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Dear Stella
Dear Stella House Designer

Triangles in Multi
Flower Crush in Multi
Hello Birdie in Multi
Flower Buds in Lime
Botanical Chart in Ebony
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Wild and Free Flannel
Kangaroos Flannel in Cream
Koala Bears Flannel in Forest
Anteaters Flannel in Midnight
Sloths Flannel in Emerald

Flower Power
Flower Crush in Sunshine
Abstract Petals in White
Flower Crush in Raspberry
Floral Wish in Multi
Flower Power in Multi
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Wood Floral in Mocha
Funghi in Grey
Foxt Trot in Storm
Foxt Trot in White
Timberland in Coffee
(View entire collection)

On My Way
Take Flight in Multi
Ship Shape in Multi
Vroom in Multi
Choo Choo in Multi
Cloud Nine in Multi

Brooklyn Stag in Nickel
Barbershop in White
Hipster Kit in Nickel
Homebrew in White
Brooklyn Stag in Asphalt
(View entire collection)

The Big Chill
Half Scallop in White
Half Scallop in Navy
Midnight Bounce in Navy
Icy Pines in Grey
The Big Chill in Navy
(View entire collection)

Farm Fresh
Tractors in Smoke
Wheelies in Atlas
Farm Blocks in Palm
Farm Circles in Multi
Wheelies in Smoke
(View entire collection)

Positive in Atlas
Positive in Marmalade
Positive in Ink
Positive in Smoke
Positive in Sienna
(View entire collection)

Midnight Animals in Ebony
Woodland Etching in Grey
Midnight Forest in Ebony
Woodland Etching in Orange
Midnight Animals in Yellow
(View entire collection)

Whisper in Petal
Dandelions in Grey
Pipsqueak in White

Floral Wash in Multi
Adelaide in Multi
Blossoms in Multi

Begonias in Multi
Zola in Multi
Tropical Forest in Green
Giraffes in Slate

Demi Circles in Turquoise
Tutti Frutti in Turquoise
Floral Texture in Multi
Junebug in Grey
Pears in Orange

Life Aquatic
Sea Floral in Multi
Starfish in Aqua
Starfish in Navy
Narwals in Blue
Starfish in Bubblegum
(View entire collection)

Surfs Up
Sharks in Ocean
Pineapples in White
Surfs Up in Multi

Hello Sailor
Drop Anchor in Navy
Hello Sailor in White
Dancing Sailors in Marina

Lily Pad
Sprigs in Beige

Pixie Dust
Spellbound in White
Dress Stripe in Blush

Fireflies in Navy
Antlers in Cream
Fireflies in Teal
Secret Forest in Grey
The Cottage in Multi

Dress Stripe
Dress Stripe in Smoke
Dress Stripe in Blush
Dress Stripe in Taupe
Dress Stripe in Marmalade
Dress Stripe in Cloud
(View entire collection)

Mount Snow
Bicycles in Scarlet
Christmas Trees in Cream
Cozy Knits in Multi
Ice Skates in Slate

Calico in Green
Calico in Sky
Calico in Camellia
Calico in Teal
Calico in Straw
(View entire collection)

Net in Blue
Net in Cobalt
Net in Palm
Net in Blush
Net in Lagoon
(View entire collection)

Polka Dot
Polka Dot in Dandelion
Polka Dot in Ocean
Polka Dot in Iris
Polka Dot in Coral
Polka Dot in Navy
(View entire collection)

Carousel in Blush
Carousel in Indigo
Carousel in Pink
Carousel in Grey
Carousel in Plum
(View entire collection)

Sunburst Stripe
Sunburst Stripe in Delft
Sunburst Stripe in Orange
Sunburst Stripe in Wheat

Confetti Dots
Mini Confetti Dots in Lilac
Mini Confetti Dots in Turquoise
Confetti Dots in Emerald
Mini Confetti Dots in Cream
Confetti Dots in Sun
(View entire collection)

