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 Home / Fabric Manufacturers / Riley Blake Designs

Riley Blake Designs
Amy Adams

Geekly Chic Returns
Polaroid in Yellow
Mustache in Hot Pink
Swatches in White
Polaroid in Gray
Sneakers in Black
(View entire collection)

Geekly Chic
Geekly Glasses in Lavendar
Geekly Mustache in Cream
Geekly Mustache in Aqua
Geekly TV in Hot Pink
Geekly Glasses in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Bee in My Bonnet

Gracie Girl
Dots in Pink
Flowers in Blue
Dots in Green
Numbers in Blue
Clocks in Blue
(View entire collection)

Bella Blvd

Hearts in Pink
Snapshots Main in Pink
Family in Pink
Snapshots Main in Blue
Cameras in Pink
(View entire collection)

Summer Breeze
Stripe in Multi
Fish Tale in Green
Floral in White
Fish Tale in Blue
Dot in White
(View entire collection)

Too Cute to Spook
Spook Main in Purple
Spook Main in Gray

Bo Bunny

Trail Mix
Trail Mix Fish in Teal
Trail Mix Picnic in Brown
Trail Mix Picnic in Yellow
Trail Mix Main in Teal
Trail Mix Hollow in Cream
(View entire collection)

Surprise Candles in Pink
Surprise Numbers in Multi
Surprise Balloons in Pink
Surprise Twist in Orange
Surprise Numbers in Pink
(View entire collection)

Arrows in Navy
Destination in Navy
Dots in Blue
Destination in Gold
Globe Trotting in Blue
(View entire collection)

Camp a Lot
Camp Panel in Brown
Camp A Lot in Chocolate
Camp A Lot in Green
Camp Panel in Tan
Chevron in Cream
(View entire collection)

On the Go
Argyle in White
Argyle in Brown

Carina Gardner

Primrose Garden
Primrose Petals in Red
Primrose Leaf in Aqua
Primrose Main in Red
Primrose Stripe in Aqua
Primrose Dot in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Little Ark
Dot in Orange
Ark Main in Multi
Stripe in Multi
Chevron in Aqua
Friends in Orange
(View entire collection)

Evening Blooms
Dots in White
Floral in Black
Dots in Black
Floral in Yellow
Rainbow in Black
(View entire collection)

Stripe in Blue
Main in Blue
Banner in Cream
Main in Pink
Main in Cream
(View entire collection)

Carly Griffith

Little Matryoshka
Matryoshka Garden in green

Chelsea Anderson

Floriography Floral in Green
Floriography Stripes in Pink
Floriography Blossoms in Pink
Floriography Main in Pink
Floriography Main in Purple
(View entire collection)

Deena Rutter

Roots and Wings
Roots Daisy in Coral
Roots Daisy in Red
Roots Stripe in Brown
Roots Garden in Cream
Roots Daisy in Blue
(View entire collection)

Roots and Wings Knit
Main Knit in Coral
Main Knit in Brown
Main Knit in Cream

So Happy Together Flannel
Happy Flower in Blue
Happy Hexi in Pink
Happy Hexi in Blue

Scenic Route
Wood Grain in Teal
Trees in Blue
Critters in Cream
Critters in Orange
Cars in Orange
(View entire collection)

So Happy Together
Happy Dot in Yellow
Happy Home in Yellow
Happy Stripe in Pink
Happy Home in White

Train in Cream
Train in Green
Scoot in Green
Train in Yellow
Words in Red
(View entire collection)

Designs by Dani

Girl Crazy
Girl Bikes in Cream
Girl Petals in Pink
Girl Pinwheels in Blue
Girl Bikes in Orange
Girl Floral in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Doodlebug Designs

Happy Harvest
Wood in Orange
Harvest Main in Cream
Leaves in Red
Harvest Friends in Brown
Acorns in Gold
(View entire collection)

Home for the Holidays
Holidays Peppermint in Multi
Holidays Peppermint in Red
Holidays Tree in Green
Holidays Deer in Red
Holidays Flake in Multi
(View entire collection)

Star Spangled
Stripes Main in Blue
Stripes Stars in Red
Stripes Chevron in Blue
Stripes Bikes in Aqua
Stripes Chevron in Multi
(View entire collection)

Lovey Dovey
Main in White
Stamps in Pink
Roses in Purple
Birds in Pink
Main in Pink
(View entire collection)

