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Fabric on Sale

Find Fabric on Sale:

Kim Andersson Good Hair Day
Braids in Caramel
Braids in Ruby
Just a Trim in Aqua
Ribbons and Bows in Teal

Simple Simon and Company When Skies Are Grey
Skies Stripe in Blue Metallic
Skies Stripe in Pink Metallic
Skies Word in Gold
Skies Plaid in Blue

Maude Asbury Calliope
Big Top in Blue
Step Right Up in Pink
Bannerline in Blue
Step Right Up in Blue
Big Top in Pink

Renaissance Ribbons House Designer Animal and Juvenile Ribbons
Bunny Rabbit in Gray

Annabel Wrigley Daisy Chain
Tossed Daisies in Blue
Plaid in Slate
Multi Stars in Coral
Bouquet in Aqua
Flower Crown in Blue
(View entire collection)

Clairice Gifford Bohemian Garden
Cassia in Charm
Musings in Marigold
Rose in Romance
Ranunculus in Reverie
Wildflower in Wonder
(View entire collection)

Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Metamorphosis Panel in Multi
Coloring Book Panel in Multi
Butterfly Dance in Multi
Fingerpainting in Purple
Growing Up Panel in Multi

Alison Glass Handcrafted 2
Grove in Neon
Speckle in Graphite

Denyse Schmidt Washington Depot
Hex Tex in Linoleum
Dotted Grid in Linoleum
Dotted Grid in Wild Rose
Hex Tex in Teal
Shadow Stripe in Linoleum
(View entire collection)

Michael Miller House Designer Mod Prints
Maze in Eggplant
Clover Pearlized in Peach
Clover Pearlized in Navy Bronze Twinkle
Wood Cuts in Charcoal
Clover Pearlized in Earth
(View entire collection)

Allison Harris Hello Jane
Burst in Navy
Floral in Lilac
Plaid in Orange

Rae Ritchie Folkwood
Folkwood Badges in Polar
Mushroom Damask in Pink
Folkwood Owls in Emerald
Animal Damask in Emerald
Folk Ditsy in Bisque
(View entire collection)

Alison Glass Diving Board Linen Blend
Seagrass Linen Blend in Sunny
Seagrass Linen Blend in Chartreuse
Seagrass Linen Blend in Peony

Robert Kaufman House Designer Highlander Flannel
Highlander Argyll Plaid Flannel in Blue
Highlander Moray Plaid Flannel in Green

Anna Maria Horner True Colors
Going Up in Garnet
Haystack Bouquet in Country
Sealing Wax in Julep
Going Up in Pumpkin
Crescent Bloom in Turquoise
(View entire collection)

Riley Blake Designs Flannel Basics
Medium Dots in Medium Blue
Medium Chevron in Aqua
Medium Chevron in Navy
Medium Dots in Black
Medium Chevron in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Jennifer Paganelli Caravelle Arcade
Ruby in Purple
Abby in Gray
Abby in Blue
Abby in Fuchsia

Anna Maria Horner Halos Wideback
Halos Wideback in Glisten
Halos Wideback in Glen
Halos Wideback in Sunkissed
Halos Wideback in Bark
Halos Wideback in Coral
(View entire collection)

Carolyn Friedlander Friedlander Lawn
Shirting Lawn in Shale
Aerial Lawn in Tangerine
Aerial Lawn in Pacific
Aerial Lawn in Blue
Green Wall Lawn in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Andie Hanna Fabulous Foxes
Fabulous Foxes in Pink
Madam Foxes in Aqua
Madam Foxes in Pink
Fabulous Foxes in Aqua
Fabulous Foxes in Blue
(View entire collection)

AGF Studio Pastel Thrift
Shredded Chess in Litho
Reminder in Hidden
Porcelains in Prism
Analog 4 in Crux
Bibliomania in Candlelight
(View entire collection)

Bonnie Christine Cultivate
Rooted in Earth
Everblooming in Fig
Thrive in Passiflora
Pruning Roses in Citrus
Rooted in Warmth
(View entire collection)

Kimberly Kight Lucky Strikes
Domino Plaid in Pink

Sevenberry Canvas Natural Dots
Canvas Natural Small Dots in Plum
Canvas Natural Large Dots in Blush
Canvas Natural Small Dots in Oregano
Canvas Natural Small Dots in Mauve
Canvas Natural Large Dots in Midnight
(View entire collection)

