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 Home / Fabric Manufacturers / Cotton and Steel

Cotton and Steel
Alexia Marcelle Abegg

Sienna Lawn
Desert Bloom Lawn in Ink
Desert Bloom Lawn in Poppy

Sienna Rayon
Moonstone Rayon in Turquoise
Moonstone Rayon in Chalk
Moonstone Rayon in Indigo

Pebbles in Indigo
Stamps in Stone
Celestial Rayon Lawn in Opal
Moonstone Rayon in Turquoise
Wildflower in Stone
(View entire collection)

Sienna Rayon Lawn Blend
Celestial Rayon Lawn in Opal
Celestial Rayon Lawn in Sapphire

Flower Shop
Cipher in Natural
Folk Dress in Sea
Thistle in Sky
Dala Friends in Pink
Flowers For Sale in Blue
(View entire collection)

Flower Shop Rayon
Thistle Rayon in Ocean

Point in Blue
Meadow in Citrus
Stitch in Turquoise
Hello in Grey
This and That in Linen
(View entire collection)

Paper Bandana
Paper Cuts in Earth
Bandana in Grass
Bandana in Pink

Cotton and Steel House Designer

Dress Shop Knit
Its A Plus Knit in Eggplant
Moons Knit in Black
Bouquet Knit in Grape
Mystery Food Knit in Smoke
Arrows Knit in Periwinkle
(View entire collection)

Hello Knit
Flotsam and Jetsam Knit in Cream
Starry Knit in Black
Hello Knit in Peach
Starry Knit in Seashell
Snow Leopard Knit in Neutral
(View entire collection)

Lawn Quilt
Hangers Lawn in Cream
Wildflower Lawn in Cream
Unicorn Race Lawn in Blossom
1000 Cranes Lawn in Dusk
Wildflower Lawn in Navy
(View entire collection)

Beauty Shop
Manicure in Navy
Good Luck in Pink
Drops in Yellow
Hankie Panel in Peach
Fancy Cats in Green
(View entire collection)

Beauty Shop Canvas
Butterfly Canvas in Navy
Butterfly Canvas in Pink

Sulky Thread
Cotton and Steel Thread in a Full 100 Spool Set

Lil Monsters
Sugar in Pink
Party in Grey
Party in Mint
Party in Orange
Dress Up in Peach
(View entire collection)

Pigment in Marigold
Pigment in Fog
Pigment in Citron
Pigment in Plum

Cozy Brushed Twill
Teddy and The Bears Brushed Twill in Pink
Dream Owl Brushed Twill in Night
Dream Owl Brushed Twill in Mint
Teddy and The Bears Brushed Twill in Blue

My Favorite Sweater in Natural
My Favorite Sweater in Blue
Snow Babies in Neon
Painted Dots in Blue
Kaleidescope in Red
(View entire collection)

Teddy and The Bears in Mint
My Favorite Sweater in Neutral
Dream Owl Brushed Twill in Mint
My Favorite Sweater in Orange
Luminous in Lilac
(View entire collection)

Black and White 3
Roller Rink in Neon Pink
Sea Farer in Gold Metallic
Double Dots in Dark Grey
Night Swim in Black
Snacks in Natural
(View entire collection)

SS Bluebird
Plink Plink in Black
Unicorn Rice in Blue
Tied In Knots in Blue
Morse Code in Blue
Sailor Ink in Blue
(View entire collection)

Add It Up
Add It Up in Glow
Add It Up in Lip Gloss
Add It Up in Mint
Add It Up in Indigo
Add It Up in Party Hat
(View entire collection)

Checkers Woven Basics
Large Gingham Yarn Dyed in Black
One Inch Gingham Yarn Dyed in Linen
Half Inch Gingham Yarn Dyed in Chalkboard
One Inch Gingham Yarn Dyed in Navy
Half Inch Gingham Yarn Dyed in Black
(View entire collection)

Black and White 2
Disco Fruit in Black

Cutlery in Periwinkle
Tea Stained Dots in Blue
Paper Cuts in Natural
Cutlery in Ivory
Tigerheart in Sapphire
(View entire collection)

Solid Lawns
Solid Lawn in Black Cat
Solid Lawn in Peaches
Solid Lawn in Fedora
Solid Lawn in Indigo
Solid Lawn in Toy Boat
(View entire collection)

Sprinkle in Corduroy
Sprinkle in Peacock
Sprinkle in Summercamp
Sprinkle in Black Cat
Sprinkle in Petal
(View entire collection)

Cotton and Steel Black and White
Sunday Dress in Black and White
Meet your Match in Black and White
Floral Geo in Black and White

Ephemera Double Gauze in Neutral
Ephemera Double Gauze in Green
Ephemera Double Gauze in Peach

XOXO in Plummy Silver
Basics Color Card in Swatches
XOXO in Flamingo
XOXO in Dandelion
XOXO in Chocolate Chip
(View entire collection)