Snips & Snails
Snips in White
Monkeys in Yellow
Monkeys in Green
Snips in Green
Alphabet in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Doohikey Designs

Unicorns and Rainbows
Dot in Yellow
Glitter in Aqua
Poster in Yellow
Rainbow in Pink
Rainbow in Orange
(View entire collection)

Hooty Hoot Returns Flannel
Hoot Roll Call in Skyblue
Hoot Chevron in Orange
Hoot Main in Brown
Hoot Roll Call in Blue

Ashbury Heights
Ashbury Damask in Gray
Ashbury Main in Orange
Ashbury Curtain in Gray
Ashbury Rings in Yellow
Ashbury Curtain in Blue
(View entire collection)

Hooty Hoot Returns
Hoot Roll Call in Cream
Hoot Starburst in Blue
Hoot Starburst in Brown
Hoot Roll Call in Sky Blue
Hoot Chevron in Orange
(View entire collection)

Emily Taylor

Rosecliff Manor
Rosecliff Vine in White
Rosecliff Houndstooth in Teal
Rosecliff Houndstooth in Black
Rosecliff Houndstooth in White
Rosecliff Vine in Black
(View entire collection)

Vintage Verona
Paisley in Coral
Floral in Coral
Dots in Coral
Paisley in Tan
Floral in Green
(View entire collection)

Fancy Pants Designs

Trendsetter Main in Mint
Trendsetter Chevron in Navy
Trendsetter Stars in Mint
Trendsetter Stars in Navy
Trendsetter Houndstooth in Coral
(View entire collection)

Holli Zollinger

Mod Studio
Damask in Red
Flower in White
Geometric in White
Flower in Red
Flower in Black
(View entire collection)

Kelly Panacci

Happy Flappers
Petal in Blue
Owl in Cream
Twirls in Blue
Twirls in Red
Flappers Stripe in Brown
(View entire collection)

Lesley Grainger

In the Ocean
Ocean Stripes in Blue
Fish in White
Fish in Orange
Ocean Friends in Blue
Ocean Dots in Multi
(View entire collection)

Treasure Map
Treasure Panel in Blue
Treasure Panel in Gray
Boats in Cream
Treasure Panel in Teal
Boats in Navy
(View entire collection)

Lila Tueller

Halle Rose
Halle Damask in Teal
Halle Damask in Gray
Halle Floral in Teal
Halle Small Floral in Orchid
Halle Main in Teal
(View entire collection)

Splendor Paisley in Pink
Splendor Paisley in Multi
Splendor Main in Green
Splendor Ceramic in Multi
Splendor Stripe in Blue
(View entire collection)

Main in Coral
Damask in Yellow
Squiggle in Green
Main in Green
Geometric in Green
(View entire collection)

Lori Holt

Flower Patch
Flower Bees in Yellow
Flower Panel in White
Flower Dots in Raspberry
Flower Lattice in Orange
Flower Bees in Multi
(View entire collection)

Vintage Happy
Vintage Panel in Blue
Vintage Panel in Yellow
Vintage Circles in Orange
Vintage Circles in Blue
Vintage Circles in White
(View entire collection)

Lori Whitlock

Fancy Free
Fancy Main in White
Pinwheels in Teal
Fancy Stripe in Teal
Pinwheels in Multi
Fancy Stripe in Pink
(View entire collection)

Oh Boy
Main in White
Swirls in Gray
Elephants in Orange
Stripes in Orange
Stripes in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Lazy Day
Balloon Ride in Pink
Diamond in Orange
Cherries in Red
Owls in Blue
Hexagon in Teal
(View entire collection)

Fun & Games
Words in Aqua
Main in Cream
Main in Aqua
Yo Yos in Cream
Yo Yos in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Simply Sweet
Sweet Alpha in Blue
Sweet Flower in White
Sweet Alpha in Pink
Sweet Main in Pink

Lucy Morey

Patches in Blue
Gameboard Panel in Red
Gameboard Panel in Khaki

Marin Sutton

Good Natured
Natured Friends in Mint
Dandelion in Mint
Natured Main in Mint
Timber in Orange
Dandelion in Gray
(View entire collection)

