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 Home / Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Whale Silhouette in Topaz

Shadow Flower in Navy

Lamb Silhouette in Twilight

Forest Trail in Waterfall

Tapestry in Navy

Fans in Navy

Marble Dot in Lake

Dotted Stripe Yarn Dyed in Blue

Ripples in Sea

Black Swan in Midnight

Pointsettias in Twilight

Weathervane in Topaz

Whale Silhouette in Twilight

Snowflake Stitch in Twilight

Small Buffalo Plaid in Twilight

Lamb Silhouette in Lake

Greeka Knit in Skouro

Comfort and Joy in Twilight

Vanes in Lake

Cross Print Voile in Ink

Bunny Hop in Riviera

Stockings Panel in Twilight

A Winters Night in Twilight

Tulip in Eucalyptus

Jadore Paris in Topaz

Little Fox Silhouette in Twilight

Among the Pines in Spruce

Perch in Peacock

Broken Chevron in Lake

Take Flight in Twilight

Birds on Vine in Blue

Pandalings Pod in Night

Simply Bold Floral in River

Reflection of Love Rayon in Deep

Village in Twilight

Horse Silhouette in Twilight

Candy Stripe in Lake

Read Aloud in Cresendo

Neo-Flies in Profound

Buffalo Plaid in Twilight

Alternating Stripe in Teal

Large Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Denim

Vienna Medallion in Navy

Swan Silhouette in Twilight

Marble Dot in Topaz

Flower in Indigo

Hearts in Lake

Buck Forest in Lake

Lakeside in Twilight

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Topaz

Big Birches in Topaz

DNA Essex in Indigo

Intrepid in Lake

Ice Floe in Marine

Moondance in Twilight

Terrarium in Lake on White

Autumn Bouquet in Lake

Wilder in Multi

Treeline in Twilight

Essex Yarn Dyed in Peacock

Hearts in Twilight

Neo-pods in Mediterranean

Ditto in Peacock

Ethnic Diamond in Teal

Rhombi Interleaved in Smalt

Arrows in Twilight

Diagonal in Blue

Cleats in Blue

Deer Silhouette in Lake

Mammoth Two Check Plaid Flannel in Blue

Hexablock in Teal

Anemone in Marine

Inkling Yarn Dyed in Blue

Cobble in Navy

Kasbah in Eucalyptus

Cross Stitch in Lake

Tiny Dot in Lake

Handcrafted Jersey Knit in Cyprus

Daybreak Damask in Lake

Wit in Tangerine

Terrarium in Lake

Brush in Teal

Terrarium in Topaz

Large Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Indigo

Dashing Through the Snow in Lake

Candy Dot in Topaz

Whale Silhouette in Lake

Vienna Chairs in Teal

Tree Ring Bling in Peacock

Tres Streaked in Dim

Jumbo Dot in Lake

Deer in Phantom

Add in Blueberry

Reeds in Lake

Cloud Blossom in Turquoise

Plume in Lake

Lazy Stripe in Sky

Masquerade in Topaz

Floral Floats in Fresh

Confetti Essex in Peacock

Small Buffalo Plaid in Lake

Striped Alike Knit in Blue

Mammoth Tartan Plaid Flannel in Americana

Echinacea in Dim

Highlander Argyll Plaid Flannel in Blue

Lamb Silhouette in Topaz

Iguana Silhouette in Topaz

Essex Yarn Dyed in Mailbu

It Takes Two in Violet

Vienna Floral in Navy

Dress Stripe in Lake

Astral Nights in Lake

Let it Snow in Twilight

Greeka in Skouro

Little Pointsettias in Twilight

Ornaments in Hunter Metallic

Marble Dot in Twilight

Snowflake Stitch in Twilight

Weathervane in Lake

Santa Barbara Tencel Cotton in Denim

Cat Silhouette in Twilight

Relaxed Chambray in Indigo

Skipping Stones in Lake

Frolic in Riviera

Diamonds in Teal

Birches in Lake

Spring Ditsy in Fandango

Lets Flamingle in Regatta

Vanes in Topaz

Solid in Mediterraneo

Thatched in Twilight

Mermaids in Pine

Triangle Mosaic in Lake

Shetland Houndstooth Flannel in Navy

Shetland Melange Flannel in Turquoise

Crosshatch in Sea

