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 Home / Fabric Themes / Geometric


Aerial Lawn in Blue

Dappled in Gray

Terrarium in Petal on White

Mojave Knit in Aloe

Hexapoint in Mint

Jackson in Pink

Buoyancy in Opposed

Triangles in Garden

Crosshatch in Blue

Round Elements in Pepper Smoke

Haymow Knit in Early

Bass Waves in Bright

Terrarium in Berry on White

Deer Houndstooth Knit in Tan

Triangulation in Marine

Bolt Thrower in White

Prismatic in Bone

Coral in Flame

Tree Farm in Candied

Mojave in Illuminated

Seeds in Pink

Narrow Diamond Mine in Pink

Geometry Canvas in Chalk Pink

Flowerbed in Glacier

Weave in White

Confetti in Dahlia

Symbolic Double Border Linen Blend in Warm

Shredded Chess in Litho

Geese in Graphite

Pueblo Stripe in Teal

Weathervane in Dahlia

Nosara in Blue

Feathered  Herringbone in Dove

Scrollwork in Green

Spearhead in Mulberry

Bekko in Black

Crochetting in Clouds

Pocket Patch in Yellow

Archery in Ink

Block Flower in Coral

Oval Elements in Dungaree

Warp and Weft Double Gauze in Brown

Oval Elements in Chartreuse

Fletching in Navy

Oval Elements in Emerald Coast

Chainmail in Sage

Blocks in Citron

Jimmy Dots in Blue

Metamorphosis in Quartz

Radiate in Olive

Add It Up in Shibori

Honeycomb in Blue

Confetti in Midnight

Crossroad in Charcoal

Flourish in Pomegranate

Round Elements in Vintage Teal

Trig in Random

Triangles Sateen in Maize

Dash in Honey

Passion Diamond in Yellow

Symmetry in Cream

Triangle Mosaic in Cerulean

Triangle Mosaic in Bluebell

Gentle Draft in Sunrise

Fans in Succulent

Tumble Blocks 108 inch Wideback in Charcoal

Feathered  Herringbone in Ink

Mercury in Coral

Terrarium in Wisteria

Motif Stripe in Indigo

Rhythmic in Indigo

Diamond Flush in Gold

Windswept Iota in Sun

Sunshine in Lichen

Medallion in Emerald

Woven Diamonds in Jade

Cubes in Turquoise

Crescent Bloom in Fuschia

Scandi Plane in Grey

Meadow Trail in Pink

Trellis in Peony and Gold

Little Tribal Stripe in Onyx

Roots in Chartreuse

Confetti in Water

Vienna Medallion in Navy

Terrarium in Petal

Cubic in Glacier Blue

Chain in Pink

Weathervane in Wisteria

Prisma Element in Denim Opal

Pearl Bracelet in Basil

Triangle Mosaic in Sunshine

Little Tribal Stripe in Straw

Meteor Shower in Aquamarine

Confetti in Zest

Cosmo Weave in Papaya

Fountainhead in Marine

Dash in Pistachio

Winter Forest in Passion

Cord in Citron

Direction in Yellow

Squared Elements in Seaglass

Tiles in Navy

Sea Arrow in Blue

Tribe in Rosetta

Flying Geese in Dark Colbalt

Weathervane in Sprout

Darts in Turquoise

Squared Elements in Honeycomb

Tossed Triangles in Black

Steps in Bronze

Merry and Bright in Sweet

Panda Patches in Contrast

Terrarium in Sage

Prisma Element in Dusk Zircon

Radiate in Ink

Dash in Powder Blue

Radiate in Zest

Hypnotizer in Mint Green

Radiate in Water

Woven in Fossil

Coca in Denim

Zocalo in Lemon

Picnic Plaid in Stone

Rockstar Main in Red

Geo Mist in Mist

Slightly in Powder

Radiate in Twilight

Ditto in Turquoise

Confetti in Lagoon

Weathervane in Succulent

Shards in Indigo

Cocoons in Robe

Chipping Away in Depth

