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 Home / Fabric Manufacturers / Robert Kaufman

Robert Kaufman
Amy Schimler

Creatures and Critters 3
Dots and Spots in Garden
Land Snail in Park
Diamonds and Chevrons in Park
Dots and Spots in Park
Frolicking Foxes in Garden
(View entire collection)

Andie Hanna

Fabulous Foxes
Fabulous Foxes in Blue
Anchors in White
Anchors in Grey
Cat Eye in Aqua
Fabulous Foxes in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Fox and Houndstooth
Spectacles in Tan
Dashing Bowties in Black
Dashing Bowties in Navy
Spectacles in Grey
Dapper Foxes in Grey
(View entire collection)

Angela Walters

Drawn Wide
Serpentine in Black
Whirlwind in Steel
Whirlwind in Blush
Ocean Current in Storm
Serpentine in White
(View entire collection)

Ann Kelle

Urban Zoologie Part 6
Puppies in Jet
Geese in Grey
Kittens in Bermuda
Dachshunds in Aqua
Puppies in Bermuda
(View entire collection)

Urban Zoologie Minis Part 2
Mini Kittens in Pink
Mini Puppies in Navy
Mini Geese in Peach
Mini Kittens in Bermuda
Mini Puppies in Primary
(View entire collection)

Remix Wide
Flowers Wide in Sprig
Flowers Wide in Azure
Flowers Wide in Cornsilk
Flowers Wide in Iron
Flowers Wide in Tomato
(View entire collection)

Girlfriends at Work
Girlfriends at Work Panel in Bright
Girlfriends at Work Panel in Garden
Girlfriends at Work in Bright
Girlfriends at Work in Garden

Remix Knit
Scattered Dots Knit in Black
Plus Signs Knit in Turquoise
Little Flowers Knit in Sorbet
Little Flowers Knit in Summer
Ovals Knit in Steel
(View entire collection)

This and That 2
Purses in Adventure
Bow Ties in Spring
Jewels in Jewel
Bow Ties in Adventure
Jewels in Crystal
(View entire collection)

Urban Zoologie Minis
Mini Monkeys in White
Mini Foxes in Bermuda
Mini Monkeys in Navy
Mini Birds in Primary
Mini Birds in Bermuda
(View entire collection)

Princess Life
Girl Friends Princesses in Slipper
Castle in Crystal
Crowns in Purple
Carriage in Crystal
Crowns in Spring
(View entire collection)

Ready Set Go 2
Medium Spots in Tangerine
Bicycles in Primary
Traffic Jam in Bermuda
Trucks in Primary
Medium Spots in Red
(View entire collection)

Urban Zoologie Part 5
Frogs in Spring
Crocodiles in Park
Crocodiles in Ivory
Rabbits in Pink
Rabbits in Blush
(View entire collection)

Laguna Jersey Prints
Mustaches in Navy
Rings in White
Mustaches in Ebony
Houndstooth in Multi

Super Kids
Super Boys in Adventure
Super Heroes in Adventure
Super Girls in Primary
Super Girls in Adventure
Super Heroes in Primary

Urban Zoologie Part 4
Elephants in Bermuda
Lions in Bermuda

Girl Friends
Girl Friends Princesses in Bright
Medium Spots in Pink
Girl Friends in Sweet
Medium Spots in Pond
Girl Friends Fairies in Bright
(View entire collection)

Deer in Red
Snowmen in Winter
Holiday Lights in White
Deer in Aqua
Tossed Triangles in Grey
(View entire collection)

Remix Knits
Flowers in Green
Flowers in Hot Pink
Zig Zag Stripe in Bright
Zig Zag Stripe in Spring

Urban Zoologie Part 2
Butterflies in Spring
Turtles in Bermuda
Dinosaurs in Navy
Turtles in Grass
Birds in Spring
(View entire collection)

Ready, Set, Go Organic
Planes in Bright
Planes in Sky
Cars in Bermuda
Helicopters in Bright

Urban Zoologie
Rabbits in Spring
Owls in Blue
Dinosaurs in Navy
Whales in Bright
Whales in Bermuda
(View entire collection)

