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 Home / Fabric Themes / Floral


Scruffy Daisy in Canary

Gardens in Multi

Kamala in True Green

Hidden Garden in Pink

Glamour in Navy

Tonal in Mineral

Hollywood in Coral

Teja in Pink

Endpaper in Goldenrod

Houses in Multi

Zebra Bloom in Linen

Branchlets in Charming

Pop Floral in Mustard

Fox Nap in Raspberry

Scruffy Daisy in Lipstick

Bunny with Wreaths in White

Punkin Patch in Green

Arbor in Mint

Fairy Rings in Peach

Tonal Floral in Magenta

Bloomsbury in Turquoise

Mini Watering Hole in Onyx

Forget Me Not in Olive

Provincial in Sunset

Line Drawings Canvas in Yellowed

Overachiever in Midnight

Elena in Chocolate

Flower Bed in Red

Swifting Flora in Fond

Jemma in Green

Rose Lore in Amber

Sweet Nothings in Fond

Aloe Vera in Butterscotch

Hide and Seek in Cream

Forget Me Not in Lake

Joie De Vivre in Beryl

Worlds Fair in Multi

Observations in Indigo

Floral in Blue

Purrfect Hiding Spot in Pink

Block Blooms in Red

White Flower in Indigo

Gust of Leaves Knit in Silver

Sprigs in Marigold

Goldfinch in Tobacco

Daisy in Pink

Sweet Meadow in Rose

Summerhouse in Turquoise

Wind Flower in Sea Glass

Pop Art in Springblossom

Bats in the Belfry in Plum

Mochi Floral in Linen

Love of Flowers in Charcoal

Wide Primrose in Purple and Mustard

Reliquary in Orchid

Sprout in Midnight

Nesting Blooms in Cool

Garden Swatch in Blue

Hide and Seek in Stone

Survey in Orche

Rosa Double Border in Confection

Ruth Ann Double Border in Gray

Margo in Azule

Dancing Vines in Gray

Hide and Seek in Fawn Grey

Meadow Flower in White

Manu Forest Voile in Flower

Morning Glory in Coral

Lotti in Red

Seeds in White

Cynthia in Yellow

Garden Accessories in Stone

Coloring Garden in Stone

Leafy Parade in Pink

Wild Vines in Sorbet

Pixie Socks in Red

Fresh Poppies in Fuchsia

Minutes in Sword

Observations in Sepia

Stitch Floral in Desert Rose

Daisies in Lilac Scent

Tropi Canna in Coral

Hummingbird Damask in Dahlia

Joy Plante Knit in Coral

Calliope Quilt Panel in Indigo

Splendiferous in Chill

Lace in Bloom in Sky

Posy in Copper

Jardin in Cote d Azure

Table Flowers in Rainbow

Onions N Things in Green

Oh Christmas Tree in Craft

Lucy in Black

Rebecca in Fuchsia

Heart Bloom in Rose

Posie Bouquet in Leaf

Plummet in Magnolia

Zoey Rose in White

Flower Dot Double Gauze in Sky

Bazaar in Eucalyptus

Flowers in Red

Mickel in Periwinkle

Pruning Roses in Water

Gretchen in Citron

Impressions in Beige

Breath in Yellow

Hide and Seek in Azalea

Joyeux Alphabet Panel in Cream

Daydream in Pink

Kimono in Cosmos

Wind Melody in Soft

Bees Knees in Forest

Grow in Turquoise

Leaves and Flowers in Butterscotch

Berries and Flowers in Sky Blue

Lilly in Sky

Lyrical Lovebirds in White

Grove in Neon

Rosa in Periwinkle

He Loves Me Voile in Plum

Rosewood in Zinc

Pixie Bunnies in Aqua

Line Drawings in Yellowed

Strawberry Field in Green

Fresh Poppies in Green

Little Forest in Gray

