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Hawthorne Threads
Hawthorne Threads

Black Forest
Pathless Woods in Black Forest
Into the Woods in Ink and Glacier Blue
Black Forest in Pebble
Project Panel in Black Forest
Into the Woods in Timber and Pebble
(View entire collection)

Snowy Owl
Snowy Owls in Dark Taupe
Snowflakes in Smoke
A Winters Night in Kale
Snowflakes in Pebble
Pinecones in Gold
(View entire collection)

Bjorn Bear
Wandering Bears in Sand
Treeline in Gold
Naturalist in Gold
Lakeside in Petal
Bjorn Bear in Sand
(View entire collection)

Oh Deer
Secret Garden in Arcadian
Wild One in Arcadian
Northern Reflections in Kale
Stag Silhouette in Sage
Deerly Loved in Arcadian
(View entire collection)

Buffalo Plaid in Aspen and Olive
Waves of Grain in Ink
Forget Me Not in Ink
Flock in Marigold
Corn Silk in Shell
(View entire collection)

Masquerade in Smoke
Costumes in Pebble
Drippy Candles in Zest
Bed of Roses in Topaz
Bed of Roses in Onyx
(View entire collection)

Stoned Path in Jungle
Twilight Border in Pebble
Twilight Border in Ink
Moonlit Garden in Twilight
Astral Nights in Dusk
(View entire collection)

Comfort and Joy
A Winters Night in Twilight
Pointsettias in Pebble
Woven in Gold
Cardinals in Agate
A Winters Night in Aspen
(View entire collection)

Comfort and Joy Basics
Snowflake Stitch in Agate
Winter Forest in Aspen
Woven in Twilight
Little Pointsettias in Kale
Winter Forest in Gold
(View entire collection)

Sew Simple
Notebook Cover Panel in Spring
Pencil Roll Panel in Winter
Zip Pouches Panel in Summer
Everyday Tote Panel in Spring
Everyday Tote Panel in Winter
(View entire collection)

Netting in Peony
Air Show in Robins Egg
Cephalopods and Swallows in Voyager
Compass in Sunshine
Project Panel in Voyager
(View entire collection)

Bats in Slime
Coffins in Slime
Hide and Shriek in Onyx
Haunted House in Carnation
Darkness Falls in Dove
(View entire collection)

Bramble in Berry
Dont Feed the Bears in Quartz
Bramble in Lake
Sierra Nevada Sunrise in Taupe
Salmon Run in Berry
(View entire collection)

Canopy in Greenery
Eternal Summer in Hawaii
Kauai in Hawaii
Aloha Quilt Panel in Light Breeze
Honu in Hawaii
(View entire collection)

Outer Banks
Wild Horses in Tulip
Nags Head in Petal
Wild Horses in Pebble
Seashells in Pebble
Galloping Border in Peony
(View entire collection)

Thatched in Peony
Thatched in Ink and Glacier Blue
Adventure in Zest
Lily Dot in Berry
Moonlit Damask in Midnight
(View entire collection)

Dragons in Lake
Dragon Quilt Panel in Peony
Diamond in the Rough in Chivalry
Intrepid in Lake
Chainmail in Peony
(View entire collection)

Jadore Paris in Indigo
Versailles in Shell
Umbrellas in Paris
Bicyclette in Paris
Cobblestone in Tulip
(View entire collection)

Palm Springs
Palm Springs Panel in Oasis
Tribal Stripe in Shell
Iguana Desert in Oasis
Basin and Range in Coachella
Jackrabbit Damask in Glacier Blue
(View entire collection)

Tonal Daisies in Lake
Cotton Field in Glacier Blue
Lamb Project Panel in Morning Dew
Bunnys Day Out in Glacier Blue
Springtime Damask in Shell
(View entire collection)

Palm Fronds in Petal
Tropical Paradise in Vivid
Arenal in Jungle
Watercolor in Jungle
Watercolor in Robins Egg
(View entire collection)

Seeds in Greenery
Seeds in Shell
Lime Trees in Kale
Fiddlehead Trees in Conservatory
Fiddlehead Leaves in Lime on Kale
(View entire collection)

Sweet On You
All You Need is Love in Sweet
XOXO in Passion
Heartbreaker in Peony
Love Letters in Ink
Frosting in Succulent
(View entire collection)

