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 Home / Fabric Themes / Floral / Botanicals


Plume in Green

Fronds in Peony

Petal Picking Canvas in Dainty

Freshly Cut in Lilies

Floral Stock in Sunset

Chestnut Branch in Pink

Lions Tigers and Bears in Gray

Zenith in Blue

Fronds in Midnight

Botanical Border in Grove

Nature Walk in Twilight

Flock to the Oasis in Limeade

Lilla in Mandarine

Begonias in Multi

Petite Fleur in Mulberry

Dabbling Swan in Plum

Twilight Vine in Marine

Mezzanine in Aqua

Tire Buds in Lumi

Jolie in Berry

Halos Wideback in Glisten

Endpaper in Grasshoper

Calico Toss in Jewel

Leafscape in Turquoise

Willowleaf in Coral

Spring Birds in Pink

Violets Calico in Plum

Pixie Bunnies in Pink

Leaf Lines in Mineral

Wallflowers in Onyx

Hop Skip and Jump in Mint

Mushroom in Iron

Tulip Tree in Blue

Hang It Up in Grape

Protea Bouquet in White

Blossoms in Fuchsia

Woodgrain in Vintage Yellow

Hibiscus Chambray in Denim

Blomma in Turquoise

Cacti Field in Festival

Ring o Roses in Dusty

Branch in Indigo

Yinghua in Cherrylight

Hide and Seek in Golden Canyon

Framework in Crystal

Nib and Pluck Knit in Ursinia

Mini Floral in Blue

Hop Skip and Jump in Stone

Joy Plante Knit in Coral

Foraging for Funghi in Multi

Leafscape in Brown

Swallow Study in Emerald

Thicket in Onyx

In The Bushes in Multi

Lindy Leaf in Blue

Leafy Parade in Green

Moon Stories in Ash

Fallen Leaves in Fern

Eucalyptus in Perfume

Delicata in Multi

Midnight Floral in Ebony

Feathered Fellow in Blush Metallic

Jumpsie Daisy in Sweetice

Magical Gust in Crisp

Catnip in Mint

Endpaper in Amethyst

Eucalyptus in Jewel

Hang It Up in Teal

Woodgrain in Dill

Lindy Leaf in Pink

Punkin Patch in Ivory

Brambleberry in Aqua

Heart Bloom in Pine

Thicket in Olive

Oh Deer in Navy

Pixie Floral in Aqua

Buttonballs in Gold

Allover Floral in Sky

Camo Deluxe in Silver

Leaflet in Blue

Mixed Nuts in White

Swallow Study Rayon in Chestnut

Swallow Study in Chocolate

Lilla in Citron

Forest Floor in Glacier Blue

Bud Loop in Aqua

Bud Loop in Pink

Ferny in Green

Cactus Field in Dark Pebble

Butterfly Bliss in Teal

Grow in Silver

Eponine in Blue

On the Breeze in Dark Grey

Fronds in Golden Canyon

Raspberry Bramble Double Gauze in Fuchsia

Pandagarden in Naptime

Calico Toss in Melon

Seek and Find in Green

Emmi in Mandarine

Leaves and Flowers in Butterscotch

Rose Lore in Lemon

Floralism in Azur

Hide and Seek in Marine

Lush in Blue

Adelaide in Multi

Pixie Socks in Red

Buttonballs in Laguna

Chestnut Branch Sateen in Aqua

Fern in Aqua

Pixie Floral in White

Ring o Roses in Sand

Pixie Main in Green

Little Treasures in Olive

Filigree in Cherry

Blossom Drift in Roseate

Norwegian Wood in White

Hide and Seek in Azalea

Bud Loop in Gray

Coriander in Olive

Mushroom With Dots in Aqua

Cascading Border in Azalea

Leaves in Dark Turquoise

Blossom in Black

Backstitch Double Gauze in Gray

Cascading Border in Charcoal

Once Upon a Time in Multi

Flock to the Oasis in Flamingo

Flourish Knit in Aglow

Thriving Threads Knit in Light

Garden in Bloom

Hide and Seek in Onyx

Vine Maze in Midnite

Seek and Find in Grey

Seaweed in Black

Leaf Lines in Jade

Joy Plante in Chartreuse

Grove in Electric

Pixie Main in White

Moss Floral in Multi

Halos Wideback in Coral

Jumpsie Daisy in Gumball

Calico Toss in Gold

Holiday Medallion in White

Mixed Nuts in Shell

Seaweed in Gray

Mezzanine in Cream and Coral

Social Butterfly in Thicket

Hide and Seek in Desert Rose on White

Cottagely Posy Knit in Garden

Hillary in Green

Hop Skip and Jump in Mist

Galway Glade in Mystic

Cascading Border in Onyx

Tropical Forest in Green

Dulcet Paths in Pastell

Little Acorns in Ivory

