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Robert Kaufman
Amy Biggers

Laguna Jersey Prints
Radient Circle in Yellow
Hexagons in Red
Hexagons in Emerald
Hexagons in Tangerine
Radient Circle in Red

Amy Schimler

Jungle Creatures
Elephant Parade in Bermuda
Zeal of Zebras in Bermuda
Jungle Faces in Bermuda
Big Cat Brigade in Bright

Andie Hanna

Fox and Houndstooth
Dapper Foxes in Aqua
Dashing Bowties in Black
Dapper Foxes in Grey
Dashing Bowties in Navy
Spectacles in Grey
(View entire collection)

Ann Kelle

Urban Zoologie Part 5
Frogs in Spring
Chickens in Garden
Frogs in Black
Crocodiles in Park
Flamingos in Black
(View entire collection)

Laguna Jersey Prints
Rings in White
Daisies in Vintage
Rings in Pink
Houndstooth in Multi
Anchors in Nautical
(View entire collection)

Headphones in Bright
Retro Beats in Bright
Mixtapes in Retro
Headphones in Retro

This and That
Call Me in Bright
Candid Camera in Sweet
Candid Camera in Jet
Call Me in Sweet

Urban Flotologie Flannel
Floating Balloons in Sorbet
Kites in Wild
Kites in Sorbet
Hot Air Balloons in Sorbet
Zoologie Park in Wild
(View entire collection)

Super Kids
Super Heroes in Adventure
Super Girls in Adventure
Super Boys in Primary
Super Heroes in Primary
Super Girls in Primary
(View entire collection)

Urban Zoologie Flannel
Elephants in Wild
Owls in Marine
Elephants in Sweet

Urban Zoologie Part 4
Zebras in Bermuda
Giraffes in Spring
Zoologie Panel in Bright
Lions in Bermuda
Zoologie Panel in Spring
(View entire collection)

Woodland Pals
Moose in Nature
Woodland Pals in Bermuda
Deer in Bermuda
Raccoons in Bermuda
Deer in Nature
(View entire collection)

Fun Bots
Mini Bots in Primary
Mini Bots in Summer
Mini Bots in Bermuda
She Bots in Pink
Mini Bots in Celebration
(View entire collection)

Girl Friends
Girl Friends Princesses in Bright
Medium Spots in Pond
Medium Spots in Pink
Girl Friends in Slipper
Girl Friends in Surf
(View entire collection)

Cool Cords
Tulips in Amethyst
Ziggy in Royal
Tulips in Midnight
Houndstooth in Black
Tulips in White
(View entire collection)

Remix Knits
Flowers in Navy
Zig Zag Stripe in Bright
Butterflies in Citrus
Flowers in Hot Pink
Flowers in Green
(View entire collection)

Urban Zoologie Part 2
Bird Houses in Bermuda
Turtles in Grass
Butterflies in Spring
Birds in Bermuda
Lady Bugs in Spring
(View entire collection)

Ready, Set, Go Organic
Helicopters in Chocolate
Planes in Sky
Helicopters in Bright
Cars in Bermuda
Planes in Bright

Urban Zoologie
Owls in Blue
Owls in Bermuda
Whales in Bermuda
Whales in Pink
Owls in Pink
(View entire collection)

Ovals in Bright
Argyle in Chocolate
Large Zig Zag Stripe in Retro
Hearts in Sweet
Zig Zag Stripe in Royal Metallic
(View entire collection)


Caleb Gray

Brilliant Beards
Brilliant Beards in White
Brilliant Beards in Grey

Merry Mustaches
Tossed Santas in Blue
Mustache Tree in Red
Tossed Santas in Black
Mustache Tree in Green
Merry Mustaches in White
(View entire collection)

Out N About
Which Way in Green

Carolyn Friedlander

Crosshatch in Grey
Crosshatch in Black
Crosshatch in White
Crosshatch in Yarrow
Crosshatch in Flame
(View entire collection)

Crosshatch in Curry
Line Scratch in Tangerine
Crosshatch in Blue
Crosshatch in Fern
Crosshatch in Black
(View entire collection)

Crosshatch in Blue
Crosshatch in Grey
Crosshatch in Black
Schematic in Ivory
Scribble Notes in Black
(View entire collection)

