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 Home / Fabric Manufacturers / Riley Blake Designs

Riley Blake Designs
Amanda Herring

Into The Garden
Garden Peacock in White
Garden Peacock in Pink
Strawberry in Teal

Andrea Muller

Vienna Medallion in Navy
Vienna Diamonds in Pink
Vienna Main in Green
Vienna Main in Teal
Vienna Mugs in Green
(View entire collection)

Betz White

Posey Star in Aqua
Posey Diamond in Fuchsia
Posey Medallion in Aqua

Christopher Thompson

Blue Carolina
Carolina Tile in Blue
Carolina Tile in Navy
Carolina Tagline in White
Carolina Edie in White
Carolina Ditz in White
(View entire collection)

Citrus and Mint Designs

Castle in Hot Pink
People in Cream
Flower in Pink
Flower in Dark Blue
Bows in Dark Blue
(View entire collection)

Geo in Mustard
Trees in Green
Stripe in Teal
Geo in Green
Main in Cream
(View entire collection)

Deena Rutter

Fossil Rim
Fossil Terrain in Navy
Fossil Main in Navy
Fossil Footprint in Gray
Fossil Scratch in Gray
Fossil Words Knit in Navy
(View entire collection)

Fossil Rim Knit
Fossil Words Knit in Navy
Fossil Words Knit in Cream
Fossil Tiny Dino Knit in Cream
Fossil Tiny Dino Knit in Blue
Fossil Tiny Dino Knit in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Designs by Dani

By The Sea
Sea Story in Blue
Sea Stripe in Aqua
Sea Arrow in Blue
Sea Main in Teal
Sea Boat in Blue
(View entire collection)

Down Grapevine Lane

Sweet Orchard
Orchard Fruit in Aqua
Orchard Fruit in Yellow
Orchard Fruit in Pink
Scallop in Green
Scallop in Aqua

Jen Allyson

On Trend
Trend Triangle in Raspberry
Trend Stripe in Coral
Trend Triangle in Navy Metallic
Trend Dot in Mint Metallic
Trend Stripe in Mint
(View entire collection)

Jill Howarth

Once Upon A Rhyme
Village in Cream
Toss in Blue
Verses in Cream
Village in Aqua
Hey Diddle in Blue
(View entire collection)

Neverland Main in Periwinkle
Neverland Darling Wall in Mint
Neverland Island in Cream
Neverland Pixie Dust in Blue
Neverland Star Flower in Periwinkle
(View entire collection)

Keera Job

Stitches in Mint
Floral in Teal
Ditsy in Mint
Ditsy in Pink
Dot in Pink
(View entire collection)

Lila Tueller

Paiges Passion
Passion Diamond in Pink
Passion Fracture in Pink
Passion Fracture in Yellow

Melissa Mortenson

Derby Day
Ribbon in Blue Sparkle
Haberdashery in Pink Sparkle
Jockey Silks in Green
Main Knit in Gray
Floral Garland in Blue Sparkle
(View entire collection)

Derby Day Knit
Main Knit in Gray
Horses Knit in Navy
Main Knit in White
Main Knit in Navy
Horses Knit in Pink

Safari Party
Safari Stripe in Pink
Safari Animal Print in Blue
Safari Geometric in Blue
Safari Feathers in Mint Metallic
Safari Animal Print in Pink
(View entire collection)

Wonderland 2
Floral in Pink
Floral in White Metallic
Crowns in Pink
Cards in White Metallic
Cards in Pink Metallic
(View entire collection)

My Minds Eye

Dot in Blue Metallic
Main in Pink Metallic
Stripe in Cream
Blush Stroke in Pink Metallic
Petals in Cream Metallic
(View entire collection)

Meow Faces in Gray
Meow Faces in White
Meow Asterisk in Pink
Meow Dot in Gray
Meow Yarn in Pink
(View entire collection)

Yes Please
Yes Please Plaid in Black
Yes Please Hearts in Black
Yes Please Hearts in Cream Metallic
Yes Please Stripes in Black
Yes Please Plaid in Rose Gold Metallic
(View entire collection)

