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Art Gallery
AGF Studio

Chic Flora
Fashion Scent in Electric
Joie de Clair in Joie de Clair
Leaflets in Midnight
Innocent Charm in Acai
Interlaced in Rouge
(View entire collection)

Teensy Weensy in Pine
Dream Clouds in Clear
Furry Tales in Minty
Floral Frolic in Apricot
Cottontails in Jade
(View entire collection)

Triangularity in Topaz
Triangularity in Moon
Triangularity in Stardust
Fancy Buttons in Purple
Love Notes in Retro
(View entire collection)

Hexa in Turquoise
Flora in Turquoise
Flora in Honeycomb
Prisma in Watermelon
Darts in Noir
(View entire collection)

Angela Walters

Athena Voile
Acropolis Columns Voile in Gilt

Grand Olimpo in Ivory
Acropolis Columns in Gilt
Draped Volute in Ocean
Laureate in Deep
Crosshatch in Marble
(View entire collection)

Athena Knit
Asteria Knit in Ecru
Crosshatch Knit in Chromite

Gemmed Pathways in Sea
Aquatic Lace in Sapphire
Island Droplets in Sky
Latticework in Azure
Island Droplets in Celeste
(View entire collection)

Ancestree in Mineral
Stitched Heritage in Glow
Grand Mosaic in Lime
Decoratifs in Spearmint
Familiar Roots in Willow
(View entire collection)

Cobblestones in Kiwi
Crosshatch in Silver
Swirls in Citrus
Right Angles Panel in Multi
Swirls in Pearl
(View entire collection)

April Rhodes

Tomahawk Stripe in Night
Tomahawk Stripe Knit in Night
Crystal Arrowheads in Desert Crystal
Triangle Tokens in Agave
Canyon Wall in Canyon
(View entire collection)

Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery Knits
Stamped Grove Knit in Daylight
Dotted Boulevard Knit in Black
Flutter Folds Knit in Spark
Ripples Knit in Pond
Elephant Skyline Knit in Morning
(View entire collection)

Squared Elements
Squared Elements in Honeycomb
Squared Elements in Citrine
iPhone 4 / 4s Case in Squared Elements
Squared Elements in Noir
Squared Elements in Shadow
(View entire collection)

Urban Mod
Mural Van in Mauve
Corcheterie Street in Olivine
Stenciled Retro in Gold
Triangularity in Topaz
Roundabout by in Night
(View entire collection)

Acqua di Rose in Jade
Notes in Pink Pepper
Fragrant Corsage in Snow
Acqua di Rose in Bleu
Trellis in Gentian
(View entire collection)

Art Gallery Voile
Impressions in Beige
Impressions in Sachet
Wild Beauty in Pineapple
Mojave in Illuminated
Spirodraft Voile in Ocre
(View entire collection)

Bari J. Ackerman

Emmy Grace Knit
Stitched Road Knit in Beryl
Gillie Wishes Knit in Sweet
Ripples Knit in Rose
Ripples Knit in Pond

Emmy Grace
Gillie Wishes in Sweet
Painted Ladies in Flutter
Knotty in Sunbeam
Gillie Wishes Knit in Sweet
Ripples in Pond
(View entire collection)

Emmy Grace Voile
Floral Floats Voile in Fresh
Budquette Voile in Nightfall

Bohemian Charms in Cream
Divine Gypsy in Ivory
Exotic Bandana in Sahara
Into the Wild in Lilac
Into the Wild in Cedar
(View entire collection)

Splendor 1920
Knotted Trellis in Gold
Knotted Trellis in Olive
Tea Delights in Honey
Grandeur in Mist
Nouveau Geo in Blue
(View entire collection)

Lilly Belle
Henna Stripe in Mustard
Rattan Bleu in Blush
Lacis in Blueberry
Lacis in Spiceberry
Garden Rocket in Ruby
(View entire collection)