Village People in Aqua

Bloom in Grey

Going Up in Sterling

Jardin in Mediterranean

Trees in White

Floral Dums in Punch

Rosa Double Border in Cloud

Flyaway Petalums in Sky

Lilla in Grass

Meadow in Jade

Flowers in White

Gathered Poppies in Aqua

Rose Bouquet in Poppy

Lazy Daisy in Plum

Climbing Vines in Green

Mushroom With Dots in Aqua

Wood Grain Flannel in Fog

Arbor in Fuchsia

Morning Glory in Pink

Taraxacum Double Border in Grey

Brooch in Nightfall

Floret in Turquoise

Tree Day in Mustard

Rose in Grey

Garden Grounds in Budding

Wood Cuts in Charcoal

Coco Bloom in Pine

Graphic Floral in Navy

Wide Primrose in Lavender and Pink

Trees in Iron

Tire Buds in Irid

Leafy Chevron Knit in Citron

Calico in Camellia

Daisy Buds in Silver

Bicycles in Multi

Floral Floats in Field

Riding Diary in BW

Botany Chambray in Taupe

Web in Asparagus

Petunia in Red

Forget Me Nots in Green

Little Flowers in Cherry

Coco Bloom in Plum

Leaves in Navy

Libby in Pink

Pixie Floral in White

Observations in Graphite

Summer Totem in Strudel

Foraging for Funghi in Multi

Lulabelle Petal in Pink

Plein Air in Indigo Seafoam

Shanghai in Sky

Garden Shadow in Blueberry

Embroiderys Fortune in Rose

I Spy Canvas in Friendship

Swinging 20s in Blue

Seaweed in Gray

Tea Rose in Scarlet

Cacti Field in Fun

Flourish Paisley in Blue

Memento in Midnight

Botany Chambray in Navy

Acorn Bloom Dot Knit in Teal

Prickly Pear in Succulent

Budquette in Nightfall

Mini Watering Hole in Peony

Forget Me Not in Desert Rose

Rose Vine in Lake

Stitch Floral in Pebble

Marble Delight in Pink

Forget Me Not in Cloud

Calico in Teal

Coco Bloom in Midnight

Boreal Border in Winter

Forget Me Nots in Blue

Organic in Coral

Enchanted in Sleepy

Frames in Pink

Eucalyptus in Gold

Endpaper in Auburn

Petal Trail in Multi

Wildwood in Birch

Floral Glade in Tulip

Primrose in Cherry

Plein Air in Indigo Water

Pandagarden in Naptime

Feathered Fellow in Blush Metallic

Rose in Sky

Petite Fleur in Mulberry

Monarch in Fuchsia

Blossom Pyramid in Blue

Coloring Garden in Sun

Imogen Floral in Cream

Forest Blossoms in Blue

Yorkshire Yuletide in White Metallic Gold

Puff in Porcelain

Picnic Bouquet in Lagoon

Josephines Boutique in Cobalt

Carved in Fluorescent

Rose Lore in Sky

Rose Trellis in Pink

Petal in Gold

Sparkler in Celebrate

Flowerfall in Ruby

Fresh Poppies in Ivory

Eucalyptus in Jewel

Crimson Dance in Clay

Floral Brooch in Red

Little Acorns in Grey

Tapestry Double Gauze in Green

Prairie Bloom Sateen in Maize

Painted Daisies in Navy

Forget Me Not in Nectar

Pretty Ditsy Knit in Dream

Tapestry in Black

Zoey Birdie in White

Seek and Find in Green

Mini Watering Hole in Smoke

Euphloria in Viridian

Miniflores in Sunbathed

Savanna Glow in Golden

Canopy in Aspen

Fringe Flowers in Clementine

Mushroom in Dark Taupe

Apricot Floral in Coral

Flowered Engrams in Ornate

Dream Main in Purple

Floral in White

Meadow Bloom in Spring

Daydream in Taupe