Pura Vida
Euphoric in Rainforest
Toucans in Seaglass
Jungle Floor in White
Costa Rica Damask in Indigo
Jungle Cats in Rainforest
(View entire collection)

Arabesque in Glacier Blue
Transformation in Glace
Grand Plie in Sucre
Foulard in Gold and Glacier Blue
Petit Jardin in Onyx
(View entire collection)

Oh What Fun
Jingle Bells in Peony
Jingle Bells in Onyx
Dashing Through the Snow in Lake
Jingle Bells in Marigold
Baubles in Glacier Blue
(View entire collection)

Tundra Panel in Winter Freeze
Plume in Taupe
Woven in Quartz
Painted Parliament in Winter Freeze
Woven in Glacier Blue
(View entire collection)

Washi in Golden Canyon
Under Presser in Vintage
Cutting Edge in Shell
Cutting Edge in Gold on White
Washi in Onyx
(View entire collection)

Archery in Gold
Irish Wooly in Taupe
Crescent Moon in Mystic
Lucky Ewe in Agate
Archery in Ink
(View entire collection)

Spider Crawl in Zest
Spider Crawl in Mulberry
Trick or Treat Panel in Zest
Moon Dot in Nocturne
Tangled Web in Smoke
(View entire collection)

Autumn Fawn
Golden Slumbers in Harvest
Stag Forest in Shell
Woodland Forest in Autumn
Autumn Fawn Project Panel in Autumn
Toadstools in Stone
(View entire collection)

Enchanted Forest in Agate
Blume in Aspen
Blume in Shell
Festive in Shell
Fairy Tale Damask in White
(View entire collection)

Beekeeping in Aspen
Dandelion Breeze in Peony
Trellis in Peony and Gold
Hummingbird Silhouette in Aspen
Hummingbird Damask in Dahlia
(View entire collection)

Backyard Blooms in Peony
Feathered  Herringbone in Marigold
Blackbird Quilt Panel in Peony
Blackbird in Shell
Birdhouse in Your Soul in Glacier Blue
(View entire collection)

Whale Hello There in Azurite
Tentacle in Azurite
Feeding Frenzy in Azurite
Jellyfish Bloom in Smoke
Message in a Bottle in Charcoal
(View entire collection)

Zebra Hills
Zebra Hills Quilt Panel in Peony and Taupe
Burchell Zebra in Peony
Tribal in Aspen
Tribal in Olive
Tribal in Smoke
(View entire collection)

Prickly Perch in Midnight
Desert Sunrise in Light Aloe
Southwestern Project Panel in Mojave
Valley Floor in Midnight
Prickly Perch in White
(View entire collection)

Project Panel in Summer
Project Panel in Spring
Dash in Blue Jay
Meadowlark Damask in Blue Jay
Frolic in Blue Jay
(View entire collection)

Duck Pond in Spring
Cottontail Damask in Indigo
Cottontail in Spring
Hare Day in Quartz
Medium Buffalo Plaid in Indigo
(View entire collection)

Draco Panel in Charcoal
Pegasus Panel in Sage
Lynx Panel in Indigo
Stitch the Stars in Celestial
Equuleus Panel in Charcoal
(View entire collection)

Fresh Catch in Peacock
Rattan in Indigo
Fresh Catch in Indigo Wisteria
Petite Fleur in Zest
Riviera Apron Panel in Cote d Azure
(View entire collection)

Forest Fables
Cross Stitch in Shell
Folk Tails in Tulip
Foxy Loxy Quilt Panel in Glade
Billy Goats Gruff in Glade
Billy Goats Gruff in Tulip
(View entire collection)

Winter Fawn
Deer Panel in Winter
Conifer Canopy in Winter
Diamond Curtain in Marine
Candy Stripe in Winter
Going Stag in Winter
(View entire collection)

The Plains in Sky
Buffalo Panel in Dawn
Spearhead in Sage
The Herd in Midnight
Rolling Stones in Mulberry
(View entire collection)

Winged Hearts in Celestial
Gossamer Lace in Arsenic
Twilight in Dark Smoke
Twilight in Charcoal
Ravens at Twilight in Azurite
(View entire collection)

Tritons Treasures in Calypso
Calypsos Garden in Aegean
Calypso Panel in Poseidon
Turtle Dance in Calypso
Greek Key in Pebble
(View entire collection)

Stag Panel in Aspen
Stag Quilt Panel in Tulip
Canopy in Aspen
Aspen Glade in Aspen
Diamond Curtain in Light Aspen
(View entire collection)