Radiate in Dusk

Feather Circle in Aloe

Unn Cross in Silver

Round Elements in Pebble Shadows

Elemental in Indigo

Ripples in Brown

Terrie in Green

Diamonds Knit in Citron

Willowleaf in Blue

Etapp in Caribbean Blue

Ladybug in Pink

Crosshatch in Mint

Triangles in Chartreuse

Inner Vision in Cocoa

Shards in Golden Canyon

Confetti in Powder Blue

Terrarium in Poppy

Aerial in Tangerine

Confetti in Tulip

Hourglass in Mystic

Oval Elements in Smoke

Untaped Splatter in Frost

Dash in Sunshine

Diamonds Essex in Pickle

Painted Check in Coral

Rockstar Main in Yellow

Etched Stripe in Charcoal

Radiate in Glacier Blue

Net in Turquoise

Alluring in Seafoam

Glimmering Stars in Blue

Tomahawk Stripe in Night

Fairisle Hearts in Turkois

Terrarium in Peacock

Scalloped in Mediterranean

Little Eduardo in Aqua

Triangles in Green

Pawprint in Charcoal

Prisma Element Metallic in Pearl and Gold

Tahoe in Berry

Little Tribal Stripe in Tulip

Manuscript in Navy

Tile Pile in Multi

Triangle Mosaic in Kale

Beverly in Opal

Picadilly in Blue

Positive in Ash

Chain Mail in Plum

Crossroad in Onyx

Vignette in Peacock

Confetti in Jungle

Hexapoint in Fuchsia

Painted Check in Blue

Sealing Wax in Peridot

Hidden Panda in Leaf

Winter Forest in Aspen

Optical in Watermelon

Prismatic in Sky

Twist and Shout in Red

Diamond in the Rough Lawn in Dusty Plum

Numbered in Silver

Sublime Stitchery in Fall

Dots and Stripes in Twilight

Terrarium in Honey on White

Glitz in Red

Herringbone in Aqua

Ziggy in Gold

Looming in Stone

Pixel Flowers Lawn in Ivory

Hex Tex in Wild Rose

Tarika in Blue

Seeing Stars in Violet

Angles Canvas in Black

Elemental in Golden Canyon

Woven Diamonds in Stone

Chevron Brush Essex in Black

Honeycomb in Jade

Little Tribal Stripe in Ink

Laced Up in Gris

Squared Elements in Pomegranate

Numbered in Duck Egg

Spider Web in Tailcoat

Untaped Splatter in Spark

All Paths in Bachelorette

Hills in Glacier Blue

Mini Kasuri Star in Navy

Vanes in Tulip

Honeycomb in Linen

Shards in Marine

Net in Butter

Wanderer in Burgundy Pink

Tiles in Lime

Vanes in Onyx

Grass Shaper in Stone

Creative Spark in Stone

Sunshine in Tiffany

Ditto in Peacock

Dash in Marigold

Papel Picado in Menta

Web in Butter

Terrarium in Passion

Mountaineering in Aspen

Terrarium in Straw on White

Round Elements in Cherry Geranium

Collide in Cinder

Tiger Mosaic in Golden Canyon

Rhythm in Pink

Casted Loops in Indigo

Confetti in Jade

Track Flags in Strawberry Kiwi

Reflection in Blue

Cloud Cover in Chestnut

Dash in Passion

Pawprint in Desert Rose

Get Lost in Orange

Coca in Citron

Rockstar Surfing in Aqua

Hexies in Tangerine

Confetti in Gold

Confetti in Celestial

Prismatic in Seafoam

Painted Pony in Appaloosa

Upward Spiral in Royalty

Weave in Black

Squared Elements in Lime

Poem in Sage Metallic

Family Tree in Blue Spruce

Pearl Bracelet in Persimmon

Shimmer Creek in Blue

Terrarium in Kale on White

Cactus in Shell

Broken Hexie in Blueberry

Chopsticks in Rainbow

Oval Elements in Mustard

Tiger Mosaic in Indigo

Zebra Bloom in Persimmon

Dentals in Tangerine

Interlock in Azalea