Hello Gorgeous
Gorgeous Main in Pink
Gorgeous Flower in Mint
Gorgeous Diamond in Mint
Gorgeous Flower in Pink
Gorgeous Main in Cream
(View entire collection)

Patty Young

Primavera Buds in Pink
Primavera Buds in Green
Primavera Tile in Tangerine
Primavera Paisley in Teal
Primavera Tile in Pink
(View entire collection)

Riley Blake Designs

Creative Rockstar
Rockstar Set List in Red
Rockstar Surfing in Red
Rockstar Set List in Aqua
Rockstar Main in Multi
Rockstar Rhythm in Red
(View entire collection)

2016 Double Gauze
Cat Double Gauze in Grey
Xs and Os Double Gauze in Black
Hedgerow Bouquet Double Gauze in Blue
Panda Double Gauze in White
Panda Double Gauze in Grey
(View entire collection)

Giraffe Crossing 2
Giraffe Diamond in Green

Neon Basics
Medium Chevron in Neon Green
Medium Chevron in Neon Orange

Quatrefoil Medium in Raspberry

Home Decor Basics
Medium Chevron in Aqua
Medium Chevron in Navy
Medium Chevron in Gray
Medium Chevron in Yellow
Medium Chevron in Black

Sparkle Medium Chevron in Black

Two Inch Stripes in Orange
Two Inch Stripes in Gray
One Inch Stripes in Gray

Knit Basics
Small Chevron Knit in Black
Small Dot Knit in Hot Pink
Medium Stripe Knit in Aqua
Quarter Inch Stripe Knit in Navy
Small Dot Knit in Red
(View entire collection)

Chevron - 58 Wide
Medium Chevron in Orange and Black
Medium Chevron in Aqua
Medium Chevron in Crimson
Small Chevron in Medium Blue
Small Chevron in Purple
(View entire collection)

Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Navy
Large Chevron in Green
Medium Chevron in Black
Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Lavender
Large Chevron in Black
(View entire collection)

Medium Dots in Aqua
Honeycomb Dots in Navy
Small Dots Tone on Tone in Green
Medium Dots Tone on Tone in Gray
Honeycomb Dots On White in Brown
(View entire collection)

Flannel Basics
Medium Chevron in Gray
Medium Chevron in Baby Pink
Medium Chevron in Christmas
Medium Chevron in Yellow
Medium Dots in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Samantha Walker

Glamper Main in Aqua
Glamper Daisy in Pink
Glamper Daisy in Aqua
Glamper Picnic in Aqua
Glamper Picnic in Green
(View entire collection)

Sandra Workman Designs

Dream and a Wish
Dots in Blue

Simple Simon and Company

Shine Bright Knits
Glitter Knit in Black
Made To Sparkle Knit in Mint
Made To Sparkle Knit in Pink
Glitter Knit in Mint
Glitter Knit in Pink
(View entire collection)

Just Add Sugar
Sugar Cubes in Blue
Sugar Cubes in Yellow
Uninvited Guests in Pink
When Life Gives You Lemons in Green
Uninvited Guests in Yellow
(View entire collection)

When Skies Are Grey
Skies Main in Blue Metallic
Skies Stripe in Black Metallic
Skies Stripe in Blue Metallic
Skies Cloud in Black Metallic
Skies Stripe in Pink Metallic
(View entire collection)

Tasha Noel

A Little Sweetness Knit
Sweetness Floral Knit in Navy
Sweetness Floral Knit in Mint
Sweetness Hearts Knit in Navy
Sweetness Floral Knit in Pink

A Little Sweetness
Sweetness Hearts in Navy
Sweetness Dresden in Aqua
Sweetness Hearts Knit in Navy
Sweetness Vintage in Red
Sweetness Vintage in White
(View entire collection)

Websters Pages

Love Story
Main in Teal
Hearts in Gray
Words in Green
Stripes in Pink
Words in Gray
(View entire collection)

Zoe Pearn

Garden Girl
Posies in White
Posies in Pink
Damask in Raspberry
Butterfly in Mint
Butterfly in Pink

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