Butterfly in Garden

Belle Vines in Oasis

Bees and Bits in Mellow

Ravens at Twilight in Smoke

Brocade in Pink and Burgundy

Mangrove Flowers in Marine

Floret Stains in Tealberry

Backstitch Double Gauze in Gray

Magical Prairie in Moon

Gypsy Embroidery in Lake

Ginkgos in Magenta

Flowers in Light Peach

Forget Me Not in Robins Egg

Ditsy Flower in Blush

Hydrangea in Egg Blue

Cherry Blossoms Lawn in Maroon

Stamped in Nautical

Beauty Mark in Violet

Flourish Knit in Aglow

Anemone in Marine

Lulu in Sky

Dainty Daisies Rayon in Lavender

Bed of Daisies in Golden

Poppy in Pink

Water Bouquet in Mint

Holiday Motif in Blue

Folk Bloom in Natural

Cherry Bloom in Orchid

Lulabelle Petal in Yellow

Fallen Leaves in Grey

Sundborn in Blossom

Trees in Brown

Mixed Nuts in White

A Sunshiny Shower in Sunny

Floral in Red

Calico in Straw

Calico in Green

Posie in French Gray

Bouquet in Spring

Secret Garden in Multi

Plockade in Navy

Blossoming in Peacock

Spinning Wheels in Brown and Coral

Floral in Red Orange

Dandelions in Dawn

Gardens in Bright

Emmi in Mandarine

Grow in Salmon

Geana in Sage Multi

Puttin on the Ritz in Coral

Catnip in Raspberry

Garden Party Friends in Navy

Promenade in Breeze

Memory in Soft

Safari Border in Desert Rose

Lotti in Pink

Tulip Tangled in Blueberry

Filigree in Bamboo

Glitz Flower in Aqua

Peace Flower in Mist

Furnace Creek in White

Zoey Birdie in Blue

Keepsakes in Rosemary

Flower Fields in Multi

Hide and Seek in Pomegranate Mist

Orchard Blossom in Autumn

Heather in Grey

Petal Picking in Dainty

Leaf Lines in Blue

Hide and Seek in Marine

On the Breeze in Dark Grey

Nouveau Bouquet in Deep

Ring o Roses in Dusty

Feathered Fellow in Lush Metallic

Enchanted Leaves in Air

Wood Grain in Gray

Anemone in Pickle

Crescent Bloom in Turquoise

Filigree in Dusk

Forget Me Not in Dahlia

Delicata in Turquoise

Palm in Dusty Blue

Malibu in Haze

Hyacinth in Orange

Heart Fields in Always

Sweetish in Turquoise

Forget Me Not in Seaglass

Paradise Garden in Periwinkle

Enchanted in Powder

Sweetly Sings Knit in Golden

Eponine in Blue

Sprigs in Beige

Brave Bloomed in Lit

Dream Main in Pink

Billowing Petals in Nuit

Cascading Border in Onyx

Sun Tracks Knit in Earth

Mangrove Flowers in Azalea

Encolureful in Boho

Grove in Teal

Floral Stripe in Indigo

Promenade in Indigo

Forest in Citron

Friendly Forest in Stone

Petit Potpourri Knit in Azur

Christmas Tree in Black

Heart Bloom in Pine

Garden Ticking in Blue

In Bloom in Navy

Candied Lollies in Mint

Birches in Desert Rose

Rooted in Midnight

Fronds in Peony

Meadow Blooms in Butter

Defying Buds in Air

Sakura in Magenta Metallic

Flower Bed in Navy

Tulip in Citron

Spring All Over in Orchid

Bud Loop in Gray

Portrait in White

Fleuron Etch in Crimson

Overachiever in Vanilla

Wood Grain in Walnut

Woodland in White

Bloomers in Summer

Petite Fleur in Light Breeze

Microburst Knit in Tropics

Instinct Blooms Voile in Terra

Tropical in Breeze

