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 Home / Fabric Themes / Floral


Henna in Amethyst

Garden Peacock in Pink

Glitz Flower in Peach

Heart Fields Wide in Always

Dapper in Blue

Monteverde Patchwork in Jungle

Gardens in Multi

Daisies in Mulberry

Swifting Flora Rayon in Boho

Forget Me Not in Surf

Survey in Orche

Ornate in Plum

Hello Jane in Orange

Big Birches in Dove

Aurora in Dijon

Blossom Drift in Floralia

Florascape in Moonstone

Blossom Swale in Calm

Gitan Paradis Knit in Pearl

Folklore in Terracotta

Going Up in Sterling

Lime Trees in Kale

Brave Bloomed Rayon in City

Chestnut Branch in Lavender

Daisies in Marigold

Zebra Bloom in Persimmon

Daydream Floral in Tropical

Endpaper in Amethyst

Daisies in Grapefruit

Jungle Floor in Ink

Depths in Rubellite

Dalmation in Petal

Daisies in Sage

Mandala Harmony in Vivid

Framed Birdies in Green

Daisy Buds in Fuchsia

Petite Fleur in Mulberry

Blossom Drift in Roseate

Libby in Sky

Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Avocado

Blooming Soul in Laurel

Bees Knees in Lapis

Masquerade Project Panel in Gothic

Bees Knees in Forest

Thicket in Honey

Forget Me Not in Breeze

Clippings in Passion

Strawberry in Brown

Daisies in Kale

Bamboo Shoots in Cool

Flower Shower in Subtle

Big Birches in Blue Jay

Prairie Bloom in Rosetta

Paradise Garden Rayon Lawn in Coral

Dabbling Swan in Plum

Zen Garden in Sage

Garden Grounds in Budding

Tulip Tangled in Blueberry

Birches in Kale

Big Birches in Lake

Hitching a Ride in Navy

Butterfly Floral in Orange

Gorgeous Flower in Cream

Corollas in Tangerine

Blooming Desert in Shell

Sunprint in Fern

Pansies in Pink

Love of Flowers in Charcoal

Forget Me Not in Brass

Masquerade in Topaz

Palm Fronds in Ink

Birches in Taupe

Birches in Azalea

Sweetness Floral Knit in Navy

Flower Edging in Blueberry

Saccharine in Lemon

Joyeux Alphabet Panel in Cream

Big Birches in Sunshine

Row by Row in Buttercup

Ornaments in Hunter Metallic

Snowy Pines in Twilight

Peacock Waltz in Gala

Kladi in UnderLight

Blooming Soul in Plum

Scruffy Daisy in Punch

Bunnys Day Out in Peony

Forget Me Not in Aspen

Bunnys Day Out in Marigold

Project Panel in Eden

Posies in White

Grateful Joy Knit in Orchid

Folksy Floral in Succulent

Forget Me Not in Pistachio

Mexican Dress in Morning

Gitan Paradis in Pearl

Dahlia in Forest

Amber in Sky

Climbing Posies in Pale

Plantae in Sunrise

Wispy Daybreak Knit in Aura

Graphic Blooms in City

Large Corsage Floral in Peachy Plum

Forget Me Not in Seaglass

Folk Fleur in Golden Delicious

Words To Live By in Bounty

Project Panel in Shell

Perennial Border in Light Robins Egg

Picadilly in Pink

Forest Glade in Harvest

Bloom in Bark

Floral Universe in Auburn

Favorite Things in Orchid

Joy Plante in Chartreuse

Dutch Bloom in Spring

Big Birches in Charcoal

Vintage Vases in Eggplant

Dream It Believe It Do It in Sprout

Wild Field in Indigo

Daisies in Agate

Fairytale Flowers in White

Feathered Fellow in Blush Metallic

Dressmaker in Amethyst

Stacked Seeds in Green

Victoria in Charcoal

Tulip Folk in Sunshine

Kaliedescope in Bone

Garden Grounds in Dollop

Forget Me Not in Succulent

Fronds in Smoke

