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 Home / Fabric Designers / Timeless Treasures

Timeless Treasures House Designer

Russian Dolls
Crosshatch Sketch in Coral
Plaid in Multi
Crosshatch Sketch in Citron
Geo in Orchid
Russian Dolls in Black

Retro Geek
Retro Geek in Charcoal
Cassette Tapes in Aqua
Glasses in White

Cat and Mouse
Paw Prints in Black
Crosshatch Sketch in Smoke
Paw Prints in White
Crosshatch Sketch in Pink
Cat and Mouse in Grey

Pretty Unicorns
Pretty Unicorns in Lilac
Geo in Orchid
Geo in Berry
Crosshatch Sketch in Pink
Dreaming in Pearle in Lilac

Little Red
Tossed Red Riding Hood in Cream
Wolf in Mustard
Crosshatch Sketch in Pine
Crosshatch Sketch in Ruby
Crosshatch Sketch in Smoke
(View entire collection)

Woodland Gathering
Butterflies in Navy
Sitting Foxes in Brown
Woodland Owls in Black
Crosshatch Sketch in Navy
Woodland Owls in Cream
(View entire collection)

Under the Stars
Smores in Green
Constellations in Charcoal
Sleeping Bags in Cream
Camping in Cream
Motorhomes in Pink

Eskimo Kiss
Crosshatch Sketch in Grey
Mini Polar Bears in Aqua
Patchwork in Brown
Crosshatch Sketch in Sky
Mini Whales in White
(View entire collection)

Owl Be Seeing You
Sketch Dot in Sorbet
Leaves in White
Ziggy Sorbet in Sorbet
Mini Dot in Sorbet
Chevron in Mango
(View entire collection)

Deep Sea
Coral in Blue
Octopus in White
Deep Sea Patchwork in Navy
Map in Blue
Starfish in Navy
(View entire collection)

Floral with Birds in Ochre
Butterflies in Straw
Marble Texture in Autumn
Ditsy Floral in Plum
Brushstroke Floral in Plum

Seahorses in White
Sailboats in Sapphire
Lighthouses in White
Seashells in Sapphire
Beach Scenic in White
(View entire collection)

Hey Sailor
Eighth Inch Bias Stripe in Blue
Mini Sailboats in Royal
Nautical Motifs in Blue
Eighth Inch Bias Stripe in Red
Sailboats in Sun
(View entire collection)

Dreaming in Pearle
Dreaming in Pearle in Poppy
Dreaming in Pearle in Gold
Dreaming in Pearle in Pine
Dreaming in Pearle in Cloud
Dreaming in Pearle in Latte
(View entire collection)

Mini Animals
Butterflies in Navy
Snails in Cream
Moose in Red
Owls in Cream
Sitting Foxes in Brown
(View entire collection)

Pocket Arcade
Pocket Arcade in Black
Icons in Black
Invaders in Black
Candy in Black

Thumbprint Owls in White
Woodland Owls in Cream
Woodland Owls in Black

Ophelia Border Stripe in Grey
Ophelia Dot in Pewter
Ophelia Scroll in Oyster
Ophelia Floral in Grey
Ophelia Dot in Vanilla

Apple of My Eye
Leaves in White
Raindrops in Multi
Tossed Apples in White

Handwriting in Cream
Books in Multi
Handwriting in Black

Mini Sports
Mini Bingo in White
Mini Billiards in Green
Mini Bicycles in White
Mini Playing Cards in White
Mini Bowling in Tan
(View entire collection)

Funky Owls
Funky Owls in Purple
Crosshatch Sketch in Cream
Crosshatch Sketch in Pool
Funky Owls in White
Funky Owls in Cream

Rain Basic
Rain Basic in Lemongrass
Rain Basic in Sand
Rain Basic in Ecru
Rain Basic in Navy
Rain Basic in Cream

Tonga Batik Zig Zag
Zig Zag in Storm
Zig Zag in Jungle
Zig Zag in Berry
Zig Zag in Fuschia

Coastal and Beach
Mini Octopii in Blue
Mini Whales in White
Mini Anchors in Navy
Mini Crabs in Navy
Mini Lobsters in White
(View entire collection)

Rain Basic in Cream
Retro Birds in Brown
Retro Birds in Orange
Woodstock Animals in Cream
Stitched Swirl in Gold

Foxy Owl
Chevron in White/Black
Chevron in Brite
Chevron in Multi
Chevron in Black/White
Foxes in Black
(View entire collection)

Zig Zag
Zig Zag in Peony
Zig Zag in White Black
Zig Zag in Bright
Zig Zag in Grey
Zig Zag in USA
(View entire collection)

Hoos in My Tree in White
Tiny Elephants in White

Day in the Park
Flags in White

Moustaches in Black
Wingtips in Grey
Cigars in Black

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed
Woodland Scene in Cream
Tossed Owls in Black
Tossed Owls in Cream

Sewing & Knitting Novelties
Quilting News in White
Sewing Machines in Multi
Knitting Stripes in Multi
Keep Calm in Multi

Crosshatch Sketch
Crosshatch Sketch in Steel
Crosshatch Sketch in Crimson
Crosshatch Sketch in Citron
Crosshatch Sketch in Royal
Crosshatch Sketch in Spice
(View entire collection)

Grand Opera
Music in Cream

Adult Novelty
Bowties in Black
Retro Lovers in multi
Vintage Glasses in Black
Newspaper in White
Wordfind in White
(View entire collection)

Paris in Cream
April in Paris Collage in Antique
Paris News in Linen
Paris in Sepia
Paris Valentine in Antique
(View entire collection)

Childrens Novelty
Eluvphants in Pink
Mini Hedgehogs in Tan
Tiny Elephants in White
Mini Russian Nesting Dolls in White
Mini Turtles in Black
(View entire collection)

Totally 80s
Retro Geek in Charcoal
Boombox in White
Glasses in White
Mix Tape in Multi
Cassette Tapes in Aqua

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