Bonnie Christine

Winged Knits
Plumage Knit in Poppy
Flyaway Petalums Knit in Sky
Plumage Knit in Apricot
Frilly Flutters Knit in Mist

Winged Voile
Aves Chatter Voile in Dim
Nesting Blooms Voile in Warm

Wingspan in Melon
Flyaway Petalums in Sky
Mimicry in Hazel
Frilly Flutters in Creme
Plumage in Apricot
(View entire collection)

Sweet as Honey
Honeycomb in Marmalade
Cherished Deer in Bergamot
Rooted in Midnight
Honeycomb in Nectar
Beekeeper in Lime
(View entire collection)

Branchlets in Porcelain
Enamored in Melon
Meadow in Gold
Keepsakes in Rosemary
Pendants in Limestone
(View entire collection)

Frances Newcombe

Cherie Knits
Les Points Knit in Rose
Tree Fleur Knit in Blanc
Bon Voyage Knit in Lumiere
En Route Knit in Gravel

Joie De Vivre in Beryl
Motif in Avant Garde
Decoupage in Couleur
Bon Voyage Knit in Lumiere
Bon Voyage in Lumiere
(View entire collection)

Cherie Voile
Plummet Voile in Magnolia
Tree Fleur Voile in Sombre

Safari Moon
Forest Leaves in Larkspur
Soaring Free in Cloudy
Village Horizon in Rise
Tribal Stripe in Grass
Forest Leaves in Raspberry
(View entire collection)

Jeni Baker

Geometric Bliss Knit
Polygons Knit in Callalily
Parallel Segments Knit in Quartz
Spherical Buds Knit in Aqua
Radical Blooms Knit in Blush

Geometric Bliss Voile
Spherical Buds Voile in Peach
Mobius Stripe Voile in Warm

Geometric Bliss
Spherical Buds Knit in Aqua
Vertex Tulips in Mint
Vertex Tulips in Sweet
Cuboid in Cobalto
Fractal Garland in Black
(View entire collection)

Dreamin Vintage
Bloomery in Nectarine
Tonal Melodie in Fresh
Lazy Daisy in Raspberry
Mod Pop in Lavender
Lazy Daisy in Plum
(View entire collection)

Whimsicol in Mist
Poppy Fields in Merlot
Poppy Fields in Caviar
Tartan Spirit in Velvet
Tulip Vines in Mint
(View entire collection)

Katarina Roccella

Threaded Shreds Knit in Mamey
Doiland Gloss in Silver
Flutter Folds in Ash
Doiland Gloss in Plum
Papered Phrases in Cloudy
(View entire collection)

Indelible Voile
Spirodraft Voile in Ocre
Floret Stains Voile in Mulberry

Indelible Knit
Threaded Shreds Knit in Mamey
Flutter Folds Knit in Spark
Stamped Grove Knit in Daylight
Birdstencil Knit in AM

Leah Duncan

Manhattan in Dawn
Central Park in Breeze
NY Circuit in Teal
Rush Hour in Rose
City Lights Voile in Night
(View entire collection)

Gramercy Knit
Commute Knit in Limo
NY Circuit Knit in Ashen
Rush Hour Knit in Tan
City Lights Knit in Day

Gramercy Voile
City Lights Voile in Night
Central Park Voile in Breeze

Leas Bloom in Clearwater
Geos in Bright Mandarin
Savanna Glow in Mint
Freshly Cut in Hyacinths
Summer Grove in Day
(View entire collection)

Mojave in Opaque
Floras Oasis in Rosa
Meadow Vale in Bright
Sand Dunes in Sienna
Sand Dunes in Golden
(View entire collection)

Pat Bravo

Falling in Cloudberry
Billowing Petals in Rouge
Ditsy in Radiance
New Look in Coral
Rethread in Rose Peach
(View entire collection)

Wheels in Sweet
Girl About Town in Rose
Passionate Spirit in Mist
Illusion in Dust
Passionate Spirit in Water
(View entire collection)

