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 Home / Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Grand Spots in Marigold

Mini Pearl Bracelet in Lime Curd

Shore Remains Knit in Trinkets

Solid in Lemonade

Small Stripe Knit in Gray and Yellow

Cubes in Yellow

Nature Elements Color Card in Swatches

Primavera Leafy in Tangerine

Candy Dot in Golden Canyon

Stitch Floral in Golden Canyon

Cotton Couture in Sun

Winner's Circle in Orange Crush

One Inch Stripes in Yellow

Fields in Brass

Quatrefoil Medium in Mustard

Radiate in Straw

Bouquet in Gold

Everyday Houndstooth in Cedar

Swish in Green

Hearts in Gold

Moon Flowers in Glow

Woven in Grellow

Primrose Field in Light

Poinsettia in Ginger

Tradewinds in Maize

Reflection in Yellow

Posey in Yellow

Cotton Couture in Yellow

Giraffe Tribe in Golden Canyon

Hula Hoops in Gold

Desert Damask in Golden Canyon

Scruffy Daisy in Canary

Tiny Dot in Brass

Birches in Honey

Aglow Sapling in Mango

Loving Life in Yellow

Hatch in Solar

Brussels Washer in Khaki

Weathervane in Straw

Crosshatch Sketch in Gold

Cascading Border in Golden Canyon

Morning Keepsake in Sun

Arrows in Honey

Acorn Main Knit in Citron

Solid in Goldenrod

Jemma in Yellow

Posies in Blueberry

Tigers in Nature

Allotments in Wasabi

Toucan in Yellow

Block Flower in Bronze

Park Fountains in Brown

Star Charts in Brass

Indigo Window in Sulphur

Vivid Lattice in Lime

Cutting Edge in Glacier Blue

Acorn Forest Knit in Citron

Dalmation in Mustard

Mercury in Yellow

Tulip Folk in Sunshine

Terra Firma in Sunlit

Peaks and Valleys in Golden Canyon

Cirrus Solid in Butter

Buck Forest Knit in Mustard

Small Spots in Yellow

Dalmation in Citrus

Buffalo Plaid in Honey

Trelliage in Straw

Crossed Impressions in Solar

Foxes in Gold

Small Buffalo Plaid in Honey

Forget Me Not in Straw

Alternating Stripe in Yellow

Dotted Patchwork in Lime

Survey Knit in Orche

Gumdrops in Yellow

Triangle Mosaic in Golden Canyon

Soda Straws in Yellow

Track Flags in Strawberry Kiwi

Small Chevron in Yellow

Buffalo Plaid in Golden Canyon

Bits and Bobs in Succulent

Garden Rocket in Ruby

Squared Elements in Kings Road Lemon

Plus in Sun

Flower Crush in Sunshine

Woven Diamonds in Golden Canyon

Tiles in Lime

Half Moon Dot in Golden Canyon

Pearl Bracelet in Meyer Lemon

Cottontail Silhouette in Straw

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Goldfish

Mariner Dot in Lime

Hummingbird Silhouette in Golden Canyon

Tiny Houndstooth in Cedar

Strawberries in Chartreuse

Cotton Couture in Marigold

Grand Spots in Blanc Metallic

Cotton Couture in Straw

Flowerbed in Zucchini

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Honey

Voile Solid in Goldfish

Dress Stripe in Brass

Nature Elements in Pistachio

Martini in Mustard

Wood Grain in Straw

Limestone Feel in Pitahaya

Broken Chevron in Straw

Moire in Buttercup

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Kiwi

Desert Flor in Summer

Whale Silhouette in Brass

Buck Forest in Mustard

Flora in Honeycomb

Cadence in Golden Canyon

Anemone in Pickle

This Way in Curry

Kiss Dot in Starfruit

Deco Dots in Citrine

Calico in Lemon

Dash in Golden Canyon

Cross Print in Sunset

Flock Silhouette in Honey

Square in Yellow

Hummingbird Silhouette in Honey

Flower Bed in Yellow

Triangle Mosaic in Honey

Bedside Journal in Sunny

Play Dot in Cedar

Chambray in Mustard

Spots Knit in Citron

Primavera Main in Tangerine

Cora in Sunshine

Acorn Chain in Harvest

Gumdrops in Gold

Half Inch Stripes in Gray and Yellow