Grid in Turquoise

Foreshadowing in Spell

Dash in Rose

Unn Cross in Pine

Triangle Mosaic in Dusk

Oval Elements in Vintage Blue

Geese in Ocean

Pebbled Path in River

Terrarium in Dove

New Look in Coral

Trend Notecards in Raspberry Metallic

Little Tribal Stripe in Breeze

Little Tribal Stripe in Marine

Lodge Lattice in Salmon

Ring Spots in White

Little Tribal Stripe in Poppy

Tossed Triangles in Aqua

Safari Geometric in Blue

Hexie Bramble in Charcoal

Argyle in Blue

Weathervane in Stone

Triangle Mosaic in Pebble

Lucy in Blue Bird

Herringbone in Gray

Jenna in Pink

Delftegels in Dusty Blue

Across Sparks in Blue

Poetic Saddle in Refresh

Allotments in Black

Pyramids in Mint

Flash in Black

Cadence in Marine

Dash in Bluebell

Little Tribal Stripe in Aubergine

Tolson Voile in Plum

Hopscotch in Pine

Button in Navy

Hopscotch in Lake

Arrowheads in Charcoal

Coming Home in Clay

Tiny Tortoise Dots in Gold and Pink

Tarika in Moss

Crosshatch in Chestnut

Terrarium in Tulip on White

Sampler Panel in Charcoal

Buoyancy in Wan

Garden Gate in Citron

Mountaineering in Berry

Woven in Breakers

Needle Point in Mint

Pawprint in Stone

Ring o Roses in Sand

Rhombi Interleaved in Smalt

Triangulation in Glacier Blue

Rings in Blue

Acorn Chain in Maple

Crossroad in Desert Rose

Loop in Chartreuse

Petal Path in Blue

Prismatic in Cocoa

Quantum in Lime Pearlized

Confetti in Aubergine

Primavera Tile in Tangerine

Mountain Stripe in Taupe

Woven Diamonds in Desert Rose

Diamond Fragments Knit in Gold

Shards in Desert Rose

Mosaic in Moss

Triangle Mosaic in Wisteria

Cubic in Azalea

Spearhead in Sage

Woven in Petunia

Garden Gate in Ink

Rumpled in Sour

XOXO in Natural

Gathering Blooms Border in White

Radiate in Onyx

Sealing Wax in Amethyst

Haymow Knit in Stack

Eclipse in Mint

Trippy in Linoleum

Positive in Topaz

Chain in Indigo

Kite Strings in Lime

Wee Flowers in Navy

Sashing Stash Half Square in Blue

Weathervane in Honey

Terrarium in Greenery on White

Canyon Wall in Canyon

Diamond in Stone

Squared Elements in Teal

Squared Elements in Citrine

Terrarium in Glacier Blue

Slightly in Gem

Creative Spark in Tulip

Scallop Dot Flannel in Tangerine

Wicker Form in Primrose

Compass in Cerulean

Triangulation in Stone

Glade in Winter

Vine Maze 108 inch Wideback in Luna

Hexies in Salmon

Acorn Chain in Berry

Slightly in Forest

Ring o Roses in Dusty

Triflora in Blue Jay

Solar System in Blue

Skyscraper in Red

Doodle Box in Red

Triangle Dot in Bumblebee

Triangulation in Onyx

Elevation in White

Yucca Stripe in Golden Canyon

Pawprint in Indigo

Net in Punch

Little Tribal Stripe in Seafoam

Dash in Gold

Herringbone Lawn in Warm Red

Hexie Bramble in Marine

Weathervane in Cornflower

Cobblestone in Tulip

Sagebrush in Midnight

Little Eduardo in Black

Cubic in Onyx

Hexie Bramble in Glacier Blue

Aerial Lawn in Titanium

Triangle Mosaic in Poppy

Pawprint in Succulent

Little Leaves in Medium Blue

Terrarium in Aubergine

Stitch the Stars in Midnight

Allotments in Shadow

Plumage in Poppy

Triangle Mosaic in Golden Canyon

Drops of in Dew

Inkling Yarn Dyed in Indigo