Melly & Me

Wildflower Meadow Knit
Wildflower Spot Knit in Pink
Wildflower Hedgehogs Knit in Multi
Wildflower Hedgehogs Knit in Blue
Wildflower Hedgehogs Knit in Pink
Wildflower Spot Knit in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Wildflower Meadow
Wildflower Spot in Yellow
Wildflower Main in Multi
Wildflower Panel in Red
Wildflower Birds in Red
Wildflower Flower in Pink
(View entire collection)

Sweet Home
Home Hearts in Pink
Home Spots in Pink
Home Floral in Pink
Home Floral in Yellow
Home Floral in Blue
(View entire collection)

Snug as a Bug
Words in Cream
Ladybug Panel in Pink
Snails in Aqua
Snug as a Bug in Yellow
Spider Webs in Aqua
(View entire collection)

My Minds Eye

Just Dreamy 2 Knit
Dots Knit in Pink
Dots Knit in Blue
Floral Knit in Pink
Main Knit in Red
Floral Knit in Blue
(View entire collection)

Just Dreamy 2
Dreamy Floral in Blue
Dreamy Circles in Red
Dreamy Petals in Cream
Dreamy Main in Blue
Dreamy Patch in Cream
(View entire collection)

Lost and Found Love
Valentines Damask in Pink
Valentines Hearts in Pink
Valentines Floral in Black
Valentines Main in Pink
Valentines Hearts in Red
(View entire collection)

Lost and Found Christmas
Christmas Damask in Red
Christmas Main in Green
Christmas Stripe in Green
Christmas Snowflake in Black
Christmas Trees in Cream
(View entire collection)

Wallpapers in Yellow
Petals in Blue
Damask in Blue
Wallpapers in Blue
Wallpaper in Gray
(View entire collection)

Lost and Found 2
Main in Red
Shell in Yellow
Damask in Aqua
Label in Red
Stripe in Pink
(View entire collection)

Andrea Victoria
Large Floral in Fuschia
Petals in Aqua
Large Floral in Gold
Large Floral in Aqua
Dots in Gold
(View entire collection)

Super Hero
Dots in Blue
Dots in Pink

Boy Crazy
Crazy Stripe in Orange
Crazy Circles in Red

Indie Chic
Indie Zig Zig in Blue
Indie Zig Zig in Yellow
Indie Checkers in Yellow

Natalie Lymer

Butterfly Dance
Butterfly Main in Multi
Butterfly Caterpillar in Multi
Butterfly Circles in Pink
Butterfly Flowers in Multi
Butterfly Caterpillar in Pink
(View entire collection)

Dots in Green
Floral in White
Main in Pink
Little Folk in Aqua
Little Folk in Pink
(View entire collection)

October Afternoon

Witch Hazel
Witch Pumpkins in Gray
Witch Stars in Green
Witch Spell in Green
Witch Spell in Black
Witch Pumpkins in Cream
(View entire collection)

Rocket Age
Captain in Brown
System in Red
Rocket Main in Brown
System in Blue
Stripes in Blue
(View entire collection)

Floral in Pink
Main in Cream
Marbles in Pink
Starburst in Teal
Marbles in Cream
(View entire collection)

Sasparilla Stars in Red
Sasparilla Stars in Yellow
Sasparilla Stripe in Yellow
Sasparilla Main in Gray
Sasparilla Bandana in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Riley Blake Designs

Dinosaur Patch in Green
Dinosaur Main in Cream
Dinosaur Main in Blue
Dinosaur Stripe in Multi
Dinosaur Patch in Cream
(View entire collection)

Dinosaur Knit
Dinosaur Toss Knit in Orange
Dinosaur Toss Knit in Cream
Dinosaur Toss Knit in Blue

On Our Way
Way Stripes in Green
Way Dots in Green
Way Signs in Orange
Way Firetrucks in Gray
Way Firetrucks in Teal
(View entire collection)

Knit Prints
Elephants Knit in Gray
Happy Flappers Main Knit in Blue
Elephants Knit in Aqua
Happy Flappers Main Knit in Brown
Owl Knit in Blue
(View entire collection)

Wave in Hot Pink
Tonal Wave in Gray and Yellow
Wave in Black
Small Wave in Pink and Gray
Small Wave in Black and Gray
(View entire collection)

Quatrefoil Medium in Black
Quatrefoil Medium in Orange
Quatrefoil Medium in Hot Pink
Quatrefoil Medium in Aqua
Quatrefoil Medium in Teal
(View entire collection)

