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 Home / Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Butterfly Ticking in Green

Calico in Green

Solid in Appletini

Play Dot in Cedar

Nosara in Green

Marble Dot in Lime

Crosshatch in Green

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Chartreuse

Solid in Lemonade

Angle Folie in Pristine

Folly in Butterscotch

Arrows in Lime

Terrarium in Lime on White

Tiny Dot in Lime

Voile Solid in Green

Floral in White Metallic

Mighty Corners in Moon Glow

Solid Knit in Lime

On Target in Lime

Bowtie Bunny in Grass

Church Flowers in Green

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Apple Green

Rogue Stripe in Lime

Clown Stripe in Watermelon

Historial Fiction in Teal

Pruning Roses in Water

Fur Ball in Blue Bird

Rose Lore in Lemon

Seeds in Green

Weave in Green

Cotton Couture in Meadow

Ta Dot in Cedar

Skipping Stones in Lime

Oval Elements in Green Apple

Cotton Couture in Kryptonite

One Inch Stripes on Cream in Lime

Plain Weave in Thatch

Lindy Leaf in Green

Radiate in Lime

Sealing Wax in Peridot

Wild Vines in Mint

Henna in Aqua

Play Stripe in Caribbean

Cotton Couture in Limeade

Tiny Houndstooth in Garden

Candy Stripe in Lime

Star Charts in Lime

Astraea in Plum

Green Wall Lawn in Ultra Marine

Tent Stripe in Clear Skies

Onions and Peas in Grass

Small Dots Tone on Tone in Green

Kiss Dot in Kiwi

Cow Parsley in Green

Deer Silhouette in Lime

Wildlife in Green

Fawn Silhouette in Lime

Play Stripe in Lime

Half Inch Stripes in Lime

Medium Dots in Green

Squared Elements in Lime

Pearls of Wisdom in Tart

Solid Lawn in Citron

Herringbone in Green

Tumble Roses in Tangerine

Half Inch Gingham Yarn Dyed in Citron

Shimmer in Spring Green

Dress Stripe in Lime

Dream Dot in Celery

Tiny Dots in Lime

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Citron

Dumb Dot in Apple

Chambray in Forest

Clown Stripe in Lagoon

Ta Dot in Garden

Sandlewood in Turquoise

Thatched in Lime

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Kiwi

Birches in Lime

Grandstand in Strawberry Kiwi

Islington Lawn in Green

Painters Canvas in Pistachio

Swan Silhouette in Lime

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Clover

Solid in Dark Citron

Sun Spots in Mint

Stellar Slub Chambray in Lemon Grass

Bats in the Belfry in Tart

Medium Dots Tone on Tone in Green

Cat Silhouette in Lime

Stardust in Lime

Cotton Couture in Kiwi

Hedgehog Heaven in Lime

Zoltar in Yellow

Speckle in Dove

Alberto in Mustard

Button in Green

Cora in Green

Thick Stripe in Grass

Solid in Avocado

Cambridge Lawn Solid in Sweet Pea

Kite Strings in Lime

Plume in Lime

Cute Plaid in Lime

Spring Sprout in Lime

Mosaic Bloom in Asparagus

Jadore Paris in Lime

Meadowlark in Green

Triangle Dot in Olive

Everyday Houndstooth in Cedar

Buffalo Plaid in Lime

Texture in Avocado

Terrarium in Lime

Cotton Couture in Celery

Large Zig Zag Stripe in Lime

Herbs in Grass

Triangle Mosaic in Lime

Wovens in Lime

Voile Solid in Apple

Tiny Houndstooth in Cedar

Allotments in Limelight

Primavera Damask in Green

Little Eduardo in Lime

Posey Stripe in Green

Glamper Geometric in Green

Islington in Green

Free Spirit Designer Solid in New Olive

Wovens in Apple

Posey Star in Green

Whale Silhouette in Lime

Scallop in Green

Diamonte Sateen in Green

Large Chevron in Green

Bumble Bee in Sprout

Dumb Dot in Limeade

Seeds in Lime

Joy Plante in Chartreuse

Shattered in Citron

Broken Chevron in Lime

Ta Dot in Lime

Medium Chevron in Green

Vintage Fence in Lime

Christmas Check List in Green

Scallop Dot in Pistachio

Polka Dot in Green

Forget Me Not in Lime

Candy Dot in Lime

Daisies in Lime

Primavera Buds in Green

Primavera Leafy in Green

Rumpled in Sour

Crosses in Lime

Cotton Couture in Fern

Chambray in Currency

Houndstooth in Asparagus

Dash in Lime

Fox Silhouette in Lime

Urchin Garden in Green

Sun Spots in Olive

Garden Shadow in Meadow

Ring Spots in Chartreuse

Cotton Couture in Asparagus

Lamb Silhouette in Lime

Glamper Picnic in Green

Large Chevron Tone on Tone in Green

Small Chevron in Lime

Horse Silhouette in Lime

Leafy Parade in Green

Flock Silhouette in Lime

Medium Chevron in Lime

Glamper Daisy in Green

Owls in Wild

Squared Elements in Lemongrass

Cottontail Silhouette in Lime

Jumbo Dot in Lime

Flyaway Petalums in Vert

Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Green

Posey Main in Green

Shimmer Lawn in Spring Green

Sparkle Medium Chevron in Lime

Painters Canvas in Grass

Small Chevron in Green

Burst in Green

Conveyor Sushi in Wasabi

Watercolor in Lime

Crosshatch Sketch in Neon

SunGlow in Jade

Posh Paisley in Celery

Fiddlehead Leaves in Lime on Kale

Kite Strings in Limestone

Weathervane in Lime

Ta Dot in Loden

Glitz Bars in Pluto

Spin Basic in Celery

Plume in Green

Tiles in Lime

Medium Spots in Sorbet

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Lime

Feather Fans in Teal

Dash in Green

Everyday Houndstooth in Garden

Small Spots in Chartreuse

Canvas Natural Small Dots in Lime

Small Buffalo Plaid in Lime

Medium Spots in Chartreuse

Road Tablecloth in Green

Vanes in Lime

Artisan Cotton in Green Yellow

Tumble Roses in Pink

Dotted Patchwork in Lime

Cotton Couture in Grass

Apron Panel in Green

Grand Spots in Lime

Little Tribal Stripe in Lime

Belle Vines in Oasis

Bumble Dot in Sprout

Tulip in Carrot

Woodgrain in Dill

Dwarf Umbrella Tree in Garden

Glamper Dots in Green

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Sap

Mini Pearl Bracelet in Citron

Jemma in Lime

Tossed Triangles in Lime

Solid in Light Citron

Hummingbird Silhouette in Lime

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