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Mod Basics

Argyle Me
Argyle Me in Caribe

Argyle Me in Mermaid

Argyle Me in Paprika

Argyle Me in Passion

Argyle Me in Sailor

Argyle Me in Taupe


Ariel in Aqua

Ariel in Citron


Atomic Orb
Atomic Orbs in Blue

Atomic Orbs in Paintbox

Atomic Orbs in Tangerine


Beatrice Weave
Beatrice Weave in Black

Beatrice Weave in Espresso

Beatrice Weave in Purple


Block Toss
Block Toss in Coral

Block Toss in Pastille

Block Toss in Pink


Cora in Green

Cora in Pink

Cora in Sorbet

Cora in Sunshine

Cora in Teal


Cute Plaid
Cute Plaid in Gray

Cute Plaid in Lagoon

Cute Plaid in Lime

Cute Plaid in Orange

Cute Plaid in Purple

Cute Plaid in Sorbet


Daisy Flowers
Daisy Flowers in Bloom

Daisy Flowers in Cocoa


Dandy Damask
Dandy Damask in Bloom

Dandy Damask in Candy

Dandy Damask in Charcoal

Dandy Damask in Rouge

Dandy Damask in Sprout


Divine Damask
Divine Damask in Gray


Dot n Square
Dot n Square in Acid

Dot n Square in Apple

Dot n Square in Orange

Dot n Square in Turquoise

Fannie in Aqua

Fannie in Citron


Fish Net
Fish Net in Azure

Fish Net in Indigo


Hearts All Over
Hearts All Over in Berry

Hearts All Over in Bloom

Hearts All Over in Purple

Hearts All Over in Raspberry

Heather in Boy

Heather in Citron

Heather in Jewel


Jemma Palette
Jemma in Aqua

Jemma in Green

Jemma in Lime

Jemma in Orange

Jemma in Orchid

Jemma in Pink

Jemma in Yellow


Kota in Azure


Lauren in Aqua

Lauren in Boy

Lauren in Citron

Lauren in Jewel

Lauren in Orchid

Lauren in Taupe


Mini Harlequin
Mini Harlequin in Aqua

Mini Harlequin in Princess

Mini Harlequin in Red

Mini Harlequin in Sea

Mini Harlequin in Watermelon


Mod Girls and Guys
Dont Be a Square in Bottle

Dont Be a Square in Navy


Moroccan Lattice
Moroccan Lattice in Aqua

Moroccan Lattice in Clementine

Moroccan Lattice in Cobalt

Moroccan Lattice in Ebony

Moroccan Lattice in Orange

Moroccan Lattice in Sorbet


Polygon Palette
Polygon in Sorbet

Polygon in Watermelon


Socks in Retro

Socks in Santa

Socks in Sorbet


Spa Ikat
Spa Ikat in Denim

Spa Ikat in Orange


Spot On
Spot On in Kryptonite


Star Jacks
Star Jacks in Coral

Star Jacks in Gray

Star Jacks in Kryptonite


Stitch Circle
Stitch Circle in Black

Stitch Circle in Charcoal

Stitch Circle in Citron

Stitch Circle in Haze

Stitch Circle in Midnite

Stitch Circle in Mustard

Stitch Circle in Navy

Stitch Circle in Orange

Stitch Circle in Passion

Stitch Circle in Peony

Stitch Circle in Teal


Stitch Petal
Stitch Petal in Petal

Stitch Petal in Sea


Stitch Square
Stitch Square in Black

Stitch Square in Charcoal

Stitch Square in Citron

Stitch Square in Ebony

Stitch Square in Haze

Stitch Square in Jewel

Stitch Square in Midnite

Stitch Square in Mint

Stitch Square in Mustard

Stitch Square in Navy

Stitch Square in Ocean

Stitch Square in Passion

Stitch Square in Peony

Stitch Square in Red

Stitch Square in Sea

Stitch Square in Stone

Stitch Square in Straw

Stitch Square in Teal

Stitch Square in Turquoise


String Theory
String Theory in Black

String Theory in Clementine


Sweet Hearts
Sweet Hearts in Bloom

Sweet Hearts in Red


Tile Pile
Tile Pile in Canary

Tile Pile in Dirt

Tile Pile in Gray

Tile Pile in Kryptonite

Tile Pile in Multi


Tiny Gingham
Tiny Gingham in Black

Tiny Gingham in Blossom

Tiny Gingham in Blue

Tiny Gingham in Camo

Tiny Gingham in Cherry

Tiny Gingham in Gray

Tiny Gingham in Mud

Tiny Gingham in Peri

Tiny Gingham in Purple

Tiny Gingham in Teal


Tiny Guitar Picks
Tiny Guitar Picks in Coral

Tiny Guitar Picks in Kryptonite


Trelliage in Aqua

Trelliage in Boy

Trelliage in Citron

Trelliage in Jewel

Trelliage in Marine

Trelliage in Midnite

Trelliage in Noir

Trelliage in Orchid

Trelliage in Passion

Trelliage in Peony

Trelliage in Straw

Trelliage in Taupe

Trelliage in Teal


Tweedle Dee Tile
Tweedle Dee Tile in Clementine


Dont Be a Square in Graphite

Madison in Tobacco

Marble in Onyx


Virginia in Aqua

Virginia in Orchid


Doodle Ditsy in Gray

Griselda in Clementine

Griselda in Gray

Houndstooth in Black

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