Sporty Glasses in Blue
Sporty Numbers in Gray
Sporty Numbers in Blue
Sporty Stripes in Gray
Sporty Main in White
(View entire collection)

Christmas Basics
Christmas Basic Snowman in Blue
Christmas Basic Snowman in Pink
Christmas Basic Dot in Blue
Christmas Basic Tree in White
Christmas Basic Main in Lime
(View entire collection)

Basics Variety
Basic Solid in Barn Red

Tonal Basics
Daisy in Black
Daisy in Cream
Stitched Circle in Cream
Small Chevron in Black
Small Chevron in White
(View entire collection)

British Invasion
British Soldiers in Cream
British Flag in Cream
Plaid in Red
Crown in Red
Taxi in Gray
(View entire collection)

Home Decor Basics
Ornate Damask in Aqua
Medium Chevron in Black
Ornate Damask in Gray
Quatrefoil in Aqua
Wave in Black
(View entire collection)

Quilted Backs
Medium Chevron with Small Dot in Girl
Medium Chevron with Small Dot in Lime
Medium Chevron with Small Dot in Navy
Think Pink with Words in Gray
Medium Chevron with Small Dot in Red
(View entire collection)

Home Decor Patterns
All Star Main in Red
Lost and Found Label in Gray
Floriography Main in Pink
Floriography Main in Blue
Peak Hour Main in Gray
(View entire collection)

Cream on Cream Basics
Calico in Cream
Swiss Dot in Cream
Stitched Circle in Cream
Daisy in Cream
Small Dot in Cream
(View entire collection)

Black on Black Basics
Stitched Circle in Black
Calico in Black
Daisy in Black
Medium Dot in Black
Small Dot in Black
(View entire collection)

White on White Basics
Stitched Circle in White
Small Dot in White
Swiss Dot in White
Daisy in White
Small Chevron in White
(View entire collection)

Houndstooth Medium in Seafoam and Brown
Houndstooth Medium Tone on Tone in Lime and Hotpink
Houndstooth Medium in Hotpink
Houndstooth Medium in Girl
Houndstooth Medium in Lavender
(View entire collection)

Pepe in Paris
Pepe in Blue
Stamp in Lime
Pepe in Pink
Main in White
Mini Mustache in Black and White
(View entire collection)

Holiday Banners 2
Holiday Birthday in Red
Holiday Panel in Birthday
Holiday Birthday in White
Holiday Birthday in Blue
Holiday Cars in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Medium Damask in Baby Pink on White
Medium Damask in Red on White
Medium Damask in Orange on White
Large Damask in White on Navy
Sparkle Medium Damask in Hot Pink
(View entire collection)

Holiday Banners
Spider Webs in Black
Christmas Banner Panel in Multi
Hearts in Multi
Snowflakes in Green
Clover in Green
(View entire collection)

Think Pink
Words in Cream
Main in Cream
Dots in Pink

Giraffe Crossing
Stripe in Teal
Tic Tac in Yellow
Dots in Green
Trees in Teal
Giraffe in Cream
(View entire collection)

Union Jack
Union Jack Panel in Blue
Union Jack Panel in Pink
Union Jack Panel in Yellow
Union Jack Squares Panel in Orange
Union Jack Panel in Purple
(View entire collection)

Shaded Chevron
Shaded Chevron Medium in Grape
Shaded Chevron Medium in Ocean
Shaded Chevron Medium in Dolly
Shaded Chevron Medium in League
Shaded Chevron Medium in Kayak
(View entire collection)

Hexi Print
Hexi in Aqua
Hexi in Yellow
Hexi in Hot Pink
Hexi in Lime
Hexi in Red
(View entire collection)

Le Creme Basics
One Inch Stripes on Cream in Aqua
Small Cream Dots in Baby Pink
Medium Dot on Cream in Hot Pink
Medium Dot on Cream in Navy
Swiss Dot On Cream in Hot Pink
(View entire collection)

Chevron Dreamy
Medium Chevron in Hot Pink
Medium Chevron in Gray
Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Red
Medium Chevron in Lime
Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Yellow
(View entire collection)

108 Inch Widebacks
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Dot in Girl
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Dot in Red on White
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Dot in Hot Pink
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Dot in Black on White
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Dot in Navy on White
(View entire collection)