Crossroad in Golden Canyon

Lattice in Golden Canyon

Buffalo Plaid in Brass

Triangle Mosaic in Brass

Everyday Houndstooth in Mango

Cotton Couture in Kryptonite

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Citrine

Market Slice in Green

Braids in Caramel

Play Stripe in Straw

Broken Chevron in Honey

Shimmering Trellis in Sunshine

Stag Forest in Golden Canyon

Steam Texture in Lemon

Jumbo Dot in Straw

Medium Chevron in Purple and Gold

Henna Paisley in Blue

Medium Chevron in Yellow

Tiny Dot in Golden Canyon

Oval Elements in Mustard

Weathervane in Honey

Chrysanthemum in Sage

Posh Paisley in Celery

Streakly Business in Gold

Stardust in Honey

Cottontail Silhouette in Golden Canyon

Script in Honeycomb

Banded Bliss in Mustard

Polka Dot in Yellow

Shirting in Yarrow

Mini Watering Hole in Golden Canyon

Mini Chic Chevron in Spa

Birches in Straw

Patina in Lemon

Candy Stripe in Brass

Large Chevron Tone on Tone in Yellow

Ovals in Summer

Crosshatch Sketch in Daffodil

Honeycomb in Sunglow

Animal Bazaar in Bronze

Swan Silhouette in Brass

Confetti Dots in Sun

Double Dot in Lime

Arrows in Brass

Broken Chevron in Golden Canyon

Necklace in Nature

Hexagons in Canary

Luna in Sun Spot

Kiss Dot in Mango

Cubic in Golden Canyon

Dutch Oven in Sage

Bazaar Sateen in Lichen

Hexie Bramble in Golden Canyon

Eclipse in Golden

Henna in Mustard

Crayola Color Me Box in White

Gorgeous Vine in Mustard

Arrows in Straw

Star Charts in Straw

Thatched in Golden Canyon

Spark Voile in Mustard

Lodge Lattice in Straw

Solid in Citrus

Cottontail Silhouette in Brass

Triangulation in Golden Canyon

Solid in Banana Cream

Forget Me Not in Honey

Gorgeous Diamond in Mustard

Geese in Lichen

Medium Dots in Yellow

Vanes in Golden Canyon

Swan Silhouette in Honey

Dress Stripe in Golden Canyon

Crosses in Lime

Star Charts in Honey

Lilla in Citron

Savanna Glow in Golden

Folly in Butterscotch

Hide and Seek in Golden Canyon

Forget Me Not in Golen Canyon

Tentacle in Brass

Small Buffalo Plaid in Brass

Solid Knit in Yellow

Coca in Citron

Blume in Straw

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Citrus

Blomma Garden in Golden

Twigged Path in Sunlit

Coriander in Olive

Interlock in Golden Canyon

Sunshine in Lichen

Petite Flowers in Yellow

Gramoflora in Opera

Cottontail Silhouette in Honey

Arrows in Gold Metallic

Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Yellow

Fluxus in Ochre

Pocket Patch in Yellow

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Lemon

Dwarf Umbrella Tree in Garden

Block Blooms Canvas in Yellow

Lodge Lattice in Vintage Yellow

Ta Dot in Acid

Chicken Coop in Sage

Tiny Dot in Honey

Elephant Parade in Golden Canyon

Misguided Gingham in Citrus

Leaf in Yellow

Lemon Drop in Yellow

Flock Silhouette in Golden Canyon

Broken Chevron in Golden Canyon

Dash in Brass

Candy Stripe in Straw

Cotton Couture in Limeade

Dress Stripe in Honey

Large Chevron in Yellow

Hatch in Lemon

Fronds in Golden Canyon

Shards in Golden Canyon

Tiny Dot in Straw

Jumbo Dot in Golden Canyon

Floralism in Gold

Apron Panel in Green

Grand Spots in Yellow

Painters Canvas in Pistachio

Flourish in Marigold

Kite Strings in Citrus

Radiate in Golden Canyon

Everyday Houndstooth in Starfruit

Aztec in Gold

Y Motif in Yellow

Whale Silhouette in Straw

Insignia in Fluorescent

Cotton Couture in Lemon

Cottage in Golden

Marble Dot in Straw

Bits and Bobs in Tulip

Stardust in Golden Canyon

Buffalo Plaid in Straw

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Brass

