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 Home / Fabric Manufacturers / Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures
Alice Kennedy

Crosshatch Sketch in Ivory
Crosshatch Sketch in White and Black
Sketch Dot in Red
Grid Geo in Black
Crosshatch Sketch in Cherry
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Field Study
Plaid in Multi
Geo in Berry
Diamonds in Multi
Geo in Orchid
Floral in Mist
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Bright Owl
Bright Owls in Pink
Midnight Owl in Black
Bright Owls in Black
Bright Owls in White
Bright Owls in Blue
(View entire collection)

Poppy Lane
Dot in Black
Poppy Floral in Black
Newspaper in White
Stripe in Black
Chevron Stripe in White
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Gail Cadden

Cakes and Pastries
Mini Aprons in White
Vintage Baking Aids in Pink
Mini Baking in White
Crosshatch Sketch in Aqua
Crosshatch Sketch in Pink

Its a Small World
International Landmark Map in Map
Crosshatch Sketch in Navy
Zig Zag in Lagoon
Zig Zag in Bright
Crosshatch Sketch in Spring
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You Me Oui
Crosshatch Sketch in Plum
Tossed Bicycles in White
Tossed Eiffel Towers in Multi
Paris Motifs in Multi
Crosshatch Sketch in Peony

Dress Up Diva
Makeup in Pink
Hangers in White
Tiny Hearts in Yellow
Shoe Closet in Multi
Paper Dolls in White
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Samarra Khaja

Cops and Robbers
Cops and Robbers in Grey
Prisoner Lineup in Grey
Crosshatch Sketch in Crimson
Zig Zag in White Black
Hatch in Graphite

Timeless Treasures House Designer

United We Stand in White

Mini Birds in Multi
Birds Organic in Brown
Birds Organic in Blue
Blue Jays in Royal
Birds of a Feather in Multi
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Scuba City
Waves in Wave
Whales and Dolphins in Ocean
Swimming Fish in Marine
Tossed Octopus in Surf
Sharks in Navy

Hatch in Blush
Dreaming in Pearle in Mint
Songbird in White
Crosshatch Sketch in Yellow

Little Farm
Mini Geese in Blue
Mini Pigs in Brown
Mini Tractors in White
Mini Chicks in White
Mini Cows in Green
(View entire collection)

Tres Jolie
Paris Landmark Patchwork in Blush
Lacy Scrolls in Grey
Tossed Eiffel Towers in Pink
Paris Map in Pink
Tossed Eiffel Towers in Cream
(View entire collection)

Hatch in Cloud
Hatch in Island
Hatch in Rain
Hatch in Grape
Hatch in Solar
(View entire collection)

Nutty Buddies
Crosshatch Sketch in Nectar
Autumn Tress in Blue
Acorns in Brown
Crosshatch Sketch in Ruby
Tossed Butterflies and Leaves in Gold
(View entire collection)

Mini Hot Air Balloons in Sky
Crosshatch Sketch in Lavender
Funky Stripe in Pastel
Crosshatch Sketch in Pool
Roller Coaster in Charcoal
(View entire collection)

Summer Camp
Crosshatch Sketch in Forest
Hatch in Carnation
Camp Turtle in Aqua
Camp Ladybug in Pink
Zig Zag in Coffee
(View entire collection)

Forest Frolic
Crosshatch Sketch in Candy
Crosshatch Sketch in Chambray
Nordic Woodland in Sky
Forest Houses in Taupe
Tonal Leaf in Taupe
(View entire collection)

Peek a Zoo
Giraffes in Yellow
Crosshatch Sketch in Tangerine
Animals in Multi
Hatch in Lemon
Elephants in Blue
(View entire collection)

Tossed Owls in Blue
Tossed Animals in Cream
Woodlot Panel in Multi
Trees in Multi

Gothic Chic
Metallic Skulls in Black
Zig Zag in Piano
Black on Black Skulls in Black
Tossed Skulls in Fog
Crowned Skulls in White

Mad Libs
Words in Black
Panel in Black

Timeless Organic
Snails Organic in Navy
Birds Organic in Blue
Birds Organic in Brown

