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 Home / Fabric Themes / Metallics


Moon and Stars in Raspberry

Trails in Blue

Star Chart in Sky Blue Metallic

Flower Burst in Marsala Metallic Copper

Skyscraper in Navy

Main in Black Sparkle

Illuminated Graph in Metallic Rust

Pick Up Sticks in Black Metallic Gold

Gala in Metallic

Scattered Canvas in Natural

Jazz in Sun

Gatsby in Sky

Illuminated Graph in Metallic Sea Foam

Lattice in Silver Metallic

Puttin on the Ritz in Coral

Millefleur in Blue and Metallic

Glitz Flower in Peach

Glitz Garden in Coin

Gravity in Time

Triangle Grid in White Metallic Gold

Spots in Navy

Weave in Gold

Ogee in Au Naturel Metallic Copper

Triangle in Black Sparkle

Glamour in Navy

Arrowheads in Blue Metallic Copper

Stars in Navy and Gold Sparkle

Arrowheads in Marsala Metallic Copper

Glitz Flower in Pink

Atmosphere in Shine

Glitz in Cream

Timber Valley in Fog

Atmosphere in Time

Illuminated Graph in Metallic Plum

Stars in Cream and Gold Sparkle

Morns Rays in Gray

Glitz Bars in Earth

Metallic Chambray in Midnight

Every Leaf in Pink

Feather D Race in Pink and Metallic

Rosemilk in Cameo

Glitzy Diamond in Pink

Quarter Dot Pearlized in Black Silver Zirconium

Shimmer Reflection in Lilac

Jazz in Blue

Clover Pearlized in Earth

Stripe in Silver Metallic

Bow Tie Plaid in Opal

Stripe in Black

Lattice in Gold Metallic

Metallic Chambray in Violet

Spots in Taupe

Timber Valley in Bark

Gatsby in Multi

Quarter Dot Pearlized in Rose Gold Glimmer

Stars in Red and Gold Sparkle

Glitz Bars in Pluto

Star Chart in Sunset Metallic

Scattered Canvas in Fushia and Metallic

Medallion in Teal and Gold Sparkle

Shimmer in Navy

Ornament in Metallic Teal

Hexagon in Silver Metallic

Flight in Cameo

Rosemilk in Opal

Constellation in Midnite

Main in Gray

Chevron in Silver Metallic

Morns Rays in Turquoise

Velocity in Space

Hollywood in Coral

Cheetah in Gold Metallic

Atmosphere in Dust

Ogee in Marsala Metallic Copper

Atmosphere in Space

Glitz in Gold

Chevron in Gold Metallic

Stripe in Gray Sparkle

Bow Tie Plaid in Mint

Paisley in Blue

Shimmer Song in Golden

Illuminated Graph in Metallic Fog

Glitz in Blue

Feather D Race in Blue and Metallic

Timber Valley in Teal

Sparkle Quatrefoil in Gray

Morns Rays in Navy

Hexagon in Gold Metallic

Flight in White

Confetti Border Pearlized in Navy Bronze Twinkle

Tree of Light in Navy Metallic

Medallions in Au Naturel Metallic Copper

Shimmer Reflection in Mint

Clover Pearlized in Pink

Star Chart in Turquoise Metallic

Confetti Border Pearlized in Rose Gold Glimmer

Morns Rays in Gold Metallic

Clover Pearlized in Black Bronze Bling

Hamlet in Metallic

Constellation in Raspberry

Morns Rays in Citron

Snap in Metallic

Glitz Garden in Aqua

Velocity in Shine

Shimmer in Gold

Medallions in Blue Metallic Copper

Diagonal Stripe in Metallic Gold

Spree in Metallic

Brambleberry in Fog

Circlet in Ebony

Trading Post in Sorbet

Gravity in Space

Glitz in Red

Stripe in Gold Metallic

Confetti Border Pearlized in White Silver Platinum

Clover Pearlized in Rose Gold Glimmer

Scattered Canvas in Mint and Metallic

Clover Pearlized in Navy Bronze Twinkle

Metallic Chambray in Chalice

Brambleberry in Aqua

Steeping Awakening in Toast Metallic

Main in Teal

Modern Sugar Skulls in Mint Metallic

Sparkle Quatrefoil in Black

Shimmer Reflection in Mist

Moon and Stars in Grape

Scroll in Midnight Metallic

Flower Burst in Multi Metallic Copper

Clover Pearlized in Shell

Clover Pearlized in Peach

Sparkle Quatrefoil in Lime

Confetti Border Pearlized in Black Bronze Bling

Flight in Mint

Confetti Border Pearlized in Black Silver Zirconium