Cynthia Frenette

Sewing Studio
Sew Couture in Grey
Cut and Trace in Vintage
Cut and Trace in Sweet
Machines in Pink
Sew Couture in Natural
(View entire collection)

Darlene Zimmerman

Betty Dear 2
Retro in Screamin Yellow
Retro in Lipstick
Dotted Stripe in Lime
Sprigs in Lime
Peapods in Evening
(View entire collection)

Dr. Seuss Enterprises

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 4
Seuss Spots in Red
How the Grinch Stole Christmas in Holiday
Mr. Grinch Panel in Holiday
Tossed Wreaths in Holiday
Seuss Stripe in Red
(View entire collection)

Feng Liang

Night Owl Club
Small Spots in Navy
Small Spots in Brown

Illustration Ink

Science Fair
Equations in Grey
Beakers in Multi
Chemical Bonds in Blue
Periodic Table in Grey
Beakers in Grey
(View entire collection)

Gnome Living
Gnome Living in Bright
Toadstools in Garden
Toadstools in White

Betty The Yeti Flannel
Patchwork in Summer

Super Hero
Pow in Adventure
Super Characters in Bright
Super Hero News Panel in Adventure
Super Hero News Panel in Bright
Pow in Bright

Jennifer Sampou

Studio Stash Yarn Dyes
Stripe in Charcoal
Small Check in Pepper
Large Check in Indigo
Small Check in Grey
Large Check in Sepia
(View entire collection)

Shimmering Sketch in Earth
Shimmering Sunburst in Pearl
Shimmering Damask in Stone
Shimmering Damask in Pewter
Shimmering Damask in Shadow
(View entire collection)

Laurie Wisbrun

Barnyard Counting
Peep Chicks in Meadow
Barnyard Language in Black
Peep Chicks in Sky

Lisa Tilse

Hello Tokyo
Kawaii Girls in Sweet
Hana Dots in Rainbow
Kawaii Patchwork in Sweet
Tokyo Panel in Sweet
Kawaii Girls in Rainbow
(View entire collection)

Lunn Studios

Pointillist Palette
Pointillism in Caribbean
Pointillism in Sorbet
Pointillism in Dawn
Pointillism in Lagoon
Pointillism in Peony
(View entire collection)

Pink Light Design

Radio Days

Hollywood Icons
Audrey in Film Panel in Multi
Marilyn in Film Panel in Multi
Audrey Hepburn Panel in Pink
Marilyn Monroe Panel in White

Rebecca Bischoff

Combed Chevron in Garden

Robert Kaufman House Designer

Color Composition
Checkerboard in Iron
Lozenge Composition in Earth
Rhythm of Lines in Iron
Boogie Woogie in Iron
Tableau in Black
(View entire collection)

Shetland Melange Flannel in Denim
Shetland Melange Flannel in Red
Mammoth Fine Plaid Flannel in Cobalt
Shetland Houndstooth Flannel in Denim
Shetland Flannel in Denim
(View entire collection)

House of Denim
Textured Chambray in Indigo
Stretch Denim in Indigo
Denim Chambray in Indigo
Denim Deluxe Herringbone in Indigo
Fine Denim Stripe in Indigo
(View entire collection)

Laguna Jersey Knit Prints
Dots in Indigo
Dots in Black
Dots in Pink
Dots in Aqua
Leopard Print in Black
(View entire collection)

Cotton Chambray Dots
Chambray Dots in Olive
Chambray Dots in Royal
Chambray Dots in Burgundy
Chambray Dots in Black
Chambray Dots in Indigo

Lennox Gardens Cotton Lawn
Garden Floral in Blue
Park Floral in Delft
Porcelain Floral in Navy
Royal Floral in Sunrise
Garden Floral in Garden
(View entire collection)

Quilters Linen
Quilters Linen Metallic in Crimson
Quilters Linen in Ecru
Quilters Linen Metallic in White
Quilters Linen in Mist
Quilters Tussah Metallic in Silver
(View entire collection)

London Calling Lawn 4
Chelsea Bouquet in Pink
Wildflower Field in Navy
Garden Sketch in Multi
Pretty Pointillism in Green
Garden Sketch in Peach
(View entire collection)

