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 Home / Fabric Manufacturers / Michael Miller

Michael Miller
Cynthia Rowley

Paint Box
Striped Garden in Red
Graphic Floral in Navy

Emily Herrick

Up and Away
Runway Butterfly in Blueberry
Circle Around Butterflies in Girl
Ticket to Ride in Girl
Circle Around Butterflies in Pink
Festival Butterflies in Girl
(View entire collection)

Sodalicious in Raspberry
Sodalicious in Blueberry
Sodalicious in Cola

Laura Gunn

Koi Garden
Cool Ripples in Blue
Lotus Leaf in Blue
Sunset Border in Sunset
Koi Dance in Wave
Bubbles in Blue
(View entire collection)

Spring Buds in Spring
Posie Bouquet in Charcoal
Scattered Posies in Olive
Posie Bouquet in Leaf

Painters Canvas in Grass
Big Poppy in Spice
Painters Canvas in Lipstick

Painters Canvas
Painters Canvas in Yellow
Painters Canvas in Black
Painters Canvas in Platinum
Painters Canvas in Lilac
Painters Canvas in Ocean
(View entire collection)

Michael Miller House Designer

Sea Life
Willow Wisps in Lavender
Scallops in Navy
Scallops in Gray
Willow Wisps in Blue
Kelp Mates in Navy
(View entire collection)

Llama Navidad
Felicia in Aqua
Lucia in Multi
Felicia in Green
Little Eduardo in Green
Llama Navidad in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Doodle Daisy
Spring Sprout in Raspberry
Doodle Daisy in Navy
Doodle Daisy Border in Navy
Doodle Daisy Border in Garden
Doodle Daisy in Garden
(View entire collection)

Bird Watch
Flower Jam in Aqua
Bird Watch in Yellow
Flower Jam in Gray
Bird Watch in White
Flower Jam in Ribbon
(View entire collection)

Saturday Morning
Fresh Flowers in Navy
Petal Path in Berry
Morning Frolic in Berry
Morning Frolic in Blue
Flower Garland in Blue
(View entire collection)

Garden Party
Dainty Blooms in Black
Big Bang Blooms in Multi
Floral Wreath Panel in White
Meadow Menagerie in Black
Butterfly Free in White
(View entire collection)

Bento Box
Maki in Ginger
Rice in Ginger
Conveyor Sushi in Lacquer
Chopstick Check in Bamboo
Chopstick Check in Greentea
(View entire collection)

Lovely Llamas
Cactus Hoedown in Gray
Cactus Hoedown in Tan
Lovely Llamas in White
Lovely Llamas in Mint
Lovely Llamas in Pink

Midday at the Oasis
Flamingo Floral in Flamingo
Flock to the Oasis in Limeade
Starboard Stripe in Black
Flamingos in Paradise in Black

Fancy in Turquoise
Fancy in Gray
Angelina in Hunter
Odette in Midnite

Safari Friends
Animal World in Navy
Hash Dot in Papaya
Dabble Dot in Blue
Safari Friends in Aqua
Hash Dot in Nickel
(View entire collection)

Foxy Fellas
Out Foxed in Mist
Tiny Stitches in White

Eyes on Ewe
Sheepish in Gray
Baa Baa Baby in Blue
Wooly in Blue
Baa Baa Baby in Geranium
Wooly in Geranium
(View entire collection)

Yacht Club
Windward in Sailor
Starboard Stripe in Sailor
Mariner Flags in Sailor
Mariner Flags in Red

Meet Me in The Meadow
Blooming Border in Gray
Bloomers in Gray

Luxe 108 Inch Widebacks
Solid 108 inch Wideback in Jet Black
Solid 108 inch Wideback in Bright White
Solid 108 inch Wideback in Cream
Tumble Blocks 108 inch Wideback in Charcoal
Solid 108 inch Wideback in Charcoal
(View entire collection)

Tweet La Vie
Jessamina in Aqua
Fairy Frost in Bling Metallic
Jessamina in Pink
Bud Loop in Pink
Aliyah in Aqua

Fox Woods
Hedgehog Heaven in Lime
Hedgehog Heaven in Olive
Squirrels in Purple
Fox Woods Border in Navy
Lil Foxy in Navy
(View entire collection)