Joel Dewberry Botanique
Houndstooth in Butter
Aztec Ikat in Deepwater
Aztec Ikat in Teal

Whistler Studios Meridian
Words in Green
World Map Panel in Multi
Longitude and Latitude in Charcoal
Longitude and Latitude in Cream
Continents in Cream
(View entire collection)

Riley Blake Designs Neon Basics
Medium Chevron in Neon Green

Jennifer Paganelli Hotel Fredericksted
Sophia in Blue
Patrice in Aqua
Terrie in Blue
Patrice in Blue
Mabel in Green
(View entire collection)

Whistler Studios Coral Reef
Coral Reef in Ocean

Dear Stella House Designer North Pole After Dark
North Pole Stripe in Icicle
North Pole Stripe in Red
Ski Lifts in White
Reindeer in White
North Pole After Dark in Multi

Dear Stella House Designer Net
Net in Turquoise
Net in Palm
Net in Beige
Net in Ash
Net in Punch
(View entire collection)

Riley Blake Designs Dots
Small Dots in Girl
Large Dots in Girl
Small Dots in Multi
Small Dots Tone on Tone in Green
Medium Dots in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Sandra Clemons Front Yard
Skylights in Geranium
Wicker Form in Cloud
Grass Shaper in Blueberry
Grass Shaper in Stone
Skylights in Crocus
(View entire collection)

April Rhodes Heritage Knit
Rivercane Knit in Clay
Heirloom Knit in Ocean
Father Totem Knit in Parchment

Katarina Roccella Blithe Knit
Deer Houndstooth Knit in Tan

Kathy Hall Little House on the Prairie
Logo in Red

Amy Butler Eternal Sunshine Sateen
Rose Vine Sateen in Ivory

Emily Isabella To Market To Market
Sidewalk Flowers in Gold
Sidewalk Flowers in Pink
Dont Step On The Flowers in White
Peony Season in Gold
Fruit Bowl in Khaki
(View entire collection)

Art Gallery Fabrics Squared Elements
Squared Elements in Cyan
Squared Elements in Kings Road Fuchsia
iPhone 4 / 4s Case in Squared Elements
iPhone 5 / 5s Case in Squared Elements
Galaxy s4 Case in Squared Elements
(View entire collection)

Jill McDonald Meet The Royal Court
Topiary in Navy
Topiary in Pink
Royal Family in Brown
Royal Family in Green

Amy Butler Eternal Sunshine
Pansies in Cerise
Rose Vine Sateen in Ivory
Pansies in Ivory
Pansies in Pine
Pansies in Amber
(View entire collection)

Suite 1500 Encyclopedia Terrestria
Terrestria Plant Panel in Neutral
Terrestrial Block Panel in Neutral

My Minds Eye Meow
Meow Toss in Black
Meow Main in Black
Meow Dot in Pink
Meow Toss in Green
Meow Toss in Pink
(View entire collection)

Felice Regina Caturday
Cat Scratch Fever in Gold
Dashing in Gold
Catitude in Tan
Tile Stitch in Pink
Tile Stitch in Brown
(View entire collection)

Cori Dantini The Adventurers
The Wonderers Panel in Multi

Cori Dantini The Makers
Happy Place Panel in Multi

Heather Ross Sleeping Porch Lawn
Bouquet in Gold
Bouquet in Cream
Snails in Peach
Pansies in Blush
Pansies in Green
(View entire collection)

Maria Carluccio Smarty Cats
String in Sage
String in Blue
Circles in Brown
Playful Cats in White

Alison Glass Handcrafted
Petal in Charcoal
Geese in Graphite
Plus in Teal
Petal in Eggplant
Geese in Lichen

Heather Bailey Nicey Jane
Pocketbook in Rose
Dream Dot in Splash
Church Flowers in Green
Slim Dandy in Pink
Pocketbook in Moss
(View entire collection)

Joel Dewberry Atrium
Grace in Fuchsia
Cumulus in Fuchsia
Grace in Mint
Pyramids in Pink
Needle Point in Fuchsia
(View entire collection)

Ann Kelle Remix
Large Zig Zag Stripe in Surf
Stripe in Spring
Large Zig Zag Stripe in Red
Large Zig Zag Stripe in Tangerine
Line Dots in Spring
(View entire collection)

The Henley Studio Scandi 4
Scandi Panel in Multi
Reindeer Damask in Red
Hearts in Linen
Reindeer in Tan
Scandi Block Panel in Gray

