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 Home / Fabric Designers / Michael Miller

Michael Miller House Designer

Chic Chevron in Lagoon
Shi Shi Chevron in Hollyberry
Shi Shi Chevron in Primary
Mini Chic Chevron in Citrus
Chevy in Primary
(View entire collection)

Petite Paris
Eiffel Tower in Ebony
Petite Hearts in Wave
Petite Dandy Damask in Red
Eiffel Tower in Rose
Petite Hearts in Rose
(View entire collection)

Midnight Safari
Mini Lions in Black
Midnight Train in White
Diamonds in Their Eyes in Black
Freckled in White
Midnight Train in Black
(View entire collection)

Sun Tiles in Fog
Garden Landscapes in Multi
Sun Tiles in Shell
Pagoda Time in Coral
Sun Tiles in Coral
(View entire collection)

Clipdot in Rose
Clipdot in Spa
Clipdot in Black
Clipdot in Cream
Clipdot in White
(View entire collection)

Modern Print Basics
Pinhead in Navy
Kiss Dot in Garden
Tiny Houndstooth in Black
Everyday Houndstooth in Black
Kiss Dot in Cedar
(View entire collection)

Holiday Break
Star Jacks in Kryptonite
Star Jacks in Multi
Tiny Guitar Picks in Kryptonite
Holiday Break in Gray
Party Dots in Black
(View entire collection)

Mid Century Christmas
Socks in Santa
Dim Dots in Santa
Mid Century Christmas in Turquoise
Tea Dot in Red
Chevy in Garland

Candy Claus
Dumb Dot in Red
Thats All Stripe in Multi
Candy Claus in Aqua
Dumb Dot in Peppermint
Many Mini Gnomes in Blue

Flower Fairies
Petal Fairies Panel in Pink
Magical Evening in Purple
Fairy Frost in Celedon
Fairy Frost in Azalea
Magical Garden Fairies in Purple
(View entire collection)

Fairy Frost
Fairy Frost in Azalea
Fairy Frost in Purple
Fairy Frost in Natural
Fairy Frost in Blackberry
Fairy Frost in Hyacinth
(View entire collection)

Flock in Navy
Ta Dot in Passion
Ta Dot in Midnight
Flock in White
Ta Dot in Navy

Get Your Game On
Roll the Dice in Gray
Checkmate in Gray
Checkmate in Mermaid
Roll the Dice in Peach
Checkmate in Cherry
(View entire collection)

Flower Fairies From Dawn Till Dusk
Dusk Fairies Border in Starlight
Day Fairies in Sunkist
From Dawn Till Dusk Panel in Nite
Dawn Fairies in Sky

Spring Florals
Lattice Eyelet in Aqua
Eiffel Tower in Watermelon
Lattice Eyelet in Jewel
Lattice Eyelet in Starfruit
Flower Fields in Multi
(View entire collection)

Flower Fairies Seasons
Fairy Frost in Baby
Morning Panel in Apple
Alphabet Panel in Multi
Fairy Frost in Natural
Sunshine Fairies Panel in Sunny

Everyday Houndstooth in Ozone
Everyday Houndstooth in Magenta
Tiny Houndstooth in Purple
Tiny Houndstooth in Mango
Everyday Houndstooth in Sailor
(View entire collection)

Houndstooth and Friends
Bespoke Scotties in Boy
Tiny Trucks in Sailor
Unicorn Herd in Girl
Unicorn Houndstooth in Pink
Scottie Houndstooth in Nite
(View entire collection)

Monster Mash
Tiny Houndstooth in Aqua
Dumb Dot in Sky
Monster Mash in Navy
Tiny Houndstooth in Boy
Dumb Dot in Tangerine
(View entire collection)

Camp Out
Camp Out in Aqua
Mini Chic Chevron in Citrus
Pinhead in Limeade
Camp Out in White
Mini Chic Chevron in Spa
(View entire collection)

Make It Work
Make It Work in Tan
Couture in Seafoam

Frou Frou in Aqua
Bokashi Blossoms in Confection
Lattice Eyelet in Confection
Zelda in Gray
Bokashi Blossoms in Mist
(View entire collection)

Adorn Me
Adorn Me Panel in Spruce

Paris Prepsters
Shi Shi Chevron in Clementine
Little Plain Jane in Twilight
Gay Paree in Red
Dumb Dot in Turf
Dumb Dot in Midnight
(View entire collection)