Painted Desert in Horizon
Coyote Quilt Back Panel in White
Feathers in Horizon
Arrows in Desert Rose
Dreamcatcher Border in Stone
(View entire collection)

Safari Border in Stone
Safari Border in Smoke
Giraffe Tribe in Desert Rose
Safari Border in Jade
Elephant Parade in Golden Canyon
(View entire collection)

Cubic in Charcoal
Triangulation in Glacier Blue
Crossroad in Indigo
Cubic in Indigo
Interlock in Glacier Blue
(View entire collection)

Norwegian Wood
Botanical Border in Thicket
Thicket in Olive
Beekeeping in Aspen
Thicket in Onyx
Hoos in the Forest in Smoke
(View entire collection)

Fair Isle
Fair Isle Stripe in Multi
Fair Isle Panel in Multi
Sleigh Ride Border in Glacier Blue
Fair Isle Forest in Glacier Blue
Hibernate in White
(View entire collection)

Basketweave in Glacier Blue
Half Moon Dot in Desert Rose
Half Moon Dot in Indigo
Vanes in Charcoal
Shards in Marine
(View entire collection)

Fountainhead in Charcoal
Bengal Quilt Panel in Desert Rose
Mangrove Flowers in Indigo
Tiger Mosaic in Golden Canyon
Hide and Seek in Stone
(View entire collection)

Calliope Panel in White
Calliope Quilt Panel in Bluebell
Promenade Border in White
Jubilee in White
Lyrical Lovebirds in White
(View entire collection)

Quilt Panels
Snowy Owl Quilt Panel in Shell
Mariner Quilt Panel in Glimmering Shores
Bengal Quilt Panel in Golden Canyon on White
Zambezi Quilt Panel in Onyx
Stag Quilt Panel in Winter
(View entire collection)

Big Birches
Big Birches in Aubergine
Big Birches in Jade
Big Birches in Aspen
Big Birches in Zest
Big Birches in Dahlia
(View entire collection)

Doodle in Shell
Doodle in Seaglass
Doodle in Greenery
Doodle in Sprout
Doodle in Dusk
(View entire collection)

Little Fox Silhouette
Little Fox Silhouette in Mulberry
Little Fox Silhouette in Marine
Little Fox Silhouette in Lagoon
Little Fox Silhouette in Olive
Little Fox Silhouette in Desert Rose
(View entire collection)

Northern Reflections
Northern Reflections in Kale
Northern Reflections in Glacier Blue
Northern Reflections in Lime
Northern Reflections in Zest
Northern Reflections in Nectar
(View entire collection)

Stag Silhouette
Stag Silhouette in Cerulean
Stag Silhouette in Breeze
Stag Silhouette in Powder Blue
Stag Silhouette in Indigo
Stag Silhouette in Sage
(View entire collection)

Moondance in Dahlia
Moondance in Golden Canyon
Moondance in Glacier Blue
Moondance in Timber
Moondance in Aspen
(View entire collection)

Astral Nights
Astral Nights in Quartz
Astral Nights in Brass
Astral Nights in Marine
Astral Nights in Onyx
Astral Nights in Golden Canyon
(View entire collection)

Bear Silhouette
Bear Silhouette in Nectar
Bear Silhouette in Sprout
Bear Silhouette in Gold
Bear Silhouette in Succulent
Bear Silhouette in Sunshine
(View entire collection)

Hearts in Onyx
Hearts in Lime
Hearts in Sprout
Hearts in Robins Egg
Hearts in Quartz
(View entire collection)

Iguana Silhouette
Iguana Silhouette in Marigold
Iguana Silhouette in Lime
Iguana Silhouette in Jade
Iguana Silhouette in Taupe
Iguana Silhouette in Nectar
(View entire collection)

Horse Silhouette
Horse Silhouette in Pebble
Horse Silhouette in Peacock
Horse Silhouette in Greenery
Horse Silhouette in Azurite
Horse Silhouette in Carnation
(View entire collection)

Rogue Stripe
Rogue Stripe in Sunshine
Rogue Stripe in Carnation
Rogue Stripe in Passion
Rogue Stripe in Lime
Rogue Stripe in Indigo
(View entire collection)

Deer Silhouette
Deer Silhouette in Water
Deer Silhouette in Indigo
Deer Silhouette in Zest on White
Deer Silhouette in Nectar
Deer Silhouette in Seafoam
(View entire collection)

