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 Home / Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Interlock in Charcoal

Constellations in Charcoal

Giraffe Tribe in Onyx

Large Chevron Tone on Tone in Gray

Medium Chevron in Gray

Fountainhead in Stone

Round Elements in Pepper Smoke

Little Tribal Stripe in Onyx

Medium Dots in Black

Medium Stripe Knit in Black

Medium Stripe Knit in Gray

Floret Stains in Mulberry

Houndstooth Knit in Black

Jingle Bells in Onyx

Hummingbird Silhouette in Onyx

Ranchero Rayon in Black

Small Buffalo Plaid in Onyx

Horse Silhouette in Onyx

Triangulation in Onyx

Weathervane in Onyx

Wood Grain in Ash

Tribal in Aspen

Skipping Stones in Onyx

Angularity in Charcoal

Jadore Paris in Onyx

Medium Dots in Gray

Wood Grain Flannel in Fog

Marble Dot in Charcoal

Arrowheads in Onyx

Broken Chevron in Onyx

The Big One in Iron

Half Moon Dot in Charcoal

Elemental in Charcoal

Thatched in Onyx

Crosshatch Textured Denim in Clouded Horizon

Elemental in Onyx

Crisscross in Grey

Terrarium in Onyx on White

Stardust in Onyx

Little Cutting Edge in Onyx

Manchester Yarn Dyed Metallic in Onyx

Tribal in Olive

Union Jack Panel in Yellow

Small Chevron in Gray

Cat Silhouette in Onyx

Tribal in Peony

Crossroad in Charcoal

Jumbo Dot in Onyx

Forget Me Not in Onyx

Handcrafted Jersey Knit in Taupe

Essex Yarn Dyed in Shale

Petits Dots in Ash

Solid in Charcoal

Small Chevron in Black

Coca in Gray Rock

Cascading Border in Onyx

Vanes in Onyx

Alexis Snuggle in Taupe

Basketweave in Charcoal

Bengal Quilt Panel in Onyx

Buttonballs in Gloss

Washi in Onyx

Whiskers in Onyx

Essex Yarn Dyed in Charcoal

Sailors Delight Border in Nightfall

Wood Grain Flannel in Smoke

Threaded Shreds in Dim

Slub Denim Stripe in Denim

Brussels Washer in Moss

Bella Snuggle in Charcoal

Sailing  Stripe in Onyx

Interlock in Onyx

Play Stripe in Onyx

Grand Spots in Grey

Pawprint in Charcoal

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Wine

Fountainhead in Charcoal

Cats in Black

Seek and Find in Grey

Spirodraft in Carbon

Oval Elements in Licorice

Medium Chevron in Gray

Angularity in Onyx

Drifting Sands in Gray

Lamb Silhouette in Onyx

Swan Silhouette in Onyx

Maldives Voile in Multi

Starry Eyed in Bark

Candy Stripe in Onyx

Swan Silhouette in Onyx

Daisies in Onyx

Birches in Smoke

Eternal Gardens in Light Smoke

Pawprint in Onyx

Flock Silhouette in Onyx

Meadow in Shadow

Fountainhead in Onyx

Hide and Seek in Onyx

Tuner Tumble in Bass

Dana Knit Heather in Grey

Tribal in Taupe

Mammoth Simple Plaid Flannel in Steel

Half Inch Stripes in Gray and Yellow

Small Dot Knit in Gray

Tiny Dot in Charcoal

Medium Dots in Gray

Thicket in Onyx

Broken Chevron in Onyx

Fans in Onyx

One Inch Stripes in Gray

Small Dots in Black

Posie Double Gauze in French Gray

Fruit and Veg in Sedona

Swanlings Bevy in Nightfall

Arrowheads in Charcoal

Small Stripe Knit in Gray

Wallflowers in Onyx

Stripe in Gray Sparkle

Tolson in Smoke

Buffalo Plaid in Onyx

Maze in Alley

On Target in Onyx

