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 Home / Fabric Themes / Animals / Woodland


Buck Forest Knit in Mist

Bunnies in Mint

Deer in White

Trail Mix Main in Cream

Les Amis in Gray

Little Owls in Cream

Timber Valley in Teal

Yes Deer in Navy

Festive Nest in Evergreen

Forest Fellows Panel in Nature

Cherished Deer in Sepia

Curious Bunnies in Fun

Foxtrot in Dusk

Owls and Teepees in Aqua

Timber Valley in Coral

Deer in Aqua

Woodland in Oak

Furry Friends in Blue

Fawn in Tulip

Oh Deer in Moss

Polar Bears in Charcoal

Oh Deer in Navy

Wildflower Hedgehogs in Multi

Rabbits in Spring

Time is Deer in Ember

Outline in Sage

Main in Green

Embossed in Navy

Snails in Blue

Making a Mess in Pink

Bunny Binkies in Fluff Metallic

Tiny Owls in Pink

Tonal Paddington in Marina

Hilltop in White

Fair Isle Panel in Multi

Antler Damask in Burlap

Woodland Pals in Nature

Ricky Racoon in Lagoon

Scenic in Sage

Fawn Forest Border in Aspen

Camping Trip in Turquoise

Harajuku in Rose

Mini Foxes in Blue

The Vikings in Light Blue

Forest Life in Park

Critters in Orange

Wildflower Hedgehogs in Pink

The Vikings in Slate

Harajuku in Aqua

Trail Mix Main in Green

Tiles in Red

Furry Friends in White

Menagerie in Onyx

Ricky Racoon in Gray

Antler Damask in Black

Tonal Paddington in Grey

Hilltop in Mint

Antler Damask in Sage

Bunny Binkies Knit in Fluff

Deer in Green

Oh Deer in Plum

Natured Main in Mint

Oh Hello in Fog

Stag Quilt Panel in Tulip

Lets Get Nutty in Green

Rudolph in Red

Deer in Red

Little Owls in Pink

Going Stag in Tulip

Animal Friends in Watermelon

Stag Quilt Panel in Aspen

Antler Damask in Sage

Tiny Owls in Beige

Camping Trip in Cream

Nuts for Dinner in Multi

Winter Woods in Winter

Woodland Portraits in Grey

Fawn in Aspen

Main in Blue

Timber Valley in Lilac

Timber Valley in Bark

Rudolph in Grey

Raccoon in Blue

Festive Nest in Snow

Dear Me in Strawberry

Snails in Yellow

Critters in Cream

Open Season in Multi

Wildflower Main in Multi

Norwegian Woods in Forest

Bunny Binkies in Funk Metallic

Wildflower Hedgehogs in Blue

Rudolph in Green

Norwegian Woods Panel in Forest

Woodland in Pine

Oh Deer in Coral

Cherished Deer in Bergamot

Ghost Bunny in Black and White

Time is Deer in Coal

Rabbits in Blush

Curious Bunnies in Calm

Snails in Pink

Enchanted Forest in Blue

Stag in Silver

Forest Fellows Panel in Wild

Natured Main in Yellow

Stag Panel in Tulip

Les Amis in Peach

Oh Deer in Purple

Natured Main in Orange

Antler Damask in Peacock

Bous Trail Knit in Blue

Agaricus Forest Knit in Water

Forest Life in Orchid

Krokos Sprites Knit in Teal

Camping Trip in Orange

Embossed in Gray

Timber Valley in Fog

Doiland Gloss in Plum

Enchanted Forest in Pink

Deer in Red

Snails in Orange

Forest Life in Watermelon

Wildflower Main in Blue

Foxtrot in Shade

Deer in Gold Sparkle

Staff Panel in Multi

Foxtrot in Jewel

Rabbits in Pink

Outline in Orange

Fawn Day in Murk

Tonal Paddington in Pink

Going Stag in Aspen

Fawn Forest Border in Shell

Menagerie in Timberwolf

Bunnies in Peach

Woodland Scene in Cream

Mini Foxes in Gold

Woodland Pals in Wild

Dear Me in Dandelion

Chipmunks in Pink

Animal Block Panel in Multi

Forest Life in Garden

Dear Me in Indigo

Animal Friends in Primary

Embossed in Plum

Woodland Scenic in Yellow

Scenic in Silver

Backyard Party in Gray

Winter Woods in Garland

Tiny Owls in Blue

Wildflower Main in Pink

Wandering Bear in Grey

Oh Deer in Coral

Stag Panel in Aspen

Tiles in Grey

Fawn Day in Fantasy

Foxtrot in Purple

Making a Mess in Grey

Stag in Orange

Hoos in the Forest in Pebble

Hedgehoglets in Teal

Festive Nest in Santa

Board of Directors Panel in Multi

Scenic in Orange

Critters in Turquoise

Doiland Gloss in Silver

Oh Hello in Meadow

Making a Mess in Marina

Furry Friends in Grey

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