Crescent Bloom in Ruby

Interlock in Glacier Blue

Crystaline in Slate

Luminous in Lilac

Elemental in Marine

Luminous in Mint

Plumage in Apricot

Confetti in Dove

Basket Weave in Teal

Fans in Azalea on White

Shimmer Reflection in Peach

Fragments in Plum

Block Print in Blue Jay

Circles in Light Grey

Chevron Brush Essex in Denim

Glamper Geometric in Aqua

Mosaic Bloom in Asparagus

Allotments in Cypress

Ogee in Fuschia

Radiate in Winter Freeze

Kismet in Delphinium

Little Tribal Stripe in Robins Egg

Allotments in Aqua

Trellis Plaid in Fresh

Dusk in Indigo

Kite Strings in Titanium

Tumble Blocks 108 inch Wideback in Gray

Circles in Brown

Little Tribal Stripe in Desert Rose

Little Tribal Stripe in Sage

Tiles in Pink

Triangles in Multi

Confetti in Marine

Abacus in Gray

Zocalo in Raspberry

Hexie Bramble in Azalea

Type Plaid in Abstrusity

Elevation in Peach

Wooly Knit in Umber

Cross Stitch in Shell

Dash in Brass

Terrarium in Sand on White

Glimmering Stars in Pink

Vanes in Succulent

Pawprint in Azalea

Vanes in Glacier Blue

Jimmy Dots in Gold

Twist of Fate in Olive

Treasure in Castle

Diamonds Essex in Stone

Oval Elements in Peaches ín Cream

Party Lights in Grey

Little Tribal Stripe in Brass

Medallion in Peony

Nutcracker Snowflakes in Aqua

Chainmail in Peony

The Hypnotizer in Mint

Rockstar Set List in Black

Hex Box in Green

Trend Triangle in White Metallic

Little Tribal Stripe in Dove

Double Dots in Neon Pink

Belle in Gray

Rattan in Indigo

Plus Sign Yarn Dyed in Indigo

Dash in Poppy

Gatsby in On The Rocks

Primavera Tile in Pink

Criss Cross in Indigo

Rush Hour in Rose

Rockstar Main in Multi

Triangle Mosaic in Glacier Blue

Trajectory in Starfish

Weathervane in Onyx

Flower Bed in Navy

Zebra Hills Quilt Panel in Gold and Aspen

Crossroad in Indigo

Rings in Scarlet

Posey Diamond in Fuchsia

Confetti in Greenery

Kite Strings in Cobblestone

Paper Stars in Celestial

Rings in Bubble Gum

Flowerbed in Ice Peach

Little Tribal Stripe in Passion

Block Toss in Coral

Moroc in Turquoise

Weathervane in Petal

Willowleaf in Coral

Chinoiserie in Kobalt

Twist and Shout in Pink

Dusk Lawn in Indigo

Button in Green

Oval Elements in Licorice

Faint Charms in Antique

Diamond Curtain in Glacier Blue

Seeing Stars in Lime

Prismatic in Emerald

Basketweave in Charcoal

Angularity in Indigo

Knotty in Grape

Tendu in Lake

Kasuri Star in Navy

Confetti in Champagne

Little Radiate in Gold

Oval Elements in Sage Meadow

Sunswept Canyon Knit in Sage

Loop in Coral

Spot On in Kryptonite

Zen Garden in Sage

Dash in Lagoon

Weathervane in Robins Egg

Mojave in Aloe

Terrarium in Agate on White

Confetti in Cornflower

Interlock in Desert Rose

Cubes in Pink

Terrarium in Seafoam on White

Rice Paper in Black

Weathervane in Quartz

Weathervane in Zest

Sketchy Circle in Light Blue

Fans in Indigo

Benjamin in Green

Houndstooth in Marigold

Hop Dot in Cherry

Sandbox in Joyful

Houndstooth Knit in Black

Triangle Mosaic in Taupe

Terrarium in Midnight on White

Little Tribal Stripe in Bluebell

Ojos in Smoke

Dash in Water

Confetti in Lake