Tumble Roses in Tangerine

Plantae Knit in Sunrise

Meadow in Rosetta

Kladi Under in Woodlands

Feathered Fellow in Lush Metallic

Green Wall in Fern

Jessica in Green

Timeless in Rosewood

Tulips in Peach

Petal Border in White

Seaweed in Teal

Corsage Charm in Pink

Endpaper in Goldenrod

Sweetness Panel in Aqua

Sprig in Breakers

Kat in Pink

Words Of Widsom Panel in White

Night Owl in White

Artic Avens in Indigo

Saccharine in Caramel

Snowed In in Evening Sun

Monstera Canopy in Ink

Big Birches in Honey

Wild Bouquet in Pebble

Overgrown in Amaranth

Forest Flowers in Grape

Birches in Greenery

Illusionist Vine in Boho

Blossom in Yellow

Snowberry Floral in Black

Joy Plante in Spices

Burst in Green

Hyperflora in Twee

Jemma in Green

Luminous Garden in Carnation

Windswept Knit in Sun

Neverland Star Flower in Periwinkle

Garden Landscapes in Multi

Billowing Petals in Rouge

Miniature Garden Lawn in Ebony

Branching Out in Sage

Carolina Cluster in White

De Roos Knit in Licht

Tulips in Blue

Fields Forever in Midnight

Meadow Knit in Vivid

Sahuaro Picks in Pale

Orchard Fruit in Yellow

Daisies in Pebble

Maui Maile Leaves in Kale

Lindy Leaf in Pink

Tropicalia in Dark

Bird Songs in Moon

Moire in Aquamarine

Halos Wideback in Puddle

Water Bouquet in Mint

Morning Glory in Linen

Delicate Femme in Apricot

Patrice in Pink

.Cornflower in Navy

Mini Watering Hole in Peony

Starry Eyed in Bark

Bed of Roses in Topaz

Daisies in Indigo

Daisies in Aubergine

Mothers Garden in Light

Pandagarden in Naptime

Birches in Blue Jay

He Loves Me in Blue

Winterberry in Mist

Stacked Seeds in Pink

Dalmation in Orange Spice

Nesting Knit in Multi

Palms in Tulip

Big Birches in Desert Rose

Reef in Shrimp

Poem in Sage Metallic

Mini Overture in Gold Metallic

Plume in Salmon

Tulips in Yellow

Spinning Wheels in Lime and Cream

Paper Plant in Sorbet

Berry in Ivory

Green Wall in Surf

Eternal Summer in Hawaii

Primrose Field Knit in Light

Aluminum Plant in Garden

Scruffy Daisy in Sunkissed

Light Sprout Knit in Citron

Neverland Lantern in Blue

Forget Me Not in Kale

Sari Petal in Blue on Brown

Lotus in Amethyst

Mabel in Blue

Blockprint Blossom Voile in Gold

Rosa in Violet Metallic

Flourish in Aglow

Vienna Floral in Red

Wildflower in Blush Pink

Posie Double Gauze in French Gray

Wildflower in Wonder

Mabel in Orange

Floral in Blue

Little Leaves in Orchid

Forget Me Not in Coral

Marissa in Raspberry

Roselynn Floral in Magenta on White

Daisies in Bright Pink

Shadow Flower in Navy

Palm Fronds in Seaglass

Tracks in Taupe

Bird Watching in Petal

Vines in Pansy

Picking Daisies in Dove and Indigo

Vienna Floral in Navy

Floral Universe Knit in Auburn

A Winters Night in Kale

Wild Flowers in Dark Pink

Birches in Charcoal

Social Butterfly in Grove

Vie de Boheme Knit in Sunrise

Mini Watering Hole in Stone

Kelp Forest in Nectar

Tapestry in Navy

Thumbelina Panel in Fabled

Floret in Bright

Street Art in Sun

Echinacea in Berry

Norwegian Wood in Grove

Daisies in Azalea

Blockprint Blossom in Aqua

Mini Watering Hole in Desert Rose

Transformation in Sucre

Pansies in Ivory

Forget Me Not in Lake

Paparounes in Spices

Petal Flamingoes in Coo

Floral in Blue