Wild Field in Gold

Flourish in Pink & Eggplant

Bloomsbury in Pink

Wispy Daybreak Knit in Aura

Courtney in Lime

Paparounes in Crimson

Tulip Folk in Bloom

Leaves in White

Flowers in Taupe

Neo-pods in Waterfall

Birch Floral Rayon in Enamel

Lacework in Olive

Floral Lattice in Light Mustard

Wood Grain in Straw

Windswept Iota in Sun

Lazy Daisy in Raspberry

Meadowlark Damask in Blue Jay

Blossoms in Multi

Pod Floral in Multi

Ragatta in Blue

Mosaic Bloom in Asparagus

Lotus in Green

Summer Grove in Night

Wildflower in Orchid

Pippa in Citron

Wildflower in Turquoise

Meadow in Maize

Floralism in Blush

Forget Me Not in Indigo

Apricot Fern in Black

Woodgrain in Bark

Gypsy Embroidery in Plum

Ruby in Pink

Wind Flowers in Moss

Acorn Forest in Sorbet

Triflora in Blue Jay

Little World in White

Painterly Wash in Indigo

Primrose in Poppy

Scatter Floral in Gold

Forget Me Not in Water

Lotus Beats Knit in Passion

Imperial Blooms in Teal

Tulip in Gray

Church Flowers in Green

Stitch Stem Double Gauze in Navy

Petunia in Peacock

Wild Flower in White

Trim the Trees in Ribbon

Rose Lore in Lemon

Enchanted in Multi

Little World in Teal

Poppy Fields in Caviar

Tulip Folk in Sunshine

Arbol Voile in Black

Desert Main in Blue

Wild Posy in Flora

Calico Toss in Wisteria

Safari Border in Midnight

Puttin on the Ritz in Smoke

Bandana in Pink

Little Bits in Honey

Blossoms in Light Pink

Clouded Floral in Ochre

Little Leaves in Orange

Ditsy Knit in Turquoise

Floret in Blue

Sunflower in Cobalt

Libby in Red

Holiday Medallion in Blue

Midday Social Sateen in Sea Glass

Hillary in Green

Reliquary in Teal

Tile in Pink

Succulents in Green

Woodgrain in Dill

Moss Floral in Multi

Little Flower in Green

Dandelion in White

Meadow in Midnight

Wildflowers in Blaze

Dabbling Swan in Plum

Floral in Navy

Meadow Vale in Bright

Ginkgos in Green

Wonderment in Teaberry

Poem Lawn in Pale Pink Metallic

Oh Deer in Plum

Sun Tracks in Earth

Delicata in Pink

Summer Totem in Grapefruit

Cascading Border in Golden Canyon

Winter Sprigs in Navy

Tulip Rayon in Poppy

Bouquet Stripe in Mermaid

Clover Field in Gold

Floating Buds in Grey

Banksia in Pink

Brambleberry in Fog

Botanical Border in Thicket

Balancing Act in Carmel

Forget Me Not in Glacier Blue

Wild Beauty in Pineapple

Single File in Wind

Wildflower Lawn in Blush Pink

Jolie in Tangerine

Annette in Black

Quietude in Sunset

Calico in Sky

Leaves and Flowers in Soft Blue

Saccharine in Lemon

Rose in Pink

Square Petals in Tangerine

Blossoms in Fuchsia

Happy Garden in Steel Blue

Spring Woodland in Turquoise

Ice Floral in Orange

Tonal in Peach

Peacock Waltz in Gala

Leas Bloom in Blush

Scruffy Daisy in Grellow

Tree of Life in Cinnamon

Fronds in Midnight

Wallflowers in Pebble

Swifting Flora Wide in Fond

Tonal Flowers Lawn in Turquoise

Twill Bouquet in Evergreen

Trail Mix in Navy

Reindeer Stripe in Gray

Floral Stripe in Aqua

Floral Wash in Multi