Ovals in Aqua
Triangles in Garden
Tossed Triangles in Black
Diagonal Stripe in Holiday Metallic
Large Zig Zag Stripe in Primrose
(View entire collection)

Anne Tavoletti

City Chic 2
Cities in Grey
Fashion in Natural
Fashion in Pink
Boutique in Natural
Boutique in Pink
(View entire collection)

Caleb Gray

Spaced Out
Spaceship in Blue
Spacecraft in Black
Spacecraft in Red
Blueprint in Grey
Spaceship in Charcoal
(View entire collection)

Carolyn Friedlander

Weave in Yarrow
Weave in White
Lightning in Blue
Droplet in Carrot
Crisscross in Sky
(View entire collection)

Doe Wideback
Crisscross Wideback in Graphite
Crisscross Wideback in White
Crisscross Wideback in Carrot
Crisscross Wideback in Blue

Crosshatch in Pacific
Crosshatch in Grey
Crosshatch in Black
Crosshatch in Flame
Crosshatch in Yarrow
(View entire collection)

Crosshatch in Lake
Crosshatch in Blue
Crosshatch in Curry
Schematic in Ivory
Crosshatch in Fern
(View entire collection)

Cynthia Frenette

Sewing Studio
Swatches in Vintage
Dress Forms in Sweet
Cut and Trace in Sweet
Cut and Trace in Vintage
Swatches in Sweet

Darlene Zimmerman

Betty Dear 2
Retro in Lipstick

Dr. Seuss Enterprises

Horton Hears a Who
Horton in Red
Horton Hears a Who Panel in Adventure
Words in Grass
Whoville in Blue
Horton in Sunshine
(View entire collection)

Edward Miller

Jungle Party
Monkeying Around in Bermuda
Elephant March in Bermuda
Elephant March in Bright
Big Cats in Bright
Monkeying Around in Bright

Elizabeth Hartman

Rhoda Ruth
Starlight in Earth
Necklace in Nightfall
Woven in Petal
Tower in Nightfall
Pendant in Petal
(View entire collection)

Emmie K

Geo Pop Canvas
Chevy in Pepper
Chevy in Sorbet
Flower in Sorbet
Cross in Pepper
Diamonds in Lagoon
(View entire collection)

Heidi Dobrott

Spores in Indigo
Drops in Indigo
Waves in Indigo
Diamonds in Indigo
Stained Glass in Indigo
(View entire collection)

Illustration Ink

Science Fair
Beakers in Grey
Equations in Black
Beakers in Multi
Equations in Grey
Chemical Bonds in Orange
(View entire collection)

Super Hero
Super Hero News Panel in Adventure
Super Hero News Panel in Bright

Jennifer Sampou

Shimmer 2
Shimmering Trellis in Smoke
Shimmering Droplets in Moss
Shimmering Sphere in Pearl
Shimmering Sphere in Black
Shimmering Netting in Shadow
(View entire collection)

Black and White
Feather in Smoke
Faded in Shadow
Dotty in Steel
Butterfly Netting in Shadow
Faded in Ash
(View entire collection)

Studio Stash 2
Hexi in Blue
Worn Dot in Indigo
Cross Stitch in Raffia
Cross Stitch in Red
Medallions in Red
(View entire collection)

Studio Stash Yarn Dyes
Small Check in Grey
Small Check in Charcoal
Large Check in Sepia
Stripe in Charcoal
Small Check in Natural

Karen Lewis

Blueberry Park
Scruffy Daisy in Astral
Flowerbed in Cerise
Dalmation in Stratosphere
Kite Strings in Breakers
Allotments in Cypress
(View entire collection)

Lamai McCartan

Night Sky
Star Chart in Midnight
Constellations in Celestial
Constellations in Midnight
Star Chart in Celestial

Lisa Tilse

Light and Shade
Confetti in Charcoal
Half Circle in Sorbet
Half Circle in Earth
Fragments in Sorbet
Confetti in Sorbet
(View entire collection)

Whatever The Weather
Umbrellas in Cloud
Spring Flowers in Cloud
Little Dolls Panel in Rainbow
Little Dolls in Rainbow
Little Dolls in Cloud
(View entire collection)