Ditsy Knit in Pink

Bloomerie in Gold

Daisies in Lake

Courtney in Pink

Dandelion in Pink

Little in Entomologist

Jardin in Cote d Azure

Sweetness Floral in Navy

Goodness in Craft

Trade Winds in Navy

Forget Me Not in Azalea

Fronds in Stone

Burst in Navy

Neighbor in Mint

Vienna Floral in Cream

Sweet Florals in Navy

Arctic Woods in White

Woodland Dreams in Sommar

Prairie Flowers in Dusk

Acqua Di Rose in Boho

Swan Song in Midnight

Triflora in Blue Jay

Tulip Tree in Blue

Overgrown in Cloud

Primavera Buds in Green

Little Pointsettias in Peony

Remembrose Doilies in Dark

Memento in Midnight

Wild One in Eden

Leaf in Yellow

Bloom in Powder

Panda Says Yum in Mint

Meadow in Liberty

Fable Floral in White

Bloom in Verdant

A Walk in the Woods in Aspen and White

Sprig in Flame

Gorgeous Flower in Mint

Daisies in Sunshine

Lazing Sloth in Pink

Fouette in Gray

Gardens in Americana

Safari Floral in White Metallic

Drawn Flowers in Red

Bazaar in Eucalyptus

Wild One in Arcadian

Tapestry in Natural Metallic

Nymphs in Cypress

Stocking in Dusk

Big Birches in Mulberry

Illusionist Vine in Jay

Gorgeous Rose in Pink

Overgrown in Sapphire

Cosette in Soft Pink

Tropical Paradise in Ink

My Darling in Sweet

Twirling Ideas in Clear

Tulip in Straw

Plush Floral in Sweet Pea

Mangrove Flowers in Indigo

Galway Glade in Mystic

Big Birches in Petal

Safari Border in Golden Canyon

Forget Me Not in Water

Prairie Bloom Sateen in Maize

Cherry Blossoms in Indigo

Seaweed in Limestone

Lamb in White

Flowerfield in Sunrise

Optic Blossom in Linen

Embroidered By in Moon

Birches in Peony

Scruffy Daisy in Orchid

Safari Border in Smoke

Tapestry Canvas in Natural Metallic

Plantae in Aurora

Flower Bird in Blueberry

Depths in Anchor

Hearts Fletching in Gold

Big Birches in Zest

Birches in Timber

Spanish Petals in Floralia

Wood Grain in Gold

Thicket in Onyx

Rhombi Interleaved in Smalt

Outlined Floral Rayon Lawn in Indigo

Forget Me Not in Carnation

Frolic in Riviera

Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Laguna

Wallflower in Wild Rose

Big Birches in Timber

Tiny Mermaid Floral in Lagoon

Buttonballs in Azulean

Flower Shower in Intense

Forget Me Not in Zest

Miniflores in Sunbathed

Birches in Carnation

Conifer Canopy in Winter

Little Blushing Floral in Melon on Mist

Flower Glory in Morning

Blockprint Blossom in Honey

Forget Me Not in Agate

Big Birches in Succulent

Wreathed in Whiff

Canopy in Pink

Cardinals in Agate

Bazaar in Lichen

Lilla Tove in Coral

Raindrops Poppies in Plum

Row by Row in Sprout

Pathless Woods in Black Forest

Sprayed Blooms Knit in Reverie

Reef in Submarine

Winterberry in Spice

Little Pointsettias in Aspen

Little in Floriculturist

Floral in Pink

Beekeeping in Aspen

Put The Lime in The Coconut in Yellow

Playful Petals in Menthe

Big Birches in Indigo

Blue Moon in Folkstone

Grace in Mint

Wildflower in Sapphire

Neverland Darling Wall in Cream

Flower Glory in Evening

Kirkwood in Black

Hydrangea in Indigo

Peacock Waltz in Festal

Enchanted Forest in Agate

Bunny Hop in Peach

Wallflowers in Quartz

Honu in Hawaii

Rose Parcel 108 Inch Wideback in Taupe

Fillies in Pink

Pansies in Pine