Rae Ritchie Winter Cabin Flannel
Arctic Fox Flannel in Mimosa
Dash Plaid Flannel in Gargoyle
Winter Birds Flannel in White
Winter Cabin Flannel in Cameo
Arctic Fox Flannel in Cameo
(View entire collection)

Melanie Testa Meadowlark
Heels in Orange

Joel Dewberry Cali Mod
Ethnic Diamond in Teal
Ziggy in Lavender
Succulents in Lavender
Hexablock in Black
Ethnic Diamond in Gold
(View entire collection)

Andrea Muller Vienna
Vienna Medallion in Navy
Vienna Mugs in Teal
Vienna Mugs in Green
Vienna Main in Green
Vienna Diamonds in Red
(View entire collection)

Lizzy House Mini Pearl Bracelets
Mini Pearl Bracelet in Key Lime
Mini Pearl Bracelet in Meyer Lemon
Mini Pearl Bracelet in White on White
Mini Pearl Bracelet in Licorice
Mini Pearl Bracelet in Tomato
(View entire collection)

Art Gallery Fabrics Streaked Blend
Streaked Blend in Everlasting River
Streaked Blend in Clay Traces

Patty Sloniger Bake Shop
Awning Stripes in Berry
Bakers Twine in Blueberry

Lizzy House Printmaking Lawn
Benjamin Lawn in Blue
Islington Lawn in Charcoal
Islington Lawn in Green

Amy Butler Midwest Modern 1 and 2
Martini in Mustard
Optic Blossom in Linen

Dear Stella House Designer Cold Comfort
Foxes in Moonlight
Woodland Dreams in Multi
Moose in Sand
Flock in Moonlight
Cold Comfort in Moonlight
(View entire collection)

Cathy Nordstorm Forest Talk
Positive in Gray
Wild Flowers in Dark Pink
Forest Talk in Blue
Positive in Purple
Bunnies in Cloud
(View entire collection)

Michael Miller House Designer Chevrons
Mini Chic Chevron in Sherbert
Chic Chevron in Jewel
Chevy in Garland
Shi Shi Chevron in Rouge
Shi Shi Chevron in Hollyberry
(View entire collection)

Amy Butler Violette Home Dec Sateen
French Twist Sateen in Ocean
Meadow Blooms Sateen in Crush
Meadow Blooms Sateen in Grass
French Twist Sateen in Marine

Ann Kelle Remix Knit
Ovals Knit in Steel
Houndstooth Knit in Red
Ovals Knit in Turquoise
Ovals Knit in Black
Houndstooth Knit in Bermuda

Michael Miller House Designer Glitz Garden
Glitz Bars in Bright White
Glitzy Diamond in Coral
Glitzy Diamond in Pink
Glitz Bars in Earth
Glitzy Diamond in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Tula Pink Moon Shine
Dear Me in Indigo
Camo Deluxe in Strawberry
Swarm in Fern

Joel Dewberry Modernist Voile
Blockprint Blossom Voile in Peach
Blockprint Blossom Voile in Gold

Heather Bailey Hello Love
Get Back in Cream
Fields Forever in Violet
Pop Star in Pink
Norwegian Wood in Gold
Fields Forever in Gold
(View entire collection)

Joel Dewberry True Colors
Abacus in Aqua
Damask in Red
Wood Grain in Aqua
Abacus in Gray
Tulip in Straw
(View entire collection)

Bonnie Christine Lambkin Rayon
Wind Observer Rayon in Fog

Amanda Herring Into The Garden
Garden Peacock in White
Garden Peacock in Pink

Joel Dewberry Modernist
Blockprint Blossom Voile in Peach
Ditto in Peacock
Arrowhead in Emerald
Perch in Peacock
Prismatic in Emerald
(View entire collection)

Riley Blake Designs Stripes
One Inch Stripes in Navy
One Inch Stripes in Red
Two Inch Stripes in Gray
Two Inch Stripes in Aqua
Two Inch Stripes in Orange

Katarina Roccella In Blue
Hexiesis in Lazuli
Hexiesis in Cadmium
Delftegels in Dusty Blue

Leah Duncan Meadow
Summer Grove in Night
Plentiful Earth in Saffron
Gentle Breeze in Beige
Savanna Glow in Golden
Florascape in Moonstone
(View entire collection)

Bari J. Ackerman Lilly Belle
French Sampler in Rose
Moire in Buttercup
Henna Stripe in Grey
Belle Vines in Kohl
Flowerpop Zesty in Zesty
(View entire collection)

