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 Home / Fabric Designers / Riley Blake Designs

Riley Blake Designs

2015 Knits
Aztec Knit in Hot Pink
Quatrefoil  Knit in Aqua
Quatrefoil  Knit in Navy
Quatrefoil  Knit in Gray
Quatrefoil  Knit in Teal and Navy
(View entire collection)

2015 Designer Home Dec
All Star Main Home Dec in Red
Found Damask Home Dec in Red
All Star Main Home Dec in Cream
Found Main Home Dec in Red
Spice Main Home Dec in Green
(View entire collection)

Dinosaur Toss in Blue
Dinosaur Toss Knit in Blue
Dinosaur Main in Green
Dinosaur Main in Blue
Dinosaur Toss in Cream
(View entire collection)

Dinosaur Knit
Dinosaur Toss Knit in Cream
Dinosaur Toss Knit in Orange
Dinosaur Toss Knit in Blue

2015 Basics
Basics Quatrefoil in Black and Grey
Basics Star in Red
Basics Anchor in Gray
Basics Quatrefoil in Red and Hot Pink
Basics Anchor in Teal
(View entire collection)

On Our Way
Way Dots in Green
Way Dots in Red
Way Checkerboard in Red
Way Firetrucks in Teal
Way Signs in Teal
(View entire collection)

Knit Prints
Elephants Knit in Orange
Elephants Knit in Gray
Anchors Knit in Red
Oh Boy Main Knit in Yellow
Happy Flappers Main Knit in Brown
(View entire collection)

Small Wave in Pink and Gray
Wave in Lime
Tonal Wave in Aqua
Tonal Wave in Gray and Yellow
Small Wave in Black and Gray
(View entire collection)

Quatrefoil Medium in Aqua
Quatrefoil Medium in Navy
Quatrefoil Medium in Lime
Quatrefoil Medium in Orange
Quatrefoil Medium in Fuchsia
(View entire collection)

Sporty Tires in Red
Sporty Dots in Blue
Sporty Main in White
Sporty Glasses in Red
Sporty Numbers in Blue
(View entire collection)

Christmas Basics
Christmas Basic Dot in Blue
Christmas Basic Main in Pink
Christmas Basic Tree in Lime
Christmas Basic Tree in Blue
Christmas Basic Dot in Red
(View entire collection)

Basics Variety
Basic Solid in Barn Red

Tonal Basics
Swiss Dot in Cream
Small Dot in Black
Small Dot in Cream
Stitched Circle in White
Medium Dot in White
(View entire collection)

British Invasion
British Soldiers in Cream
British Main in Blue
Crown in Blue
British Soldiers in Blue
British Flag in Blue
(View entire collection)

Home Decor Basics
Found Label Home Dec in Gray
Wave in Gray
Wave in Red
Ornate Damask in Gray
Ornate Damask in Black
(View entire collection)

Quilted Backs
Medium Chevron with Small Dot in Girl
Mustaches with Medium Dot in Cream
Medium Chevron with Small Dot in Lime
Mustaches with Small Dot in White
Glasses with Small Dot in Offwhite
(View entire collection)

Houndstooth Medium in Christmas
Houndstooth Medium in Seafoam and Brown
Houndstooth Medium in Lavender
Houndstooth Medium in Gray
Houndstooth Medium Tone on Tone in Babypink and Gray
(View entire collection)

White on White Basics
Swiss Dot in White
Calico in White
Daisy in White
Small Chevron in White
Medium Dot in White
(View entire collection)

Black on Black Basics
Calico in Black
Medium Dot in Black
Small Dot in Black
Daisy in Black
Stitched Circle in Black

Cream on Cream Basics
Stitched Circle in Cream
Small Dot in Cream
Swiss Dot in Cream
Calico in Cream
Small Chevron in Cream
(View entire collection)

Pepe in Paris
Stamp in Lime
Mini Mustache in Gray
Stamp in Red
Stamp in Pink
Main in White
(View entire collection)

Holiday Banners 2
Holiday Cars in Gray
Holiday Birthday in White
Holiday Birthday in Blue

Sparkle Medium Tonal Dots in Red
Large Damask in Navy on White
Medium Damask in White on Red
Sparkle Crowns in Lime
Medium Damask in White on Aqua
(View entire collection)

Think Pink
Words in Cream
Dots in Cream
Words in Pink
Main in Cream
Floral in Pink
(View entire collection)

Giraffe Crossing
Dots in Cream
Trees in Cream
Giraffe in Cream
Main in Brown
Main in Teal
(View entire collection)

Holiday Banners
Spider Webs in Orange
Clover in Green
Patriotic Banner Panel in Blue
Hearts in Pink
Clover in White
(View entire collection)

Union Jack
Union Jack Squares Panel in Gray
Union Jack Panel in Purple
Union Jack Squares Panel in Orange
Union Jack Panel in Yellow
Union Jack Squares Panel in Blue
(View entire collection)

Shaded Chevron
Shaded Chevron Medium in Fall
Shaded Chevron Medium in League
Shaded Chevron Medium in Summer
Shaded Chevron Medium in Bark
Shaded Chevron Medium in Dolly
(View entire collection)

Hexi Print
Hexi in Gray
Hexi in Yellow
Hexi in Black
Hexi in Hot Pink
Hexi in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Chevron Dreamy
Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Brown
Medium Chevron in Lime
Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Yellow
Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Red
Medium Chevron in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Le Creme Basics
Medium Dot on Cream in Cream
Medium Dot on Cream in Baby Pink
Medium Dot on Cream in Lime
Medium Cream Dots in Baby Pink
Swiss Dot On Cream in Baby Pink
(View entire collection)

108 Inch Widebacks
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Dot in Boy
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Dot in Hot Pink
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Chevron in Boy
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Dot in Black
Wideback 107/108 Inch Medium Chevron in Girl
(View entire collection)

One Inch Stripes in Black
Half Inch Stripes in Aqua
Two Inch Stripes in Aqua
Half Inch Stripes in Gray
Two Inch Stripes in Orange
(View entire collection)

Knit Basics
Small Stripe Knit in Black
Medium Stripe Knit in Aqua
Quatrefoil  Knit in Gray and Yellow
Small Chevron Knit in Navy
Aztec Knit in Black
(View entire collection)

Chevron - 58 Wide
Medium Chevron in Aqua
Medium Chevron in Maroon and Gold
Small Chevron in Medium Blue
Medium Chevron in Gray
Medium Chevron in Patriotic
(View entire collection)

Cotton Dots Large
Large Dots in Rainbow

Ombre Dots
Ombre in Orange
Ombre in Aqua
Ombre in Gray
Ombre in Red

Large Chevron in Rainbow
Medium Chevron in Neon Pink
Small Chevron Tone on Tone in Hot Pink
Medium Chevron in Lavender
Medium Chevron in Red and Black
(View entire collection)

Honeycomb Dots in Orange
Swiss Dots in Lavender
Swiss Dots in Orange
Medium Dots in Boy
Honeycomb Dots Tone on Tone in Hot Pink
(View entire collection)

Medium Gingham in Navy
Large Gingham in Black
Large Gingham in Red
Medium Gingham in Brown
Small Gingham in Brown
(View entire collection)

Flannel Basics
Medium Chevron in Purple and Gold
Medium Dots in Navy
Medium Gingham in Aqua
Medium Chevron in Orange and Blue
Honeycomb Dot Flannel in Navy
(View entire collection)

Cross Stitch in Gray
Rulers in Blue
Crimp in Hot Pink
Cross Stitch in Blue

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