Terrarium in Twilight on White

Its A Wildlife in Blue

Cotton Couture in Celestial

Minna in Azur

Bed of Roses in Topaz

Scatter in Peacock

Star Charts in Lake

Thatched in Topaz

Brussels Washer in Ocean

Radiate in Topaz

Dear Deer in Teal

Essex in Teal

Timber Valley in Teal

Radiate in Lake

Sun Moon Phases in Phantom

Triangle Mosaic in Topaz

Buffalo Plaid in Topaz

Crest in Blue

Cottontail Silhouette in Twilight

Tadpoles in Ink

Blockprint Blossom Voile in Peach

Blossom Swale in Depth

Highlander Bute Plaid Flannel in Black

Daisies in Lake

Forget Me Not in Twilight

Plume in Twilight

Stag Silhouette in Lake

Morel Grove in Pond

Stag Silhouette in Topaz

Corn Silk in Taupe

Dinomania in Neon

Sleeping Beauty in Midnight

Northern Reflections in Topaz

Coquet Bouquet in Midnight

Magik Floral in Multi

Swan Silhouette in Lake

Vignette in Peacock

Meadow Daydream in Blue

Lacis in Blueberry

Bonny in Navy

Fox Silhouette in Topaz

Snowflakes in Twilight

Fox Silhouette in Twilight

Abloom in Lake

Mammoth Large Two Check Plaid Flannel in Blue

Tendu in Lake

Jumbo Dot in Topaz

Double Gauze Chambray in Marine

Candy Stripe in Twilight

Cottontail Silhouette in Lake

Oh Deer in Navy

On Target in Lake

Birches in Peacock

Narrow Stripe in Blue

Textured Solid in Ocean

Moondance in Topaz

Magical Gust in Crisp

Trellis in Lake and Shell

Fawn Silhouette in Lake

Small Buffalo Plaid in Topaz

Unicorn Race Lawn in Midnight

Little Tribal Stripe in Topaz

Mammoth Check Plaid Flannel in Ocean

Play Stripe in Lake

Pretty Ditsy in Dream

Triceratops Knit in Petrolium

Little Fox Silhouette in Topaz

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Baltic

Astral Nights in Topaz

Damask in Turquoise

Solid Knit in Buna Blue

Thatched in Lake

Iguana Silhouette in Lake

Dusk Nestling in Pond

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Lake

Big Birches in Twilight

Rogue Stripe in Topaz

Snowy Isle in Marine

Jumbo Dot in Twilight

Dash in Topaz

Manhattan in Dusk

Buffalo Plaid in Lake

Tonal Daisies in Lake

Symbols in Phantom

Midnight Roof in Night Metallic

Woven in Twilight

Daisies in Twilight

Vienna Main in Teal

Denim Stretch Stripe in Indigo

Radiate in Twilight

Mammoth Streak Plaid Flannel in Pacific

Tiny Dot in Twilight

Doodle in Lake

Weathervane in Twilight

Soulmate Blooms in Lust

Spring Ditsy in Skylight

Lingering Llamas in Sedona

Cobble in Denim

Tumble Blocks 108 inch Wideback in Lagoon

Essex in Midnight

Benjamin in Blue

Moment in Time in Dim

Arrows in Topaz

Quilters Linen in Peacock

Little Tribal Stripe in Twilight

Labyrinthine in Dusk

Tulip in Aqua

Haystack Bouquet in Moss

Trick Or Treat in Teal

Green Wall Lawn in Aqua

Twinklestar in Blu

Folk Plaid in Night

Basketry in Lake

Deer Silhouette in Twilight

Flock Silhouette in Lake

Mammoth Bold Plaid Flannel in Blue

Minky Dimple Dot in Lake

Floral Single Border in Ocean Pearlized

Winterberry in Spice

Floral Floats Voile in Fresh

Fletching in Indigo

Striped Sleek Knit in Mediterraneo

Tree Skirt Panel in Comfort and Joy

Benjamin Lawn in Blue

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Mineral

Solid in Denim Blue

Dahlia in Daydream

Adventure Knit in Springs

Dress Stripe in Twilight

Reversible Chambray Stretch in Indigo

Iguana Silhouette in Twilight

Candy Dot in Lake

Tapestry Rayon in Navy

Terrarium in Twilight

Jadore Paris in Twilight

Hummingbird Silhouette in Lake

Candy Dot in Twilight

Star Charts in Topaz

