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 Home / Fabric Themes / Near Solids

Near Solids

Crosshatch Sketch in Forest

Stardust in Breeze

Painters Canvas in Terracotta

Skipping Stones in Nectar

Dash in Honey

Quilters Linen in Camellia

Uninhibited in Bask

Crosshatch Sketch in Steel

Skipping Stones in Brass

Painters Canvas in Mustard

Seeds in Orange

French Terry in Natural Speckle

Weave in Aqua

Triangle Dot in Midori

Triangle Dot in Pearl

Skipping Stones in Mulberry

Foreshadowing in Spell

String in Sage

Woven in Taupe

Stardust in Sunshine

Stardust in Charcoal

Skipping Stones in Robins Egg

Tahoe Stripe Flannel in Cranberry

Steam Texture in Mint

Seeds in Coral

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Shadow

Skipping Stones in Quartz

Add It Up in Bone

Crosshatch Sketch in Aqua

Dash in Ink

Thatched in Olive

Crosshatch in White

Dash in Lagoon

Goldilocks Hatch in Teal

Thatched in Azalea

Stardust in Lake

Add It Up in Folk Dress

Painters Canvas in Lipstick

Shetland Flannel in Navy

Steam Texture in Slate

Painters Canvas in Mermaid

Thatched in Peony

Thatched in Greenery

Thatched in Sage

Crosshatch Sketch in Crimson

Dash in Jade

Hatch in Blush

Quilters Linen Metallic in Cream

Stardust in Mulberry

Dash in Bluebell

Painters Canvas in Brown

Dash in Greenery

Thatched in Lake

Watercolor in Ink

Dash in Nectar

Goldilocks Hatch in Coral

Chicken Coop in Egg Blue

Watercolor in Passion

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Olive

Micro Zig Zag Chambray in Indigo

Scattered in Citron

Crosshatch in Niagara

Fingerpainting in Green

Sprinkle in Counting Stars

Foliage in Azalea

Thatched in Straw

Dash in Desert Rose

Skipping Stones in Bluebell

Fingerpainting in Red

Tiny Seeds in Pink

Steam Texture Flannel in Bay

Hatch in Surf

Steam Texture in Navy

Dash in Agate

Manuscript in Navy

Tahoe Stripe Flannel in Pepper

Fluxus in Ochre

Crosshatch Sketch in Linen

Stardust in Indigo

Sacred Seeds in Tigerlily

Stardust in Onyx

Hatch in Ice

Tile Floral in Mint

Dash in Pebble

Quilters Linen Metallic in Grey

Triangle Dot in Olive

Thatched in Honey

Crosshatch Sketch in Navy

Painters Canvas in Vanilla

Relaxed Chambray in Indigo

Stardust in Quartz

Stardust in Peony

Watercolor in Robins Egg

Dash in Glacier Blue

Stardust in Cornflower

Skipping Stones in Seaglass

Stone Wash in Cloudy

Skipping Stones in Desert Rose

Crosshatch Sketch in Coffee

Quilters Linen Metallic in Ivory

Insignia in Fluorescent

Stardust in Bluebell

Painters Canvas in Black

Stardust in Seaglass

Skipping Stones in Onyx

Dance Floor in Peony

Thatched in Agate

Skipping Stones in Taupe

Skipping Stones in Marine

Fingerpainting in Yellow

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Grey

Add It Up in Glow

Thatched in Succulent

Foreshadowing in Adage

Sprinkle in Summercamp

Crosshatch Sketch in Nectar

Watercolor in Jungle

Plain Weave in Flax

Fromabove in Kaolin

Beach Comber in Chamomile

Cat Scratch in Ink

Stardust in Sky

Starry Night in Aspen and Agate

Mesh With Me in Olive

Dash in Robins Egg

Cobble in Navy

Quilters Linen in Kiwi

Crosshatch Sketch in Purple

Fluxus in Teal

Stardust in Pebble

Woven in Glacier Blue

Studio Basic in Navy

Skipping Stones in Peony

Quilters Linen in Blossom

Stardust in Midnight

Stardust in Marigold

Sand in Desert Rose

Insignia in Pumpkin

Thatched in Pebble

Skipping Stones in Jungle

Crosshatch Sketch in Lavender

Dash in Dove

Stardust in Celestial

Dash in Quartz

Sacred Seeds in Brittle

Thatched in Quartz