Little Cutting Edge
Little Cutting Edge in Seafoam
Little Cutting Edge in Agate
Little Cutting Edge in Dove
Little Cutting Edge in Aubergine
Little Cutting Edge in Straw
(View entire collection)

On Target
On Target in Smoke
On Target in Pebble
On Target in Gold
On Target in Berry
On Target in Ink
(View entire collection)

Thatched in Indigo
Thatched in Sprout
Thatched in Breeze
Thatched in Powder Blue
Thatched in Seafoam
(View entire collection)

Lamb Silhouette
Lamb Silhouette in Marigold
Lamb Silhouette in Straw
Lamb Silhouette in Mulberry
Lamb Silhouette in Powder Blue
Lamb Silhouette in Dahlia
(View entire collection)

Cat Silhouette
Cat Silhouette in Cerulean
Cat Silhouette in Indigo
Cat Silhouette in Agate
Cat Silhouette in Water
Cat Silhouette in Sand
(View entire collection)

Little Tribal Stripe
Little Tribal Stripe in Water
Little Tribal Stripe in Breeze
Little Tribal Stripe in Poppy
Little Tribal Stripe in Petal
Little Tribal Stripe in Carnation
(View entire collection)

Terrarium in Sprout on White
Terrarium in Robins Egg on White
Terrarium in Aubergine
Terrarium in Quartz on White
Terrarium in Timber
(View entire collection)

Jadore Paris
Jadore Paris in Shell
Jadore Paris in Mulberry
Jadore Paris in Honey
Jadore Paris in Topaz
Jadore Paris in Pool
(View entire collection)

Swan Silhouette
Swan Silhouette in Succulent
Swan Silhouette in Tulip
Swan Silhouette in Dove
Swan Silhouette in Sunshine
Swan Silhouette in Topaz
(View entire collection)

Daisies in Jade
Daisies in Dahlia
Daisies in Straw
Daisies in Seaglass
Daisies in Breeze
(View entire collection)

Birches in Carnation
Birches in Mulberry
Birches in Dove
Birches in Breeze
Birches in Water
(View entire collection)

Plume in Jade
Plume in Petal
Plume in Sand
Plume in Sprout
Plume in Aspen
(View entire collection)

Confetti in Agate
Confetti in Jungle
Confetti in Greenery
Confetti in Indigo
Confetti in Ink
(View entire collection)

Fox Silhouette
Fox Silhouette in Greenery
Fox Silhouette in Surf
Fox Silhouette in Wisteria
Fox Silhouette in Breeze
Fox Silhouette in Pistachio
(View entire collection)

Hummingbird Silhouette
Hummingbird Silhouette in Celestial
Hummingbird Silhouette in Gold
Hummingbird Silhouette in Succulent
Hummingbird Silhouette in Olive
Hummingbird Silhouette in Kale
(View entire collection)

Whale Silhouette
Whale Silhouette in Aubergine
Whale Silhouette in Lake
Whale Silhouette in Berry
Whale Silhouette in Nectar
Whale Silhouette in Marine
(View entire collection)

Cottontail Silhouette
Cottontail Silhouette in Aspen
Cottontail Silhouette in Quartz
Cottontail Silhouette in Succulent
Cottontail Silhouette in Topaz
Cottontail Silhouette in Dusk
(View entire collection)

Flock Silhouette
Flock Silhouette in Straw on White
Flock Silhouette in Pebble on White
Flock Silhouette in Peacock on White
Flock Silhouette in Bluebell
Flock Silhouette in Raisin
(View entire collection)

Dash in Azurite
Dash in Sand
Dash in Marine
Dash in Petal
Dash in Jade
(View entire collection)

Star Charts
Star Charts in Bluebell
Star Charts in Azurite
Star Charts in Twilight
Star Charts in Sunshine on White
Star Charts in Desert Rose
(View entire collection)

Skipping Stones
Skipping Stones in Carnation
Skipping Stones in Glacier Blue
Skipping Stones in Sunshine
Skipping Stones in Bluebell
Skipping Stones in Charcoal
(View entire collection)

Radiate in Desert Rose
Radiate in Succulent
Radiate in Poppy
Radiate in Sky
Radiate in Indigo
(View entire collection)

