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 Home / Fabric Manufacturers / Camelot Cottons

Camelot Cottons
Alisse Courter

Twig in Iron
Damask in Spearmint
Fern in Golden
Floral Row in Charcoal
Tossed Flowers in Charcoal
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Sprigs in Chartreuse
Vines in Iron
Gerbers in Grey
Sprigs in Deep Pink
Meadow in Iron
(View entire collection)

Allison Cole

What a Gem
Gems in Navy
Flowers in Coral
Dreamcatchers in Emerald
Succulents in Dark Grey
Geo Braid in Navy
(View entire collection)

Happy Camper Quilting Flannel
Tribal in Orange
Camping Trip in Turquoise
Nature Study in Blue
Teepees + Tents in Orange
Teepees + Tents in White
(View entire collection)

Camelot Cottons House Designer

Marvel Comic II
Action in Black
Comic Blocks in Sunshine
Characters in Red
Spiderman in Multi
Icons in Blue
(View entire collection)

Scallops in Navy
Ogee in Zinc
Ogee in Mint
Ogee in Orchid
Ikat in Navy
(View entire collection)

Apples in Green
Concord Grape in Violet
Lemons in Zest
Sprinkles in Pink Sugar
Strawberries in White
(View entire collection)

Lattice in Coral
Lattice in Stone
Chevron in Blue
Triangle Gradient in Grapefruit
Clover in Stone
(View entire collection)

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Golden Uniforms in Golden
Red Uniforms in Red
Blue Uniforms in Blue
Badges in Black
Enterprise in Red
(View entire collection)

Rise and Shine
Loops in Teal
Neat in Mustard
Neat in Gray
Diamonds in Teal
Loops in Stone
(View entire collection)

Pastel Me More
Geo Scales in Grey
Triangles in Topaz
Waves in Geranium
Geo Scales in Topaz
Waves in Pale Grey
(View entire collection)

Paddington Bear
Tonal Paddington in Grey
Making a Mess in Grey
Tiles in Marina
Toile in Pink
Making a Mess in Pink
(View entire collection)

Hexagons in Grey
Weave in Sand
Fretwork in Sand
Lozenges in Tide
Hexagons in Tide
(View entire collection)

Ogee in Grapefruit
Neat in Indigo
Ogee in Indigo
Lattice in Indigo
Tiles in Mustard
(View entire collection)

Fretwork in Bali
Ikat in Bali
Fretwork in Chamomile
Tessellation in Bali
Knit Stitch in Chamomile
(View entire collection)

Black and Tan
Fretwork in White
Lattice in Cognac and Black
Zebra in Black and White
Zebra in Marigold
Chevron Trellis in Black and Cognac
(View entire collection)

Star Wars III
Characters in Blue
The Millenium Falcon in Blue
Logo in Black
Vintage Poster in Blue
Comic Strip in Multi
(View entire collection)

Ultimate Spiderman II
Spiders in Gray
Amazing Spiderman in Ruby
Chevron in Navy
Chevron in Ruby
Urban Hero in Multi
(View entire collection)

Houndstooth in Metallic Gold
Confetti Dots in Black
Confetti Dots in White
Herringbone in White
Jumbo Hoops in Black on Black
(View entire collection)

Amor Chevron in Pink
Galley in Chartreuse
Aphrodites Garden in Gray
Greek Cross in Pink
Baubles in Pink
(View entire collection)

Ruche in Taupe
Ruche in Navy
Mod Weave in Taupe
Kennedy in Pink
Nouveau Knit in White
(View entire collection)

Stamps in Red
Skydiving in Gray
Stamps in Gray
Trip in Cream
Traveling Elephants in Turquoise
(View entire collection)

Mint to Be
Ombre in Navy
Rococo in Orange
Floral Damask in Orange
Mosaic in Navy
Ombre in Orange
(View entire collection)

Star Wars The Dark Side
Rebel Alliance in Blue
The Rebellion in Blue
Galactic Empire in Red

Monkeys in Yellow
Monkeys in Turquoise

Labrador in Blue

Day at the Zoo
Peek a Boo Animals in Natural
Peek a Boo Animals in Light Blue
Peek a Boo Animals in Green

Cinnamon Joe Studio

Lets Go
Feathers in White
Polka Dots in White
Foxes in Light Orange
Critters in Orange
Critters in Blue
(View entire collection)

Petite Plume
Blooms in Coral
Fan Feathers in Coral
Floral in Chartreuse
Peacocks in Coral
Love Birds in Blue
(View entire collection)

Heather Rosas

Sea Life
Triangles in Bali
Ripples in Cream
Seaweed in Stone
Fishies in Bali
Starfish in Bali
(View entire collection)

Its a Birds Life
Floral in Iron
Songbird Village in Yellow
Floral in White
Songbird Village in Iron
Lattice in Pink
(View entire collection)

Birds in Cream
Garden in Cream
Birds in Ruby
Daisies in Grapefruit
Spring Blossoms in Cream
(View entire collection)

Gnomes in Pink
Pixie Town in White
Enchanted Oaks in Pink
Apple Houses in Deep Burgundy
Butterflies and Flowers in Blue
(View entire collection)

Monster Mash
Party Monsters in Brown
Party Monsters in Blue
Hide and Seek in Cream
Hide and Seek in Blue
Hide and Seek in Orange
(View entire collection)

Bumper 2 Bumper
Road Signs in Green

Jacqueline Savage Mcfee

Heavy Metal
Zebra in Gold Metallic
Lattice in Silver Metallic
Zebra in Silver Metallic
Lattice in Gold Metallic
Stripe in Silver Metallic
(View entire collection)

Opposites Attract
Honeycomb in Black
Scroll in Black
Chevron and On in Reverse
Ditsy Dot in White
Honeycomb in White
(View entire collection)

Singin the Blues
Lattice in Navy and Multi
Hexagons in Blue
Drops in Blue
Herringbone in White
Ogee in Topaz
(View entire collection)

Mint Condition
Trellace in Mint
Ladders in Dark Grey
Posies in Mint
Ladders in White
Hexagons in Light Grey
(View entire collection)

Gray Matters
Cheerios in Yellow
Paisley in Gray
Polka Dot in Gray
Diamond Ikat in Gray
Paisley in White
(View entire collection)

Paisley Please
Stripe in Multi
Tapestry in White
Solid Paisley in Coral
Floral Paisley in White
Solid Paisley in White
(View entire collection)

Jane Farnham

Peacock Garden
Wavy Train in Spearmint
Scattered Feathers in Spearmint
Drops in Lime
Aviary in Royal
Plumage in Royal
(View entire collection)

Love Letters
Alphabet Panel in Midnight
Floral in White
Ditsy Twig in White
Floral in Midnight
Ditsy Twig in Green
(View entire collection)

Beyond the Backyard
Daisy Mosaic in Purple
Daisy Mosaic in Turquoise
Daisy Mosaic in White
Flora Tiles in White
Flora Tiles in Pink
(View entire collection)

Fruit Stand
Fruit Market in Indigo
Fruit Market in Light Coral
Geo in Dark Coral
Apples in Citron
Apples in Light Coral
(View entire collection)

Vita Mechachonis

Take Flight
Signals in Dark Taupe

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