Dana Willard Fiesta Fun
Papel Picado in Verde
Zocalo in Raspberry
Zocalo in Lemon
Papel Picado in Menta
Papel Picado in Mesquite
(View entire collection)

Frances Newcombe Utopia
Specks in Rambutan
Paradise Dwellers in Vivid
Aglow Sapling in Sloe
Megalopolitan in Glim
Dreamlandia in Irradiated
(View entire collection)

Another Point of View Sweet Florals
Dotted Rose in White

Joel Dewberry Bungalow
Dahlia in Forest
Swallow Study in Chocolate
Cloud Cover in Chestnut
Doily in Mint
Swallow Study in Forest
(View entire collection)

Sarah York Frolic Voile
Olema in Multi
Solid Voile in Warm White
Bonny in Navy
Wilder in Multi
Filoli in Multi
(View entire collection)

AGF Studio Heart Melodies Wide
Heart Fields Wide in Always

Carrie Bloomston Dreamer
Flying Birds in Orchid
Textured Solid in Stone
Dash in Rose
Textured Solid in Teal
Flying Birds in Sky
(View entire collection)

Michael Miller House Designer Cats Cradle
Starbrite in Pewter Metallic
Love Lines in Nite Metallic
Cats Cradle in Nite Metallic
Night Lights in Midnite Metallic
Starbrite in Shell Metallic
(View entire collection)

Sevenberry Petite Garden 2
Flowers in Summer
Flower Patch in Midnight

Alyssa Thomas Animal ABCs Organic
Blocks in Citron

Jessica Jones Spring Quartet Corduroy
Solid Corduroy in Pool
Solid Corduroy in Ocean
Solid Corduroy in Limestone
Dulcet Corduroy in Sky Blue
Solid Corduroy in Lava

Makower UK Modern Metallic Christmas
Star in Gray
Snowfall in White
Christmas Stripe in Multi
Glitter in Peach
Glitter in Turquoise

Joel Dewberry Birch Farm Home Dec Sateen
Chicken Coop in Egg Blue
Chrysanthemum in Egg Blue
Hydrangea in Egg Blue
Antler Damask in Sage

Michael Miller House Designer Glitz
Sleek Chevron Pearlized in Blush
Quarter Dot Pearlized in Blush
Chic Chevron Pearlized in Mist
Sleek Chevron Pearlized in Glitz
Sleek Chevron Pearlized in Mist
(View entire collection)

Rae Ritchie Triangle Dot
Triangle Dot in Denim
Triangle Dot in Lilac
Triangle Dot in Pearl
Triangle Dot in Midori
Triangle Dot in Pacifica
(View entire collection)

Robert Kaufman House Designer London Calling Lawn 6
Gardens in Grey
Gardens in Sorbet
Drawn Flowers in Black
Drawn Flowers in Teal
Apples in Americana
(View entire collection)

Michael Miller House Designer Celebration Glitz
Clover Pearlized in Navy Bronze Twinkle
Clover Pearlized in White Silver Platinum
Quarter Dot Pearlized in Black Silver Zirconium
Quarter Dot Pearlized in Black Bronze Bling
Clover Pearlized in Black Bronze Bling
(View entire collection)

Tula Pink Eden
Crouching Tiger in Tourmaline
Deity in Orchid
Mosaic in Magenta
Henna in Aqua
Labyrinth in Sprout
(View entire collection)

Heather Jones Conservatory
Dwarf Umbrella Tree in Ice Frappe
Dwarf Umbrella Tree in Garden
Roots in Sorbet
Species in Navy
Species in Sorbet
(View entire collection)

Holly Degroot Brush Strokes
Trellis in Navy
Trellis in Turquoise
Speckled in Pink
Trellis in Coral

Lizzy House Natural History
Hall of Gems in Emerald
Twinkle Twinkle in Burgundy
Giants of the Deep in Grey
Giants of the Deep in Blue
Hall of Gems in Ruby
(View entire collection)

AGF Studio Heart Melodies
Bass Waves in Bright
Paint It in Subtle
Heart Fields Wide in Always
Cassettes in Love
Heart Fields in Forever
(View entire collection)

Parson Gray Curious Nature Home Dec Sateen
Spider Web in Bone
Cocoons in Silver
Coral Reef in Tailcoat
Coral Reef in Bone
Spider Web in Tailcoat

