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 Home / Fabric Manufacturers / Westminster / Free Spirit

Westminster / Free Spirit
Amy Butler

Dream Weaver
Clouded Floral in Seaglass
Clouded Floral in Ochre
Clouded Floral Voile in Lake
Beauty Mark in Almond
Mantra in Linen
(View entire collection)

Dream Weaver Voile
Gypsy Embroidery Voile in Coral
Cross Print Voile in Violet
Clouded Floral Voile in Coral
Cross Print Voile in Ink
Clouded Floral Voile in Lake
(View entire collection)

Bright Heart
Oh Deer in Plum
Cosmo Weave in Turquoise
Cosmo Weave in Teal
Feather Fans in Midnight
Natural Beauty in Teal
(View entire collection)

Bright Heart Voile
Oh Deer in Purple
Feather Fans in Pine
Feather Fans in Midnight
Oh Deer in Coral
Feather Fans in Rose

Bright Heart Sateen
Feather Fans in Plum
Cosmo Weave in Rose
Cosmo Weave in Citron
Feather Fans in Moss
Natural Beauty in Violet
(View entire collection)

Town Center in Azure
Leaf Lines in Jade
Take Flight in Jade
Leaf Lines in Rose
Meadow Blooms Sateen in Grass
(View entire collection)

Violette Home Dec Sateen
French Twist Sateen in Marine
French Twist Sateen in Ocean
Idyll Sateen in Midnight
Meadow Blooms Sateen in Sky
Meadow Blooms Sateen in Grass
(View entire collection)

True Colors (Amy Butler)
Wallflower in Poppy
Wallflower in Marine
Cotton Blossom in Grass
Fanfare in Violet
Fanfare in Pine
(View entire collection)

Glow Knit
Quarter Moon Knit in Dusk
Peace Flower Knit in Marine
Peace Flower Knit in Mist
Cross Roads Knit in Citrus
Quarter Moon Knit in Mist
(View entire collection)

Glow Voile
Jolie Voile in Berry
Maze Voile in Seaglass
Jolie Voile in Breeze
Maze Voile in Grass
Wild Flower Voile in Dusk
(View entire collection)

Quarter Moon in Mist
Water Fall in Turq
Cross Roads in Marine
Peace Flower in Mist
Wind Flower in Berry
(View entire collection)

Sun Flowers in Coral
Camel Blanket in Blush
Glow in Melon
Trapeze in Charcoal
Heart Bloom in Nutmeg
(View entire collection)

Oxford Stripe in Okra
Henna Paisley in Blue
Gothic Rose in Turquoise
Coriander in Blue
Coriander in Pine
(View entire collection)

Alchemy Linen Rayon
Memoir in Cinnamon
Memoir in Garnet
Kimono in Cosmos
Kimono in Twilight
Fanfare in Butternut
(View entire collection)

Alchemy Velveteen
Pressed Flowers in Lake

Pressed Flowers in Cobalt
Hopscotch in Pine
Pressed Flowers in Sky
Tea Rose in Scarlet
Tea Rose in Silver
(View entire collection)

Gypsy Caravan
Velvet Vine in Grape
Hammock Stripe in Wine
Gypsy Mum in Pesto
Wind Flowers in Cat Eye
Deco Dots in Citrine
(View entire collection)

Button Flowers in Navy
River Shine in Charcoal
Souvenir in Mineral
SunGlow in Jade
Souvenir in Ivory
(View entire collection)

Lark Sateen
Souvenir in Mineral
Henna Trees in Grass

Soul Blossoms Home Dec
Trailing Orchid in Blue Velvet
Trailing Orchid in Grass
Temple Tulips in Emerald

Sun Spots in Olive
Memento in Midnight
Tumble Roses in Tangerine
Sandlewood in Turquoise
Bali Gate in Periwinkle
(View entire collection)

Midwest Modern 1 and 2
Floating Buds in Ivory
Honeycomb in Linen
Park Fountains in Brown
Fresh Poppies in Fuchsia
Optic Blossom in Linen
(View entire collection)

Wall Flower in Sky
Full Moon Polka Dot in Tangerine
Full Moon Polka Dot in Lime
Water Lilly in Green
Full Moon Polka Dot in Camel
(View entire collection)

Anna Maria Horner

Mod Corsage
Passage in Midnight
Observations in Indigo
Stamped in Coral
Centered in Lilac
Passage in Forest
(View entire collection)