Bubble Gauze
Solid Bubble Gauze in Bright White
Solid Bubble Gauze in Aqua
Solid Bubble Gauze in Sky

Mini Chic Chevron in Garland
Mini Chic Chevron in Spa
Chevy in Garland
Shi Shi Chevron in Girl
Shi Shi Chevron in Rouge
(View entire collection)

Arrow Flight
Arrows in Gold Metallic
Arrows in Blush Metallic
Arrows in Bright White Metallic
Arrows in Luna Metallic
Offline in Fuschia
(View entire collection)

Baby Zoo Flannel
Mozambique Flannel in Cloud
Zippy Zebra Flannel in Cloud
Endearing Elephants Flannel in Cloud
Tallest Flannel in Blossom

Wee Sparkle
Lace Up in Mist Metallic
Free Bird in Cloud Metallic

Pitter Patter
Splish Splash in Breeze
Drizzle in Spring
Splish Splash in Pink

Migration in Pink

Celebration Glitz
Quarter Dot Pearlized in Navy Bronze Twinkle
Confetti Border Pearlized in White Silver Platinum
Clover Pearlized in Navy Bronze Twinkle
Quarter Dot Pearlized in Black Bronze Bling
Clover Pearlized in Black Silver Zirconium
(View entire collection)

Butterfly Garden
Fancy Feather in Purple
Fancy Feather in Fuschia
Rosa Double Border in Cloud
Rosa Double Border in Confection

Swan Lake
Bitty Dots in Pink

Glitz Garden
Glitz Bars in Bright White
Glitz Bars in Peach
Glitz Bars in Luna
Glitz Flower in Aqua
Glitz Bars in Earth
(View entire collection)

Garden Landscapes in Multi

Tiny Houndstooth in Peony
Everyday Houndstooth in Rose
Everyday Houndstooth in Lipstick
Everyday Houndstooth in Apricot
Tiny Houndstooth in Princess
(View entire collection)

Chic Chevron Pearlized in Mist
Quarter Dot Pearlized in Confection
Sleek Chevron Pearlized in Mist
Sleek Chevron Pearlized in Glitz
Chic Chevron Pearlized in Blush
(View entire collection)

French Journal
Posh Paisley in Celery
Anjou Pour Vous in Yellow
Belle Rose in Pink

Mod Prints
Clover Pearlized in White Silver Platinum
Little Plain Jane in Clementine
Maze in Lagoon
Ruth Ann Double Border in Blue
Clover Pearlized in Peach
(View entire collection)

Mod Basics
Cute Plaid in Sorbet
Dot n Square in Orange
Trelliage in Jewel
Block Toss in Mint
Moroccan Lattice in Ebony
(View entire collection)

Ta Dot in Clementine
Ta Dot in Peach
Pinhead in Taupe
Quarter Dot in Midnight
Play Dot in Orange
(View entire collection)

Two by Two Stripe in Twilight
Clown Stripe in Fire
Play Stripe in Navy
Play Stripe in Retro
Clown Stripe in Watermelon
(View entire collection)

Cotton Couture
Cotton Couture in Mint
Cotton Couture in Flower
Cotton Couture in Herb
Cotton Couture in Pink
Cotton Couture in Denim
(View entire collection)

Patty Sloniger

Bake Shop
From Scratch in Raspberry
Petit Fours in Twinkle
Les Macarons in Candy
Petit Fours in Parchment
Bakers Twine in Cloud
(View entire collection)

Into The Deep
Into The Deep in Tropical
Dapper Seahorses in Watermelon
Fractured Waves in Lagoon
Surf Side in Pink
Mariner Dot in Periwinkle
(View entire collection)

Backyard Baby
Windy Day in Aqua

Patty Young

Just My Type
Color Keys in Paprika

Textured Basics
Hexies in Salmon
Hexies in Tangerine
Hexies in Papaya
Hexies in Red

Sandra Clemons

Front Yard
Bowtie Bunny in Sunkist
Bowtie Bunny in Geranium
Flower Bird in Blueberry
Grass Shaper in Blackberry
Wicker Form in Cloud
(View entire collection)

Sarah Campbell

Beach Comber in Sand
Feathers Fly in Stone
Pearls in Black
Pearls in Navy
Feathers Fly in Navy
(View entire collection)