Fawn Silhouette
Fawn Silhouette in Nectar
Fawn Silhouette in Smoke
Fawn Silhouette in Kale
Fawn Silhouette in Sage
Fawn Silhouette in Buttercup
(View entire collection)

Feathers in Roam Dusk
Feathers in Blackbird
Feathers in Coyote Golden Canyon
Feathers in Cottontail
Feathers in Oh Deer Eden
(View entire collection)

Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not in Dahlia
Forget Me Not in Passion
Forget Me Not in Brass
Forget Me Not in Ink
Forget Me Not in Cerulean
(View entire collection)

Arrows in Kale on White
Arrows in Pistachio
Arrows in Ink on White
Arrows in Berry
Arrows in Olive on White
(View entire collection)

Stardust in Celestial
Stardust in Sunshine
Stardust in Raisin
Stardust in Brass
Stardust in Timber
(View entire collection)

Weathervane in Sand
Weathervane in Golden Canyon
Weathervane in Desert Rose
Weathervane in Timber
Weathervane in Celestial
(View entire collection)

Buffalo Plaid
Small Buffalo Plaid in Pebble
Buffalo Plaid in Smoke
Buffalo Plaid in Blue Jay
Buffalo Plaid in Midnight
Medium Buffalo Plaid in Brass
(View entire collection)

Broken Chevron
Broken Chevron in Marigold
Broken Chevron in Carnation
Broken Chevron in Marine
Broken Chevron in Seafoam
Broken Chevron in Breeze
(View entire collection)

Triangle Mosaic
Triangle Mosaic in Glacier Blue
Triangle Mosaic in Greenery
Triangle Mosaic in Aubergine
Triangle Mosaic in Straw
Triangle Mosaic in Dusk
(View entire collection)

Vanes in Robins Egg
Vanes in Indigo
Vanes in Zest
Vanes in Straw
Vanes in Olive
(View entire collection)

Dress Stripe
Dress Stripe in Midnight
Dress Stripe in Lime
Dress Stripe in Agate
Dress Stripe in Azurite
Dress Stripe in Smoke
(View entire collection)

Candy Stripe
Candy Stripe in Peony
Candy Stripe in Seaglass
Candy Stripe in Timber
Candy Stripe in Agate
Candy Stripe in Wisteria
(View entire collection)

Play Stripe
Play Stripe in Marigold
Play Stripe in Lagoon
Play Stripe in Agate
Play Stripe in Pistachio
Play Stripe in Wisteria
(View entire collection)

Multi Dot
Multi Dot in Monteverde Cloud
Multi Dot in Bewitched Alchemy
Multi Dot in Calypso Aegean
Multi Dot in Oh Deer Eden
Multi Dot in Monteverde Vivid
(View entire collection)

Tiny Dot
Tiny Dot in Powder Blue
Tiny Dot in Marine
Tiny Dot in Seafoam
Tiny Dot in Sky
Tiny Dot in Aubergine
(View entire collection)

Candy Dot
Candy Dot in Smoke
Candy Dot in Jade
Candy Dot in Glacier Blue
Candy Dot in Marine
Candy Dot in Cerulean
(View entire collection)

Marble Dot
Marble Dot in Blue Jay
Marble Dot in Tulip
Marble Dot in Raisin
Marble Dot in Sage
Marble Dot in Aspen
(View entire collection)

Jumbo Dot
Jumbo Dot in Desert Rose
Jumbo Dot in Blue Jay
Jumbo Dot in Quartz
Jumbo Dot in Surf
Jumbo Dot in Petal
(View entire collection)

Hawthorne Hues
Solid in Flamingo
Solid in Carnation
Solid in Red
Solid in White
Solid in Black
(View entire collection)

Minky Dimple Dot
Minky Dimple Dot in Nectar
Minky Dimple Dot in Kale
Minky Dimple Dot in Red
Minky Dimple Dot in Glacier Blue
Minky Dimple Dot in Sprout
(View entire collection)

Indy Bloom

Watercolor Florals
Blushing Floral in Melon on Mist
Corsage Floral in Peachy Plum
Blossoming Floral in Peachy
Blushing Floral in Fuchsia on White
Plush Floral in Sweet Pea
(View entire collection)

Indy Bloom Christmas
Snowberry Floral in Black
Holiday Floral in Cheer
Festive Deer in Holly
Medium Gingham in Pink
Christmas Bouquet in Sweetie
(View entire collection)

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