Hide and Seek in Desert Rose on White

Small Flower in Cream

Church Flowers in Blue

Clover Grove in Whisper

Tropi Canna in Peach

Garden Party Friends in White

Bats in the Belfry in Tart

Big Foot in Navy

Astraea in Sky

Thicket in Desert Rose

Ravens at Twilight in Azurite

Button Flowers in Navy

Oh Deer in Coral

Brocade in Emerald and Blue

Parasols in Plum

Winnow Frock in Dahlia

Glitz Flower in Pink

Gentle Mantle Knit in Land

Daisy Buds in Wisteria

Playful Petals in Menthe

Fern Book in Coral

Fern in Aqua

Wallflowers in Onyx

Happy Blossoms in Pink

Endpaper in Grasshoper

Shore Remains Knit in Trinkets

Paparounes in Pastel

Blossom Drift in Roseate

Enamel Flowers in Teal

Mushroom in Iron

Blossom in Pink

Spinning Wheels in Lilac and White

Meadow in Citrus

Nisi Flora in Aera

Large Flower in Grey

Stocking in Fig

Twilight Vine in Sky

Blossom Swale Voile in Depth

Triflora in Peony

Deck the Halls Panel in Multi

Wild Beauty in Pineapple

Blossoms in Pewter

Dottie Rose in Jade

Swallow Study in Forest

Flamingos in Dark Green

Primrose in Shallow

Austen Medallion in Teal

Wave in Marina

Fruit Blossoms in Pink

Brushed Flowers in Cornflower

Jessica in Green

Flower Field in Peach

Tropical Forest in Green

Bare Nopal Voile in Gloom

Emes in Caribbean Blue

Mini Watering Hole in Midnight

Gumdrops in Pink

Posie Bouquet in Charcoal

Mangrove Flowers in Onyx

Lotus in Tomato

Clover Field in Robins Egg

Bloom in Garden

Zoey Rose in Blue

Paper Flowers in Parchment

Desert Main Knit in Blue

Little Flowers in Chocolate

Berries and Flowers in Sunshine

Plume in Pewter

Hide and Seek in Charcoal on White

Blossoming in Spring

Desert Main in Gray

Berries and Flowers in Navy

Leafy Damask in Apricot

Drawn Flowers in Black

Paloverde Voile in Multi

Acorn Forest in Sweet

Stocking in Turquoise

Daisies in Navy

Vanguarden in Rima

Sundborn in Picnic

Daisies Knit in Lilac Scent

Daisies in Aqua

Wind Melody in Carmin

Blossom Drift in Flushed

Eyelet in Shell

Calliope Quilt Panel in Carnation

Rose Bouquet Sateen in Poppy

Velvet Vine in Stainless

Tonal Flowers Lawn in Grey

French Twist in Zinc

Gust of Leaves in Gold

Pine Trees in Iron

Everlasting Cacti in Desert Metallic

Cottage Aster in Gray

Flamingos in White

Bird Floral in Blue

Forget Me Not in Onyx

Lavinia in Sorbet

Watercolor Floral in White

Leaves in Minty

Meridian in Brown

Daisy in Teal

Baby Doe in Sweet

Scruffy Daisy in Goldfish

Hydrangea in Sage

Bukhara in Aqua

Rosalinda in Confection

Snake Brush in Neutral

Gillie Wishes in Sweet

Blomma in Turquoise

Holiday Medallion in White

Bunny with Wreaths in Zinc

Garden Shadow Double Gauze in Mist

Floral in Grey

Prickly Perch in Midnight

Gum Nuts in Green

Lilla in Citron

Rose Lore in Violet

In Bloom in White

Woodland Floral in Green

Forget Me Not in Blue Jay

Camo Deluxe in Indigo

Happy Garden Double Gauze in Frost

Lilla in Mandarine

Birds in Green

Grove in Electric

Field Poppy in Sky

Marilyn in Navy