Herringbone in Poppy

Log Cabin in Glacier

Dots Tile in Fresco

Fountainhead in Succulent

Haystack in Sky

Trajectory in Fog

Labyrinth in Petunia

Mini Pyramids in Camel

Prisma in Turquoise

Weathervane in Aubergine

Confetti in Sand

Pearl Bracelet in Meyer Lemon

Herringbone in Lake

Fans in Stone on White

Dash in Aubergine

Felicia in Aqua

Beatrice Weave in Espresso

Pyramids in Blue

Dash in Agate

Terrarium in Azalea on White

Hills in Stone

Triangle Mosaic in Dahlia

Mini Pyramids in Teal

Basketry in Ink

Native Folk in River

Terrarium in Indigo

Radiate in Lime

Sashing Stash Flying Geese in Blue

Tarika in Fuchsia

Arid Horizon in Sun

Add It Up in Indigo

Mojave in Sand

Weathervane in Sky

Deer Houndstooth in Tan

Scandi Plane in Fog

Arrowheads in Azalea

Little Tribal Stripe in Powder Blue

Dash in Midnight

Mudcloth in Bachelorette

Hex in Rose

Cadence in Charcoal

Dash in Ice Frappe

Ring Spots in Tangerine

Diamond Mine in Multi

Winnow Frock in Charmed

Diamond Texture in Peach

Confetti in Robins Egg

Abacus in Straw

Confetti in Straw

XOXO in Pink Cheeks

Squared Elements in Watermelon

Hidden Panda Knit in Cottonbud

Dot in Indigo

Look Lively in Voyager

Winter Forest in Agate

Terrarium in Carnation

Glitzy Diamond in Pink

Coca in Gray Rock

Fur Ball in Marmalade Skies

Triangle Dot in Pebble

Little Radiate in Agate

Little Radiate in Twilight

Little Radiate in Passion

Oval Elements in Salted Caramel

Thatched in Olive

Double Dash Essex in Peach

Vienna Diamonds in Pink

Bows in Silence

Poetic Saddle in Belle

Painted Desert in Horizon

Greek Key in Desert Rose

Artifact in Charcoal

Add It Up in Party Hat

Radiate in Succulent

Pearl Bracelet in Frosting

Dance Floor in Indigo

Knotty in Navy

Quantum in Blueberry Pearlized

Tribal Stripe in Glacier Blue

Happy in Blue

Kite Strings in Cadet

Eclipse in Golden

Water Fall in Zest

Fountainhead in Desert Rose

Confetti in Surf

Native Folk in Blush

Petit Fours in Butterscotch

Allotments in Jet

Lauren in Taupe

Diamonds in Charcoal

Burst in Yellow

Pawprint in Marine

All Paths in Clear

Vienna Diamonds in Red

Fountainhead in Onyx

Triangle Mosaic in Sprout

Mythos in Blue

Triangle Mosaic in Azalea

Diamonds Essex in Titanium

Brisbane in Yellow

Little Tribal Stripe in Dusk

Family Tree in Pine Fresh

Triangle Mosaic in Zest

Felicia in Green

Kasuri Star in Indigo

Triangle Mosaic in Charcoal

Sweet Bubbles in Sugar

Confetti in Desert Rose

Geometric in Gold

Just a Trim in Highlights

Little Radiate in Kale

Vanes in Golden Canyon

The Hypnotizer in Raspberry

Fans in Desert Rose

Ava Rose Geometric in Coral

Triangle Mosaic in Tulip

Crisscross in Holiday Metallic

Lattice in Pebble

Positive in Fuchsia

Tigerheart in Sapphire

Cross Print in Pine

Terrarium in Succulent on White

Squared Elements in Kings Road Lemon

Penny in Navy

Grid Diamond in Bone Metallic

Grid in Dark Charcoal

Pearl Bracelet in Anchor

All Paths in Sunlit

Triangles in Primary

Hills in Indigo

Miniments in Raw

Geometry in Stone

Dash in Golden Canyon

Maze in Fuschia

Shards in Tulip

Indigo Window in Sulphur

Dash in Celestial