Petal Pinwheels
Petal Pinwheels in Canary
Tile Pile in Dirt
Petal Garland in Seafoam
Tile Pile in Seafoam
Tile Pile in Kryptonite
(View entire collection)

Garden Path
Block Toss in Flamingo
Block Toss in Coral
Block Toss in Pastille
Block Toss in Pink
Garden Path in Pastille
(View entire collection)

The Littles
Little Lifesavers in Navy
Little Sailboats in Navy
Little Sailboats in Stream
Clown Stripe in Stream
Ta Dot in Pluto
(View entire collection)

Sleek Chevron Pearlized in Glitz
Chic Chevron Pearlized in Blush
Quarter Dot Pearlized in Glitz
Confetti Border Pearlized in Blush
Confetti Border Pearlized in Confection
(View entire collection)

Blue and White
Moroccan Lattice in Cobalt
Kota in Indigo
Cat Portraits in Blue
Fish Net in Cobalt
Kitten Play in Blue
(View entire collection)

Enchanted Castles
Hearts All Over in Berry
Hearts All Over in Raspberry
Kiss Dot in Aqua
Kiss Dot in Orange
Rainbows and Unicorns in Princess
(View entire collection)

Lattice Eyelet in Mist
Lattice Eyelet in Peony
Lattice Eyelet in White
Lattice Eyelet in Black
Lattice Eyelet in Midnite
(View entire collection)

Jug Or Not
Spoon Me in Vanilla
Spoon Me in Kryptonite

Pastel Pop
Fannie in Citron
Stitch Square in Peony
Water for Elephants in Orchid
Stitch Square in Citron
Libby in Citron
(View entire collection)

Gem Tones Color Story
Ta Dot in Loden
Trelliage in Passion
Stitch Square in Jewel
Chic Chevron in Jewel
Trelliage in Midnite
(View entire collection)

Crayon Box Color Story
Diddly Dot in Primary
Shi Shi Chevron in Primary
Space Station in Primary
Clown Stripe in Blue
Kiss Dot in Grass
(View entire collection)

Indo Ikat
Berani in Nite
Tika in Indigo
Indo Ikat Collage in Indigo
Hani in Cherry
Hani in Nite
(View entire collection)

Spring Fling
Spring is in the Air Panel in Black

Pirate Stripe in Butter
Elsie in Seafoam

Midnite Gems
Trelliage in Teal
Heather in Jewel
Trelliage in Jewel
Julie in Jewel
Maison in Jewel
(View entire collection)

Wild Horses
Tribal Blanket in Stone
Tribal Blanket in Teal
Diamond Prism in Honey
Diamond Prism in Cream
Tribal Blanket in Purple

Mod Girls and Guys
Dont Be a Square in Black
20 20 in Jewel
Purses Galore in Jewel
Madison in Luna
Dont Be a Square in Graphite
(View entire collection)

Elephant Romp
Clown Stripe in Watermelon
Elephant Romp in Pink
Ta Dot in Jewel
Clown Stripe in Fire
Elephant Romp in Candlelight
(View entire collection)

Norwegian Woods Too
Nuts for Dinner in Multi
Foxtrot in Purple
Cora in Teal
Hedgehoglets in Teal
Foxtrot in Jewel
(View entire collection)

Sing Song
Diddly Dot in Orchid
Diddly Dot in Brite
Clown Stripe in Luna
Sing Song in Yellow
Sing Song in White
(View entire collection)

Tea Room
Tea Room in Black
Tea Dot in Black
Tea Room Stripe in Periwinkle
Tea Room in Periwinkle
Tea Dot in Periwinkle
(View entire collection)

Park Slope
Park Slope in Black
Park Slope in Citron

Love to Sew
Cool Spools in Stone
Cool Spools in Teal
Cool Spools in Orange

Norwegian Woods
Acornucopia in Forest
Happy Hooters in Forest
Norwegian Woods in Forest
Scandi Leaves in Forest
Scandi Mushrooms in Forest
(View entire collection)

Wild Kingdom
Wild Leaves in Mint

Elephant Walk
Dumb Dot in Robins Egg
Dumb Dot in Sky
Dumb Dot in Limeade
Elephant Walk in Orchid
Dumb Dot in Charcoal
(View entire collection)

Wallflower Waltz
Wallflower Waltz in Clementine
Wallflower Waltz in Gray
Griselda in Clementine
Squiggle Bits in Gray
Pippa in Mermaid
(View entire collection)