Jennifer Paganelli Color Brigade
Stephanie in Citron
Stephanie in Blue

Dear Stella House Designer Winter Is Here
Fly By in Gunmetal
Fight Time in Gunmetal
Winter Is Here in Gunmetal

Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet
Pearl Bracelet in Frosting
Pearl Bracelet in Chat Noir
Pearl Bracelet in Lilac
Pearl Bracelet in Semi-Sweet
Pearl Bracelet in Anchor
(View entire collection)

April Rhodes Wanderer
Crochetting in Crops
Dreamcatching in Flare
Temple in Asiaq
Wandering Lands in Mineral
Painted Pony in Roan
(View entire collection)

Robert Kaufman House Designer Quilters Linen
Quilters Linen in Light Blue
Quilters Linen in Camellia
Quilters Linen Metallic in Crimson
Quilters Linen Metallic in Lake
Quilters Linen Metallic in Cardinal
(View entire collection)

Alison Glass Adorn Lawn
Miniature Garden Lawn in Ebony
Silhouette Double Border Lawn in Charcoal
Silhouette Double Border Lawn in Magenta
Miniature Garden Lawn in Ivory
Silhouette Double Border Lawn in Gold
(View entire collection)

Laura Foster Nicholson Laura Foster Nicholson Ribbons
Skinny Primrose in Orange and Brown
Wide Primrose in Purple and Mustard
Arabesque in Garnet
Wide Primrose in Orange and Brown

Elizabeth Hartman Reef
Bubbles in Curry
Bubbles in Shell
Seahorses in Peach
Pineapple in Mango
Seahorses in Astral
(View entire collection)

Katarina Roccella Recollection
Fairisle Hearts in Greige
Flowered Engrams Knit in Delicate
Cuneiform Script in Aged
Flowered Engrams in Delicate
Pirot Evoked in Silver
(View entire collection)

Joel Dewberry Wander Sateen
Azteca Sateen in Rosetta
Azteca Sateen in Midnight
Prairie Bloom Sateen in Maize
Prairie Bloom Sateen in Rosetta
Triangles Sateen in Maize

Michael Miller House Designer Sea Life
Willow Wisps in Blossom
Willow Wisps in Gray
Fishin Line in Blue
Willow Wisps in Seafoam
Willow Wisps in Coral

April Rhodes Arizona After Canvas
Arid Horizon Canvas in Sun

Amy Butler Bright Heart
Stitchy Dots in Navy
Rhythm Stripe in Dusk

Rae Ritchie Moon Garden
Mushroom Ditsy in Berry
Glowing Dots in Navy
Mushroom Ditsy in Navy
Flying Moths in Night
Kilim Geo in Teal

Kimberly Kight Snap To Grid
Little Pill Dot in Ice Blue
Tubular in Gray
Little Pill Dot in Lemon Yellow
Snap to Grid in Cotton Candy Pink
Ziggy in Pink
(View entire collection)

Maude Asbury Luckie
Durango in Red
Sirius in Black

Riley Blake Designs Chevron - 58 Wide
Medium Chevron in Blue and Gold
Medium Chevron in Christmas
Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Orange
Small Chevron in Medium Blue
Medium Chevron in Red
(View entire collection)

Cori Dantini Garden Girls
Goodness in Green
How Does Your Garden Grown Panel in Multi
Seeds in Green
In The Garden Panel in Multi

Kathy Hall Technicolor Dream Weaves
Zig Zig in Lime
Q Tip in Grey
Q Tip in Persimmon
Net in Faded Red
Diagonal in Plum
(View entire collection)

Amy Sinibaldi Paperie
Manuscript in Navy
Quoted in Multi
Gathering Blooms Border in White
Library Gardens Knit in Light Pink
Cosette in Soft Pink

Whistler Studios Twilight
Hourglass in Twilight
Dot in Twilight
Criss Cross in Twilight
Motif Stripe in Twilight
Motif Stripe in Indigo

Pat Bravo Rapture
Bonbons in Cerise
Wild Beauty in Pineapple
Hypnotic Paramour in Rose
Windswept in Ruby
Wild Beauty in Saffron
(View entire collection)

Riley Blake Designs Chevron
Small Chevron in Green
Medium Chevron in Red
Large Chevron in Green
Large Chevron Tone on Tone in Red
Medium Chevron in Lavender
(View entire collection)

Elizabeth Hartman Pond
Dot in Brick
Pineapple in Rose
Cranes in Ice Frappe
Cranes in Rose