Triangle Mosaic in Powder Blue

Terrarium in Quartz on White

Add in Blueberry

Woven in Pewter

Gem in Turquoise

Stripe in Rose

Commute in Limo

Hexablock in Sunset

Paper Cuts in Dusk

Geo Grid in Multi

Etched Stripe in Succulent

Hexie Bramble in Tulip

Terrarium in Aspen on White

Triangle Mosaic in Blue Jay

Petits Checks in Midnight

Basketweave in Succulent

Allotments in Navy

Beaded in Sunrise

Alluring in Peacock

Triangle Mosaic in Carnation

Add in Strawberry

Triangle Mosaic in Berry

Dash in Lake

Diamonds in Light Blue

Aura Fletchings in Blue

Medallion in Aquamarine

Stitch the Stars in Onyx

Radiate in Sunshine

Rivercane Knit in Clay

Terrarium in Powder Blue

Across Sparks Knit in Black

Weathervane in Dove

Little Radiate in Pebble

En Pointe in Glace

Manhattan in Dusk

Confetti in Charcoal

Prisma Element in Soft Wulfenite

Stardust in Black Pearlescent

Creative Spark in Celestial

Eternal Serenity in Coral

Triangular in Reflection

Tiny Tortoise Dots in Gold and Burgundy

Ladders in Peach

Button in Shadow

Hills in Navy

Triangle Mosaic in Azurite

Interlock in Succulent

Jennys Plaid in Smoke

Hex Tex in Teal

Vine Maze 108 inch Wideback in Lagoon

Mighty Corners in Sage

Stitch the Stars in Marine

Miniments in Unpolished

Weathervane in Azurite

Terrarium in Greenery on White

Round Elements in Smoothie

Totem in Light Grey

Pearl Bracelet in Grape Jelly

Lattice in Stone

Little Tribal Stripe in Kale

Triangle Tokens in Home Metallic

Flash in White

Fountainhead in Indigo

Arid Horizon Canvas in Sun

Allotments in Celestial

Geometry in Succulent

Double Dots in Dark Grey

Stitched Diamant in Verve

Reflections in Clear

Tiny Guitar Picks in Coral

Triangles in Navy

Weathervane in Aspen

Triangle Mosaic in Brass

Passage in Forest

Blossoming in Coral

Terrarium in Mulberry on White

Prismatic in Pink

Dash in Nectar

Triangle Mosaic in Sage

Terrarium in Marigold

Button in Blue

Vanes in Indigo

Expanded Aim in Violet

Papel Picado in Mesquite

Oval Elements in Crocus

Wee Triangles in Ink

Greek Key in Indigo

Chain in Teal

Round Elements in Serene Tide

Triangles in Blue

Numbered in Peacock

Monteverde Patchwork in Jungle

Terrarium in Smoke

Tiny Tortoise Dots in Pink and Light Blue

Indian Corn in Harvest

Wood Grain in Ash

Vanes in Charcoal

Threaded Shreds in Mamey

Ovals in Grey

Woven in Eggplant

Devon in Green

Dash in Berry

Add It Up in Mint

Jewels of the Sea in Poseidon

Snowfall in Gray

Cross Print in Cabernet

Hexie Bramble in Desert Rose

Radiate in Sand

Shards in Glacier Blue

Jewel in Soft Blue

Pearl Bracelet in Hiho Silver

Little Tribal Stripe in Surf

Triangle Tokens in Ink Metallic

Jennys Plaid in Spruce

Crosshatch Jersey Knit in Limestone

Ring Spots in Aqua

Optical in Turquoise

Mosaic in Magenta

The Key of in Pastel

Code Yarn Dyed in Indigo

Crisscross in Silver Metallic

Rolling Stones in Mulberry

Tender Grid in Sweet

Triangle Dot in Powder

Anemone in Cerise

Little Tribal Stripe in Sand

Gather in Mellow

Mighty Corners in Aquamarine

Flowerbed in Snow

Terrarium in Dahlia

Seeds in Green

Knitted Square in Indigo

Weathervane in Greenery