Chevron in Emerald

Survey in Orche

Herringbone in Straw

Hummingbird Silhouette in Brass

Roots in Chartreuse

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Pyramid

Dreamscape in Sun

Endpaper in Goldenrod

Voile Solid in Yellow

Dress Stripe in Straw

Ta Dot in Starfruit

Native in Maize

Pawprint in Golden Canyon

Stitches in Pickle

Seaweed in Curry

Saguaro Crest in Sun

Jumbo Dot in Brass

Sweethearts in Pickle

Cross in Maize

Solid in Turmeric

Button with Corduroy in Yellow

Checks Please in Butter Amber

Meadow in Gold

Tulip in Citron

Essex in Sunshine

Medium Dots in Mustard

Oval Elements in Green Apple

Under Presser in Modern

Medium Stripe Knit in Yellow

Leaves and Flowers in Butterscotch

Jabberwock in Dandelion

Weathervane in Golden Canyon

Wovens in Squash

Angularity in Golden Canyon

Floral Floats in Field

Impression in Citrus

Cotton Couture in Mango

Arrowheads in Golden Canyon

Vintage Fence in Lime

Solid in Empire Yellow

Numbered in Grasshoper

Large Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Sunflower

Vanes in Straw

Pretty Poesies in Lime

Star Charts in Golden Canyon

Mini Pearl Bracelet in Lemon Curd

Cotton Couture in Grass

Small Buffalo Plaid in Straw

Rose in Yellow

Jumbo Dot in Honey

Thicket in Honey

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Pineapple

Spirodraft in Ocre

Cambridge Lawn Solid in Maize

Dumb Dot in Citron

Sprig in Pickle

Berries and Flowers in Sunshine

Steps in Bronze

Squared Elements in Lemongrass

Sphere in Moss

Yuma Lemons Canvas in Mist

Triangle Mosaic in Straw

Grove in Neon

Rattan Bleu in Blush

Calico Toss in Gold

Tribe in Maize

Cipher in Citron

Frolic in Citron

Fox Silhouette in Honey

Belle Vines in Oasis

Sea Urchin in Sunshine

Chalk in Citron

Garden Gate in Citron

Plume in Green

Forget Me Not in Brass

Grand Spots in Jet Metallic

Crayola Color Me Box in Pink

Pineapple in Pickle

Orchard Fruit in Yellow

Basketweave in Golden Canyon

Fans in Golden Canyon

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Chartreuse

Swiss Dots in Yellow

Weave in Gold

Seeds in Yellow

Scruffy Daisy in Grellow

Beekeeper in Lime

Doily in Grassland

Whale Silhouette in Golden Canyon

Medium Chevron in Purple and Gold

Mountain Stripe in Golden Canyon

Stitched in Chartreuse

Swan Silhouette in Golden Canyon

Small Dots in Yellow

Solid in Mustard

Plume in Straw

Fox Silhouette in Brass

Dumb Dot in Limeade

Tulips in Turmeric

Hummingbird Silhouette in Straw

Flock Silhouette in Brass

Glitz Bars in Bright White

Pojk in Citron

Candy Stripe in Honey

Flowerpop Zesty in Zesty

Arrows in Golden Canyon

Francie in Sunny

Wonderment in Honey

Solid Lawn in Citron

Oval Elements in Chartreuse

Whale Silhouette in Honey

Floral in Gold

Garden Text in Green

Gretchen in Citron

Bare Nopal in Gleam

Dumb Dot in Apple

Hills in Golden Canyon

Candy Stripe in Golden Canyon

Plume in Golden Canyon

Lady Bug in Mustard Seed

Geometric in Gold

Pyramids in Golden

Play Stripe in Honey

Soda Staws Canvas in Yellow

Solid in Canary

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Yellow

Solid Metallic in Yellow

Dash in Honey

Small Buffalo Plaid in Golden Canyon

Fox Silhouette in Golden Canyon

Flowers in Pickle

Ta Dot in Lime

Monokeros Stripe in Ocre

Add It Up in Bananas

Quatrefoil Medium in Yellow

Painters Canvas in Yellow

Stripes in Maize

Painters Canvas in Lemon

Geometry in Golden Canyon

Herringbone in Yellow

Medium Chevron in Yellow

Morse Dot in Sun

Confetti Dots in Grass

Tarika in Moss