Beachcomber in Tide

Calico Toss in Melon

Trees in Light Blue

Branch Flannel in Citron

Forget Me Not in Celestial

Peonies in Storm

Puff in Mustard

Flower Field in Coral

Suzani in Grey

Hide and Seek in Marine on White

Tonal Flowers Lawn in Coral

Garland in Gray

Mojave Blooms in White

Zebra Bloom in Persimmon

Austen Medallion in Yellow

Sea Floral in Multi

Botany Chambray in Bluegrass

Hide and Seek in Azalea on White

Twigged Path in Sunlit

Garden in Indigo

Stitched Anthomania  Knit in Deep

Forest Trail in Waterfall

Forget Me Not in Smoke

Social Butterfly in Grove

Vine & Leaf in Lilac

Seaweed in Teal

Happy Garden in Orange

Royal Nature in Nectar

Thriving Threads in Light

High Flown in Solar

Frolic in Plum

Field Anecdotes in Dark

Pansies in Pine

Conifer Canopy in Winter

Flowers Lawn in Ivory

Minutes in Glen

Abiding in Dew

Tumble Roses in Tangerine

Ice Floral in Turquoise

On the Breeze in White

Rose Bouquet in Carnation

Seeds in Red Orange

Lotus Beats in Passion

Joy Plante in Coral

Wood Cuts in Red

Little Acorns in Ivory

Desert Medallion in Red

Daisy Shine in Confetti

Block Blooms in Navy

Krokos Sprites in Iris

Seaweed in Blue

Ship Shape in Sky

Kelp Forest in Indigo

Little Treasures in Taupe

Birds in Sky

Mushroom With Dots in Stone

Fallen Leaves in Red

Malibu in Kiss

Dalmation in Stratosphere

Forget Me Not in Brass

Embroidered By in Sun

Foxt Trot in Storm

Mochi Floral Lawn in Orchid

Cottage in Algae

Hedgehoglets in Teal

Tweet La Vie in White Metallic

Little Leaves in Turquoise

Floralism in Gold

Dreamscape in Moon

Sari Petal in Blue and Gray

Organic in Yellow

Row by Row in Sprout

Chipmunk in Raspberry

Lemon Trees in Mint

Memory in Field

Stitch Stem Double Gauze in Teal

Rosemilk in Mint

Meadow in Blue

Imperial Blossoms in White

Monarch in Mint

Tree Lights in Twilight

Floras Oasis in Rosa

Bedside Journal in Candid

Oh Deer in Navy

Kladi in UnderShadow

Puff in Teal

Wreaths in Brown

Starry Eyed in Peony

Woodland Weaves Double Gauze in Navy

Small Pixels Lawn in Turquoise

Forest Floor in Grove

Hotsprings in Purple

The Sky is Falling in White

Quills in Pomegranate

Small Floral in Red

Plume in Green

Cascading Border in Azalea

Bitty Bouquet in Midnite

Floriculture in Coral

Peaceful Easy Feeling Corduroy in White

Bazaar in Carrot

Forget Me Not in Poppy

Wood Grain in Pink

Drawn Flowers in Red

Hidden Garden in Aqua

Going Up in Citron

Cottagely Posy in Garden

Bloomers in Navy

Grow in Pansy

Flower Bed in Yellow

Meadow Vale in Dark

Spring Flowers in Cloud

Dress Floral in Lilac

Leaf Geo in Multi

Midnight Floral in Ebony

Forget Me Not in Sage

Pippa in Aqua

Field Poppy in Rose

Trees in White

Camellia in Sky

Lucy in Aqua

Holiday Ride in Winter

Chrysanthemum in Peacock

Little Plain Jane in Gray

Tulip Tangled in Bloom

Single File in Ocean

Striped Garden in Red

Palm Trees in Green

Nature Walk in Pink

Chrysanthemum in Burlap

Winnow Frock in Charmed