Hide and Seek in Onyx on White

Green Wall Lawn in Wasabi

Social Butterfly in Thicket

Meadow in Spring

Stitch Floral in Desert Rose

Forget Me Not in Lagoon

Mothers Garden in Rich

Garden Rocket in Turquoise

Poppies in White

Big Birches in Azurite

Daisy Buds in Wisteria

Fronds Unfurled in Peach

Paradis in Woodlands

Wildflower in Tomato

Luminous Field in Glow

Birches in Lime

Snowy Owl Quilt Panel in Shell

Foliage in Orange

Punchy Floral in Fuchsia

Project Panel in Black Forest

Blockprint Blossom Voile in Peach

Swifting Flora in Boho

Big Birches in Azalea

Forest Floor in Glacier Blue

Reindeer in White

Prairie Bloom in Maize

Zocalo in Lemon

Forget Me Not in Charcoal

Filigree in Sedona

Boho Quest Knit in Night

Midnight Bloom in Indigo

Bouquet in Olive

Ruth Ann Double Border in Pink

Quilt Panel Clock in Black Forest

Daisies in Azurite

Inner Vision in Turquoise

Snake Plant in Chartreuse

Birches in Tulip

Daisy Flowers in Cocoa

Lace in Black

Freshly Cut in Lilies

Meadow in Spice

Dream It Believe It Do It in Peony

Echo Bloom in Sedona

Petite Fleur in Light Breeze

Depths in Lace

Khokhloma Canvas in Gloom

Painted Desert in Night

Into the Woods in Timber and Pebble

Folk Floral in Midnight

Foxglove in Blackberry

Grand Bouquet in Melon

Dreamscape in Sun

Arabesque in Shell

Branching Out in Gold

Nightingale in Aspen

Dandelion in Navy

Wallflowers in Onyx

Wind Observer Knit in Slate

Lake Vines in Murmur

Symmetrical in Red

Quietude in Sunset

Palace Gardens in White

Double Fault Floral in Cherry

Bunnys Day Out in Glacier Blue

Daisies in Chartreuse

Flower Field in Soil

Sweetly Sings in Glimmer Metallic

Big Birches in Taupe

Big Birches in Celestial

Terrestria Plant Panel in Neutral

Mini Overture in Cream Metallic

Alberto in Green

Swallow Study in Chocolate

Forest in Plum

Enchanted Bloom in Ultra Violet

Meadow in Prairie

Daisies in Breeze

Spinning Wheels in Brown and Coral

Fleurette in Pink

Petal Heads in Star Light

Flower Crown in Mint

Spring Meadow Border in Shell

Daisy Field Rayon Lawn in Indigo

Big Love Knit in Tangerine

Big Birches in Ochre

Small Enchanted Bloom in Ultra Violet

Scruffy Daisy in Black

Hypnotic Paramour in Rose

Temple Tiles in Mist

Trade Winds in Isle

Trees in Grey

Eek in Strawberry Fields

Floral Floats in Fresh

Birches in Ochre

Bunny Recess in Multi

Overachiever in Burgundy

Treeline in Charcoal and Pebble

Euphloria in Coral

Wreathed in Woodlands

Scribble Leaves in Coral

Petal Flamingoes in FUS-E-108

Birches in Lagoon

Words To Live By in Whisper

Street Art in Moon

Meadow in Shadow

Scattered Leaves Double Gauze in Fog

Foliage in Green

Thicket in Stone

Rainy Day in Blue

Pruning Roses in Citrus

Cascading Border in Indigo

Terrariums in Vanilla

Blossoming Floral in Peachy

Spring Meadow Border in Glacier Blue

Winterberries in Gold

Blooming Lotus in Magenta

Primavera Buds in Pink

Floral Single Border in Ocean Pearlized

Dulcet Corduroy in Sky Blue

Sophia in Pink

Botanical in Multi

Daisies in Powder Blue

Protea in Cactus

Willow Wisps in Blossom

.Cornflower in Rose

Winter Forest in Twilight

Flower in Waltz

Khokhloma Knit in Gloom

Acacia in Allure

Fronds in Peony

Tulip March in Smoke