Pen Marks Canvas in Ice Flow

Scales in Lake

Net in Lagoon

Block Flower in Bronze

Basket Weave in Coral

Confetti in Smoke

Crosshatch in Poppy

Confetti in Ink

Benjamin in Orange

Fractured Waves in Lagoon

Fans in Azalea

Rings in Black

Confetti in Azalea

Round Elements in Ballet Twirls

Tiger Mosaic in Onyx

Rattan in Lagoon

Cloisonne in Lake

Little Eduardo in Red

Stepping Stones in Quartz

Radiate in Wisteria

Bound in Humanity

Cross Print Voile in Ink

Double Dash Essex in Indigo

Square in Navy

Cross Print Voile in Violet

Trinity in Sunset

Terrarium in Midnight

Labyrinthine in Dawn

Making Waves in Olive

Little Eduardo in Pink

Terrarium in Azurite on White

Dash in Stone

Watermarks in Peony

Geometry in Charcoal

Positive in Sienna

Zoltar in Yellow

Triangle Mosaic in Greenery

Ring Spots in Hot Pink

Confetti in Agate

Elevation in Sky

Greeka Knit in Skouro

Papel Picado in Naranja

Fans in Golden Canyon

Terrarium in Water

Scallop Dot Knit in Fossil

On Point in Indigo

Arrowheads in Succulent

Weathervane in Tulip

Confetti in Peacock

Stitch the Stars in Succulent

Plotted Farm in Autumn

Cubic in Stone

Diamond Curtain in Stone

Allotments in Cactus

Crosshatch in Shadow

Little Tribal Stripe in Jungle

Cadence in Golden Canyon

Ice Cream Shop in Multi

Arrowheads in Marine

Intersections in Sky

Positive in Smoke

Coral in Yarrow

Pony Boy in Neon

Dash in Poppy

Marble in Onyx

Geo Mist in Gold

Greek Key in Pebble

Dash in Jungle

Terrarium in Nectar

Terrarium in Breeze on White

Confetti in Olive

Pirot Evoked Knit in Silver

Weathervane in Indigo

Bunting Panel in Neutral

Dash in Azalea

Luckie Bandana in Black

Flying Birds in Clay

Merry and Bright in Spruce

Net in Beige

Oval Elements in Green Apple

Terrarium in Dusk

Little Tribal Stripe in Pebble

Trelliage in Taupe

Weathervane in Brass

Steam Texture in White

Stepping Stones in Silver

Triangle Mosaic in Stone

Cairo in Slate

Points in Axis

Marks in Aqua

Dot n Square in Orange

Arrows in Light Blue

Felicia in Red

Triangle Mosaic in Pebble

Stitch in Turquoise

Terrarium in Breeze

Thistle in Coral

Expanded Aim in Terra

Triangle Mosaic in Twilight

Crosshatch in Lake

Weathervane in Jungle

Tire Swing in Marble

Ojos in Flame

Geometric in Coral

Triangle Mosaic in Straw

Terrie in Orange

Tomahawk Stripe Knit in Cloud

Mini Pyramids in Light Blue

Weathervane in Cerulean

Basketweave in Onyx

Crosses in Mouro

Rumpled in Gentian

Tribal in Seaglass

Lace in Bloom in Boho

Sketchy Circle in Teal

Basketweave in Desert Rose

Fur Ball in Strawberry Fields

Circuit in Teal

Rings in Violet

Oval Elements in Prune Brown

Positive in Parfait

Radiate in Marine

Mountain Stripe in Golden Canyon

Hexie Bramble in Stone

Spin in Chartreuse

Bramble in Lake

Hexie Bramble in Indigo

Weathervane in Sand

Lucy in Strawberry Fields

Ogee in Jet

Triangle Mosaic in Breeze

Ava Rose Scratch in Blue

Double Dash Essex in White

Squared in Black and White

Hexies in Papaya

Knotty in Rain

Tailored in Blue

Shimmer in Spring Green

Vignette in Turquoise

Sunshine in Honeysuckle

Hills and Valleys Essex in Pewter