Roses in Blue and White

Tulip Tree in Green

Leaves and Berries Lawn in Blue

Meadow Blooms in Midnight

Evergreen in White

Margo in Opal

Nib and Pluck in Ursinia

Mangrove Flowers in Stone

Moire in Buttercup

Lace in Bloom in Cloud

Ink Outburst in Atelier

Wallflowers in Quartz

Foxgloves in Orange

Wildflower in Sapphire

Grow in Andesite

Forget Me Not Knit in Romance

Calico Toss in White

August in Grey

Honey House in Peach

Grow in Steel

Dahlia Rayon in Maize

Hummingbird Damask in Ink

Jacobean Floral in White

Hallow Lane in Blue Pearlized

Ragatta in Turquoise

Cotton Blossom in Poppy

Plume in Grey

Flowerful Double Border in Dandle

Ditsy Knit in Pink

Swifting Flora Voile in Swell

Gathering Blooms Border in White

Splendiferous Knit in Warm

Wood Cuts in Gray

Scattered Posies in Olive

Zenith in Gold

Pansies in Ivory

Sea Urchin in Black

Meadowlark in Aqua

Hang It Up in Grape

Sprayed Blooms in Subtle

Kladi in UnderLight

Artist Kisses in Pastel

Clover Field in Shell

Line Drawings Knit in Bluing

Dalmation in Candy Pink

Tweet La Vie in Spa Metallic

Mushroom Ditsy in Berry

Floral in Indigo

Delicate Femme in Blush

Lazy Daisy in Coral

Brave Bloomed in Firm

Sprayed Blooms Knit in Subtle

Fern Book in Navy

Rose Trellis in Yellow

Pixie Main in Green

Forest Stripe in Sorbet

Francie in Black

Flyaway Petalums in Vert

Fanfare in Butternut

Rose Bouquet in Orchid

Tree of Life in Pool

Safari Border in Stone

Small Floral in Black

Beauty Mark in Grass

Endpaper in Azure

Dahlia in Maize

Scruffy Daisy in Grasshoper

Mickel in Good Luck Green

Starry Eyed Rayon in Elixir

Butterfly Garden in Turquoise

Rachel in Maroon

Wildflowers Lawn in Copper

Crescent Bloom in Ruby

Wildflowers Lawn in Brown

Microburst in Beam

Leaf Lines in Rose

Sticks and Twine in Chartreuse

Rosemilk in Sorbet

Budquette in Dayspring

Royal Swans in Brown

Grove in Sapphire

Floral in Pink

Leafscape in Brown

Line Drawings in Bluing

Sprout in Strawberry

Floral in White

Forget Me Not in Petal

Swallow Study in Chestnut

Cabin in the Woods in Ivory

Frolic in Fog

Vanguarden Wide in Kekmo

Paperweight in Green

Sahuaro Picks in Tang

Folk Birds Canvas in Peach

Abiding in Rainwater

Forest Blossoms in Purple

Embelishments in Gild

Wildflowers Lawn in Grey

Growth in Joy

Wallflower in Marine

Celebration in Blue

Backyard Blooms in Dove

Ruth Ann Double Border in Pink

Mochi Floral in Purple

Branch Flannel in Navy

Going Up in Seaweed

Centered in Seafoam

Wreathed in Whiff

Bloom in Blue

Desert Poppy in Blue

Foxt Trot in White

Frilly Flutters in Mist

Wall Flower in Sky

Nesting Blooms Voile in Warm

Brooch in Petal

Tile in Goldenrod

Jemma in Lime

Gathered Poppies in Orchid

Woodland Floral in Navy

Instinct Blooms in Terra

Jessamina in Gray

Ring o Roses in Sand

Prairie Bloom in Maize

Bouquet in Multi

Gentle Breeze in Red

Daisy Fields Canvas in Blue

Mushroom Ditsy in Navy

Gypsy Mum in Pesto

Grove in Yellow

Flowered Engrams in Delicate