Dottie in Lagoon
Dottie in Tangerine
Dottie in Dove
Basics Color Card in Swatches
Dottie in Jean Jacket

Kimberly Kight

Snap To Grid
Snap to Grid in Black
Little Pill Dot in Lemon Yellow
Little Pill Dot in Ice Blue
80s Party in Black
Terrazzo in Cream
(View entire collection)

Yours Truly
Tying the Knot in Midnight
Wee Flowers in Navy
Strawberry in Peach
Heartburst in Gold Metallic
Love Nest in Orchid
(View entire collection)

Penny Arcade
Pocket Change in Petunia

Lucky Strikes
Score Card in Blue Green
Domino Plaid in Navy
Domino Plaid in Pink
Ladies League in Gold
Score Card in Dark Plum
(View entire collection)

Boxers in Navy
Window Vine in Pink
Paneling in Blue
Paneling in Pink

Melody Miller

Pin Dot Rayon Lawn in Indigo
Little Kicks in Aqua
Pin Dot Rayon Lawn in Pink
Socks in Pink
Cleats in Red
(View entire collection)

Kicks Rayon Lawn Blend
Pin Dot Rayon Lawn in Indigo
Pin Dot Rayon Lawn in Pink

All Made Up in Peach
Confetti Border in Yellow Metallic
Crinoline in Grey Metallic
Lanterns in Blue
Crinoline in Neon Pink
(View entire collection)

Whistles in Pink
Candy Necklace in Periwinkle

Ant March in Blue
Picnic Blanket in Red
Picnic Basket in Blue

Memory in Aqua
Memory in Pink

Rashida Coleman Hale

Nanners Lawn in Blush
Lemur Forest in Orchid
Speckles in Mustard
Leafy Wonder in Navy
Unbeleafable in Blue
(View entire collection)

Lagoon Lawn
Nanners Lawn in Yellow
Nanners Lawn in Blush

Kujira and Star
Trajectory in Fog
Waves in Sand Dollar
Whale Dance in Salt Water
Trajectory in Starfish
Flotsame and Jetsam in Navy
(View entire collection)

Rainwalk in Bubblegum

Braidy in Teal
Wall Hangings in Blush
Owl Bead There in Tomato
Knotty in Midnight
Hang It Up in Grey
(View entire collection)

Fragile in Dust
Fragile in Orchid

Rifle Paper Co

Menagerie Canvas
Tapestry Canvas in Midnight Metallic
Royal Peacock Canvas in Navy Metallic
Monstera Canvas in Natural
Tapestry Canvas in Natural Metallic
Jungle Canvas in Hunter

Jardin De Paris Rayon in Mint
Paradise Garden in Midnight
Birch Rayon in Eggplant
Celestial Lawn in Blush Metallic
Watercolor in Multi
(View entire collection)

Menagerie Lawn
Celestial Lawn in Navy Metallic
Celestial Lawn in Blush Metallic

Menagerie Rayon
Jardin De Paris Rayon in Navy
Birch Rayon in Eggplant
Tapestry Rayon in Navy
Jardin De Paris Rayon in Mint

Menagerie Rayon Lawn Blend
Paradise Garden Rayon Lawn in Coral
Monstera Rayon Lawn in Midnight

Wonderland Canvas
Magic Forest Canvas in Charcoal Metallic
Magic Forest Canvas in Navy
Wonderland Canvas in Navy Metallic
Wonderland Canvas in Light Blue Metallic
Magic Forest Canvas in Natural

Procession in Neutral
Garden Party in Navy
Mad Tea Party in Neutral
Magic Forest Canvas in Natural
Rose Garden in Moss Metallic
(View entire collection)

Wonderland Rayon
Paint Roses Rayon in Orange
Magic Forest Rayon in Ruby
Magic Forest Rayon in Blue
Paint Roses Rayon in Black

Les Fleurs Canvas
Folk Birds Canvas in Black
Folk Birds Canvas in Peach
Folk Horse Canvas in Coral

Les Fleurs Lawn
City Toile Lawn in Peach Metallic
City Toile Lawn in Pale Blue Metallic

Les Fleurs Rayon
Birch Floral Rayon in Enamel
Birch Floral Rayon in Periwinkle

Les Fleurs
Folk Horse Canvas in Coral
Tapestry in Rose
Rosa in Peach
Tapestry in Black
City Toile Lawn in Peach Metallic
(View entire collection)

Sarah Watts

Magic Forest
Squirrels in Neutral
Foxes in Grey
Unicorns in Yellow
Unicorns in Noir
Foxes in Coral
(View entire collection)

Sleep Tight
Big Roar in Neutral
Maps in Grey
Stardust in Grey Metallic
Stardust in Matte Black
Tines in White
(View entire collection)

Cat Lady
Kitten Mittens in Blue

Mezzanine in Cream and Coral

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