Thatched in Sand

Hatch in Rain

Dash in Smoke

Skipping Stones in Poppy

Quilters Linen in Regatta

Crosshatch Sketch in Iris

Quilters Linen Metallic in Crimson

Tortoise Shell in Orange Crush

Textured Solid in Ocean

Dash in Taupe

Sprinkle in Stardust

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Red

Thatched in Tulip

Dash in Celestial

Stardust in Kale

Beach Comber in Denim

Insignia in Charcoal

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Toasted Almond

Skipping Stones in Sky

Painters Canvas in Gray

Thatched in Bluebell

Scalloped in Green

Pilou in Indigo

Painters Canvas in Lemon

Hatch in Coal

Quilters Linen in Atmosphere

Dash in Peacock

Stardust in Onyx

Skipping Stones in Sprout

Dash in Olive

Woven in Charcoal

Stardust in Carnation

Skipping Stones in Dove

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Wine

Thatched in Jade

Dash in Zest

Painters Canvas in Cream

Shetland Flannel in Red

Dash in Azurite

Dash in Marigold

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Leather

Thatched in Cerulean

Quilters Linen in Ocean

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Violet

Stardust in Sage

Painters Canvas in Coffee

Skipping Stones in Blue Jay

Triangle Dot in Lilac

Seeds in Greenery

Painters Canvas in Grass

Dash in Blue Jay

Crosshatch in Flame

Thatched in Golden Canyon

Skipping Stones in Petal

Crosshatch Sketch in Sun

Shibori in Natural

Skipping Stones in Wisteria

Stardust in Stone

Thatched in Peacock

Painters Canvas in Whirlpool

Thatched in Cornflower

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Mist

Pilou in Periwinkle

Painters Canvas in Pink

Painters Canvas in Lime

Thatched in Lime

Miss Thread in Ashen

Crosshatch Sketch in Grey

Dash in Aspen

Quilters Linen Metallic in Midnight

Tahoe Stripe Flannel in Sage

Crosshatch Sketch in Denim

Add It Up in Lollipop

Princess Dot in Pink

Thatched in Gold

Zest in Pink

Textured Solid in Teal

Crosshatch Sketch in Delft

Dash in Sunshine

Frosting in Tulip

Skipping Stones in Surf

Shirting Lawn in White

Skipping Stones in Sunshine

Skipping Stones in Smoke

Crosshatch Sketch in White and Black

Seeds in Lime

Thatched in Sprout

Thatched in Sunshine

Steam Texture in Pink

Insignia in Paper

Skipping Stones in Charcoal

Dash in Shell

Thatched in Marine

Seeds in Blue

Triangle Dot in Bumblebee

Stardust in Midnight

Passion Diamond in Yellow

Stardust in Brass

Skipping Stones in Golden Canyon

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Ivory

Thatched in Robins Egg

Cleats in Natural

Arietta Ponte De Roma Heather in Graphite

Dash in Wisteria

Shirting Lawn in Tangerine

Steam Texture in White

Cleats in Red

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Sage

Crosshatch in Grasshopper

Uninhibited in Fashion

Cuneiform Script in Fresh

Insignia in Chartreuse

Get Back in Blue

Quilters Linen Metallic in Titanium

Hatch in Boo

Hatch in Bone

Stardust in Marine

Hatch in Graphite

Scattered in Coral

Crosshatch Sketch in Yellow

Painters Canvas in Lagoon

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Taupe

Crosshatch in Black

Stardust in Aspen

Sketchy Circle in Tan

Thatched in Berry

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Redrock

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Black

Quilters Linen Metallic in Evening

Stardust in Glacier Blue

Quilters Linen Metallic in Onyx

Painters Canvas in Plum

Trellis in Navy

French Terry in Light Grey

Stitched in Charcoal

Skipping Stones in Midnight

Quilters Linen in Champagne

