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 Home / Fabric Designers / Hawthorne Threads / Weathervane / Weathervane in Azalea

Weathervane in Azalea
Hawthorne Threads - Weathervane - Weathervane in Azalea
Unlimited yardage in stock!
Manufacturer: Hawthorne Threads (44769)
Designer: Hawthorne Threads
Collection: Weathervane
Print Name: Weathervane in Azalea
Horizontal repeat: 3.25 inches, Vertical repeat: 8.5 inches  
Each triangle is .5"

Our fabrics are digitally printed, learn more here.
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Angularity in Azalea

Arrowheads in Azalea

Arrows in Azalea

Arrows in Azalea on White

Astral Nights in Azalea

Basketweave in Azalea

Bear Silhouette in Azalea

Bengal Panel in Azalea

Bengal Quilt Panel in Azalea

Bengal Quilt Panel in Azalea on White

Big Birches in Azalea

Birches in Azalea

Broken Chevron in Azalea

Buffalo Plaid in Azalea

Cadence in Azalea

Candy Dot in Azalea

Candy Stripe in Azalea

Cascading Border in Azalea

Cat Silhouette in Azalea

Confetti in Azalea

Costa Rica Damask in Azalea

Cottontail Silhouette in Azalea

Crossroad in Azalea

Cubic in Azalea

Daisies in Azalea

Dash in Azalea

Deer Silhouette in Azalea

Deer Silhouette in Azalea on White

Doodle in Azalea

Dress Stripe in Azalea

Elemental in Azalea

Etched Stripe in Azalea

Fans in Azalea

Fans in Azalea on White

Fawn Silhouette in Azalea

Flock Silhouette in Azalea

Flock Silhouette in Azalea on White

Foliage in Azalea

Forget Me Not in Azalea

Fountainhead in Azalea

Fox Silhouette in Azalea

Geometry in Azalea

Half Moon Dot in Azalea

Hearts in Azalea

Hexie Bramble in Azalea

Hide and Seek in Azalea

Hide and Seek in Azalea on White

Hills in Azalea

Horse Silhouette in Azalea

Hummingbird Silhouette in Azalea

Iguana Silhouette in Azalea

Interlock in Azalea

Jadore Paris in Azalea

Jumbo Dot in Azalea

Lamb Silhouette in Azalea

Little Cutting Edge in Azalea

Little Tribal Stripe in Azalea

Mangrove Flowers in Azalea

Marble Dot in Azalea

Maui Maile Leaves in Azalea

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Azalea

Northern Reflections in Azalea

On Target in Azalea

Pawprint in Azalea

Peaks and Valleys in Azalea

Play Stripe in Azalea

Plume in Azalea

Radiate in Azalea

Rogue Stripe in Azalea

Shards in Azalea

Skipping Stones in Azalea

Small Buffalo Plaid in Azalea

Stag Silhouette in Azalea

Star Charts in Azalea

Star Charts in Azalea on White

Stardust in Azalea

Swan Silhouette in Azalea

Terrarium in Azalea

Terrarium in Azalea on White

Thatched in Azalea

Tiger Mosaic in Azalea

Tiny Dot in Azalea

Triangle Mosaic in Azalea

Triangulation in Azalea

Vanes in Azalea

Whale Silhouette in Azalea

Whiskers in Azalea


Weathervane in Agate

Weathervane in Aspen

Weathervane in Aubergine

Weathervane in Azurite

Weathervane in Berry

Weathervane in Blue Jay

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Weathervane in Brass

Weathervane in Breeze

Weathervane in Carnation

Weathervane in Celestial

Weathervane in Cerulean

Weathervane in Charcoal

Weathervane in Cornflower

Weathervane in Dahlia

Weathervane in Desert Rose

Weathervane in Dove

Weathervane in Dusk

Weathervane in Glacier Blue

Weathervane in Gold

Weathervane in Golden Canyon

Weathervane in Greenery

Weathervane in Honey

Weathervane in Indigo

Weathervane in Ink

Weathervane in Jade

Weathervane in Jungle

Weathervane in Kale

Weathervane in Lagoon

Weathervane in Lake

Weathervane in Lime

Weathervane in Marigold

Weathervane in Marine

Weathervane in Midnight

Weathervane in Mulberry

Weathervane in Olive

Weathervane in Onyx

Weathervane in Passion

Weathervane in Peacock

Weathervane in Pebble

Weathervane in Peony

Weathervane in Petal

Weathervane in Pistachio

Weathervane in Poppy

Weathervane in Powder Blue

Weathervane in Quartz

Weathervane in Robins Egg

Weathervane in Sage

Weathervane in Sand

Weathervane in Seafoam

Weathervane in Seaglass

Weathervane in Sky

Weathervane in Smoke

Weathervane in Sprout

Weathervane in Stone

Weathervane in Straw

Weathervane in Succulent

Weathervane in Sunshine

Weathervane in Surf

Weathervane in Taupe

Weathervane in Topaz

Weathervane in Tulip

Weathervane in Twilight

Weathervane in Wisteria

Weathervane in Zest

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