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 Home / Fabric Themes / Floral / Trees


Hide and Seek in Fawn Grey

Birches in Desert Rose

Fawn Forest Border in Aspen

Boreal Border in Winter

Timberland Voile in Trunk

Trees in Blue

Trees in Cream

Sticks and Twine in Charcoal

Toucan in Black

Trees in Pink

Wood Grain in Pink

Dream Main in Pink

Hedgehog Meadow in Cream

Wood Grain Flannel in Smoke

Fable Forest in Gray

Trees in White

Celebration in Coral

A Star Atop in Snow

Glade in Navy

Cabin in the Woods in Ivory

Stamped Grove Knit in Daylight

Acorn Forest in Sorbet

Twigged Path in Sunlit

Evergreens in Winter

Maple Mill in Fog

Trim the Trees in Ribbon

Birches in Stone

Friendly Forest in Grass

Pixie Main in White

Dreaming Tree in Spring

Pixie Main in Aqua

Tree of Life in Cinnamon

Hide and Seek in Pomegranate Mist

Tree Day in Mustard

Fawn Forest Border in Shell

Hide and Seek in Cream

Dream Main in Blue

Wildwood in Birch

Christmas Forest in White

Aglow Sapling in Mango

Rooted in Eventide

Deck the Halls Panel in Multi

Christmas Forest Twill in White

Twigged Path in Starred

Cherry Bloom in Apricot

Sticks and Twine in Chartreuse

Trees in Brown

Wood Grain in Ash

Arctic Woods in White

Little Leaves in Turquoise

Wood Grain in Violet

Palm Trees in Green

Folly in Butterscotch

Spring Woodland in Turquoise

Toucan in White

Folly in Zink

Wood Grain in Straw

Hallow Lane in Natural Pearlized

Cabin in the Woods in Grey

Ragatta in Turquoise

Maple Mill in Sage

Aglow Sapling in Sloe

Meadowlark Damask in Blue Jay

Ragatta in Blue

Pixie Main in Green

Arbol Voile in Black

Woodcut in Tan

Forest Path in Twilight

Trees in White

Dancing Maples in Grey

Banksia in Mustard

Springs Beauty in Clover

Pine Trees in Mineral

Forest in Citron

Timber in Nightfall

Wood Grain Flannel in Fog

Birches in Pebble

Rooted in Earth

Timberland in Dew

Tree Day in Purple

Spring Woodland in Pink

Birch Forest in Aqua

Wood Grain in Charcoal

Enchanted in Multi

Wildwood in Nectar

Rooted in Warmth

Haunted Forest in Pearlized Lilac

Pixie Trees in White

Timberland in Trunk

Tree of Life in Pool

Birds and Berries in Cream

Midnight Forest in Ebony

Trees in Light Blue

Wood Grain in Aqua

Wood Grain in Gold

Pine Trees in Iron

Little Leaves in Orchid

Wood Grain in Teal

Hallow Lane in Blue Pearlized

Haunted Forest in Pearlized Grey

Wood Grain in Walnut

Trees in Red

Leaves in Dark Taupe

Cycle of Life in Sol

Reindeer Stripe in Red

Swan Lake Border in Midnite

Forest Stripe in Sorbet

Trees in Blue

Baby Doe in Sweet

Friendly Forest in Stone

Wood Grain in Nugray

Acorn Forest in Sweet

Baby Doe in Sorbet

Tree Day in Mint

Pixie Trees in Aqua

Leaves in Light Pink

Night Owl in Onyx on White

Tree Lights in Twilight

Foxtrot in Jewel

Illusionist Vine in Tui

Trees in Neutral

Cherry Bloom in Orchid

Ravens at Twilight in Azurite

Wood Grain in Gray

Haunted Forest in Pearlized Coral

Celebration in Blue

Woodgrain in Grey

Trees in Blue

Dream Main in Purple

Ravens at Twilight in Smoke

Kamakura in Mustard

Night Owl in White

Pixie Trees in Pink

Banksia in Pink

Forest Stripe in Sprout

Trees in Charcoal

Reindeer Stripe in Gray

Timber in Twilight

Canopy in Aspen

Forest Flannel in Turquoise

Illusionist Vine in Jay

Dark Tree Branches in Black

Rooted in Midnight

Leaves in White

Wood Grain in Hazelnut

Trees in Brown

Friendly Forest in Azalea

Reindeer Stripe in Taupe

Forest in Turquoise

Aspen Glade in Aspen

Little Leaves in Orange

Enchanted Forest in Pink

Forest Stripe in Jade

Stag Forest in Winter

Dreaming Tree in Summer

Pine Trees in White

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