Mary Urban

In The Kitchen
Mix Things Up in Pink
Chalkboard in Charcoal
Mix Things Up in Linen
Mix Things Up in Aqua

Robert Kaufman House Designer

Cross Weave in Ivory
Spots in Ebony
Maize in Black
Spots in Grey
Chains in Taupe
(View entire collection)

Chambray Jacquards
Diamond Chambray Jacquards in Indigo
Stars Chambray Jacquards in Indigo
Western Chambray Jacquards in Indigo
Block Chambray Jacquards in Indigo

Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed
Small Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Denim
Small Carolina Gingham Yard Dyed in Fog
Small Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Indigo
Large Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Sunflower
Small Carolina Gingham Yard Dyed in Peach
(View entire collection)

Rayon Chambray
Rayon Chambray in Indigo
Rayon Chambray in Black
Rayon Chambray in Denim

Nantucket Patchwork 2
Plaid in Blue
Plaid in Redwood
Plaid in Sorbet
Plaid in Americana
Plaid in Sunrise

Lush Velveteen
Lush Velveteen in Scarlet
Lush Velveteen in Snow
Lush Velveteen in Iron
Lush Velveteen in Gold
Lush Velveteen in Smoke
(View entire collection)

Cotton Chambray Pin Dots
Chambray Pin Dots in Indigo
Chambray Pin Dots in Black
Chambray Pin Dots in Denim

Cotton Chambray Dobbies
Geo Chambray Dobbies in Denim
Basketweave Chambray Dobbies in Denim
Dash Chambray Dobbies in Denim
Spark Chambray Dobbies in Denim
Square Chambray Dobbies in Denim

Cotton Chambray Swiss Dots
Chambray Swiss Dots in Black
Chambray Swiss Dots in Denim

London Calling Lawn 5
Meadow Bloom in Dawn
Blossoms in Pewter
Hidden Garden in Pink
Hidden Garden in Aqua
Pretty Petals in Country
(View entire collection)

Manchester Yarn Dyed
Manchester Yarn Dyed in Caramel
Manchester Yarn Dyed in Indigo
Manchester Yarn Dyed in Taupe
Manchester Yarn Dyed in Crimson
Manchester Yarn Dyed in Charcoal
(View entire collection)

House of Linen
Essex in Lime
Brussels Washer in Lavender
Brussels Washer in Silver
Brussels Washer in Black
Essex Yarn Dyed in Chambray
(View entire collection)

Veneto Linen Gauze
Veneto Linen Gauze in White
Veneto Linen Gauze in Flax

Metro Living 2
Diamonds in Red
Ogee in Blue
Rings in Jet
Diamonds in Marigold
Ogee in Black
(View entire collection)

Spot On Pearlized
Small Pearlized Spot in Platinum
Small Pearlized Spot in Azure
Small Pearlized Spot in Onyx
Medium Pearlized Spot in Ice
Small Pearlized Spot in Copen
(View entire collection)

Sports Life
Archery Bows in Aqua

Essex Wide
Essex Wide in Natural
Essex Wide in White
Essex Wide in Flax
Essex Wide in Ivory

Mammoth Plaid Flannel in Grey
Shetland Houndstooth Flannel in Graphite
Shetland Flannel in Grey
Shetland Houndstooth Flannel in Navy
Shetland Herringbone Flannel in Grey
(View entire collection)

House of Denim
Reversible Railroad Stretch Denim in Indigo
Denim Deluxe Twill Stripe in Indigo
Slub Chambray Stretch in Indigo
Chambray Pin Dots in Denim
Basketweave Chambray Dobbies in Denim
(View entire collection)

Lennox Gardens Cotton Lawn
Porcelain Floral in Tan

Cotton Chambray Dots
Chambray Dots in Black
Chambray Dots in Burgundy
Chambray Dots in Indigo
Chambray Dots in Olive
Chambray Dots in Royal