Camellia in Orange

Thicket in Honey

Tile in Mint

Happy Blossoms in Blue

Cottagely Posy Knit in Garden

Drawn Flowers in Grey

Souvenir in Mineral

Floral Frolic in Coco

Up Do in Night

Dalmation in Pickle

Pippa in Pink

Natural Beauty in Navy

Nature Study Voile in Bark

Goldfinch in Paprika

Bloom in Spring

Forget Me Not in Aspen

Multi Floral in White

Zebra Bloom in Ink

Josephines Boutique in Slate

Dalmation in Black

Regina in Aqua

Ink Outburst Knit in Atelier

Row by Row in Buttercup

Chrysanthemum in Sage

Thriving Threads Knit in Light

Scatter Floral in Onyx

Lindy Leaf in Pink

Marigold in Pink

Fallen Leaves in Fern

Meadow in Rosetta

Dalmation in Snow

Apricot Floral in Mint

Brambleberry in Burgundy Metallic

Pop Floral in Cream

Framework in Crystal

Wild Posy Wide in Flora

Once Upon a Time in Multi

Gillie Wishes in Cool

Tile in Foxglove

Lah Tee Dah in Brown

Forget Me Not in Ink

Scattered Posies in Charcoal

Meadow Floral in Multi

Sprout in Dandelion

Marilyn in Red

Blossom Pyramid in Pink

Petal Picking Canvas in Dainty

Chatterbox in Guilded

Tree Day in Mint

Delicate Femme in Azur

Happy Garden Double Gauze in Tangerine

Art Deco in Navy

Aglow Sapling in Sloe

Garden in Multi

Rose Bouquet in Blue

Shanghai in Citron

Birch in Periwinkle

Sparse Floral in Lilac

Pristine Poppy in Basil

Microburst in Tropics

Going Up in Garnet

Shimmering Floral in Stone

Rosemilk in Cameo

Scruffy Daisy in Parchment

Timberland in Dew

Coriander in Olive

Aliyah in Aqua

Grove in Charcoal

Fouette in Gray

Dogwood Bloom in Pond

Garden Swatch in White

Lions Tigers and Bears in Gold

Tenderness in Peach

Breezy Floral in Turquoise

Desert Main in Red

Pansies in Cerise

Marilyn in Black

French Twist in Jade

Endpaper in Magenta

Blossoming in Berry

Wood Grain in Aqua

Folksy Floral in Tulip

Glitz Flower in Peach

Small Pixels Lawn in Ivory

Daisy Play in Yellow

Scruffy Daisy in Ice Frappe

Pygmy Elephants in Blue

Wildflower Field in Plum

Scruffy Daisy in Astral

Butterfly Ticking in Blue

Joie De Vivre in Ivoire

Francie in Sunny

Blooming Border in Navy

Sunday Stroll in Green

Wood Grain in Violet

Austen Main in Red

Forget Me Not in Lagoon

Lacey Daisy in Opal Metallic

Rosa in Peach

Beekeeping in Thicket

Aspen Glade in Aspen

Tiny Dancer in Fall

Tumble in Navy

Laced in Sunset

Calico Toss in Sky

Safari Border in Smoke

Sweetly Sings in Golden Metallic

Wood Grain in Nugray

Oh Christmas Tree in Green

Fox in the Foxgloves in Navy

Wispy Daybreak in Aura

Pippa in Mermaid

Daisy in Green

Seek and Find in Grey

Mosaic Bloom in Teal

Scattered Petals in Burgundy Metallic

Tulip Vines in Licorice

French Twist in Linen

Tile in Yellow

Filigree in Cherry

Hyde Park in Pink

Forget Me Not in Sky

Reliquary in Gold

Featherleaf in Turquoise

Nisi Flora in Oceanon

Paradise Garden in Wine

Dotty Blooms in Ivory

Pixie Trees in White

Friendly Forest in Grass

Cactus Field in Dark Pebble

Stitch Floral in Indigo

Leaves in Mineral