Quilters Linen Metallic in Chocolate

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Moss

Stardust in Wisteria

Hatch in Papaya

Crosshatch Sketch in Sapphire

Thatched in Ink

Stardust in Charcoal

Painters Canvas in Charcoal

Lazy Stripe in Amber

Scalloped in Pink

Stardust in Tulip

Worn Croc in Brown

Stardust in Dark Sage

Stardust in Lagoon

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Red

Triangle Dot in Pacifica

Dash in Midnight

Princess Dot in Purple

Triangle Dot in Pebble

Hatch in Lilac

Thatched in Ink and Glacier Blue

Painters Canvas in Cream Metallic

Beach Comber in Navy

Thatched in Smoke

Watercolor in Lake

Dash in Indigo

Christmas Check List in Green

Stardust in Desert Rose

Stardust in Gold

Fingerpainting in Blue

Cuneiform Script in Aged

Thatched in Blue Jay

Reflections in Clear

Passion Diamond in Blue

Woven in Onyx

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Pomergranate

Crosshatch Sketch in Ivory

Stardust in Azalea

Add It Up in Indigo

Miss Thread in Dijon

Dash in Carnation

Skipping Stones in Indigo

Stardust in Dusk

Painters Canvas in Princess

Skipping Stones in Glacier Blue

Crosshatch Sketch in Red

Thatched in Marigold

Thatched in Dove

Triangle Dot in Silt

Thatched in Brass

Stitched in Auburn

Hatch in Wave

Sprinkle in Kimberly Blue

Grid Diamond in Creamsicle Metallic

Sprinkle in Peaches

Add It Up in Bananas

Scalloped in Turquoise

Stay Humble in Apricot

Thatched in Wisteria

Dash in Onyx

Thatched in Breeze

Quilters Linen in Peacock

Add It Up in Mint

Woven in Olive

Dash in Cerulean

Stardust in Ink

Thatched in Jungle

Seeds in Kale

Frilly Flutters in Mist

Sketchy Circle in Light Blue

Stardust in Golden Canyon

Thatched in Water

Watercolor in Peony

Seeds in Black

Crosshatch Sketch in Gold

Painters Canvas in Orange

Dash in Water

Painters Canvas in Lilac

Painters Canvas in Ocean

Thatched in Lagoon

Starry Night in Petal and Gold

Painters Canvas in Petal

Add It Up in Party Hat

Crosshatch Sketch in Charcoal

Skipping Stones in Azalea

Frilly Flutters in Creme

Hatch in Ocean

Sketchy Circle in Teal

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Sorrel

Painters Canvas in Pistachio

Dash in Breeze

Sand in Dark Pebble

Thatched in Desert Rose

Skipping Stones in Ink

Crosshatch in Pacific

Dash in Peony

Stitched in Violet

Skipping Stones in Greenery

French Terry in Grey Speckle

Dash in Mulberry

Cleats in Blue

Stardust in Nectar

Hatch in Lemon

Get Back in Red

Crosshatch Sketch in Turquoise

Stitched in Cloud

Skipping Stones in Carnation

Seeds in Turquoise

Stardust in Cerulean

Hatch in Cloud

Plain Weave in Thatch

Dash in Stone

Skipping Stones in Azurite

Thatched in Pistachio

Skipping Stones in Sand

Painters Canvas in Tangerine

Tile Floral in Turquoise

Stardust in Taupe

Insignia in Navy

Pilou in Celedon

Painters Canvas in Peach

Tortoise Shell in Strawberry Kiwi

Hatch in Fudge

Tile Floral in Lime

Painters Canvas in Parchment

Stardust in Indigo

Sprinkle in Pick Up Truck

Seeds in Gold

Studio Basic in Blue

Thatched in Shell

Stardust in Straw

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Peacock

Dash in Berry

Stardust in Tulip

Lazy Stripe in Candy

Stitched in Chartreuse

Skipping Stones in Agate

Mini Grid in Black

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Blue

Stardust in Blue Jay

Painters Canvas in Yellow

Thatched in Midnight

Stardust in Dahlia

Crosshatch Sketch in Dove

Pineapple in Rose

Beach Comber in Ebony

Trellis in Coral

Skipping Stones in Aspen

