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 Home / Fabric Themes / Floral / Botanicals


Leaves in Tangerine

Daisy Chain in Tangerine

Eucalyptus in Berry

Aloe Vera in Candy

Nature Walk in Pink

Coriander in Blue

Toadstools in White

Acornucopia in Forest

Sprouts in Pink

Leaves in Multi

Frilly Flutters Knit in Mist

Floral Weave in Red

Flower in Black

Enchanted in Mineral

Foxtrot in Dusk

Suvi in Black

Spring Branches in Multi

Garden Maze in Sand

Birds on the Vine in Azure

Apple Flowers in Pink

Nature Walk in Turquoise

Pony Play in Sunrise

Frilly Flutters in Creme

Jardin Colorido in Pink

Trees in Pink

Trail Mix Leaves in Multi

English Garden in Pearl

Spinning Gum in Ocean

English Garden in Grey

Classical Garden in Teal

Swallow Study in Chocolate

Floral Weave in Brown

Stardust in Dusk

Fiddle Heads in Amber

Floriography Branches in Pink

Brambleberry in Opal

Charms in Powder

Eucalyptus in Jade

Apple Flowers in White

Indo Ikat Collage in Indigo

Tossed Red Riding Hood in Cream

Jardin Colorido in Red

Fern in Orange

Leaf in Teal

Fern in Pink

Scandi Leaves in Forest

Woodgrain in Vintage Yellow

Leaves in Tangerine

Leaves in Curry

Freshly Cut in Hyacinths

Firewood in Cream

Trees in Blue

Dandelion in Teal

Seedpod Stripe in Pink

Autumn Stripe in Cream

Water Flower in Charcoal

Acorns in Gold

Spinning Gum in Rosella

Foliage in Teal

Swallow Study Rayon in Chestnut

Vines in White

Mushroom March in Aqua

Foliage in Curry

Outlined Leaves in Green

Heart Bloom in Nutmeg

Coriander in Pine

Nopp in Rubine

Nature Walk in Twilight

Nature Walk in Grass

Leaf & Dot in Green

Petal Garland in Canary

Feathered Coral in Night

Pirouette in Coral

Eyelet in Green

Jardin Colorido in Spice

Souvenir in Lemon

Swallow Study in Chestnut

Souvenir in Mineral

Woodgrain in Bark

Wood in Green

Sprout in Graphite

Sprouts in Aqua

Catnip in Raspberry

Vine & Leaf in Lilac

Trail Mix Leaves in Cream

Ferns in Sky

Dandelion in Green

Mod Vines in Aqua

Leaves in Lime

Fanfare in Butternut

Falling Leaves in Black

Brambleberry in Blossom

Aloe Vera in Lime

Fancy Ferns in Red

Fern in Aqua

Slowdance in Golden

Sprig in White

Shrubs in Serene

Fanfare in Mulberry

Souvenir in Mineral

Blueberries in Pink

Floriography Branches in Green

Heart Bloom in Rose

Swallow Study in Lavender

Weeds in Pink

Leaves in Brick

Leaves in Turquoise

Weeds in Olive

Woodgrain in Dill

Eucalyptus in Jewel

Gentile Vines in Dandelion

Herbs in Purple

Pony Play in Shade

Triflora in Perfume

Nopp in Eggplant

Heart Bloom in Pine

Textured Leaves in Pink

Foxtrot in Sunrise

Fern in Green

Fern in Tan

Eucalyptus in Moss

Outlined Leaves in Purple

Pirouette in Plum

Classical Garden in Pink and Orange

Norway Main in Cream

Leaf & Dot in Grey

Triflora in Silver

Graph Paper Garden in Fern

Nature Trail in Berry

Painted Vines in Brown

Fancy Ferns in Green

Specimen in Royal

Brambleberry in Fog

Catnip in Mint

Mary Thistle in Seaweed

Nature Walk in Coral

Aloe Vera in Butterscotch

Pirouette in Mineral

Trail Mix Leaves in Green

Bees Knees in Lapis

Coriander in Seagreen

Migratory Lace in Seaweed

Leaf in Multi

Flower in White

Sampan in Green

Floriography Branches in Yellow

Toadstools in Pink

Graph Paper Garden in Curry

Mind's Eye in Tambourine

Leaves in Sky

Apple Flowers in Blue

Foliage in Fern