Princess Land
Mini Cupcakes in Purple
Hearts All Over in Berry
Magic Unicorns in Lavender
Hearts All Over in Purple
Hearts All Over in Plum
(View entire collection)

Mini Harlequin in Watermelon
Jemma in Pink

Animal Friends
Kiss Dot in Blossom
Animal Friends in Primary
Kiss Dot in Pink
Animal Friends in Girl
Kiss Dot in Grass
(View entire collection)

Dino Roars
Dino Panel in Multi

Jemma in Yellow
Jemma in Green
Jemma in Aqua
Jemma in Orange
Jemma in Pink
(View entire collection)

Busy Bee
Play Stripe in Malibu
Busy Bee in Pink
Kiss Dot in Purple
Small World Floral in Pink
Kiss Dot in Aqua

Eiffel Tower
Clown Stripe in Sprout
Eiffel Tower in Watermelon
Dumb Dot in Watermelon
Dumb Dot in Princess
Dumb Dot in Sorbet
(View entire collection)

Ahoy Matey
Ropes End in Clementine
Ropes End in Navy
Mutiny On The Bunting in Turquoise
Rigging in Navy
Ahoy Matey in Navy
(View entire collection)

Butterfly Kisses
Kiss Dot in Pink
Kiss Dot in Purple
Kiss Dot in Blossom
Butterfly Kisses in Pink
Kiss Dot in Aqua
(View entire collection)

Mini Harlequin in Princess
Castles in the Sky in Pink

French Journal
Bleu Paris in Blue
Posh Paisley in Robbin's Egg
Anjou Pour Vous in Yellow
Posh Paisley in Yellow
Posh Paisley in Olive
(View entire collection)

Strawberry Tea Party
Tea Blooms in Pink
Blossom Berries in Pink
Strawberry Tea Party in Pink

Citron Gray Color Story
Little Plain Jane in Gray
Lolli Dot in Gray
Cotton Couture in Straw
Chevy in Citron
Cotton Couture in Starfruit
(View entire collection)

Lagoon Color Story
Ta Dot in Lagoon
Cotton Couture in Starfruit
Play Stripe in Lagoon
Chevy in Lagoon
Mini Chic Chevron in Lagoon
(View entire collection)

Prepsters Color Story
Little Plain Jane in Twilight
Dumb Dot in Grass
Quarter Dot in Twilight
Quarter Dot in Clementine
Dumb Dot in Wave
(View entire collection)

Aqua Red Color Story
Little Plain Jane in Aqua
Quarter Dot in Aqua
Sweet Hearts in Red
Ta Dot in Lipstick
Cotton Couture in Lipstick
(View entire collection)

Cream Puff Color Story
Cotton Couture in Bright White
Painters Canvas in Parchment
Solid in Cream
Cotton Couture in Khaki
Cotton Couture in Soft White
(View entire collection)

Holiday Color Story
Yule Trees in Multi

Happy Tones Color Story
Kiss Dot in Kiwi
Beatrice Weave in Purple
Polygon in Sorbet
Jemma in Purple
Kiss Dot in Mint
(View entire collection)

Urban Grit Color Story
Tiny Gingham in Mud
Cotton Couture in Dirt
Cotton Couture in Khaki
Cotton Couture in Taupe
Spa Ikat in Tan
(View entire collection)

Mod Prints
Zoology in Sea
Dollies in Pink
Little Plain Jane in Aqua
Bicycles in Citron
Courtney in Pink
(View entire collection)

Mod Basics
Hearts All Over in Purple
Tiny Guitar Picks in Coral
Dandy Damask in Sprout
Stitch Circle in Mustard
Madison in Acid
(View entire collection)

Ta Dot in Starfruit
Spotlight in Primary
Dumb Dot in Peppermint
Dim Dots in Vanilla
Hoopla Dot in Lagoon
(View entire collection)

Clown Stripe in Sprout
Clown Stripe in Coral
Play Stripe in Malibu
Party Animal in Black
Clown Stripe in Santa
(View entire collection)

Mini Cupcakes in Purple
Hearts All Over in Pink
Zoology in Dirt
Mini Cupcakes in Peony
Princess Land in Princess
(View entire collection)

Cotton Couture
Cotton Couture in Cappuccino
Cotton Couture in Primrose
Cotton Couture in Amethyst
Cotton Couture in Cranberry
Cotton Couture in Aqua
(View entire collection)

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