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 Home / Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Ta Dot in Sorbet

Friday Fronds in Orange

Whale Silhouette in Passion

Steps in Coral

Spring Blooms in Red

Small Stripe Knit in Red

Scatter in Salmon

Christmas Tree in Red

Scattered Dots in Poppy

Medium Chevron in Crimson

Pixie Socks in Red

Seeds in Red

Ripples Knit in Coral

Skipping Stones in Passion

Half Inch Gingham Yarn Dyed in Santa

Follow Suit in Orange Metallic

Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Signal Red

Plume in Passion

Astral Nights in Passion

Hexies in Red

Snow Leopard in Red

Arrows in Passion

Folk Dress in Earth

Rings in Scarlet

Solid in Aurora Red

Everlasting Blooms in Berry

Llama Navidad in Red

Doodle in Passion

Wovens in Vermillion

Grid Diamond in Creamsicle Metallic

Small Chevron Tone on Tone in Red

Miss Thread in Woodlands

Marble Dot in Passion

Dreamcatching in Flare

Wovens in Scarlet

Highlander Stirling Plaid Flannel in Crimson

Solid in Dried Carrot

Snowflake Stitch in Passion

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Kumquat

Little Plain Jane in Clementine

Cambridge Lawn Solid in Lipstick

Little Pointsettias in Passion

Prisma Element in Dusk Zircon

Snow Babies in Red

Haystack Bouquet in Country

Coral in Flame

Damask in Saffron

Threaded Shreds in Mamey

Frolicking in Orange

Mariner Flags in Red

Stitchy Dots in Coral

Trellis in Poppy

Pearl Bracelet in Persimmon

Santas Boot in Red

Hummingbird Silhouette in Passion

Broad Stripe in Sunset

Jumbo Dot in Passion

Star Charts in Passion

Plus Signs in Red

Cardinal in Aqua

Kindergarten in Red

Overgrown in Nectarine

Cirrus Solid in Lava

Minky Dimple Dot in Coral

Oh Deer in Coral

Big Birches in Passion

Solid Corduroy in Lava

Sealing Wax in Red Hot

Polka Dots in Warm Red

Fragments in Orange

Baby Dragon in Pink Metallic

Nosara in Red

Hash Dot in Papaya

Seahorses in Peach

Mammoth Square Plaid Flannel in Rust

Medium Chevron in Christmas

Thatched in Passion

Woven in Flame

Wovens in Terra Cotta

Voile Solid in Pumpkin

Candy Stripe in Passion

Dress Stripe in Red

Roman Stripe in Arizona

Moroccan Lattice in Clementine

My Favorite Sweater in Orange

Clocks in Red

Essex in Ruby

Thistle in Coral

Bambi Life in Holly Berry

Flock in Red

Check Yo Self in Holly Berry

Poetic Saddle in Vibes

Stockings Panel in Passion

Minky Dimple Dot in Red

Penguins in Red

Birches in Passion

Solid in London Red

Winter Forest in Passion

Everyday Houndstooth in Lipstick

Thick Stripe in Coral

Zig Zag Stripe in Red

Aztec in Red

Horse Silhouette in Passion

Cord in Orange

Sea Story in Red

Multi Stripe in Toast

Brisbane in Red

Fridas Dream in Boho

Solid in Tigerlily

Minky Dimple Dot in Passion

Play Dot in Orange

Large Spots in Tangerine

Chevron Brush Essex in Tomato

Scattered Stars in Bloom

Medium Chevron in Crimson

Daisies in Passion

Guru in Red

Wovens in Brick

Medium Chevron in Red and Gray

Circles in Red

Medium Chevron in Red

Mercury in Coral

Wicker Form in Geranium

Herringbone in Warm Red

Wee Flowers in Orange

Two by Two Stripe in Twilight

Dress Stripe in Passion

Medium Stripe Knit in Red and Gray

Forget Me Not in Passion

Cotton Couture in Pumpkin

Allotments in Coral

Scallop Dot in Papaya

Mammoth Retro Plaid Flannel in Rust

Herringbone Canvas in Warm Red

Twinkle in Honeysuckle

Ta Dot in Pumpkin

Diamonds in Scarlet

Solid in Flamingo

Rice in Ginger

Meadow in Spice

Medium Stripe Knit in Red