Garden Shadow in Picnic

Willow Wisps in Lavender

Gorgeous Main in Pink

Masquerade in White

Cherry Blossoms in Maroon

Oh Deer in Navy

Daisies in Wisteria

Dwarf Umbrella Tree in Ice Frappe

Naturalist in Gold

Cactus Field in Dark Pebble

Banana Leaves in Greenery

Budquette in Abloom

Droplet Petal in Storm

Ditzy in Green

TipToe in Frolic

Slumber of Sloths in Pink

Daisies in Lagoon

Olema in Multi

Garden Shadow in Blueberry

Sidewalk Flowers in Khaki

Big Birches in Marine

Holiday Motif in Blue

Daisies in Seaglass

Rooted in Earth

Little Pointsettias in Kale

Wild Flowers in Pink

Landscape in Grey

Pippa in Orchid

Enchanted Leaves in Air

Naturalist in Onyx

Tropical Paradise in Vivid

Calliope Quilt Panel in Carnation

Rosebud in Black

Tree Stripe Border in Iron

Wheat in Ivory

Trade Winds in Pink

Disco Kitty in Blue Bird

Crescent Bloom in Fuschia

Abloom in Kale

Prairie Dot in Serene

Conservatory in Greenery

Neo-pods in Mediterranean

Floral Glade in Tulip

Pointsettias in Twilight

Meadow in Dim

Krysta in White

Garden Peacock in White

Blossom Swale in Spices

Glamper Daisy in Green

Daisy in Turquoise

Simply Bold Floral in Pine

Maui Maile Leaves in Azalea

Brocade in Pink and Burgundy

Forget Me Not in Dahlia

Forget Me Not in Seafoam

Daisy Buds in Silver

Marissa in Rose

Dogwood in Blossom

Gathering Blooms Border in White

Favorite Things in Stone

Backyard Blooms in Dove

Folkwood Friends in Emerald

Meadow Vale in Dark

Blooming Brook in Sol

Petit Jardin in Onyx

Daisies in Greige

Fronds in Onyx

Jolie in Petal

Clover in Maroon

Desert Flor Knit in Spring

Winter Forest in Passion

Dreamscape in Moon

Pointsettias in White

Ring o Roses in Dusty

Sweetness Floral in Mint

Vines in Leek

Flower in Dance

Perennial Border in Arcadian

Valley View in Echo

Floating Bouquet Knit in Navy

Wild Flowers Rayon Lawn in Denim

Floral in Purple

Pink Pointsettia in Berry

Forget Me Not in Sky

Waltz Rayon in Moonlit

Folkwood Friends in Chocolate

Frolicking in Royal

Twirls in the Air

Bunny Hop in Blue

A Mystical Forest in Aspen

Aurora in Peacock

Treasured Kermes Rayon in Crimson

Floral in Lilac

Sanjay in Pink

Daisies in Greenery

Branching Out in Brass

Flower Stamp Knit in Adore

Daisies in Cornflower

Sir Wooly in Yonder

Petit Potpourri in Azur

Bouquet in Soft Blue

Wallflower in Azalea

Columbia Road in Ivory

Magical Prairie in Light

Forget Me Not in Taupe

Garden Rocket in Ruby

Butterfly Ticking in Green

Hello Roses in Dove

Blume in Aspen

Yes Please Main in Cream Metallic

Rose Bouquet Sateen in Eucalyptus

Depths in Aster

Millefiori Knit in Ethereal

Ravens at Twilight in Azurite

Grove in Neon

Naivety in Abloom

Petal Flamingoes in Love

Woodland Sanctuary in Arcadian

Leaf in Ivory

Garden Shadow in Breeze

Rose Bouquet Sateen in Carrot

Wood Grain in Pink

Mabel in Green

Primrose Field in Light

Masquerade Project Panel in Noir

Daisies in Tulip

Overachiever in Mystery

Claire in Green

Willowleaf in Purple

Meadow in Tulip

Black Forest in Pebble

Birches in Petal

Petit Potpourri Knit in Azur

Big Birches in Cornflower

Artisan Floral in Sedona

Snowy Pines in Kale

Sweetly Sings in Golden Metallic

Promenade in Indigo