Leah Duncan Tule
Folklore in Sunray
Native Fringe in Solar
Quietude in Sunset
Sand Dunes in Sienna
Sand Dunes in Golden
(View entire collection)

April Rhodes Arizona After Rayon
Ojos Rayon in Flame

Bonnie Christine Succulence
Trailing in Agave
Everlasting Cacti in Desert Metallic
Greenhouse in Aglow
Arboretum in Dawn
Abiding in Rainwater
(View entire collection)

Andie Hanna Fox and Houndstooth
Dapper Foxes in Aqua

Sew Caroline Here Comes The Fun
Happy in Whisper
Block Stencils in Burst
Sprayed Doodles in Noir
Across Sparks in Black
Tunes in Glimmer
(View entire collection)

Maureen Cracknell Garden Dreamer Voile
Sprinkled Peonies Voile in Fresh

Lizzy House The Whisper Palette
Ugly Ducklings in Soft Blue
Asterisk in Metallic Sky
Leaf Stripe in Cloud
Mice on Bikes in White
Star Chart in White
(View entire collection)

Dana Willard Blush Knit
Retro Petals Knit in Powder

Jeni Baker Nordika
Sweetish in Turquoise
Sweetish in Seafoam
Arctic Lights in Polar
Wildflowers in Blaze
Tulip Vines in Mint
(View entire collection)

Michael Miller House Designer Trade Winds
Marissa in Rose
Marissa in Raspberry
Marissa in Bottle
Pineapple Express in Isle
Pineapple Express in Pink

April Rhodes Arizona After Knit
Mesa Knit in Grande
Pano Knit in Stone

Sevenberry Kasuri
Fletching in Indigo
Cobble in Denim
Picnic in Navy

Amy Butler Splendor
Native Folk in Sage
Forest Friends in Sky
Native Folk in Blush
Native Folk in River
Native Folk in Moon Glow
(View entire collection)

Joel Dewberry Flora Home Dec Sateen
Rose Bouquet Sateen in Eucalyptus
Rose Bouquet Sateen in Carrot
Diamonte Sateen in Green
Diamonte Sateen in Eucalyptus
Diamonte Sateen in Stone

Tasha Noel A Little Sweetness
Sweetness Scallops in Aqua
Sweetness Main in Pink
Sweetness Panel in Aqua
Sweetness Main in White
Sweetness Floral Knit in Mint
(View entire collection)

Dena Fishbein Isabelle
Forest in Blue
Dandelion in Pink
Ornate in Blue
Paisley in Pink
Stripe in Blue
(View entire collection)

Michael Miller House Designer Menagerie
Garden Landscapes in Multi

Amy Butler Dream Weaver Voile
Cross Print Voile in Violet
Gypsy Embroidery Voile in Coral
Cross Print Voile in Ink
Gypsy Embroidery Voile in Teal

Melody Miller Kicks
Cleats in Natural
Sneakers in Peach
Socks in Blue
Cleats in Blue
Shoelaces in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Renaissance Ribbons House Designer Basic Ribbons
Reversible Striped Satin Ribbon in Brown and Pink

Patty Young Textured Basics
Hexies in Salmon
Hexies in Papaya
Hexies in Tangerine

Kathy Hall Downton Abbey 2
Quilt Labels in Dove
Small Castle in Grey

Tasha Noel A Little Sweetness Knit
Sweetness Floral Knit in Mint

Parson Gray Parson Gray Ribbons
Bombay in Bronze

Melissa Mortenson Wonderland 2
Floral in Mint
Tea Pot in Teal
Crowns in Mint
Tea Pot in Pink
Tea Party in Pink

Michael Miller House Designer Houndstooth
Tiny Houndstooth in Fern
Everyday Houndstooth in Stone
Everyday Houndstooth in Purple
Everyday Houndstooth in Peach
Everyday Houndstooth in Garden
(View entire collection)

Katarina Roccella Indelible
Flutter Folds in Spark
Papered Phrases in Cloudy
Birdstencil in PM
Time is Deer in Coal
Stylus Text in Sky
(View entire collection)

Michael Miller House Designer Mod Basics
Daisy Flowers in Bloom
Lauren in Taupe
Socks in Sorbet
Spot On in Kryptonite
Spa Ikat in Denim
(View entire collection)

Katarina Roccella Imprint
Morse Dot in Ash
Maze in Fog
Morse Dot in Pink
Buttonballs in Laguna
Maze in Alley
(View entire collection)

