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Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Primavera Tile in Pink

Floralism in Blush

Promenade in Wisteria

Lamb Silhouette in Azalea

Uninhibited in Fashion

Plume in Azalea

Weathervane in Azalea

Rainwalk in Bubblegum

Little Eduardo in Pink

Net in Bubblegum

Primavera Damask in Pink

Lindy Leaf in Pink

Ruth Ann Double Border in Pink

Lucy in Marmalade Skies

Diamond in the Rough Lawn in Dusty Plum

Etched Stripe in Azalea

Happy in Whisper

Star in Pink

Forget Me Not in Wisteria

Oval Elements in Crocus

Small Dots in Hot Pink

Small Chevron Knit in Hot Pink

Wild Flowers in Pink

Homespun in Berry

Frames in Pink

XOXO in Lilac

Arrows in Wisteria

Herringbone in Fuchsia

Vine & Leaf in Lilac

Frolic in Wisteria

Chamomile in Pink

Lucy in Strawberry Fields

Dawn in Pink

Mystery Mansion in Wisteria

Brussels Washer in Lipstick

Peaks and Valleys in Azalea

Sealing Wax in Red Hot

Foliage in Azalea

Skipping Stones in Azalea

Star Charts in Azalea

Crosshatch Sketch in Candy

Carousel in Pink

Twist and Shout in Pink

Trend Triangle in Raspberry

Ripples in Pink

Cotton Couture in Berry

Shards in Azalea

Cranes in Rose

Nature Walk in Pink

Bowtie Bunny in Rose

Scalloped in Pink

Flowerbed in Cerise

Stocking in Fig

Cotton Blossom in Fig

Nature Walk in Magenta

Cascading Border in Azalea

Seeds in Dahlia

Cubic in Azalea

Tea Party in Pink

Paper Plant in Sorbet

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Wisteria

Candy Stripe in Wisteria

Greeka in Fouxia

Alberto in Pink

Stardust in Wisteria

Star Charts in Wisteria

Stardust in Azalea

Daisies in Azalea

Cat Eyes in Marmalade Skies

Mosaic in Magenta

Solid in Cherry

Park Fountains in Fuchsia

Super Girls in Adventure

Large Zig Zag Stripe in Primrose

Birches in Wisteria

Dress Stripe in Wisteria

Jenna in Pink

Cotton Couture in Orchid

Cottontail Silhouette in Wisteria

Arrows in Azalea

Add It Up in Lip Gloss

Norwegian Wood in Red

Sirius in Pink

Toucan in Pink

Fawn Silhouette in Wisteria

Flutter in Purple

Vanes in Azalea

Cicada Song in Dark Plum

Dancing Harvest in Guava

Little Tribal Stripe in Wisteria

Weathervane in Wisteria

Solid Lawn in Petal

Sateen Solid in Fuchsia

Eclipse in Fuchsia

Hopscotch in Fun

Pop Star in Violet

Fox Silhouette in Wisteria

Half Inch Gingham Yarn Dyed in Lavender

Tarika in Fuchsia

Rhythmic in Wisteria

Marble Dot in Wisteria

Fawn Silhouette in Azalea

Jadore Paris in Wisteria

Interweave Chambray in Sorbet

Vienna Chairs in Pink

40 Knots in Orchid

Hummingbird Silhouette in Azalea

Primavera Plaid in Teal

Hexie Bramble in Azalea

Geometry in Azalea

Midday Social Sateen in Rose

Radiate in Azalea

Pocket Change in Petunia

Calico Toss in Wisteria

Lucky in Orchid

Candy Canes in Pink

Starlight in Rosetta

Forget Me Not in Azalea

Cotton Couture in Pink

Fountainhead in Azalea

Crosshatch in Geranium

Lamb Silhouette in Wisteria

Teddy and The Bears in Lilac

Sea Snail in Pink

Dalmation in Candy Pink

Ferris Wheel in Purple

Thatched in Wisteria

Argyle in Pink

Polka Dot in Lilac

Endpaper in Auburn

Chambray in Raspberry

Wovens in Pink

Fans in Azalea

Native in Pink

On Target in Wisteria

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Azalea

Crescent Bloom in Fuschia

Disco Kitty in Berry Bird

Parquet in Orchid

Small Chevron Tone on Tone Knit in Hot Pink

Broken Chevron in Azalea

Prisma in Boho

Cat Snacks in Marmalade Skies

Daisies in Lilac Scent

Minky Dimple Dot in Azalea

Trellis in Purple

Solid in Flamingo

Medium Dots in Fuschia

Cambridge Lawn Solid in Primrose

Elemental in Azalea

Wind Flower in Berry

Whale Silhouette in Wisteria

Balloon Stripe in Pink

Painters Canvas in Petal

Luminous in Lilac

Vanes in Wisteria

Flock Silhouette in Azalea

Sodalicious in Raspberry

Dash in Wisteria

Solid in Pink

Tapestry in Rose

Tradewinds in Rosetta

Medium Dots in Raspberry

Script in Joyful

Sprinkle in Petal

Pippa in Orchid

Deer Silhouette in Wisteria

Renewal in Opal

Carousel in Plum

Roots in Plum

Fur Ball in Marmalade Skies

Button in Candy Pink

Play Stripe in Wisteria

Stitched Diamant in Verve

Cat Scratch in Wisteria

XOXO in Plummy Silver

Swan Silhouette in Wisteria

Vienna Damask in Pink

Tiny Dot in Wisteria

Crossroad in Azalea

Primavera Leafy in Pink

Vienna Diamonds in Red

Fragile in Orchid