Jack and Lulu

Whale of a Holiday
Set Sail in Navy

Bay Breeze
Pirate Sharks in White
Shells in Lime
Snails in Navy
Anchor Grid in Purple
Watermelons in Pink
(View entire collection)

Seahorses in Pink

Rae Ritchie

Foxtail Fern
Foraging For Funghi in Mint
Beyond The Brush in Mint
Fallen Leaves in Mint
Treetop Party in Mint

Perch Floral in Multi
Nests in White
Perch in Multi
Tile Floral in Lime
Pollinators in Multi
(View entire collection)

Honey Bee
Bees in Powder
Dandelion Geo in Sky
Vines in White
Bee Hives in Navy
Butterflies in White
(View entire collection)

Into The Reef
Squids and Octopi in Navy
Narwhal Damask in White
Sea Sirens in White
Painted Anchors in Navy
Whale Species in White
(View entire collection)

Tea Party
Bud Floral in Navy
Tea Bags in White
Tea Pots in Steam
Tea Time Sweets in Multi
Tea Cup Bouquet in Multi
(View entire collection)

Made With Love
Scissors in Smoke
Made With Love Panel in Multi
Sew and Sew in Multi

Counting Elephants in White
Prancing Ponies in Pewter
Prancing Ponies in Lavender
In Dreams in Lavender
Counting Elephants in Pewter
(View entire collection)

City Life
Houseplants in Multi
Bicycles in Multi
Neighbors in Cypress
City Life in Multi
Cityscape in Multi
(View entire collection)

Trail Mix
Gingham in Coral
Gingham in Navy
Canoes in Navy
Mason Jars in Navy
Camping Supplies in Forest
(View entire collection)

Moon Garden
Kilim Geo in Navy
Moon Floral in Peach
Moon Phases in Navy
Mushroom Ditsy in Navy
Kilim Geo in Cream
(View entire collection)

Ski Trees in Grey
Folk Foulard in Marine
Winterscape in Multi
Petal Trail in Marine
Knit Cable in Coral
(View entire collection)

Foxtail Forest
Treetop Party in Multi
Foraging for Funghi in Multi
Prickly Pear in Tan
Woodcut in Tan
Fern Bouquet in Navy
(View entire collection)

Mumseed Meadow
Dancing Maples in Grey
Fallen Leaves in Fern
Protea Bouquet in Cedar
Fallen Leaves in Grey
Meadow Floral in Multi
(View entire collection)

Line Diamond in Grey
Sleeping Sparrow in White
Teeth Geo in White
Watercolor Paisley in Slate
Sleeping Sparrow in Slate
(View entire collection)

Desert Bloom
Moss Floral in Multi
Arrow Stripe in Multi
Prickly Pear in Turquoise
Prickly Pear in Peach
Pod Floral in Multi
(View entire collection)

Scallop Dot
Scallop Dot in Tangerine
Scallop Dot in Navy
Scallop Dot in Peach
Scallop Dot in Whisper
Scallop Dot in Graphite
(View entire collection)

Triangle Dot
Triangle Dot in Powder
Triangle Dot in Bumblebee
Triangle Dot in Pebble
Triangle Dot in Olive
Triangle Dot in Coral
(View entire collection)

Steam Texture
Steam Texture in White
Steam Texture in Smoke
Steam Texture in Sorbet
Steam Texture in Cloud
Steam Texture in Bay
(View entire collection)

Wee Gallery

Costume Party
Costume Party in Multi

Bundle Me Up
Woodland Heads in Crimson
Bundle Me Up in White
Winter Wear in Multi

Dress Me Playground
Dress Me Playground in Black
Hearts in Baltic
Hearts in Gold
Clothes for the Playground in Multi
Cats in Punch
(View entire collection)

Fox Heads in Gold
Hilltop in Mint
Owls in White
Hilltop in White

Wee Hearts
Hearts in Navy
Hearts in Baltic
Hearts in Stone
Hearts in Smoke
Hearts in Beige
(View entire collection)

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