Quilters Linen
Quilters Tussah Metallic in Crimson
Quilters Tussah Metallic in Ivory
Quilters Linen Metallic in Chocolate
Quilters Linen in Fresh Dew
Quilters Tussah Metallic in Ash
(View entire collection)

London Calling Lawn 4
Wildflower Field in Plum
Garden Sketch in Green
Blooming Paisley in Blue
Wildflower Field in Navy
Garden Sketch in Grey
(View entire collection)

Cambridge Cotton Lawn
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Maize
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Blue
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Grey
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Navy
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Smoke
(View entire collection)

Hampton Twill
Hampton Twill Solid in Airforce
Hampton Twill Solid in PFD Bleach White
Hampton Twill Solid in Stone
Hampton Twill Solid in Burgundy

Essex Yarn Dyed
Essex Yarn Dyed in Taupe
Essex Yarn Dyed in Rust
Essex Yarn Dyed in Nautical
Essex Yarn Dyed in Graphite
Essex Yarn Dyed in Flax
(View entire collection)

Seersucker Multi Stripe in Palm
Seersucker Multi Stripe in Red

Interweave Chambray
Interweave Chambray in Crocus
Interweave Chambray in Slate
Interweave Chambray in Strawberry
Interweave Chambray in Boysenberry
Interweave Chambray in Mustard
(View entire collection)

Spot On Wide
Spot On in Navy
Spot On in Tangerine
Spot On in Steel
Spot On in Chartreuse
Spot On in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Brussels Washer Linen - Rayon Blend
Brussels Washer in Surf
Brussels Washer in Earth
Brussels Washer in Silver
Brussels Washer in Moss
Brussels Washer in Khaki
(View entire collection)

Spot On
Ring Spots in Aqua
Small Spots in Coral
Large Spots in Aqua
Ring Spots in Violet
Medium Spots in Denim
(View entire collection)

Laguna Cotton Jersey Knits
Solid in Grass
Solid in Orchid
Solid in Heather Pepper
Solid in Red
Solid in White
(View entire collection)

Essex Linen Cotton Solids
Essex in Orange
Essex in Jade
Essex in Chocolate
Essex in Rose
Essex in White
(View entire collection)

KONA Solid
KONA Solid in Chinese Red

Savannah Lockie

Vintage Blueprints
Automobile in Indigo
Aircraft in Blue
Aircraft in Indigo
Automobile in Black
Automobile in Blue
(View entire collection)

Sea Urchin Studio

Aquatic Friends
Ocean Pals in Marine
Aquatic Friends Panel in Ocean
Aquatic Friends Panel in Marine
School in Marine
Happy Mermaids in Ocean
(View entire collection)

Forest Fellows
Forest Fellows Panel in Nature
Woodland Pals in Wild
Scattered Leaves in Nature
Owls in Nature
Little Fox in Nature
(View entire collection)

Suzanne Ultman

Message in a Bottle
Fish in Nautical
Anchors in Red
Anchors in Orange
Message in a Bottle in Ocean
Fish in Ocean
(View entire collection)

Tara Lilly

Whimsical Storybook
Butterfly in Garden
Daisies in Spring
Bloom in Grey
Whimsical Portraits in Garden
Storybook Panel in Spring
(View entire collection)

Valori Wells

Jules and Indigo
Jules the Elephant in Pomegranate
Jules the Elephant in Cobalt
Sunflower in Pomegranate
Spots in Scarlet
Spots in Peony
(View entire collection)

In the Bloom Knit
Mountain Knit in Turquoise
Leafy Knit in Pomegranate
Leafy Knit in Avocado
Mountain Knit in Garden
Mountain Knit in Blossom
(View entire collection)

Ashton Road
Growth in Charcoal
Aspiration in Cabana
Growth in Raspberry
Truth in Emerald
Growth in Grass
(View entire collection)

Wendy Kendall

Acorn Forest
Acorn Forest in Sorbet
Owls in Sorbet
Birds in Sorbet
Owls in Sweet
Baby Doe in Sweet
(View entire collection)

Cherry Blossom Garden
Small Spots in Snow
Hanami in Pink
Butterfly Kisses in Spring
Sakura in Bright
Garden Song in Bright
(View entire collection)

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