Halos Wideback
Halos Wideback in Glisten
Halos Wideback in Coral
Halos Wideback in Bark
Halos Wideback in Glen
Halos Wideback in Sunkissed
(View entire collection)

Skipping Stones
Eucalyptus in Bronze
Coreopsis in Sand
Eucalyptus in Gold
Lineage in Fog
Coreopsis in Cloud
(View entire collection)

Fibs and Fables
Starry Eyed Rayon in Elixir
Cottage in Snowy
Cottage in Algae
Labyrinth in Petunia
Starry Eyed in Peony
(View entire collection)

Fibs and Fables Rayon
Starry Eyed Rayon in Seaweed
Starry Eyed Rayon in Elixir
Helios Rayon in Indigo
Helios Rayon in Flame
Starry Eyed Rayon in Raspberry
(View entire collection)

Loominous Yarn Dyes
Seedlings in Black
Illuminated Graph in Metallic Rust
Seedlings in Grove
Big Love in Candy
Illuminated Graph in Metallic Fog
(View entire collection)

Folk Song
Coloring Garden in Dusk
Little Honey in Berry
Diamond Mine in Pomegranate
Fortune in Zinnia
Baby Bouquet in Dusk
(View entire collection)

Honor Roll
Balancing Act in Navy
Penmanship in Jelly
Chatterbox in Pewter
Single File in Ocean
Single File in Wind
(View entire collection)

Pretty Potent Flannel
Family Unit in Lavender
Echinacea in Boost
Family Unit in Spangled
Eucalyptus in Moss
Eucalyptus in Berry
(View entire collection)

Pretty Potent Rayon
Primrose in Cherry
Eucalyptus in Lime
Eucalyptus in Ruby
Primrose in Shallow

Pretty Potent Voile
Mary Thistle Voile in Tangerine
Echinacea Voile in Sparkle
Banner Days Voile in Ocean
Mary Thistle Voile in Spring
Echinacea Voile in Preppy
(View entire collection)

Pretty Potent Knits
Family Unit Knit in Patridge
Tangle Knit in Rust
Cracking Codes Knit in Pouf
Cracking Codes Knit in Wheelie
Sealing Wax Knit in Primary
(View entire collection)

Pretty Potent
Primrose in Sapphire
Aloe Vera Voile in Lime
Mary Thistle in Seaweed
Banner Days in Magenta
Primrose in Amethyst
(View entire collection)

Dresden Bulbs in Rose
Dresden Bulbs in Sunset
Reliquary in Pink
Flourish in Twilight
Reliquary in Butter
(View entire collection)

True Colors
Medallion in Peony
Medallion in Emerald
Sealing Wax in Julep
Sealing Wax in Saffron
Going Up in Garnet
(View entire collection)

Hand Drawn Garden
Volumes in Matisse
Fanfare in Jewel
Nouveau Bouquet in Deep
Nouveau Bouquet in Petal
Centerpiece in Sunlight
(View entire collection)

Field Study Velveteen
Coordinates in Cherry

Field Study Rayon Challis
Coordinates in Cyprus
Spotted in the Crowd in Amelia
Spotted in the Crowd in Espinosa
Coordinates in Tomato

Field Study
Spotted in the Crowd in Espinosa
Mind's Eye in Tambourine
Cell Structure in Algae
Specimen in Royal
Mind's Eye in Toast
(View entire collection)

Summer Totem in Tart
Summer Totem in Grapefruit
Framed in Citron
Clippings in Passion
Triflora in Silver
(View entire collection)

Innocent Crush Home Dec
Queen of Hearts in Plum
Woodcut in Daydream
Mixed Signals in Fresh
Mixed Signals in Whisper
Mixed Signals in Wagon
(View entire collection)

Dena Fishbein

Chinoiserie Chic
Luli in Pink
Jasmine in Pink
Jia in Black
Espalier in Black
Frette in Black
(View entire collection)

Little Azalea
Bird of Paradise in Darkblue
Petunia in Pink
Hyacinth in Pink
Hyacinth in Aqua
Lantana in Pink
(View entire collection)

Tangier Ikat
Medallion in Aqua
Shell in Aqua
Fleur in Pink
Vine in Aqua
Stripe in Orange
(View entire collection)