Diagonal Stripe in Holiday Metallic

Gravity in Shine

Metallic Chambray in White Gold

Medallions in Marsala

Worlds Fair in Multi

Quarter Dot Pearlized in Navy Bronze Twinkle

Cross Weave in Navy

Brambleberry in Blossom

Sparkle Quatrefoil in Navy

Clover Pearlized in Luna

Puttin on the Ritz in Smoke

Constellation in Robin

Sparkle Flower in Multi

Stars in Silver Metallic

Speckles in Blue

Glitz Bars in Shell

Hollywood in Blue

Rosemilk in Mint

Velocity in Sky

Floating Triangle in Black Metallic Gold

Medallion in Red and Gold Sparkle

Shimmer in Red

Hollywood in Navy

Constellation in Grape

Triangle in Teal

Trails in Multi

Jazz in Berry

Symmetry in Cream

Clover Pearlized in Pluto

Moon and Stars in Graphite

Clover Pearlized in Black Silver Zirconium

Art Deco in Cream

Sparkle Canvas in Grey Metallic

Quarter Dot Pearlized in White Silver Platinum

Moon and Stars in Bright White

Velocity in Clay

Constellation in Graphite

Cross Weave in White

Morns Rays in Pink

Circlet in Navy

Sparkle Quatrefoil in Aqua

Shimmer in Black

Weave in White Sparkle

Swinging 20s in Blue

Illuminated Graph in Metallic Cream

Stripe in White

Triangle Grid in Black Metallic Gold

Mummification in Light Metallic Gold

Chains in Ebony

Prisma Element Metallic in Pearl and Gold

Morns Rays in Silver Metallic

Pick Up Sticks in White Metallic Gold

Cross Weave in Ebony

Weave in Gray

Trading Post in Quartz

Jazz in Cream

Shimmer in Lime

Shimmer in Aqua

Modern Sugar Skulls in Pink Metallic

Circlet in Black

Everlasting Cacti in Terrain Metallic

Brambleberry in Quartz

Glitzy Diamond in Coral

Timber Valley in Coral

Glitz Bars in Peach

Dew Pearled in Pink

Ampersand in Black Metallic Gold

Shimmer Reflection in Peach

Triangle Tokens in Agave

Scroll in Blue Metallic

Moon and Stars in Midnite

Paisley in Napa Metallic Copper

Metallic Chambray in Jazz

Illuminated Graph in Metallic Glow

Clover Pearlized in White Silver Platinum

Zebra in Silver Metallic

Arrowheads in Multi Metallic Copper

Triangle in Gray

Every Leaf in Blue

Floating Triangle in White Metallic Gold

Everlasting Cacti in Desert Metallic

Symmetry in Sky

Atmosphere in Sky

Scroll in Maroon Metallic

Dew Pearled in Blue

Stars in Gold Metallic

Mummification in Dark Metallic Gold

Moon and Stars in Robin

Spots in Ebony

Pharaoh in Dark Metallic Gold

Scroll in Yellow Metallic

Ogee in Blue Metallic Copper

Prisma Element Metallic in Sapphire Sparkle

Paisley in Au Naturel

Velocity in Time

Morns Rays in Ecru

Metallic Chambray in Sable

Medallion in Pink and Gold Sparkle

Cross Weave in Ivory

Millefleur in Pink and Metallic

Star Chart in Night Metallic

Flower Burst in Blue Metallic Copper

Worlds Fair in Honey

Speakeasy in Navy

Zebra in Gold Metallic

Ornament in Red

Scroll in Pink Metallic

Quarter Dot Pearlized in Black Bronze Bling

Art Deco in Red

Drenching in Aridity Metallic

Sparkle Quatrefoil in Red

Swiss Dot in Gold Metallic

Spots in Grey

Portal in Metallic

Art Deco in Navy

Atmosphere in Clay

Scroll in Teal Metallic

Triangle Tokens Voile in Agave

Glitz Bars in Luna

Sparkle Quatrefoil in Gold

Glitz Flower in Aqua

Scroll in Green Metallic

Glitz Bars in Pink

Maize in Black

Jazz in Coral

Chains in Taupe

Scroll in Red Metallic

Swiss Dot in Silver Metallic

Speckles in Red

Rosemilk in Sorbet

Shimmer in Gray

Cheetah in Silver Metallic

Glitzy Diamond in Aqua

Skyscraper in Red

Flight in Twilight

Shimmer in Hot Pink

Glitz Bars in Bright White

Timber Valley in Lilac

Circlet in Taupe

Sparkle Quatrefoil in Hot Pink

Pharaoh in Light Metallic Gold

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