Big Birches in Lake

Fossil Footprint in Navy

Pathway in Celestial

Flock Silhouette in Topaz

Rose Bouquet Sateen in Eucalyptus

Swan Silhouette in Topaz

Plus Sign Yarn Dyed in Denim

Dress Stripe in Topaz

Allover Bartacks in Indigo

Doodle in Topaz

Wovens in Eucalyptus

Chalk Stripe in Multi Dark

Northern Reflections in Lake

Reflection of Love in Deep

On Target in Twilight

Forget Me Not in Lake

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Serpentine

Bramble in Lake

Gentle Draft in Moonrise

Morse Dot in Blue

Tiny Dot in Topaz

Denim Chambray in Indigo

Double Gauze Chambray Dobby in Marine

Candy Stripe in Topaz

Moondance in Lake

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Oriental Blue

Flock Silhouette in Twilight

Traffic in Denim

Triangle Mosaic in Twilight

Triceratops in Petrolium

Cirrus Solid in Denim

Watercolor in Lake

Stripe in Ocean

Stardust in Topaz

Forget Me Not in Topaz

Native Folk in River

Dash in Teal

Houses in Blue

Wildflower in Wonder

Doodle in Twilight

Birches in Topaz

Flower Stamp Knit in Adore

Adventure in Springs

NY Circuit in Teal

Night Garden in Blue

Bazaar Sateen in Midnight

Scales in Lake

Dear Deer Knit in Teal

Stardust in Twilight

Vienna Mugs in Teal

Wind Song in Mist

Arrows in Lake

Hummingbird Silhouette in Topaz

Daisies in Topaz

Little Fox Silhouette in Lake

Mammoth Fine Plaid Flannel in Cobalt

Astral Nights in Twilight

Shadow Flower in Aqua

Pandagarden in Naptime

Small Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Indigo

Cat Silhouette in Lake

Cotton Couture in Teal

Terrarium in Topaz on White

Rogue Stripe in Lake

Cotton Couture in Lagoon

Stitched in Flight Wideback in Dusk

Play Stripe in Twilight

Stardust in Lake

Horse Silhouette in Lake

Bookplate in Indigo

Minky Dimple Dot in Lagoon

He Loves Me in Blue

Vocabulary in Teal

Northern Reflections in Twilight

Stag Silhouette in Twilight

Jingle Bells in Lake

Cotton Couture in Ocean

Broken Chevron in Twilight

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Twilight

Hearts in Twilight

Cottontail Silhouette in Topaz

Round Elements in Pebble Shadows

Pure Plaid in Aegean

Buck Forest in Woodlands

Crystal Ball in Phantom

Broken Chevron in Topaz

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Royal

Hexagon in Ocean Pearlized

Woven Path in Night

Little Tribal Stripe in Lake

Deer Silhouette in Topaz

Essex in Cadet

Dash in Lake

Yorkshire Blooms in Blue

Hummingbird Silhouette in Twilight

Dash in Twilight

Fawn Silhouette in Topaz

Nisi Flora in Oceanon

Hills and Valleys Essex in Peacock

Comic Dot in Red

Pandagarden Knit in Naptime

Guru in Midnight

Soaring Skies in Lake

Trellis in Navy

Skipping Stones in Twilight

Cat Silhouette in Topaz

Dragons in Lake

Vanes in Twilight

Skipping Stones in Topaz

Shadowed Path in Gray

Star Charts in Twilight

Jadore Paris in Lake

Pearl in Lagoon

Tiny Sleighs in Lake

Prisma Element in Denim Opal

Hustle in Cadet

Fawn Silhouette in Twilight

Fox Silhouette in Lake

Aura Fletchings in Boho

Horse Silhouette in Topaz

Snowy Owls in Twilight

Wee Triangles in Lake

Winter Forest in Twilight

Multi Stripe in Deep Sea

Panda Patches in Blue

Play Stripe in Topaz

On Target in Topaz

Cotton Couture in Slate

Code Yarn Dyed in Blue

Rogue Stripe in Twilight

Minky Dimple Dot in Marine

Plume in Topaz

Little Plume in Twilight

Static Dot in Indigo

Get Back in Blue

Hearts in Topaz

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