Diamond Back in Pink

Plume in Honey

Midnight Animals in Yellow

Underwater Sisters in Gold

Commute in Taxi

Jeanine in Citron

Jemma in Lime

Candy Dot in Honey

Calico in Straw

Flock Silhouette in Straw

Sparrows in Vintage Yellow

Fawn Silhouette in Golden Canyon

Marble Dot in Golden Canyon

Henna Stripe in Mustard

Ladder Lines in Leaf

Abacus in Straw

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Golden Canyon

Lemon Drop in Pink

Giraffe Dots in Green

Cambridge Lawn Solid in Gold

Skipping Stones in Golden Canyon

Oval Elements in Key Lime

Canyon Wall in Canyon

Crosshatch Sketch in Yellow

Droppar in Burst

Candy Dot in Brass

Wallpaper in Harvest

Overgrown in School Bus

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Solar

Minky Dimple Dot in Avocado

Dim Dots in Citron

Zocalo in Lemon

Mini Confetti Dots in Gold

Swan Silhouette in Straw

Sphere in Amber

Woven in Nature

Small Chevron Knit in Yellow

Yucca Stripe in Golden Canyon

Ink in Yellow

Wavelength in Gold

Stardust in Straw

Structure in Citron

Fawn Silhouette in Honey

Sacred Seeds in Brittle

Skipping Stones in Straw

Grow in Straw

Cycle of Life in Sol

Follie in Buttercup Yellow

Skipping Stones in Honey

Scattered Stars in Aura

Fluxus Knit in Ochre

Hus Hoot in Gul

Washi in Golden Canyon

Wood Grain in Gold

Polka Dot in Dandelion

Radiate in Honey

Shibori in Sun

Prisma Element in Solar Quartz

Net in Mustard

Gorgeous Rose in Mustard

Elemental in Golden Canyon

Static Dot in Dandelion

Daydream in Sprout

Lions and Tigers in Gold

Play Stripe in Brass

Skipping Stones in Brass

Fawn Silhouette in Brass

Jazz in Sun

Etched Stripe in Golden Canyon

Cotton Couture in Starfruit

Wovens in Tobacco

Pineapple in Gold

Lazy Stripe in Amber

Glitz Bars in Pluto

Just a Trim in Highlights

Hus Hoo Canvas in Gul

Hammock Stripe in Pesto

Play Stripe in Golden Canyon

Fawn Silhouette in Straw

Whales in Maize

Solid in Gold

Tiny Houndstooth in Mango

Optical in Honeycomb

Plotted Farm in Moss

Minky Dimple Dot in Buttercup

Brussels Washer in Buttercup

Pearl Bracelet Knit in Meyer Lemon

Vintage Main in Gold

Vanes in Brass

Firefly Jar in Glow

Plume in Brass

Primrose Field Knit in Light

Heatwave Stripe in Lime

Solid Knit in Sprout

That Way in Dandelion

Cotton Couture in Citrus

Ripples in River

Radiate in Brass

Plus Signs in Summer

Buffalo Plaid in Honey

Artisan Cotton in Yellow White

Weathervane in Honey

Oval Elements in Golden

Stardust in Brass

Line Drawings in Yellowed

Miss Thread in Dijon

Rockstar Headline in Yellow

Bengal Quilt Panel in Golden Canyon

Crayola Color Me Box in Blue

Weathervane in Brass

Woodgrain in Vintage Yellow

Flower Canvas in Lime

Unlocked in Dandelion

Primavera Leafy in Green

Pinhead in Mango

Fox Silhouette in Straw

Squared Elements in Honeycomb

Equus Crest in Shine

Round Elements in Lemon Peels

Triangle Mosaic in Golden Canyon

Illuminated Graph in Metallic Glow

Marble Dot in Brass

Large Zig Zag Stripe in Retro

Cutting Edge in Shell

Dash in Straw

Stephanie in Citron

Tarika in Yellow

Marble Dot in Honey

Candy Dot in Straw

Native Folk in Moon Glow

Historial Fiction in Gold

Insignia in Chartreuse

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Saffron

Pinhead in Starfruit

Toy Mouse in Pickle

Ziggy in Gold

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Straw

Pinhead in Limeade

Hedgehog Heaven in Olive

Haystack in Gold

Vanes in Honey

Broken Chevron in Brass

Vanes in Golden Canyon

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