Love & Joy
Flower Dot in Red

Sunshine Cotton Linen
Bellflower in Navy
Medallion in Yellow
Bellflower in Yellow

Painted Garden
Rose in Grey
Azalea in Pink
Blossom in Aqua
Posey in Yellow
Heather in Pink
(View entire collection)

Pretty Little Things
Trees in Cream
Trees in Blue
Shelby in Pink
Daisy in Pink
Madeleine in Pink

Cynthia in Pink
Josephine in Neutral
Josephine in Blue
Tarika in Neutral
Medallion in Red
(View entire collection)

Kumari Garden
Jeevan in Pink
Teja in Pink
Sacha in Pink
Tarika in Blue
Tarika in Gem
(View entire collection)

Denyse Schmidt

Old Fashioned Floral in Sunflower
Dot in Square in Sunflower
Diagonal Blocks in Hydrangea

Shelburne Falls
Dress Floral in Maple
Complex Plaid in Lilac
Dress Floral in Willow
Dress Floral in Lilac
Complex Plaid in Maple
(View entire collection)

Voltage Dot in Black
Heatwave Stripe in Fuchsia
Paisley in Red
Simple Plaid in Lime
Ziggy Medallion in Black
(View entire collection)

Flea Market Fancy
Flower & Dot in Red
Fizzy Dot in Pink
Posie in Grey
Seedpod Stripe in Turquoise
Eyelet in Pink
(View entire collection)

Free Spirit House Designer

Free Spirit Designer Sateen Solids
Sateen Solid in Coral
Sateen Solid in Apple
Sateen Solid in Peaceful
Sateen Solid in Bay
Sateen Solid in Cobalt
(View entire collection)

Free Spirit Designer Voile Solids
Voile Solid in Gold
Voile Solid in Grass
Voile Solid in Navy
Voile Solid in Powder
Voile Solid in Rose
(View entire collection)

Free Spirit Designer Solids
Free Spirit Designer Solid in Jade
Free Spirit Designer Solid in Cherry
Free Spirit Designer Solid in Jungle
Free Spirit Designer Solid in Citrine
Free Spirit Designer Solid in Cobalt
(View entire collection)

Heather Bailey

Nicey Jane
Church Flowers in Blue
Slim Dandy in Pink
Church Flowers in Pink
Lindy Leaf in Green
Hop Dot in Cherry
(View entire collection)

Ginger Snap
Poinsettia in Ginger
Herringbone in Carrot
Snowflake in Ginger
Herringbone in Cocoa
Garland in Ginger
(View entire collection)

Flutterby in Tangerine
Posie in Aqua
Buttercup in Lemon
Flutterby in Jade
Summerhouse in Red
(View entire collection)

Momentum Voile
Vibe Voile in Navy
Structure Voile in Pink
Spark Voile in Ruby
Spark Voile in Mustard
Vibe Voile in Ruby
(View entire collection)

Momentum Rayon
Factor Rayon in Aqua
Flight Rayon in Gold
Flight Rayon in Cream
Threaded Dot Rayon in Gold
Threaded Dot Rayon in Pink
(View entire collection)

Up Parasol
Lulu in Bright Pink
Cakewalk in Green
Summer Plaid in Tangerine
Mum Toss in Turquoise
Cakewalk in Persimmon

Lottie Da
Featherleaf in Charcoal
Vintage Rose in Charcoal
Sprig in Charcoal
Papillon in Olive
Carousel Stripe in Olive
(View entire collection)

Jennifer Paganelli

Color Brigade
Stephanie in Blue
Stephanie in Citron
Jeanine in Citron
McLisa in Cypress
Gretchen in Cypress
(View entire collection)

Figgy in Pink
Kitty in Pink
Kumi in Blue
Jackson in Pink
Hillary in Blue
(View entire collection)

Caravelle Arcade
Bonnie in Purple
Elyse in Pink
Bonnie in Ivory
Bonnie in Blue
Rebecca in Fuchsia
(View entire collection)

Good Company
Vickie in Opal
Margo in Opal
Phyllis in Opal
Melody in Opal
Melody in Seaglass
(View entire collection)

Beauty Queen
Valerie in Midnight
Charlotte in Yellow
Letty in Green
Linky Love in Yellow
Valerie in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Bradlee in Green
Lilly in Green
Bradlee in Rose
Lindsey in Green
Bradlee in Blue
(View entire collection)