Mini Luau
Mini Bikinis in Pink
Mini Flip Flops in Black
Mini Hula Girls in Red
Mini Flamingoes in Pink

Camping in Sky
Campground Scenic in Tan

Crabs in White
Sailboats in White
Mini Dot in Blue
Mini Dot in Delft
Whales in Navy
(View entire collection)

Superhero Words in Navy
Crosshatch Sketch in Steel
Crosshatch Sketch in Royal
Superheroes in Navy
Crosshatch Sketch in Red

Cat and Mouse
Paw Prints in White
Cat and Mouse in Grey
Paw Prints in Black

Pretty Unicorns
Geo in Berry
Dreaming in Pearle in Lilac
Pretty Unicorns in Lilac
Geo in Orchid
Crosshatch Sketch in Pink

Little Red
Tossed Red Riding Hood in Cream
Crosshatch Sketch in Smoke
Wolf in Mustard
Crosshatch Sketch in Ruby
Crosshatch Sketch in Pine

Under the Stars
Camping in Cream
Motorhomes in Pink
Constellations in Charcoal
Smores in Green
Sleeping Bags in Cream

Eskimo Kiss
Mini Penguins in Blue

Crabs in White
Seahorses in White
Beach Scenic in White
Lighthouses in Sapphire
Starfish in White
(View entire collection)

Owl Be Seeing You
Hoos in My Tree in White
Ziggy Sorbet in Sorbet
Hoos in My Tree in Multi
Chevron in Latte

Deep Sea
Octopus in White
Coral in Blue
Map in Blue

Dreaming in Pearle
Dreaming in Pearle in Green
Dreaming in Pearle in Celery
Dreaming in Pearle in Water
Dreaming in Pearle in Nectar
Dreaming in Pearle in Merlot
(View entire collection)

Hey Sailor
Nautical Motifs in Blue
Mini Fish in White
Mini Sailboats in Royal
Boating Scenic in Water
Mini Dolphins in White

Woodland Owls in Cream
Thumbprint Owls in White

Mini Animals
Butterflies in Navy
Snails in Cream
Sitting Foxes in Brown

Mini Sports
Mini Backgammon in Tan
Mini Bowling in Tan
Mini Poker in Green
Mini Billiards in Green
Mini Ping Pong in Black
(View entire collection)

Funky Owls
Funky Owls in White
Crosshatch Sketch in Cream
Funky Owls in Purple
Funky Owls in Cream
Crosshatch Sketch in Pool

Coastal and Beach
Mini Anchors in Navy
Mini Octopii in Blue
Mini Sailboats in Royal
Mini Lighthouses in Blue
Mini Crabs in Navy
(View entire collection)

Zig Zag
Zig Zag in Red
Zig Zag in Strawberry
Zig Zag in Black
Zig Zag in Grape
Zig Zag in Fiesta
(View entire collection)

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed
Woodland Scene in Cream
Tossed Owls in Cream
Tossed Owls in Black

Moustaches in Black
Wingtips in Grey
Cigars in Black

Sewing & Knitting Novelties
Sewing Machines in Multi
Quilting News in White
Keep Calm in Multi

Crosshatch Sketch
Crosshatch Sketch in Crimson
Crosshatch Sketch in Teal
Crosshatch Sketch in Aqua
Crosshatch Sketch in Silver
Crosshatch Sketch in Gold
(View entire collection)

Grand Opera
Music in Cream

Adult Novelty
Retro Lovers in multi
Keep Calm in Multi
Route 66 Map in Natural
Vintage Glasses in Black
Wordfind in White
(View entire collection)

Lacy Scrolls in Black
Paris Landmark Patchwork in Blush
Paris News 2 in Cream
Script in Cream
Paris Map in Pink
(View entire collection)

Childrens Novelty
Tiny Elephants in Black
Birds of a Feather in Multi
Elephants in Purple
Mini Foxes in Blue
Tiny Owls in Pink
(View entire collection)

Totally 80s
Cassette Tapes in Aqua
Retro Geek in Charcoal
Boombox in White
Glasses in White

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