Pojk in Citron

Thatched in Carnation

Dash in Surf

Dash in Seafoam

Teensy Weensy in Ethereal

Dash in Succulent

Stardust in Aspen

Beach Comber in Stone

Stardust in Petal

Arietta Ponte De Roma Heather in Fog

Skipping Stones in Water

Stardust in Surf

Skipping Stones in Pistachio

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Chambray

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Denim

Dash in Seaglass

Triangle Dot in Fossil

Add It Up in Sea Glass

Skipping Stones in Lake

Crosshatch Sketch in Mist

Tonal in Aqua

Stardust in Honey

Thatched in Twilight

Textured Solid in Moss

Stardust in Sprout

Cat Scratch in Wisteria

Dash in Twilight

Beach Comber in Sand

Thatched in Peony

Painters Canvas in Candy

Skipping Stones in Straw

Thatched in Kale

Watercolor in Blue Jay

Stardust in Lime

Crosshatch Sketch in Ruby

Sprinkle in Alexia Turquoise

Seeds in Sprout

Crosshatch in Geranium

Princess Dot in Red

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Caramel

Add It Up in Taffy

Skipping Stones in Seafoam

Zest in Blue

Weave in Lilac

Stardust in Smoke

Crosshatch in Straw

Hatch in Silver

Quilters Linen Metallic in Black

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Pepper

Insignia in Thistle

Stardust in Jade

Fingerpainting in Purple

Sketchy Circle in Blue

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Royal

Type in Asphalt

Crosshatch Sketch in Tangerine

Skipping Stones in Shell

Dash in Sprout

Frosting in Succulent

Skipping Stones in Kale

Stardust in Berry

Skipping Stones in Olive

Add It Up in Close Your Eyes

Skipping Stones in Dusk

Dash in Kale

Woven in Marine

Dash in Sand

Woven in Stone

Crosshatch Sketch in Coral

Studio Basic in Sky

Thatched in Seaglass

Stardust in Dove

Dash in Tulip

Sprinkle in Corduroy

Dash in Straw

Thatched in Passion

Insignia in Pomegranate

Skipping Stones in Peacock

Crosshatch Sketch in Chambray

Thatched in Glacier Blue

Dash in Sky

Skipping Stones in Lagoon

Shibori in Sky Blue

Oval Elements Color Card in Swatches

Dash in Dahlia

Painters Canvas in Platinum

Steam Texture in Bay

Triangle Dot in Raven

Thatched in Petal

Steam Texture in Lemon

Parenthesis in Cloud

Dash in Sage

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Peach

Quilters Linen in Petal

Scallop Dot Flannel in Tangerine

Crisscross in Crisp

Skipping Stones in Zest

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Tangerine

Stardust in Pistachio

Skipping Stones in Gold

Thatched in Charcoal

Skipping Stones in Breeze

Thatched in Indigo

Chinoiserie in Kobalt

Scattered in White

Add It Up in Lip Gloss

Painters Canvas in Primrose

Skipping Stones in Dahlia

Steam Texture in Smoke

Stardust in Zest

Stay Humble in Sunset

Sprinkle in Black Cat

Seeds in Green

Sprinkle in Petal

Skipping Stones in Sage

Stardust in Succulent

Pineapple in Snow

Skipping Stones in Cornflower

Crosshatch in Smart

Add It Up in Rainy Day

Stardust in Sand

Skipping Stones in Marigold

Tile Floral in Peach

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Crimson

Thatched in Surf

Dash in Dusk

Dash in Golden Canyon

Stone Wash in Glaze

Stardust in Azurite

Trellis in Purple

Triangle Dot in Powder

Hatch in Scarlet

Crosshatch Sketch in Bark

Crosshatch Sketch in Pool

Skipping Stones in Twilight

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Poppy

Goldilocks Hatch in Cream

Skipping Stones in Succulent

Tea Stained Dots in Ivory

Seeds in Pink

Quilters Linen Metallic in Cardinal

Stitched in Paper

Hatch in Mint

Triangle Dot in Denim