Scalloped in Pink

Grand Spots in Red

Two Inch Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Crimson

Herringbone in Red

Kaleidescope in Red

Geos in Bright Mandarin

Everlasting Blooms Knit in Berry

Medium Spots in Tangerine

Link in Carrot

Painters Canvas in Peach

Sacred Seeds in Tigerlily

Everyday Houndstooth in Clementine

Candy Dot in Passion

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Sunset

Cotton Couture in Watermelon

XOXO in Clementine

Essex in Tomato

Crimson Dance in Clay

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Poppy

Radiate in Passion

Corollas in Tangerine

Hearts in Orange

Tree of Life in Cinnamon

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Tango

Gold Stripe in Red Metallic

Exotic Stripe in Earth

Minky Dimple Dot in Desert Rose

Little Eduardo in Red

Tiny Dot in Passion

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Passion

Tent Stripe in Strawberry Fields

Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Salmon

Cotton Couture in Paprika

Glamper Picnic in Red

Fresh Bats in Orange

Mammoth Picnic Plaid Flannel in Redwood

Big Love Knit in Tangerine

Chambray in Coral

Geometric Jersey Knit in Flame

Medium Chevron in Christmas

Fawn Silhouette in Passion

Little Plume in Passion

Power Point in Melon

States in Red

Shirting in Tangerine

Norwegian Wood in Red

Bullion Fronds in Rose

Twist and Shout in Red

Sun Spots in Tangerine

Pineapple in Rose

Pineapple in Mango

Cool Foxes in Red

Dumb Dot in Clementine

Zig Zag Stripe in Flame Metallic

Minky Dimple Dot in Poppy

Sea Birds in Red

Wovens in Bittersweet

Bowtie Bunny in Geranium

Flock Silhouette in Passion

Bouquet in Coral

Up Do in Flame

Ticking in Red

Cutting Line in Coral

Mini Pearl Bracelet in Tomato

Rumpled in Nectarine

Damask in Red

Posey Toss in Red

Solid 108 inch Wideback in Coral

Mammoth Rectangle Plaid Flannel in Red

Crisscross in Holiday Metallic

Ta Dot in Lava

Plaid in Poppy

Confetti Flower in Coral

Pinpoint in Pumpkin

Endpaper in Cinnabar

Fortune Teller in Tomato

Large Chevron in Red

Terrarium in Passion

Buffalo Plaid in Passion

Dino Exhibit in Red

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Mesa

Quarter Dot in Clementine

Ripples in Coral

Cotton Couture in Coral

Voile Solid in Cherry

Iguana Silhouette in Passion

Solid in Tomato

Exotic Stripe in Dusk

Medium Chevron On Cream in Red

Triangle Mosaic in Passion

Cheshire Stripe in Orange

Raccoon in Holiday

Cabana Stripe in Red

Cotton Couture in Cherry

Roots in Sorbet

Roman Stripe in Blood Orange

Dash Plaid Flannel in Grenadine

Expanded Aim in Terra

Bear with Button in Red

Lamb Silhouette in Passion

Cynthia in Pink

Medium Chevron in Rouge

Solid in Tangerine

Handcrafted Jersey Knit in Coral

Crosshatch Sketch in Red

Cleats in Red

Ta Dot in Coral

Bouquet in Coral

Tulip Joy in Red

Paint Roses Rayon in Orange

Owl Friends in Red

Half Inch Gingham Yarn Dyed in Coral

Sprig in Flame

Ta Dot in Clementine

Party in Orange

Kiss Dot in Clementine

Cotton Couture in Tangerine

Dot n Square in Orange

Insignia in Pumpkin

Herringbone Lawn in Warm Red

Medium Chevron in Red and Black

Cambridge Lawn Solid in Red

Full Moon Polka Dot in Cherry

Painters Canvas in Tangerine

Shetland Houndstooth Flannel in Red

Cotton Couture in Lava

Comic Dot in Red

Joy Plante in Coral

Pressed Flowers in Carmine

Terrarium in Passion on White

Geometric in Coral

Sprig in Red

Hills and Valleys Essex in Tomato

Cottontail Silhouette in Passion

Scatter in Carrot