Dalmation in Fog

Mini Watering Hole in Smoke

Norwegian Wood in White

Treeline in Stone and Taupe

Forget Me Not in Sage

Wood Grain in Nugray

Zocalo in Raspberry

Floral in Indigo

Landscape in Blue

Lively Rosebuds in Crystal

Climbing Posies in Blush

Forest Slumbers in Berry

Pretty Ditsy Knit in Dream

Willow Blooms in Spices

Jackrabbit Damask in Coachella

Khokhloma in Gloom

Plockade in Navy

Lovebirds in Amber

Morning Keepsake in Sun

Kelp Forest in Desert Rose

Big Birches in Greige

Dandelion Breeze in Aspen

Project Panel in Arcadian

Big Birches in Water

Pointsettias in Aspen

Everlasting Cacti in Desert Metallic

Haystack Bouquet in Navy

Birches in Azurite

Girl Power Panel in Multi

Daisies in Gold

Brambleberry in Fog

Rooted in Warmth

Florets in Carolina Blue

Wild Vines in Sorbet

Reindeer in Coffee

Bamboo Shoots in Light

Beekeeping in Thicket

Hide and Seek in Onyx

Little Pointsettias in Onyx

Sunday Picnic in Sunny Afternoon

Scatter Floral in Gold

Corollas in Ashen

Forget Me Not in Poppy

Freshly Cut in Hyacinths

Big Birches in Powder Blue

Daisies in Cerulean

Carved in Charcoal

Droplet Petal in Malachite

Forget Me Not in Ochre

Kitty Floral in White

Overgrown in Cactus

Claire in Sky

Fox Nap in Sorbet

Desert Flor in Spring

Sprig in Red

Chipmunk in Mint

Foulard in Gold and Glacier Blue

Birches in Powder Blue

Sprinkled Peonies in Serene

Birches in Glacier Blue

Say Yes To New Adventures in Raspberry

Big Birches in Gold

Painted Leaves in Coral

Retro Petals in Mist

Sealing Wax in Amethyst

Coyote & Quail in Jojoba

Forget Me Not in Sprout

Daisies in Dusk

Forget Me Not in Dusk

Winter Owl Project Panel in Daybreak

Grace in Fuchsia

Jungle in Red

Paradis Knit in Sweet

Teja in Pink

Big Birches in Twilight

Birches in Grapefruit

Tulip Folk in Bloom

Bullion Fronds in Rose

Big Birches in Nectar

Birches in Straw

Happy Little Unicorns in Blue

Mini Berry in Black

Dogwood Bloom in Pond

Seek and Find in Grey

Flowerful Double Border in Dandle

Monarch in Golden

Wonderment in Teaberry

Cactus Flora in Flora Lily

Fiddlehead Leaves in Shell on Kale

Birches in Wisteria

Florita in Azul

Filigree in Lime

Wood Grain in Ash

Winter Frolicking in Taupe

Everblooming in Fig

Daisies in Berry

Floral Rayon Lawn in Denim

Kaliedescope in Navy

Crowns in Pink

A Walk in the Woods in Shell

Bloom in Lilac

Rainy Day in Pink

Daisies in Ochre

Birches in Aspen

Mount Olympus in Laguna

Happy Little Unicorns in Pink

Petit Jardin in Gold

Wispy Daybreak in Nimbus

Kat in Sky

Octopus Garden in Gold

Birches in Stone

Crescent Bloom in Turquoise

Bouquet in Spring

Forget Me Not in Jungle

Meadow in Jade

Plein Air in Wisteria Mulberry

Scattered Floral Knit in White

Timberland in Woodlands

Survey in Heron

Mushroom Ditsy in Berry

Arbor in Mint

Timberland in Dew

Big Birches in Breeze

Patrice in Aqua

Blossom Swale in Depth

Lingering Llamas in Sedona

Deerly Loved in Eden

Nymphs in Otter

Dream It Believe It Do It in Cornflower

Berry in Blue

Pincushion Flower in Sage

Summer Bouquet in Clear

Blooming Soul Knit in Plum

Savanna Glow in Mint

Birches in Cornflower

Snowy Pines in Twilight

Flying Geese in Autumn Fawn

Hydrangea in Sage