Thatched in Onyx

Terrarium in Onyx

Stitch the Stars in Onyx

Crossroad in Onyx

Bits and Bobs in Onyx

Cetus Panel in Charcoal

Candy Dot in Charcoal

Foxt Trot in Storm

Vanes in Charcoal

Triangulation in Charcoal

Small Stripe Knit in Gray and Yellow

Dashing Through the Snow in Onyx

Etched Stripe in Charcoal

Half Inch Stripes in Gray

Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Gray

Tiger Mosaic in Charcoal

Rogue Stripe in Onyx

Royal Swans in Brown

Medium Dots in Black

Deer Silhouette in Onyx

Cubic in Charcoal

Stitched Anthomania  Knit in Deep

Shallows in Onyx

Broken Chevron in Charcoal

Triangle Mosaic in Onyx

Porcelains in Baroque

Tendu in Onyx

Houndstooth Knit in Gray

Posie in French Gray

Firefly in Berry

Large Chevron in Gray

Geometry in Onyx

Arrows in Onyx

Tribal in Seaglass

Arrows in Coin Metallic

Medium Chevron in Black

Geometry in Charcoal

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Onyx

Meteor Shower in Onyx

Radiate in Onyx

Two Inch Stripes in Gray

Tribal in Gold

Cats in Blue

Polar Bears in Charcoal

Small Chevron Tone on Tone Knit in Gray

Orancy in Gray Rock

Rice Paper in Black

Small Chevron Knit in Black

Swiss Dots in Black

Mini Watering Hole in Onyx

Elephant Parade in Onyx

Peaks and Valleys in Onyx

Owly in Boo

Articles in Charcoal

Tiger Mosaic in Onyx

Ta Dot in Sorbet

Jumbo Dot in Charcoal

Scattered Floral Knit in Brown

Broken Chevron in Charcoal

Feeding Frenzy in Onyx and Smoke

Fans in Stone on White

Small Stripe Knit in Black

Tribal in Smoke

Chambray Swiss Dots in Black

Prata in Stone Gre

Hexie Bramble in Charcoal

Cutting Edge in Onyx on White

Feline Myself in Peat

Shards in Charcoal

Stardust in Onyx

Medium Chevron On Cream in Black

Stamped in Bark

Tiny Dot in Onyx

Star Charts in Onyx

Solid Knit in Peat

Marble Dot in Onyx

Woven Diamonds in Onyx

Tribal in Nectar

Solid Knit in Gray

Medium Stripe Knit in Red and Gray

Iguana Silhouette in Onyx

Whale Silhouette in Onyx

Fans in Charcoal

Birches in Onyx

Cottontail Silhouette in Onyx

Plume in Onyx

Fox Silhouette in Onyx

Handcrafted Jersey Knit in Cement

Bats in Onyx

Swiss Dots in Gray

Half Inch Stripes in Black

Cotton Couture in Coin

Eternal Gardens in Onyx

Arietta Ponte De Roma Heather in Graphite

Vanes in Onyx

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Desert

Hills in Charcoal

Whiskers in Charcoal

Stripe Knit in Brown

Solid in Moonstone

Hide and Seek in Charcoal

Dot n Square in Orange

Cotton Couture in Mud

Secret Plaid in Ways

Holiday Cars Flannel in Gargoyle

Dress Stripe in Onyx

Link in Fog

Candy Dot in Onyx

Small Chevron Knit in Gray

Birches in Charcoal

Painters Canvas in Coffee

Fronds in Onyx

Canvas Natural Large Dots in Plum

Silhouette in Lane

Scatter Floral in Onyx

Peaks and Valleys in Charcoal

Petit Jardin in Onyx

Petal Flamingoes in Coo

Star Charts in Onyx

Grove in Charcoal

Rhythmic in Onyx

Tentacle in Onyx

Small Dots in Gray

Fawn Silhouette in Onyx

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