Dabbling Swan in Sage

Berries in White

Pixie Floral in Red

Lilla in Ebony Gray

Thicket in Stone

Pixie Main in Aqua

Forest Floor in Grove

Butterfly Bliss in Aqua

Prickly Perch in White

Grove in Yellow

Fern Book in Mint

Joy Plante in Coral

Blossom Drift in Flushed

Swish in Green

Mushroom With Dots in Stone

Library Gardens Knit in Light Pink

Treetop in White

Rose Bouquet in Blue

Marble Delight in Green

Flamingos in Dark Green

Pixie Socks in Green

Camo Deluxe in Strawberry

Twigged Path in Starred

Cascading Border in Stone

Maldives Voile in Multi

Everlasting Cacti in Desert Metallic

Blooming Desert in Horizon

Leaves in Dark Taupe

Treetop in Taupe

Junebug in Grey

Knots and Loops in Green

Filigree in Coral

Sprout in Midnight

Souvenir in Mineral

Hide and Seek in Marine on White

Zenith in Gold

Endpaper in Cinnabar

Branch in Citron

Panda Says Yum in Mint

Bamboo Shoots in Light

Hide and Seek in Indigo on White

Hide and Seek in Golden Canyon on White

Halos Wideback in Puddle

Lush in Black

Emmi in Denim

Endpaper in Platnium

Thicket in Marine

Petite Fleur in Light Breeze

Calico Toss in Sky

Punkin Patch in Green

Lilla in Gray Ebony

Secret Spot in Grey

Yinghua in Rainwater

Grove in Blue

Hide and Seek in Succulent

Flamingos in Paradise in Black

Climbing Vines in Blue

Leaves in Green

Houseplants in Multi

Hide and Seek in Succulent on White

Tapestry Double Gauze in Green

Leaflet in Natural

Garden Grounds in Budding

Bare Nopal in Gloom

Leaf Lines in Rose

Floral Lattice in Light Mustard

Medium Floral in Blue

Forest Trail in Waterfall

Grove in Orange

Tulip Tree in Green

Floral Stock in Cactus

Furnace Creek in White

Cacti Field in Fun

Leaf Stripe in Cloud

Twilight Vine in Sky

Rose Bouquet in Carnation

Sundborn in Cloud

Leaves in Tropical

Filigree in Lime

Plume in Grey

Enchanted Leaves Knit in Air

Chestnut Branch Rayon in Pink

Halos Wideback in Sunkissed

Souvenir in Mineral

Twilight Vine in Linen

Stitch Stem Double Gauze in Navy

Chestnut Branch in Lavender

Mushroom in Dark Taupe

Ferny in Blue

Halos Wideback in Bark

On the Breeze in Aqua

Leaves in Minty

Leaves in Red

Lindy Leaf in Green

Branch Flannel in Navy

Foxt Trot in White

Vine Maze in Black

Buttonballs in Azulean

Cascading Border in Golden Canyon

Petite Fleur in Zest

Big Foot in Navy

Swallow Study in Forest

Chestnut Branch Rayon in Lavender

Fern in Pink

Seeds in Bordeaux

Nature Study Voile in Bark

Vine & Leaf in Lilac

Grow in Straw

Reef in White

Botanical Border in Thicket

Brambleberry in Fog

Sprout in Blush

Endpaper in Goldenrod

Feathered Fellow in Lush Metallic

Twilight Vine in Plum

Grow in Tangerine

Mushroom With Dots in Dark Pink

Grove in Plum

Nature Walk in Coral

Cascading Border in Indigo

Halos Wideback in Glen

Nature Walk in Magenta

Thicket in Desert Rose

Sundborn in Blossom

Nature Walk in Grass

Oh Deer in Coral

Leaflet in Eucalyptus

Grove in Teal

Hide and Seek in Stone

Fronds in Smoke

Spring Birds in Citron

Palm Trees in Green

Oh Christmas Tree in Green

Cascading Border in Desert Rose

Bare Nopal in Gleam

Hide and Seek in Charcoal

Jacobean Floral in White

Hop Skip and Jump in Bloom

Leaves and Flowers in Blush

Calico Toss in Wisteria

Secret Spot in White

Wallflowers in Pebble

Wild Field in Indigo

Cascading Border in Marine

Wreathed in Whiff

Zola in Multi

Woodland Weaves Double Gauze in White

Sundborn in Picnic

Rose Lore in Violet

Furnace Creek Border in Horizon

Chestnut Branch Sateen in Pink

Rose Vine in Wine

Sketchbook in Ivory

Fallen Leaves in Grey

Fronds in Desert Rose

Leaves in Navy

Leafy Chevron Knit in Teal

Organic in Yellow

Growth Knit in Pond

Eucalyptus in Gold