Joel Dewberry

Tribe in Aqua
Azteca in Midnight
Prairie Bloom in Rosetta
Meadow in Maize
Tribe in Rosetta
(View entire collection)

Wander Sateen
Prairie Bloom Sateen in Maize
Azteca Sateen in Rosetta
Azteca Sateen in Midnight
Triangles Sateen in Rosetta
Cross Sateen in Maize
(View entire collection)

Eclipse in Golden
Arbor in Fuchsia
Crystaline in Slate
Grace in Mint
Pyramids in Golden
(View entire collection)

Rose Bouquet Sateen in Eucalyptus
Rose Bouquet in Eucalyptus
Herringbone in Poppy
Bazaar Sateen in Lichen
Trellis in Carrot
(View entire collection)

Flora Rayon
Rose Bouquet Rayon in Carrot
Abacus Rayon in Eucalyptus
Rose Bouquet Rayon in Orchid
Rose Bouquet Rayon in Poppy
Tulip Rayon in Orchid
(View entire collection)

Flora Home Dec Sateen
Bazaar Sateen in Eucalyptus
Rose Bouquet Sateen in Poppy
Rose Bouquet Sateen in Carrot
Rose Bouquet Sateen in Eucalyptus
Diamonte Sateen in Eucalyptus
(View entire collection)

Birch Farm
Antler Damask in Black
Chicken Coop in Peacock
Hydrangea in Egg Blue
Chrysanthemum in Sage
Barn Owl in Egg Blue
(View entire collection)

Birch Farm Home Dec Sateen
Hydrangea in Egg Blue
Chrysanthemum in Egg Blue
Hydrangea in Sage
Antler Damask in Sage
Antler Damask in Black
(View entire collection)

Web in Butter
Bold Bouquet in Butter
Mosaic Bloom in Sunset
Domino in Apricot
Web in Asparagus
(View entire collection)

True Colors
Damask in Red
Herringbone in Fuchsia
Lodge Lattice in Fuchsia
Herringbone in Pink
Herringbone in Gray
(View entire collection)

Dainty Daisies in Emerald
Chevron in Emerald
Doily in Forest
Hive in Grassland
Dahlia in Grassland
(View entire collection)

Bungalow Rayon
Dainty Daisies Rayon in Emerald
Swallow Study Rayon in Chestnut
Dainty Daisies Rayon in Lavender
Zigtone Rayon in Grassland
Dahlia Rayon in Maize
(View entire collection)

Bungalow Home Dec Sateen
Hive in Mint
Dahlia in Forest
Swallow Study in Forest
Hive in Grassland
Doily in Forest
(View entire collection)

Notting Hill
Pristine Poppy in Basil
Tartan in Aquamarine
Pristine Poppy in Pink
Frames in Tangerine
Kaleidoscope in Basil
(View entire collection)

Notting Hill Home Dec Sateen
Tartan in Pink
Tartan in Aquamarine
Kaleidoscope in Basil
Kaleidoscope in Pink
Pristine Poppy in Basil
(View entire collection)

Marble Stripe in Green

Heirloom Home Dec
Rose Bouquet in Garnet
Ornate Floral in Jade

Aviary 2
Bloom in Granite
Damask in Granite
Sparrows in Aqua
Woodgrain in Dill
Lodge Lattice in Caramel
(View entire collection)

Modern Meadow
Herringbone in Lake
Herringbone in Grass
Dogwood Bloom in Sunglow
Acorn Chain in Pond
Dogwood Bloom in Harvest
(View entire collection)

Kaffe Fassett

Design Wall Flannel
Design Wall Flannel in Gray

Woven Stripes
Caterpillar Stripe in Earth
Broad Stripe in Sunset
Roman Stripe in Dusk
Caterpillar Stripe in Blue
Broad Stripe in Red
(View entire collection)

Shot Cottons
Wovens in Clementine
Wovens in Galvenized
Wovens in Terra Cotta
Wovens in Quartz
Wovens in Lilac
(View entire collection)

Nel Whatmore

Parson Gray

Pacific in Plum
Field Stripe in Uniform
Netting in Black Sea
Pinpoints in Royal Red
Temple Walls in Royal Red
(View entire collection)