Blueberries in Aqua

Vinyl Charms in Scarlet

Mary Thistle in Eggplant

Sprig in Navy

Enchanted in Creme

Fanfare in Peacock

Migratory Lace in Aquatic

Stardust in Twilight

Blueberries in Navy

Specimen in Brazil

Interwine in Brown

Pirouette in Navy

Leaves in Charcoal

Slowdance in Heather

Eyelet in Grey

Leaves in Cream

Foxtrot in Shade

Toujours Bleu et Blanc in Blue

Forest Trail in Mountain

Sun Spot and Bee in Aqua

Tercet in Cool

Ada in White

Aloe Vera Voile in Lime

Eucalyptus in Ruby

Catnip in Lavender

Acorns in Blue

Botanica in Shade

Flower in Red

Textured Leaves in Green

Lola Scroll in Denim

Specimen in Struck

Intertwine in Teal

Pirouette in Wine

Hulta in Black

Dotted Leaf in Lime

Weeds in Purple

Arctic Sunset in Pink

Nopp in Mist

Weeds in Green

Specimen in Raspberry

Mushrooms in Pink

Ada in Black

Charms in Candy

Leaves in Orange

Daisy Chain in Rose

Fancy Ferns in Blue

Souvenir in Ivory

Leaf Press in Teal

Swallow Study in Teal

Leaf & Dot in Red

Leaves in Sorbet

Stardust in Midnight

Bamboo Thicket in Citron

Swallow Study in Emerald

Dandelion in Lavender

Pirouette in Aqua

Enchanted in Plum

Botanica in Sunrise

Leaf in Sun

Aloe Vera Voile in Butterscotch

Line Leaf Canvas in Black

Ferns in Taupe

Greenhouse Lane in Teal

Organic Leaves in Light

Wild Kingdom in Multi

Spinning Gum in Sunburnt

Frilly Flutters in Mist

Vines in Blue

Mind's Eye in Samba

Botanica in Dusk

Acorns in Cream

African Palm in Indigo

Line Leaf Canvas in Gold

Triflora in Lipstick

Forest Trail in Waterfall

Forest Leaves in Larkspur

Mushrooms in Pewter

Sampan in Pink

Scandi Mushrooms in Forest

Sampan in Orange

Branches in Yellow

Sprouts in Red

Nature Walk in Magenta

Herbs in White

Interwine in Teal

Classical Garden in Pink and Green

Leaf Press in Plum

Foliage in Tangerine

Mary Thistle in Cumin

Norway Main in Pink

Eyelet in Pink

Forest Leaves in Raspberry

Mind's Eye in Toast

Swallow Study Rayon in Teal

Mushrooms in Red

Graph Paper Garden in Charcoal

Brambleberry in Quartz

Leaves in Red

Line Leaf Canvas in Khaki

Floral Weave in Navy

Swallow Study in Forest

Seedpod Stripe in Turquoise

Mod Vines in Raspberry

Foliage in Charcoal

Wood in Brown

Specimen in Dream

Vine & Leaf in Maple

Nopp in Sky

Charms in Creamsicle

Feathered Coral in Light

Spinning Gum in Grass

Water Flower in Gray

Sun Spot and Bee in Coral

Aloe Vera in Sunset

Wood in Orange

Mushroom March in Coral

African Palm in Turquoise

Toadstools in Gray

Aloe Vera in Lavender

Migratory Lace in Tourmaline

Garden Maze in Mustard

Toadstools in Garden

Wild Leaves in Mint

Ditsy Twigs in Yellow

Souvenir in Persimmon

Eucalyptus in Lime

Coriander in Olive

Sprout in Blue

Arctic Sunset in Blue

Falling Leaves in Blue

Doodle Flower in Blue

Leaves in Emerald

Pirouette in Blush

Vines in Olive

Butterfly Bliss in Teal

Leaves in Purple

Sprout in Fuschia

Pony Play in Dusk

Mind's Eye in Jazz

Freshly Cut in Lilies

Triflora in Brass

Graph Paper Garden in Blue

Brambleberry in Aqua

Gentile Vines in Coral

Vines in Dark Coral

Petal Garland in Seafoam

Weeds in Blue

Sprout in Petal

Hulta in White

Berries in Rose

Eucalyptus in Perfume

Berries in Turquoise

Sprig Dot in Cream

Villanelle in Cool

Butterfly Bliss in Aqua

Vinyl Charms in Bianca

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