Origami Birds in Jewel
Little Leaves in Turquoise
Origami Birds in Brite
Fragments in Black
Fragments in Navy
(View entire collection)

Sarah Jane

Nutcracker Act I
Nutcracker Plaid in Evergreen Metallic
Ornaments in Hunter Metallic
Nutcraker Act I Double Border in Hunter Metallic
Nutcracker Plaid in Royal Metallic
Nutcraker Act I Double Border in Navy Metallic
(View entire collection)

Magic Minky
Lucky Stars Minky in White
Magical Parade Double Border Minky in White
Unicorn Parade Double Border Minky in Mint
Mermaid Magic Minky in Mist
Mermaid Magic Minky in Blossom
(View entire collection)

Magic Flannel
Unicorn Forest Flannel in Blossom
Lucky Stars Flannel in Navy
Unicorn Forest Flannel in Aqua
Magic Folk Flannel in Navy
Magic Folk Flannel in White
(View entire collection)

Out To Sea Flannel
Anchors Away Flannel in Navy
A Pirates Life Flannel in Soft White
Find The Narwhal Flannel in Breeze
Anchors Away Flannel in Boy

Magic Knit
Magic Folk Knit in Navy
Unicorn Forest Knit in Aqua
Baby Dragons Knit in Navy
Magic Folk Knit in White
Lucky Stars Knit in Turquoise
(View entire collection)

Wee Wander Flannel
Glow Friends Flannel in Sea
Meandering Flannel in Seafoam
Summer Night Lights Flannel in Twilight
Summer Ride Flannel in Seafoam

Castle Plans in White
Magic Folk Flannel in Navy
Stars and Stripes in Pink Metallic
Unicorn Parade Double Border in Mint Metallic
You are Magic in Pink Metallic
(View entire collection)

Garden Shadow Double Gauze in Blue
Garden in Blueberry
Garden Shadow Double Gauze in Blossom
Garden Shadow in Meadow
Painted Gingham in Blueberry
(View entire collection)

Sommer Double Gauze
Garden Shadow Double Gauze in Blue
Garden Shadow Double Gauze in Blossom
Painted Gingham Double Gauze in Gray
Garden Shadow Double Gauze in Gray
Painted Gingham Double Gauze in Navy
(View entire collection)

Sommer Canvas
Plockade Canvas in Bloom

Wee Wander
Summer Ride in Melon
Glow Friends in Pink
Summer Ride Flannel in Seafoam
Tree Lights in Twilight
Nature Walk in Pink
(View entire collection)

Out To Sea
Anchors Away Flannel in Boy
Anchors Away Flannel in Navy
Anchors Away in Navy
Find The Narwhal Flannel in Breeze
Sailors ABC in Flame
(View entire collection)

Children at Play
On Parade in Multi
Balloon in Aqua

Tamara Kate

Nature Walk
Pollen Burst in Stone
ABC Nature Walk Panel in Meadow
Summer Meadow in Robins Egg
Tall Grass in Bloom
Hop Skip and Jump in Mist
(View entire collection)

Birds and The Bees
Honey Honey in Berry
Blossoming in Coral
Eye Candy in Magenta
Blossoming in Berry
Honey Honey in Peacock

Thomas Paul

Seedling II
Steps in Stone
Moroc in Bronze
Steps in Bronze
Cairo in Slate
Cairo in Stone
(View entire collection)

Goldfinch in Azure
Kyoto in Tobacco
Kimono Stripe in Citron
Puebla in Paprika
Kimono Stripe in Paprika

Trenna Travis

Thick Stripe in Coral
Parquet in Orchid
Swirl in Lipstick
Swirl in Ebony
Billow in Brown
(View entire collection)

Violet Craft

House of Hoppington
Calico Toss in Sky
Haystack in Orchid
Haystack in Sky
Calico Toss in White
Calico Toss in Wisteria
(View entire collection)

Christmas at Brambleberry Ridge
Timber Valley in Evergreen Metallic
Memoir in Red
Wild Carrot in Red
Flight in Cranberry
Flight in Red
(View entire collection)

Brambleberry Ridge
Timber Valley in Teal
Trading Post in Sorbet
Bow Tie Plaid in Opal
Flight in Twilight
Shimmer Reflection in Lilac
(View entire collection)

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