Amy Butler True Colors (Amy Butler)
Stripe Mix in Lake
Wit in Tangerine
Wit in Orchid
Wit in Tropic
Cotton Blossom in Poppy

Bonnie Christine Sweet as Honey
Rooted in Midnight
Cherished Deer in Sepia
Orchard Blossom in Spring
Beekeeper in Lime
Garden Gate in Citron
(View entire collection)

Free Spirit House Designer Free Spirit Designer Voile Solids
Voile Solid in Cherry
Voile Solid in Tangerine
Voile Solid in Mustard
Voile Solid in Yellow
Voile Solid in Goldfish
(View entire collection)

Cloud 9 House Designer We Are All Stars
Scattered Stars in Oasis

Stacy Peterson Monsters vs Robots
Comic Dot in Red
Seeing Stars in Gray
Comic Dot in Green
Metropolis in Blue

Leah Duncan Gramercy
Rush Hour in Rose
Brownstones in Washed
City Lights in Night
NY Circuit in Teal
Eastside in Parasols
(View entire collection)

Alison Glass Handcrafted Indigos
Flying Geese in Prussian
Speckle Double Border in Blue Jay
Plus in Hawaii
Plume Double Border in Navy

Bonnie Christine Winged
Birds Peck in Dahlia
Plumage in Poppy
Flyaway Petalums in Sky
Plumage in Apricot
Feathered Flight in Acorn
(View entire collection)

Alison Glass Abacus
Sampler Panel in Dove
Sampler Panel in Charcoal
Village in Mustard
Artifact in Gold Metallic

Dear Stella House Designer Black Swan
Black Swan in Midnight
Lake Flowers in Midnight
Lake Vines in Murmur
Swan Song in Midnight
Sleeping Beauty in Midnight

Katarina Roccella Blithe
Bows in Silence
Deer Houndstooth in Tan
Dear Deer in Teal
Deer Houndstooth Knit in Tan
Winterberries in Gold
(View entire collection)

Bonnie Christine Reminisce
Timeless in Fair Green
Branchlets in Charming

Amy Sinibaldi Charleston Knit
Barnacles Knit in Cherry

Karen Lewis Blueberry Park
Flowerbed in Valentine
Dalmation in Canary
Dalmation in Petal
Flowerbed in Strawberry
Libs Stitches in Lake
(View entire collection)

Whistler Studios Coast To Coast
States in Brown
States in Red
Icons in White

Sarah Watson Birds Eye View
Foliage in Orange
Foliage in Green
Foliage in Black
Tapestried in Orange

Lizzy House Printmaking Canvas
Islington Canvas in Blue
Nosara Canvas in Blue
Islington Canvas in Charcoal
Nosara Canvas in Grey
Victoria Canvas in Charcoal

Joel Dewberry Bungalow Home Dec Sateen
Dahlia in Forest
Swallow Study in Forest
Doily in Forest
Doily in Mint
Hive in Mint
(View entire collection)

Kelly Ventura Aria
Painted Check in Coral
Loop in Coral
Painted Check in Chartreuse
Juniper in White
Crosshatch in Aqua
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Amy Butler Violette
French Twist Sateen in Ocean
Meadow Blooms Sateen in Crush
French Twist Sateen in Marine
Meadow Blooms Sateen in Grass
Organic Stripe in Zest
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Amy Butler Dream Weaver
Mantra in Violet
Gypsy Embroidery Voile in Teal
Cross Print Voile in Violet
Cross Print in Sunset
Beauty Mark in Grass
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Andie Hanna Polar Pals
Owl Friends in Aqua
Owl Friends in Red
Cool Foxes in Red
Polar Pals Panel in Royal
Polar Pals Panel in Aqua
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Jennifer Sampou Shimmer On Yarn Dyed
Plaid Yarn Dyed in Pepper Metallic
Plaid Yarn Dyed in Charcoal Metallic
Multi Stripe Yarn Dyed in Shadow Metallic
Plaid Yarn Dyed in Natural Metallic

Sarah Campbell Melodies
Fragments in Black
Triangles in Brite
Fragments in Navy
Triangles in Jewel