Libs Stitches in Nectarine

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Autumn

Mini Overture in Cranberry Metallic

Floral in Red

Button with Corduroy in Red

Brisbane Lawn in Red

Jadore Paris in Passion

Scottie in Red

Plume in Salmon

Blossom Drift in Roseate

Scattered Stars in Blaze

Cirrus Solid in Salmon

Owl Bead There in Tomato

Insignia in Salmon

Get Lost in Orange

Ring Spots in Tangerine

Deer Silhouette in Passion

Pecking Hens in Coral

Stars in Primary

Dutch Bloom in Summer

Joie de Clair in Woodlands

Medium Spots in Coral

Medium Spots in Lipstick

Acorn Chain in Berry

Fox Silhouette in Passion

Haystack in Poppy

Large Zig Zag Stripe in Red

Bed of Daisies in Abloom

Watercolor in Passion

Road Flowers in Red

Painters Canvas in Spice

North Pole Stripe in Red

Wovens in Nut

Big Love in Tangerine

Garden Shadow in Picnic

Tulips in Copper

Anchors Away in Coral

Triangular in Impression

Teddy and The Bears Brushed Twill in Pink

Head Over Heels in Orange

Large Chevron Tone on Tone in Red

Stars in Red

Hearts in Passion

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Red

Minky Dimple Dot in Pumpkin

Solid in Coral Reef

Paper Dolls in Red

Quarter Inch Stripe Knit in Red

Let it Snow in Passion

Rockstar Solo in Red

Woven in Coral

Prisma Element in Passion Garnet

Solid in Red

Caterpillar Stripe in Tomato

Sailors ABC in Flame

Bow Ties in Peach

Stardust in Passion

XOXO in Velvet Ribbon

Reindeer in Red

Snowflakes in Red

Add It Up in Folk Dress

Minky Dimple Dot in Salmon

Cotton Couture in Lipstick

Wallflower in Poppy

Apples in Red

Jazz in Coral

Shetland Flannel in Red

Meet the Crew in Flame

Voile Solid in Tangerine

Wildflower in Tomato

Fur Ball in Strawberry Tangerine

Wovens in Persimmon

Cirrus Solid in Clementine

Forget Me Not in Coral

Wovens in Clementine

Broad Stripe in Bliss

Petite Flowers in Coral

Blackbird in Red

Shower Cap in Red

Large Spots in Red

On Target in Passion

Essex in Orange

Rogue Stripe in Passion

Cirrus Solid in Cinnamon

Nordic Snowflake in Red

Link in Taffy

Wall Flower in Cherry

Dandelion in Red

Swan Silhouette in Passion

Hearts in Tomato

XOXO in Passion

Play Stripe in Passion

Garden Variety in Orange

Metallic Chambray in Crimson

Positive in Marmalade

Vanes in Passion

Dress Stripe in Marmalade

Flight in Red

Buck Forest in Carmine

Weathervane in Passion

Essex in Carrot

Sprinkle in Pick Up Truck

Large Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Coral

Papel Picado in Naranja

Gentle Breeze in Red

Squared Elements in Lox

Tiny Houndstooth in Paprika

Flying Birds in Clay

Birch Floral Rayon in Enamel

Flower Bed in Red

Wovens in Watermelon

Seaweed in Sienna

Lady Bug in Lava

Netting in Chinese Red Pearlized

Text in Red

Apples in Blossom

Small Chevron Knit in Red

Timeless in Rosewood

Alternating Stripe in Orange

Dash in Poppy

Fur Ball in Strawberry Fields

Cotton Couture in Peach

Cat Silhouette in Passion

Broken Chevron in Passion

Shirting Lawn in Tangerine

Ponies in Sunset

Echinacea in Berry

Cotton Couture in Clementine

Bunnies in Bright Red

Glamper Dots in Red

Medium Chevron in Red and Gray

Small Dot Knit in Red

High Meadow in Honeysuckle

Pearl Bracelet in Watermellon

Toucan in Red

Striped Garden in Red

Apples in Red

Joy Plante Knit in Coral

XOXO in Pink Cheeks

Medium Chevron in Red

Ogee in Scarlet

Small Buffalo Plaid in Passion

Little Tribal Stripe in Passion

Seeds in Coral

Woven in Passion

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