Caramel

Frilly Flutters in Mist

Crosshatch Sketch in Nectar

Stripe in Charcoal

Color Weave in Slate

Quilters Linen Metallic in Black

Vines in Navy

Patina in Terra Cotta

Shade in Mermaid

Hatch in Cloud

Lovely Lattice in Leaf

Fromabove in Blacklin

Heath in Black

Hatch in Island

Dimples in Black

Pointelle in Noir

Painters Canvas in Black

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Ivory

Spangle in Peacock

Sparkle in Earth

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Silver

Painters Canvas in Parchment

Pointillism in Peony

Sirius in Black

Les Points in Powder

Far Far Away in Green

Dimples in Smoke

Nature Elements in Hot Pink

Hatch in Scarlet

Patina in Saffron

Color Weave in Red

Knots and Loops in Lilac

Babbling Brook in Dark Pink

Nature Elements in Charcoal

Facet in Blue

Painted Woodgrain in Grey

Scalloped in Pink

Dimples in Sunshine

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Taupe

Crosshatch Sketch in Iris

Pearl in Bubble Gum

Painters Canvas in Orange

Shade in Spice

Dimples in Corn Field

Hatch in Lemon

Painted Crosshatch in Red

Small Check in Charcoal

Fingerpainting in Yellow

Petal in Green

Ridges in White

Color Weave in Taupe

Crosshatch Sketch in Cherry

Crosshatch Sketch in Kiwi

Hope Dot in Blue

Crosshatch Sketch in Delft

Lacy Scrolls in Black

Crosshatch Sketch in Red

Dimples in Nettle

Textura in Green

Dimples in Black and White

Color Weave in Black

Dimples in Lime

Crosshatch Sketch in Citron

Color Weave in Beige

Ghastly Bramble in Natural

Vines in Blue

Fairy Frost in Zirconium

Crosshatch Sketch in Sky

Wisps in White

Painters Canvas in Purple

Crosshatch Sketch in Grey

Nature Elements in Orange Peel

Spangle in Blue Lagoon

Nature Elements in Caribbean Blue

Wisps in Clear Sky

Color Weave in Peach

Painters Canvas in Vanilla

Dimples in Bluebell

Color Weave in Soft Light Blue

Crosshatch Sketch in Kiss

Nature Elements in Lime Sherbet

Dimples in Mandarin

Painters Canvas in Sky

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Midnight

Sparkle in Blue Lagoon

Color Weave in Clementine

Lacy Scrolls in Grey

Baby Geo in Sunrise

Quilters Linen Metallic in Bone

En Route in Gravel

Dimples in Amethyst

Hope Dot in Yellow

Knots and Loops in Orchid

Luster in Blue Lagoon

Dimples in Blue

Painters Canvas in Charcoal

Patina in Aqua

Knots and Loops in Fog

Quilters Linen in Mist

Dimples in Jade

Heath in Pink and Hot Pink

Baby Geo in Dusk

Heath in Yellow

Woodgrain in Beige

Painters Canvas in Teal

Small Check in Grey

Color Weave in Ocean

Stick Hatch in White

Dimples in Port

Dimples in Midnight

Bubbles in Teal

Crosshatch Sketch in Pumpkin

Sublime Stitchery in Spring

Frou Frou in Confection

Color Weave in Green Apple

Crosshatch Sketch in Pink

Crosshatch Sketch in Bark

Stick Hatch in Shadow

Fairy Frost in Azalea

Factor Rayon in Aqua

Nature Elements in Raspberry Tart

Dimples in Plum

Seeds in Pink

Crosshatch Sketch in Violet

Crosshatch in Blue

Quilters Tussah Metallic in Grey

Small Check in Pepper

Color Weave in Teal

Stripe in Indigo

Hatch in Boo

Painters Canvas in Mustard

