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 Home / Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Brussels Washer in Navy

Wallflower in Marine

Cotton Couture in Cadet

Arrows in Blue Jay

Solid in Parisian Blue

Compass in Lapis

Comic Dot in Green

Cleats in Blue

Quilters Linen in Ocean

Rogue Stripe in Blue Jay

Parlour in Blue

Moondance in Blue Jay

Carolina Tile in Blue

Alternating Stripe in Teal

Candy Stripe in Blue Jay

Zig Zag Stripe in Royal Metallic

Sophisticate in Blue

Sweetness Panel in Navy

Under The Sea in Navy

Handcrafted Jersey Knit in Indigo

Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Royal Blue

Triflora in Blue Jay

Large Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Denim

Cat Silhouette in Blue Jay

Manuscript in Navy

Weathervane in Blue Jay

Hydrangea Canvas in Indigo

Swan Silhouette in Blue Jay

Dress Stripe in Blue Jay

Medium Chevron in Navy and Tan

Prismatic in Navy

Cotton Couture in Nite

Look Lively in Voyager

Medium Dots in Navy

Astral Nights in Blue Jay

Snap to Grid in Cobalt

Medium Chevron in Patriotic

Solid in Iris

Dotted Line in Cobalt

Nutcraker Act I Double Border in Navy Metallic

Midnight Roof in Night Metallic

Sweetness Dresden in Navy

Say Yes To New Adventures in Blueberry

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Cobalt

Bear Family in Medium Blue

Small Dot Knit in Navy

Shadow Flower in Navy

At the Bottom of the Sea in Navy

Its A Plus Knit in Eggplant

Nature Walk in Indigo

Watercolor in Blue Jay

Get Back in Blue

Vanes in Blue Jay

Sophia in Blue

Overachiever in Mystery

Small Chevron Knit in Navy

Quilters Linen Metallic in Evening

Floral in Navy

Whale Silhouette in Blue Jay

Norwegian Wood in Midnight

Midnight Bloom in Indigo

Large Zig Zag Stripe in Surf

He Loves Me in Blue

Flags in Navy

Flowerbed in Hyacinth

Crystal Ball in Phantom

Sweetness Scallops in Navy

Carolina Ditz in Navy

Vienna Medallion in Navy

Colorful Stripe Knit in Blue

Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Windsor Blue

Floating Bouquet Knit in Navy

Cotton Couture in Cobalt

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Soldier Blue

Flower Bird in Blueberry

Hexiesis in Lazuli

My Favorite Ship in Navy

Triangles Knit in Blue

On Point Canvas in Indigo

Rhombi Interleaved in Smalt

Petite Fleur in Navy

Triangle Mosaic in Blue Jay

Apples in Americana

Dwarf Umbrella Tree in Ice Frappe

Metropolis in Navy

Patrice in Blue

Essex in Midnight

Moonstone Rayon in Indigo

Broad Stripe in Blue

Magical Gust in Crisp

Comic Dot in Red

Cotton Couture in Malibu

Dalmation in Ocean

Blooming Lotus in Magenta

Mammoth Two Check Plaid Flannel in Blue

Penguins in Royal

It Takes Two in Aqua

Little Tribal Stripe in Blue Jay

Hydrangea in Indigo

Diamond Mine in Multi

Medium Chevron in Navy

On Target in Blue Jay

Cozy Little Birds in Royal

Large Spots in Riviera

Skipping Stones in Blue Jay

Mammoth Square Plaid Flannel in Denim

Energy in Blue

Stripe Jersey Knit in Blue

Depths in Morning Glory

Anemone in Marine

Power Point in Navy

Stag Silhouette in Blue Jay

Pop Star in Violet

Medium Chevron in Patriotic

Shetland Herringbone Flannel in Navy

Night Lights in Nite Metallic

Buffalo Plaid in Blue Jay

Tumble Blocks 108 inch Wideback in Midnite

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Velvet

Chambray Dots in Royal

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Royal

Roosters in Navy

Large Chevron Tone on Tone in Navy

Forget Me Not in Blue Jay

Terrarium in Blue Jay

Plaid in Cobalt

Drop Anchor in Navy

Vine Maze 108 inch Wideback in Blue

Reflection of Love in Deep

Reflection of Love Rayon in Deep

Solid in Sapphire

Mini Chimes in Cobalt

Two by Two Stripe in Twilight

French Twist Sateen in Marine

Patrice in Aqua

Pineapple in Astral

Small Buffalo Plaid in Blue Jay

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Royal

Pinpoint in Sapphire

Lamb Silhouette in Blue Jay

Essex in Indigo

Plume in Blue Jay

Rib Knit in Navy

Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Laguna

Love Lines in Nite Metallic

Solid in Royal

Gatsby in On The Rocks

Polar Pals Panel in Royal

Herd in Navy

Carolina Main in Navy

Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Navy

Blue Tulip Canvas in Indigo

Town Center in Ocean

Solid in Navy

Mammoth Large Two Check Plaid Flannel in Blue

Folk Plaid in Night

Mighty Corners in Aquamarine

Breakwater in Blue

Metropolis in Blue

Horse Silhouette in Blue Jay

Jadore Paris in Blue Jay

Frolicking in Royal

Doodle in Bluejay

Carolina Lace in Navy

Caviar in Indigo

DNA Essex in Indigo

Sleeping Beauty in Midnight

Star Charts in Blue Jay

Stitched In Flight in Beaujolais

Meadowlark Damask in Blue Jay

Polar Bear in Royal

Broken Chevron in Blue Jay

Carolina Cluster in Navy

Coral in Fuchsia

Word Play in Navy

Crest in Blue

Block Print in Blue Jay

Trek in Navy

Thatched in Blue Jay

Medium Spots in Riviera

Little Fox Silhouette in Blue Jay

Haystack Bouquet in Moss

Stardust in Blue Jay

Hummingbird Silhouette in Blue Jay

Hearts in Blue Jay

Analog 4 in Crux

Ice Cream in Regatta

Vienna Floral in Navy

Anchors in Indigo

Plaid in Royal

Medium Chevron in Navy

Spot The Cheetah in Blue

Guru in Midnight

Willow Wisps in Blue

Stitched in Flight Wideback in Dusk

Dusk Lawn in Indigo

Jumbo Dot in Blue Jay

Dots Knit in Navy

Quarter Inch Stripe Knit in Navy

Grand Spots in Navy

Small Stripe Knit in Navy

Triangles in Navy

Sun Moon Phases in Phantom

Pathway in Celestial

Seedlings in Aqua

Geometric in Navy

Scatter in Peacock

Small Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Indigo

Safari Geometric in Blue

Carolina Edie in Navy

Stripe in Blue

Mammoth Check Plaid Flannel in Ocean

Deer in Phantom

Carolina Tagline in Navy

Large Spots in Nautical

Jousting in Blue Jay

Birches in Blue Jay

Small Spots in Storm

Bouquet in Navy

Radiate in Blue Jay

Candy Dot in Blue Jay

Medium Stripe Knit in Navy and Hot Pink

Button in Navy

Amber in Sky

Sweetness Hearts in Navy

Black Swan in Midnight

Sweetness Hearts Knit in Navy

Garden Shadow in Blueberry

Sweet Florals in Navy

Cotton Couture in Celestial

Cotton Couture in Royal

Blue Tulip in Indigo

Minky Dimple Dot in Blue Jay

Tumble Blocks 108 inch Wideback in Lagoon

Daisies in Blue Jay

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Mineral

Cirrus Solid in Lagoon

Coral Reef in Deep Sea

Green Wall in Surf

Grass Shaper in Blueberry

Dusk in Indigo

Dash in Blue Jay

Flotsam and Jetsam Knit in Navy

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Blue Jay

Sateen Solid in Cobalt

Fox Silhouette in Blue Jay

Solid in Royal Cobalt

Cottontail Silhouette in Blue Jay

Iguana Silhouette in Blue Jay

Medium Chevron in Blue and Gold

Marble Dot in Blue Jay

Dash in Blue Jay

Forest Flowers in Blue

Birches in Cerulean

Sweetness Floral in Navy

On Point Lawn in Indigo

Flock Silhouette in Blue Jay

Power Point in Marine

Plucked in Midnite Metallic

Pathway in Indigo

Deer Silhouette in Blue Jay

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Indigo

Clocks in Navy

Burst in Navy

Painters Canvas in Indigo

Cotton Linen Denim in Denim

Small Chevron Tone on Tone in Navy

Dandelion in Navy

Big Love in Midnight

Sweetness Floral Knit in Navy

Diagonal in Blue

Diamond in Navy

Monstera Leaves in Garden

Hydrangea Lawn in Indigo

Small Stripe Knit in Navy and Purple

Meet the Crew in Blue

Terrarium in Blue Jay on White

Chivalry in Blue Jay

Large Chevron in Navy

Floret Stains in Abloom

Tribal Stripe in Dark Blue Jay

Frolic in Blue Jay

Tiny Dot in Blue Jay

Nutcracker Plaid in Royal Metallic

Fawn Silhouette in Blue Jay

Double Dash Essex in Indigo

Flower in Navy

Safari Elephants in Blue

Mammoth Tartan Plaid Flannel in Americana

Grand Spots in Midnight

On Point in Indigo

Blooming Lotus in Red

Pineapple Wide in Astral

Dashing Bowties in Navy

Irish in Blue

Play Stripe in Blue Jay

Medium Stripe Knit in Navy

Northern Reflections in Blue Jay

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