Hide and Seek in Azalea

Woven in Eggplant

Knotty in Grape

Terrarium in Wisteria

Dash in Rose

Paisley in Pink

Tiny Dot in Azalea

Pawprint in Azalea

Opt Out Of in Norm

Broken Chevron in Wisteria

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Pink

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Fuchsia

Confetti Border in Pink Metallic

Cotton Couture in Girl

Thats Bananas in Pink

Polka Dot in Peony

Chandelier in Sweets

Oval Elements in Juicy Grape

Carousel in Blush

Sophia in Pink

Painters Canvas in Princess

Stripe in Rose

Koinobori in Bubblegum

Fleurette in Pink

Luna in Dusk

Marble Dot in Azalea

Crisscross in Hot Pink

Little Tribal Stripe in Azalea

Cat Silhouette in Azalea

Kaleidescope in Red

Koi in Rose

Helios in Incense

Dash in Azalea

Knotty Rayon in Fuchsia

Net in Peony

Pop Star in Pink

Solid in Orchid

Crosshatch Sketch in Pink

Interlock in Azalea

Solid Double Gauze in Plum

Dim Dots in Pink

Tree Day in Purple

Dress Stripe in Azalea

Rumpled in Phlox

Stitched in Violet

Cloud Cover in Lavender

Skipping Stones in Wisteria

Oval Elements in Passionate Fuchsia

Fancy Feather in Fuschia

Jeevan in Pink

Terrarium in Wisteria on white

Swan Silhouette in Azalea

Ta Dot in Peony

Splish Splash in Pink

Glitz Bars in Pink

Terrarium in Azalea on White

Jadore Paris in Azalea

Quilters Linen in Camellia

Highline in Berry

Daisies in Wisteria

Buffalo Plaid in Wisteria

Play Stripe in Azalea

Tiles in Pink

Whirlwind in Orchid

Angularity in Azalea

On Target in Azalea

Jumbo Dot in Azalea

Passion Scroll in Pink

Triangulation in Azalea

Essex in Hot Pink

Gretchen in Cypress

Brussels Washer in Lovely Pink

Jumbo Dot in Wisteria

Small Buffalo Plaid in Azalea

Candy Dot in Azalea

Tent Stripe in Tart

Sealing Wax in Amethyst

Woven in Petunia

Whale Silhouette in Azalea

Hummingbird Silhouette in Wisteria

Candy Dot in Wisteria

Fur Ball in Strawberry Fields

Fox Silhouette in Azalea

Amber in Pink

Plume in Wisteria

Snake Brush in Purple

Forest Blossoms in Purple

Cotton Couture in Raspberry

Radiate in Wisteria

Plein Air in Wisteria Mulberry

Daisy Buds in Fuchsia

Ogee in Orchid

Abacus in Pink

Dot Party in Purple

Medium Chevron in Hot Pink

Whales in Love in Pink

Ta Dot in Orchid

Vanes in Azalea

Pansies in Cerise

Buffalo Plaid in Azalea

Crosshatch Sketch in Peony

Large Spots in Pink

Everyday Houndstooth in Peony

Chevron in Lavender

Toucans in Wisteria

Hills in Azalea

Birches in Azalea

Arrowheads in Azalea

Stellar Slub Chambray in Cerise

Posy Chain in Pinktense

Scalloped in Pink

Little Cutting Edge in Wisteria

Tulip in Pink

Clear Skies in Orange Crush

Basketweave in Azalea

Quatrefoil Medium in Fuchsia

Cotton Couture in Princess

Fleurette in Plum

Dalmation in Petal

Illusionist Vine in Boho

From Scratch in Raspberry

Cat Silhouette in Wisteria

Flock Silhouette in Wisteria

Tiny Houndstooth in Peony

Stripe in Pink

Gem Stripe in Fuchsia Pearlized

Happy Knit in Whisper

Labyrinth in Petunia

Pearls of Wisdom in Sky

Pit Crew in Orange Crush

Solid in Azalea

Grass Shaper in Bloom

Terrarium in Azalea

Pearl Bracelet in Frosting

Half Moon Dot in Azalea

Swarm in Charcoal

Ring Spots in Hot Pink

Primavera Buds in Pink

Quatrefoil Medium in Raspberry

Tortoise Shell in Orange Crush

Flower Garland in Pink

Kat in Pink

Solid in Festival Fuchsia

Costa Rica Damask in Azalea

Broken Chevron in Azalea

Dress Up in Pink

Triangle Mosaic in Azalea

Wovens in Pudding

Insignia in Thistle

Tiger Mosaic in Azalea

Circle Around Butterflies in Pink

Posy Chain in Freshlilly

Wrapped Up in Pink

Candy Stripe in Azalea

Zest in Pink

Daisy in Pink

Cheshire Stripe in Orange

Ink in Electric

Zocalo in Raspberry

Cotton Couture in Fuchsia

Triangle Mosaic in Wisteria

Desert Flor in Summer

Voile Solid in Candy

Solid in Verve Violet

Cottontail Silhouette in Azalea

Marala in Pink

Blossoms Knit in Pink

Diamond in the Rough in Dusty Plum

Get Back in Red

Tribal Study in Jewel

Deer Silhouette in Azalea

Small Buffalo Plaid in Wisteria

Sprout in Blush

Vienna Main in Pink

Fresh Poppies in Rose

Monokeros Stripe in Candy

Henna in Cerise

Thatched in Azalea

Needle Point in Fuchsia

Bengal Quilt Panel in Azalea

Lodge Lattice in Fuchsia

Tatami in Orchid

Ashen Rose in Shimmer

Runner Beans in Pink

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