Bonbons in Candy
Wild Beauty in Pineapple
Hypnotic Paramour in Rose
Vivacious Marvel in Cherry
Euphloria in Coral
(View entire collection)

Carnaby St
Go Go London in Powdery
Squared Elements in Kings Road Turquoise
Soho Dandy in Nocturnal
Psychedelia in Peridot
Brit Boutique in Royal
(View entire collection)

Rock n Romance
Wild Heart in Daring
Stardust in Midnight
Rebel Cherie in Kisses
Stardust in Dusk
Stardust in Twilight
(View entire collection)

Royal Nature in Mist
Artist Kisses in Pastel
Marqueterie in Ginger
Geisha in Bliss
Wonderlust in Soleil
(View entire collection)

Artisan in Emerald
Weaving in Sol
Fridas Dream in Bright
Fridas Dream in Red
Weaving in Verde
(View entire collection)

Daydreaming in Sunshine
Retro Harmony in Cocoa
Naivety in Cream
Naivety in Berry
Malibu in Kiss
(View entire collection)

Serenade in Moon Light
Heartbeats in Radiant
Heartbeats in Cool
Spirited Verse in Azure
Serenade in Daylight
(View entire collection)

Fashionable in Rouge
Contempo Blooms in Warm
A la Mode in Chocolate
Mod Vines in Aqua
Impressions in Capri
(View entire collection)

Fashion Mood in Bright
Sequins in Turquoise
Sequins in Amethyst
Beaded Gems in Topaz
Beaded Gems in Quartz
(View entire collection)

Bohemian Soul
Destiny Road in Palm
Destiny Road in Ocher
Twirls in Sun
Tribal in Terra
Endless Dream in Hay
(View entire collection)

Pure Elements
Solid in Light Gray
Solid in Honeydew
Solid in Empire Yellow
Solid in Cabernet
Solid in Spruce
(View entire collection)

Bazaar Style
Mosaic in Cream
Moorish Rug in Green
Bellydancer in Sky
Gems in Terra
Medallion in Iron
(View entire collection)

Dreaming in French
Femme Fatale in Dark
French Curls in Soft
Coquette in Berry

Sparkles in Teal
Chic Paper in Light
Tiny Buds in Fresh
Squared Fashion in Pink
Showers in Morning
(View entire collection)

Oval Elements
Oval Elements in Green Apple
Oval Elements in Crocus
Oval Elements in Licorice
Oval Elements in Blue Lagoon
Oval Elements in Mood Indigo
(View entire collection)

Shrubs in Serene
Organic Leaves in Light
Serpentine in Blushy
Glowing Daisies in Night
Carnations in Terra

Alhambra II
Granada Arches in Cream
Arabesque Buds in Ivory
Cashmere Cameo in Garden
Palace Conversation in Berry
Arabesque Buds in Green

Girly Girl
Garden in Gold
Vines in Olive
Reflections in Cream

Nature Elements
Nature Elements in Moss
Nature Elements in Dusty Mauve
Nature Elements in Green Tea
Nature Elements in Seawater
Nature Elements Color Card in Swatches
(View entire collection)

Sara Lawson

Jungle Ave
Dotted Boulevard Knit in Black
Greenhouse Lane in Teal
Elephant Skyline Knit in Morning
Neighborhoods in Pink
Word on the Street in Pink
(View entire collection)

Sarah Watson

Indian Summer
Basket of in Wheat
Wilderness in Rose
Shimmer Creek in Blue
Bullseye in Mint
Drops of in Clay
(View entire collection)

Luxe in Bloom
Petite Petalie in Lapis
Dandelions in Dusk
Boucherouite in Blush
Jeweled Peony in Astral
Dandelions in Dawn
(View entire collection)

Sew Caroline

Springs Sun Knit in Yellow
Springs Breeze in Multi
Untangled Ribbons Knit in Multi
After the Rain Voile in Navy
Preppy Fleurs in Navy
(View entire collection)

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