Jane Dixon Composition
Waves in Pale Ecru

Jennifer Paganelli Sunny Isle
Dawn in Pink
Jenna in Green
Alberto in Pink
Claire in Green
Garen in White
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Free Spirit House Designer Free Spirit Designer Sateen Solids
Sateen Solid in Cobalt
Sateen Solid in Maize
Sateen Solid in Coral
Sateen Solid in Bay
Sateen Solid in Peaceful
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Robert Kaufman House Designer House of Denim
Chambray in Indigo
Slub Chambray Stretch in Indigo
Stretch Denim Light in Indigo
Rustica Chambray in Black
Reversible Chambray Stretch in Indigo
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Libs Elliott Wildside
The Watcher in Silver Metallic
Kool Thing in Aqua Metallic
Moon Age in Daydream Metallic
Electric Eye in Army Metallic
Fast Times in Cerise Metallic
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Anna Maria Horner Fibs and Fables
Plaited in Flax
Escape in Midnight
Labyrinth in Jade
Escape in Burgundy
Labyrinth in Petunia
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Riley Blake Designs Creative Rockstar
Rockstar Solo in Red
Rockstar Main in Multi
Rockstar Main in Red
Rockstar Surfing in Red

Pat Bravo Heartland
Trekant Rows in Breeze

Rae Ritchie Journey On
Away We Go in White
Keys in White
Adventure in White

Michael Miller House Designer Dots
Kiss Dot in Taupe
Ta Dot in Salmon
Kiss Dot in Starfruit
Ta Dot in Peony
Kiss Dot in Fern
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April Rhodes Bound
Survey in Heron
Bound in Homebody
Wallpaper in Harvest
Painting in Celebration
Growth in Stone
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Robert Kaufman House Designer Spot On
Medium Spots in Black
Grand Spots in Surf
Grand Spots in Red
Medium Spots in Riviera
Large Spots in Riviera
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Joel Dewberry Wander
Azteca Sateen in Midnight
Tribe in Stone
Triangles in Rosetta
Azteca Sateen in Rosetta
Tradewinds in Rosetta
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Rifle Paper Co Menagerie
Tapestry in Violet

Elizabeth Olwen Field Day Flannel
Snails Pace Flannel in Blue
Fluttter Flannel in Multi
Cotton Flower Flannel in Blue
Roam Free Flannel in Pink
Cotton Flower Flannel in Pink

Anna Maria Horner Mod Corsage
Stamped in Bark

Don Freeman Corduroy
Button in Navy
Button with Corduroy in Red
Bear with Button in Blue
Patches in Multi
Button in Blue
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Ann Kelle Jingle 4
Jingle Panel in Winter
Jingle Panel in Holiday
Large Polar Bear in Aqua
Cozy Little Birds in Royal
Jingle Stocking Panel in Winter
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Another Point of View Atlas
Diamonds in Tan
Diamonds in Light Blue
Pyramids in Light Blue
Sketchy Circle in Teal
Sketchy Circle in Blue
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Kathy Hall Outlander
Outlander in Brown
Grid in Blue
Outlander Panel in Multi
Crest in Green
Claire Randall Panel in Charcoal
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Cathy Nordstorm Provence
Branches in Bleu
Cabris in Ocean
Brush Strokes in Multi
Branches in Rouge
Provencale in Rouge
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Dear Stella House Designer Positive
Positive in Sienna
Positive in Arctic
Positive in Topaz
Positive in Marmalade
Positive in Butter
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Lizzy House Printmaking
Nosara in Grey
Brisbane in Light Blue
Brisbane in Blue
Islington in Blue
Nosara Canvas in Blue
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Joel Dewberry Flora
Trellis in Poppy
Diamonte Sateen in Stone
Abacus in Lichen
Rose Bouquet Sateen in Carrot
Diamonte Sateen in Green
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Leah Duncan Morning Walk
Mojave in Aloe
Desert Needlework in Glory
Vitrine Watermarks in Zest
Limestone Feel in Indigo
Vitrine Watermarks in Glaze
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Art Gallery Fabrics Denim Prints
Artic Avens in Indigo

Riley Blake Designs Home Decor Basics
Medium Chevron in Navy
Medium Chevron in Gray
Medium Chevron in Yellow
Medium Chevron in Aqua
Medium Chevron in Black

Elizabeth Grubaugh Garden Roost
Hitching a Ride in Navy
Confetti Flower in Ivory
Confetti Flower in Coral
Pecking Hens in Ivory
Egg Hunt in Navy
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Robert Kaufman House Designer Dana Cotton Modal Knit
Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Orchid
Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Royal Blue
Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Fern Green
Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Lapis
Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Ice green
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