Half Inch Stripes in Navy and Purple
Half Inch Stripes in Hot Pink
Half Inch Stripes in Gray
One Inch Stripes in Red
Half Inch Stripes in Gray and Yellow
(View entire collection)

Knit Basics
Medium Stripe Knit in Navy and Hot Pink
Medium Stripe Knit in Red and Gray
Small Stripe Knit in Hot Pink
Medium Stripe Knit in Gray
Medium Stripe Knit in Black
(View entire collection)

Neon Solids
Solid in Neon Yellow
Solid in Neon Green
Solid in Neon Pink
Solid in Neon Orange
Solid in Neon Blue

Chevron - 58 Wide
Medium Chevron in Purple
Medium Chevron in Blue and Gold
Medium Chevron in Medium Blue
Medium Chevron in Black
Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Orange
(View entire collection)

Large Chevron in Orange
Small Chevron Tone on Tone in Brown
Medium Chevron in Neon Orange
Medium Chevron in Girl
Medium Chevron in Neon Pink
(View entire collection)

Swiss Dots in Hot Pink
Medium Dots Tone on Tone in Yellow
Medium Dots in Rainbow
Swiss Dots On White in Red
Honeycomb Dots in Hot Pink
(View entire collection)

Medium Gingham in Lavendar
Large Gingham in Orange
Large Gingham in Green
Large Gingham in Brown
Small Gingham in Brown
(View entire collection)

Flannel Basics
Medium Dots in Lime
Medium Dots in Orange
Medium Dots in Aqua
Medium Dot Tone on Tone Flannel in Lavender
Medium Dots in Black
(View entire collection)

Pop in Aqua
Scallop in Teal
Cross Stitch in Blue
Rulers in Blue
Crimp in Hot Pink
(View entire collection)

Samantha Walker

Fly Aweigh
Lobster in Red
Boat in Teal
Main in Yellow
Boat in Blue
Circles in Blue
(View entire collection)

Stripe in Pink
Main in Cream
Paisley in Brown
Paisley in Cream
Star in Pink
(View entire collection)

Scott Jarrard

Year of the Ninja
Ninja Royalty in Blue
Ninja Number in Gray
Ninja Dragon in Blue
Ninja Star in Blue
Ninja Dragon in Black
(View entire collection)

Sheri McCulley Studio

Cruiser Blvd
Cruiser Arrows in Green
Cruiser Signs in Green
Cruiser Arrows in Blue
Cruiser Signs in Red
Cruiser Main in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Sue Daley

To Norway with Love
Norway Stripe in Cream
Norway Diamond in Green
Norway Rose in Green
Norway Wallpaper in Red
Norway Stripe in Red
(View entire collection)

Tasha Noel

Country Girls
Birds in White
Birds in Aqua
Ducks in Aqua
Blueberries in Pink
Sprouts in Pink
(View entire collection)

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Leaves in Green
Mushrooms in Pink
Border in Pink
Little Leaves in Aqua
Scallops in Aqua
(View entire collection)

The Quilted Fish

The Cottage Garden Knit
Cottage Triangles Knit in Gray
Cottage Main Knit in Pink
Cottage Triangles Knit in Teal
Cottage Main Knit in Gray
Cottage Main Knit in Teal
(View entire collection)

The Cottage Garden
Cottage Triangles in Pink
Cottage Main in Gray
Cottage Triangles in Teal
Cottage Aster in Pink
Cottage Aster in Gray
(View entire collection)

Lula Magnolia
Lula Fern in Blue
Lula Floral in Blue
Lula Flamingo in Blue
Lula Night in White
Lula Scallop in Gray
(View entire collection)

Twice as Nice
Truck in Pink
Garden in Gray
Plaid in Blue
Main in Pink
Petals in White
(View entire collection)

Zoe Pearn

A Beautiful Thing
Butterfly in Cream
Stripe in Pink
Dot in Pink
Beautiful Main in Pink
Dot in Orange
(View entire collection)

A Merry Little Christmas Flannel
Merry Trees in Green
Merry Trees in Taupe
Merry Main in Gray
Merry Dot in Taupe
Merry Dot in Red
(View entire collection)

A Merry Little Christmas
Merry Stars in Green
Merry Snowman in Green
Merry Main in Taupe
Merry Stars in Aqua
Merry Snowman in Red
(View entire collection)

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