Breakers Seersucker
Seersucker Stripe in Coral
Seersucker Stripe in Khaki
Seersucker Stripe in Bermuda
Seersucker Stripe in Navy
Seersucker Stripe in Thistle
(View entire collection)

Hampton Twill
Hampton Twill Solid in PFD Bleach White
Hampton Twill Solid in Diving Board
Hampton Twill Solid in Peacock
Hampton Twill Solid in Ivory
Hampton Twill Solid in Charm
(View entire collection)

Oogi in Atmosphere
Hanabi in Atmosphere
Kyubu in Atmosphere

Urban Toile Canvas
New York Toile in Natural
Los Angeles Toile in Denim
Los Angeles Toile in Natural

All That Jazz
Ragtime in Gold
Notation in Silver
Baroque in Holiday
Notation in Natural
Notation in Ivory
(View entire collection)

Cambridge Cotton Lawn
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Sweet Pea
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Red
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Aqua
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Grey
Cambridge Lawn Solid in Thistle
(View entire collection)

Essex Yarn Dyed
Essex Yarn Dyed in Steel
Essex Yarn Dyed in Denim
Essex Yarn Dyed in Chambray
Essex Yarn Dyed in Red
Essex Yarn Dyed in Black
(View entire collection)

Interweave Chambray
Interweave Chambray in Brown
Interweave Chambray in Crocus
Interweave Chambray in Sorbet
Interweave Chambray in Boysenberry
Interweave Chambray in Mustard
(View entire collection)

Seersucker Stripe in Midnight
Seersucker Gingham in Sky
Seersucker Stripe in Lemon
Seersucker Stripe in Khaki
Seersucker Stripe in Sky
(View entire collection)

Pinpoint Oxford Stretch
Pinpoint Oxford Stretch in White
Pinpoint Oxford Stretch in Pink
Pinpoint Oxford Stretch in Indigo
Pinpoint Oxford Stretch in Blue

Spot On Wide
Spot On in Steel
Spot On in Peony
Spot On in Tangerine
Spot On in Red
Spot On in Navy
(View entire collection)

Brussels Washer Linen - Rayon Blend
Brussels Washer in Lavender
Brussels Washer in Charcoal
Brussels Washer in Silver
Brussels Washer in Green
Brussels Washer in Lipstick
(View entire collection)

Spot On
Large Spots in Khaki
Medium Spots in Graphite
Small Spots in Jungle Metallic
Medium Spots in Grey
Medium Spots in Orange
(View entire collection)

Laguna Cotton Jersey Knits
Solid in Tangerine
Solid in Taupe
Solid in Orange
Solid in Turquoise
Solid in White
(View entire collection)

Essex Linen Cotton Solids
Essex in Dusty Blue
Essex in Lime
Essex in Steel
Essex in Camel
Essex in Sand
(View entire collection)

KONA Solid
KONA Solid in Chinese Red

Cotton Tencel Chambray
Cotton Tencel Chambray in Powder
Cotton Tencel Chambray in Black
Cotton Tencel Chambray in Grey
Cotton Tencel Chambray in Indigo
Cotton Tencel Chambray in Red

Robin Zingone

Studio Frivolite and Jessica Mundo

Paris Panache
La Tour in Pink
Paris Panache in Pink
La Tour in Cream
Antoinette in Pink

Sundance Graphics

Vintage Couturier
Dressforms in Red

Frames in Grey
Frames in Vintage

Suzanne Ultman

Lathe Lines in Onyx
Birds in Sweet
Lathe Lines in Ash
Lit by Lanterns in Rainbow
Kokeshi in Sweet
(View entire collection)

Handle With Care
Get There in GARDEN
Put a Stamp on It in GARDEN

Valori Wells

Quill Knit
Embrace in Sea Glass
Gratitude in Grappa

Quill Essex
Journey in Azure
Embrace in Bamboo
Generosity in Atmosphere
Embrace in Azure
Journey in Eggplant
(View entire collection)

Gratitude in Fig
Gratitude in Persimmon
Clarity in Extract
Journey in Persimmon
Embrace in Sea Glass
(View entire collection)

Zoe Ingram

Carried Away
Floating Dot in Surf
Spores and More in Sundance
Feathers in Sundance
Floating Dot in Coral
Against the Grain in Sundance
(View entire collection)

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