Foliage in Jade

Painters Canvas in Indigo

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Tan

Crosshatch in Grey

Dash in Marine

Shetland Flannel in Grey

Scattered in Navy

Stardust in Peacock

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Indigo

Thatched in Onyx

Dash in Brass

Thatched in Taupe

Dash in Cornflower

En Route in Gravel

Marble in Onyx

Thatched in Aspen

Skipping Stones in Stone

Sketchy Circle in Stone

Dash in Lime

Dash in Pistachio

Rethread in Rose Peach

Tea Stained Dots in Blue

Thatched in Mulberry

Stardust in Passion

Chicken Coop in Sage

Quilters Linen in Light Blue

Skipping Stones in Tulip

Chalk On in Charcoal

Stardust in Agate

Lazy Stripe in Sky

Hatch in Night

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Charcoal

Chinoiserie in Wit

Doll Waffle Cone in Brown

Crosshatch Sketch in Lipstick

Painters Canvas in Seafoam

Dance Floor in Taupe

Grid Diamond in Navy Metallic

Stardust in Shell

Thatched in Seafoam

Painters Canvas in Spice

Stardust in Twilight

Skipping Stones in Cerulean

Dash in Lake

Get Back in Cream

Cuneiform Script in Cast

Thatched in Celestial

Stardust in Greenery

Stardust in Robins Egg

Thatched in Azurite

Hatch in Solar

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Denim

Stardust in Celestial

Miss Thread in Anew

Crosshatch Sketch in Teal

Sketchy Circle in Cream

Insignia in Duck Egg

Quilters Linen Metallic in Lake

Skipping Stones in Pebble

Quilters Linen in Cinnamon

Thatched in Dusk

Dash in Jungle

Crosshatch Sketch in Daffodil

Skipping Stones in Celestial

Sprinkle in Peacock

Shirting Lawn in Shale

Skipping Stones in Berry

Crosshatch Sketch in Neon

Thatched in Nectar

En Route in Sable

Skipping Stones in Honey

Hatch in Island

Thatched in Sky

Dash in Charcoal

Watercolor in Lime

Crosshatch in Green

Stardust in Water

Sprinkle in Jelly Bracelet

Skipping Stones in Jade

Shetland Flannel in Peach

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Curry

Cobble in Denim

Beach Comber in Robins Egg

Grid Diamond in Shale Metallic

Triangle Dot in Coral

Grid Diamond in Bone Metallic

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Flax

Weave in Green

Crosshatch Sketch in Royal

Pineapple in Celadon

Tonal in Coral

Crosshatch in Sea

Thatched in Stone

Woven in Quartz

Stardust in Olive

Skipping Stones in Passion

Stardust in Succulent

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Steel

Triangle Dot in Iceberg

Shetland Flannel in Smoke

Steam Texture in Sorbet

Stardust in Poppy

Crosshatch in Yarrow

Dash in Azalea

Passion Diamond in Pink

String in Blue

Stardust in Jungle

Add It Up in Shibori

Insignia in Salmon

Pineapple in Gold

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Stone

Thatched in Poppy

Crosshatch Sketch in Spring

Stardust in Seafoam

Pojk in Celedon

Stardust in Marine

Worn Croc in Black

Seeds in Shell

Brussels Washer Yarn Dye in Chestnut

Hatch in Petal

Grid Diamond in Ice Peach Metallic

Shetland Flannel in Maroon

Crosshatch Sketch in Pink

Shibori in Navy

Mesh With Me in Worn

Steam Texture in Cloud

Dash in Petal

Dash in Gold

Trellis in Turquoise

Lazy Stripe in Gun Metal

Textured Solid in Stone

Thatched in Zest

Crosshatch Sketch in Smoke

Quilters Linen in Ecru

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Kiwi

Thatched in Dahlia

Skipping Stones in Lime

Dash in Passion

Crosshatch in Brown

Quilters Linen in Lilac

Sprinkle in Anna Blue

Dash in Poppy

String in Grey

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