Safari Feathers in Mint Metallic

Victoria in Purple

Forget Me Not in Aubergine

Sleepyheads in Blue

Daisies in Succulent

Ground Clover in Grey

Climbing Rose in Gray

Through the Forest in Green

Forget Me Not in Straw

Winter Forest in Onyx

Tulip in Gray

Forget Me Not in Pebble

Birches in Seafoam

Vanguarden in Rima

Into The Woods in Dusk

Picking Daisies in Peony and Marigold

Garden Walk Double Border in Shine

Forget Me Not in Dove

Be Merry in Spruce

Frolicking in Orange

Folk Ditsy in Bisque

Yinghua in Rainwater

Wander in Morning

Reflection of Love in Light

Juniper in White

Big Birches in Sky

Magnolia in Sunset

Crescent Bloom in Ruby

Hypnotic Paramour in Red

Daisies in Brass

Big Birches in Jade

Leaves in White

Fronds in Desert Rose

Floral Universe Rayon in Turquoise

Foxglove in Nickel

Dawn in Green

Paradise Garden in Midnight

Norwegian Wood in Gold

Scruffy Daisy in Parchment

Carved in Fluorescent

Bouquet in Aqua

Clover Field in Shell

Birches in Marigold

Pearl in Aegean

Abiding in Dew

Pointsettias in Pebble

Frolic in Petal

Summer Totem in Tart

Woodgrain in Shell

Web in Butter

Meadow in Posy

Daisies in Surf

Sundborn in Picnic

Wood Cuts in Charcoal

Big Birches in Sprout

Bouquet in Multi

Carolina Cluster in Navy

Budquette in Dayspring

Mini Overture in Navy Metallic

Tiny Rose in Soft Blue

Daisies in Raisin

Big Birches in Carnation

Tiny Dancer Rayon in Bachelorette

Magik Floral in Multi

Dalmation in Canary

Daisies in Nectar

Fashion Scent in Abloom

Paradis Rayon in Woodlands

Disco Kitty in Marmalade Skies

Garden in Bloom

Wild Folk Floral in Chocolate

Snake Plant in Light

Winner's Circle in Orange Crush

Renewal in Opal

Cactus Flora in Berry

Tulip in Carrot

Ravens at Twilight in Smoke

Temple Tiles in Dew

Leafy Wonder in Teal

Waltz in Sunlit

Retro Petals in Powder

Big Birches in Olive

Put The Lime in The Coconut in Pink

Library Gardens Knit in Light Pink

Lace in Bloom in Cloud

Echo Bloom in Tucson

Dreaming Tree in Summer

Sparkler in Floralia

Wild Field in Gold

Magnolia Study in Fresh

Norwegian Wood in Red

Cassia in Charm

Forget Me Not in Nectar

Monstera Canopy in Shell

Beauty Mark in Gold

Ornaments in Navy Metallic

Tulip March in Honey

Lambscape Knit in Yonder

Botany Chambray in Bluegrass

Flowered Engrams Knit in Delicate

Forget Me Not in Azurite

Framed Birdies in Blue

Taraxacum Double Border in Grey

Gentle Breeze in Beige

Dinosauria Canvas in Sunrise

Saturday Market Tote Panel in Conservatory

Harvest Apron Panel in Autumn Fawn

Among the Pines in Spruce

Reflection of Love Rayon in Deep

Desert in Mist

Big Love Knit in Lime

Forget Me Not in Stone

Tiny Rose in Citron

Filigree in Dusk

Aquarelle Study Canvas in Wash

Cotton Field in Glacier Blue

Petal Strings in Passion

Papel Picado in Naranja

Stitch Floral in Gold

Patchwork in Blue

Petite Fleur in Navy

Tulip in Aqua

Floret Corduroy in Dark Navy

Mini Watering Hole in Jade

I Spy in Reverie

Sonic Flora in Bone

Daisies in Sprout

Forget Me Not in Glacier Blue

Folksy Floral in Tulip

Secret Garden in Eden

Little Punchy Floral in Fuchsia

Branching Out in Taupe

Calliope Quilt Panel in Bluebell

Flower Glory Knit in Evening