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 Home / Fabric Designers / AGF Studio

AGF Studio

Bachelorette Fusion
Tiny Dancer Rayon in Bachelorette
Dripping Paint in Bachelorette
Panache in Bachelorette
Tiny Dancer Knit in Bachelorette
Mudcloth in Bachelorette
(View entire collection)

Bachelorette Fusion Knit
Tiny Dancer Knit in Bachelorette
Flower Field Knit in Bachelorette
Garden Rocket Knit in Bachelorette

Bachelorette Fusion Rayon
Tiny Dancer Rayon in Bachelorette

Reverie Fusion
Sprayed Blooms in Reverie
Your Heart Knit in Reverie
Aves Chatter in Reverie
Cottontails in Reverie
Where The Heart Is Single Border in Reverie
(View entire collection)

Reverie Fusion Knit
Sprayed Blooms Knit in Reverie
Your Heart Knit in Reverie

Spices Fusion
Thrive in Spices
Impressions in Spices
Willow Blooms Knit in Spices
Paparounes Rayon in Spices
Plumage in Spices
(View entire collection)

Spices Fusion Knit
Paparounes Knit in Spices
Willow Blooms Knit in Spices

Spices Fusion Rayon
Paparounes Rayon in Spices

Woodlands Fusion
Pruning Roses in Woodlands
Buck Forest in Woodlands
Kladi Under in Woodlands
Paradis in Woodlands
Paradis Rayon in Woodlands
(View entire collection)

Woodlands Fusion Knit
Joie de Clair Knit in Woodlands
Timberland Knit in Woodlands

Woodlands Fusion Rayon
Paradis Rayon in Woodlands

Capsules Le Vintage Chic
Nostalgic in Romance
Amorous Manuscript in Romance
Picturesque Bloom in Vintage
Rustic Diamonds in Antique
Nova Meadow Double Border in Antique
(View entire collection)

Abloom Fusion
Seed Puffs in Abloom
Vintage Rush in Abloom
Naivety in Abloom
Budquette in Abloom
He Loves Me Knit in Abloom
(View entire collection)

Abloom Fusion Knit
Bohemian Charms Knit in Abloom
He Loves Me Knit in Abloom

Abloom Fusion Rayon
Budquette Rayon in Abloom

Boho Fusion
Cottagely Posy in Boho
Swifting Flora in Boho
Swifting Flora Knit in Boho
Acqua Di Rose in Boho
Acqua Di Rose Knit in Boho
(View entire collection)

Boho Fusion Knit
Acqua Di Rose Knit in Boho
Swifting Flora Knit in Boho

Boho Fusion Rayon
Swifting Flora Rayon in Boho

Ethereal Fusion
Sacred Seeds in Ethereal
Millefiori in Ethereal
Millefiori Rayon in Ethereal
Happily Ever After in Ethereal
Teensy Weensy in Ethereal
(View entire collection)

Ethereal Fusion Knit
Millefiori Knit in Ethereal
Wild Posy Knit in Ethereal

Ethereal Fusion Rayon
Millefiori Rayon in Ethereal

Joyful Fusion
Sandbox in Joyful
Letís Chalk in Joyful
Vivacious Marvel in Joyful
Go-Go London in Joyful
Orchard Blossom in Joyful
(View entire collection)

Joyful Fusion Knit
Letís Chalk Knit in Joyful
Bonbons Knit in Joyful

Joyful Fusion Rayon
Letís Chalk Rayon in Joyful

Capsules Mad Plaid
Summer Plaid in Skies
Classic Plaid in Mademoiselle
Blueberry Plaid Knit in Cobbler
Tuxedo Plaid in Strawberry
Afternoon Plaid in Tea
(View entire collection)

Capsules Mad Plaid Knit
Blueberry Plaid Knit in Cobbler
Deep Plaid Knit in Sea
Electric Plaid Knit in Watermelon
Classic Plaid Knit in Mademoiselle

Capsules Letters
Xoxoxo in Love
Life in Love
Meaning in Love
Roses and Letters in Love
Dream in Love
(View entire collection)

Capsules Lower The Volume
Crisscross in Crisp
Locomotion in Smooth
Parenthesis in Cloud
Miniature in Fresh
Drizzle in Powder
(View entire collection)

Capsules Take Shape
Quadrants in Irregular
Dots in Swirling
Trig in Random
Semicircles in Flipped
Spheres in Roundabout
(View entire collection)

Piled in Shadow
Vantage Single Border in Fog
Stick Forest in Outlined
Scattered in Sloe
Collide in Purity
(View entire collection)

Pastel Thrift
Reminder in Alloy
Reminder in Bold
Analog 4 in Crux
Foreshadowing in Spell
Magic Potion in Scent
(View entire collection)

Heart Melodies
Paint It in Potent
Heart Fields in Forever
Cassettes in Love
Bass Waves in Bold
Petal Strings in Passion
(View entire collection)

Playing Pop
Plaid Beat in Sparkling

Linked in Wind
Handlebar Tricks in Gris
Tire Buds in Irid
Handlebar Tricks in Grit
Tire Buds in Lumi
(View entire collection)

Heartfelt in Leaf
Floral Frolic in Apricot
Bunny Hop in Rose
Playful Petals in Melon
Teensy Weensy in Lotus
(View entire collection)

Prisma in Turquoise
Flora in Noir
Script in Honeycomb
Optical in Turquoise
Optical in Honeycomb
(View entire collection)

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