Eucalyptus in Silver

Seaweed in Teal

Woodgrain in Bark

Little Acorn in Pink

Coriander in Pine

Hang It Up in Grey

Calico Toss in White

Organic in Brown

Hide and Seek in Charcoal on White

Dulcet Paths in Mist

Filigree in Dusk

Royal Swans in Green

Seeds in White

Gust of Leaves in Gold

The Sky is Falling in White

Hide and Seek in Stone on White

Berries in Turquoise

Freshly Cut in Hyacinths

Fronds in Onyx

Pixie Bunnies in Aqua

Grove in Vine

Reef in Blue

Floralism in Blush

Prickly Pear in Succulent

Garden in Blueberry

Branch Flannel in Citron

Petite Fleur in Peacock

Petal Trail in Multi

Strawberry Field in Blue

Hide and Seek in Indigo

Leaves and Berries Lawn in Blue

Block Blooms in Red

Berries and Flowers in Sunshine

Lions Tigers and Bears in Gold

Jolie in Tangerine

Sundborn in Blueberry

Hope Leaves in Pink

Grow in Fern

Buttonballs in Gloss

Climbing Vines in Green

Camo Deluxe in Indigo

Magic Folk Knit in White

Dandelions in Grey

Cascading Border in Succulent

The Sky is Falling in Shell

Tutti Frutti in Turquoise

Bamboo Shoots in Cool

Tire Buds in Irid

Endpaper in Magenta

Endpaper in Azure

Swallow Study in Chestnut

Frilly Flutters in Creme

Brambleberry in Burgundy Metallic

Flamingos in White

Social Butterfly in Grove

Magic Folk Knit in Navy

Grow in Turquoise

Peaceful Easy Feeling Corduroy in White

Hide and Seek in Azalea on White

Grow in Steel

Enchanted Leaves in Air

Plockade in Navy

Leaves in Mineral

Pixie Socks in Navy

Lasformas Voile in Multi

Meadow in Plum

Winter Sprigs in Navy

Leaves and Flowers in Soft Blue

Seaweed in Blue

Little Acorns in Grey

Swan Family in Blue

Endpaper in Auburn

Backstitch Double Gauze in Blue

Sketchbook in Pink

Cottagely Posy in Garden

Eucalyptus in Bronze

Little Treasures in White

Garden Grounds in Dollop

Rose Lore in Sky

Garland in Gray

Sprigs in Beige

Blossoms in White

Pandagarden in Recess

Mushrooms in Khaki

Cactus Bloom in Peach

Fern Book in Navy

Grove in Dusk

Oh Deer in Plum

Delicata in Turquoise

Library Gardens in Light Pink

Grow in Pansy

Wallflowers in Quartz

Grove in Green

Thicket in Honey

Willowleaf in Purple

Nature Walk in Pink

Hide and Seek in Onyx on White

Leafy Parade in Pink

Sprout in Jam

Dancing Vines in Gray

Knots and Loops in Red

Berries and Flowers in Sky Blue

Hide and Seek in Desert Rose

Stitch Stem Double Gauze in Teal

Enchanted Leaves in Plum

Windowsill Cats in Grey

Leaflet in Dawn

Leafy Chevron Knit in Citron

Magical Gust in Fog

Coriander in Blue

Brambleberry in Evergreen Metallic

Woodland Weaves Double Gauze in Navy

Fronds in Jade

Mushroom in White

Swallow Study in Teal

Heart Bloom in Nutmeg

Gust of Leaves in Silver

Rose Vine in Lake

Blomma in Pink

Norwegian Wood in Grove

Yinghua Knit in Cherrylight

Wild Field in Gold

Leaf Lines in Green

Grow in Salmon

Fern Book in Coral

Prickly Perch in Midnight

Plockade in Summer

Berries and Flowers in Navy

Floralism in Gold

Frilly Flutters in Mist

Pod Floral in Multi

Holiday Medallion in Blue

Protea in Midnight

Leaf Lines in Blue

Mary Thistle in Cumin

Emmi in Grass

Moon Stories in Spark

Grow in Andesite

Heart Bloom in Rose

Branch in Turquoise

Pixie Bunnies in Green

Hillary in Gold

Prairie Bloom in Rosetta

Foxt Trot in Storm

Blossoms in Marigold

Block Blooms in Navy

Fronds in Stone

Zhu in Nectar

Prairie Bloom in Maize

Endpaper in Lead

Protea Bouquet in Cedar

Lyrical Lovebirds in White

Lilla in Grass

Rose Lore in Amber

Branch in Navy

Zhu in Mist

Protea in Cactus

Fanfare in Butternut

Triflora in Silver

Brambleberry in Quartz

Willowleaf in Blue

Oh Christmas Tree in Craft

Royal Swans in Brown

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