Oracle in Lodger
Oracle in Sword
Tradewind in Sandstone
Palace in Royal
Oracle in Deep
(View entire collection)

Curious Nature Home Dec Sateen
Upward Spiral in Royalty
Spider Web in Tailcoat
Stepping Stones in Royalty
Stepping Stones in Silver
Coral Reef in Bone
(View entire collection)

Tanya Whelan

Zoeys Garden
Faux Plaid in Green
Butterfly Ticking in Blue
Zoey Birdie in White
Zoey Rose in Green
Framed Birdies in Green
(View entire collection)

Frames in Yellow
Criss Cross in Yellow
Paisley in Blue
Paisley in Pink
Criss Cross in Blue
(View entire collection)

Butterfly in Green
Butterfly in Sky
Rose Vine in Green
Rose in Sky
Lollipop in Green
(View entire collection)

Lulu Roses
Lulu in Pink
Liza in Sky
Lola in Pink
Lola in Sky
Lilly in Pink
(View entire collection)

Slipper Roses
Baby Roses in Pink
Country Ticking in Blue
Baby Roses in Green
Rosebud Trellis in Blue
Country Ticking in Green
(View entire collection)

Cherry Blossom in Green
Cameo Rose in Pink
Little Bouquet in Green
Paisley Rose in Green
Cameo Rose in Teal
(View entire collection)

Valentine Rose
Valentine Rose in Red
Dottie Valentine in Red
Dottie Valentine in Pink

Sunshine Roses
Stripe in Green
Picnic Bouquet in Green
Old Time Rose in Green
Sunshine Damask in Green
Sunshine Damask in Blue

Tula Pink

Tick Tock Stripe in Raspberry
Chipmunk in Raspberry
Wild Vines in Raspberry
The Hypnotizer in Raspberry
Tick Tock Stripe in Sorbet
(View entire collection)

Crouching Tiger in Sapphire
Mosaic in Glacier
Atlas in Sapphire
Labyrinth in Glacier
Deity in Sherbert
(View entire collection)

Free Fall Wideback
Free Fall Wideback in Creamcicle
Free Fall Wideback in Orchid
Free Fall Wideback in Sky
Free Fall Wideback in Lipstick
Free Fall Wideback in Battleship
(View entire collection)

Tula Pink Timeless
Tree of Life in Pool
Bees Knees in Lapis
Little Bits in Honey
Bees Knees in Forest
Octo Garden in Aqua
(View entire collection)

True Colors (Tula Pink)
Daisy Buds in Silver
Daisy Buds in Wisteria
Mini Owl in Orchid
Daisy Buds in Fuchsia
Mini Owl in Pacific
(View entire collection)

16th Century Selfie in Tart
Ship Shape in Sky
Tent Stripe in Tart
Chain Mail in Sky
Astraea in Sky
(View entire collection)

Honeycomb in Jade
Bumble Bee in Sprout
Forest Stripe in Sprout
Bumble Dot in Sprout
Forest Stripe in Sorbet
(View entire collection)

Moon Shine
Doe Eyed in Tangerine
Forest Frivolity in Sky
Camo Deluxe in Strawberry
Swarm in Fern
Dear Me in Indigo
(View entire collection)

Fox Field
Hoppy Dot in Dusk
Hoppy Dot in Sunrise
Botanica in Shade
Pony Play in Shade
Pointed Lace in Shade

Arrowheads in Lime
Arrowheads in Sky
Quills in Pomegranate
Pineapple Slices in Slate
Pineapple Slices in Olive
(View entire collection)

Valori Wells

Bridgette Lane
Dots in Lime
Bouncing Elephants in Cherry
Posies in Blueberry
Bouncing Elephants in Honey
Wave in Lime
(View entire collection)

Wish Knit
Everlasting in Strength
Everlasting in Patience
Everlasting in Courage

Novella Sateen
Heart De Flur in Indigo
Heart De Flur in Charcoal
Zig Zag in Blue
Peony in Indigo
Zig Zag in Stone

Cocoon Linen
Grace in Hyacinth
Shine in Peridot
Cashmere in Bamboo
Shine in Nectar
Grace in Bittersweet

Zandra Rhodes

Flower Garden Voile
Flowers and Clouds Voile in Denim
Circles Voile in Teal
Knit Flowers Voile in Denim
Circles Voile in Denim
Tassel Voile in Teal
(View entire collection)

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