Dimples in Swamp

Heath in Royal Tonal

Painters Canvas in Coffee

Crosshatch Sketch in Neon

Netting in Navy

Hatch in Coal

Nature Elements in Candy Pink

Bubbles in Blue

Crosshatch in Gold

Crosshatch in White

Quilters Linen in Champagne

Painters Canvas in Green Tea

Quilters Linen in Sky

Hatch in Blush

Painted Stone in Natural

Lights in Green

Ghastly Bramble in Tea Stain

Hatch in Solar

Pointelle in Yellow

Frou Frou in Aqua

Wisps in Shadow

Lovely Lattice in Aqua

Painted Crosshatch in Blue

Dimples in Cocoa

Crosshatch Sketch in Pool

Quilters Linen Metallic in White

Flumes in Citron

Crosshatch Sketch in Linen

Hatch in Wave

Petal in Pink

Crosshatch Sketch in Lavender

Painters Canvas in Navy

Hatch in Night

Dimples in Wheat

Prism in Pink

Lovely Lattice in Purple

Dimples in Denim

Crosshatch Sketch in Emerald

Tiny Seeds in Blue

Quilters Linen in Fresh Dew

Set Mini Leaf in Gold

Dimples in Baby Blue

Hand Drawn Stripes in Charcoal

Hatch in Surf

Crosshatch Sketch in Curry

Crosshatch Sketch in Peony

Quilters Linen Metallic in Ivory

Painters Canvas in Gray

Nature Elements in Natural

Crosshatch in Sky

Quilters Linen Metallic in Grey

Ridges in Clear Sky

Crosshatch Sketch in Chocolate

Plumage in Apricot

Fingerpainting in Red

Painters Canvas in Candy

Small Check in Black

Patina in Schmutz

Dimples in Solar

Dimples in Navy

Textura in Teal

Grid in Burgundy

Moire in Aquamarine

Crosshatch Sketch in Sapphire

Bubbles in Gray

Quilters Linen in Atmosphere

Geo Braid in Coral

Dimples in Appletini

Nature Elements in Hibiscus

Color Weave in Flower

Mini Dot in Delft

Mosaica Wave in Blue

Pointillism in Fuchsia

Texture in Plum

Dimples in Banana

Sirius in Turquoise

Crosshatch in Grey

Dimples in Boa

Patina in Spackle

Shetland Flannel in Red

Painters Canvas in Peach

Sea Foam in Blue

Crosshatch in Black

Color Weave in Soft Mint

Crosshatch Sketch in Lime

Seeds in Aqua

Quilters Linen in Wheat

Color Weave in Rose

Vibe Voile in Navy

Color Weave in Dirt

Dimples in Bittersweet

Heath in Light Tea

Dimples in Turf

Cuneiform Script in Fresh

Shimmering Netting in Earth

Hatch in Clover

Color Weave in Soft Yellow

In the Ether in White

Quilters Linen in Ecru

Color Weave in Brick

Line Scratch in Blue

Quilters Linen in Slipper

Color Weave in Sage

Painted Crosshatch in Green

Dimples in Kiss

Spangle in Mineral

Fingerpainting in Purple

Dimples in Aqua

Woodgrain in Grey

Vibe Voile in Ruby

Dimples in Green

Dimples in Leather

Small Check in Natural

Nature Elements in Blue Green

Celestial Circles in White

Geo in Orchid

Dimples in Purple

Color Weave in Natural

Fairy Frost in Baby

Dots in Blue

Nature Elements in Veiled Rose

Baby Geo in Shade

Clippings in Not Pink

Crosshatch Sketch in Dove

En Route Knit in Gravel

Pointillism in Caribbean

Hatch in Silver

Color Weave in Yellow

Rethread in Rose Peach

Crystalline in Reef

Dimples in Green Apple

Color Weave in Soft Teal

Crosshatch in Blue

Painters Canvas in Ocean

Quilters Linen Metallic in Crimson

Painters Canvas in Green

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